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Cam Gigandet is the Priest

Cam Gigandet is the Priest

Twilight stud Cam Gigandet (in Prps shirt and jeans) gets in some quality family time with his girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff and their baby Everleigh Rae Gigandet on Tuesday morning (June 9).

The trio was accompanied by Cam‘s parents, Jay and Kim.

Cam was recently cast in another vampire flight opposite Paul Bettany in the new horror Western , Priest. According to THR, Cam plays a young wasteland sheriff. He partners with Bettany to save the girl he loves, the niece. (His character is not half-vampire, as some reports state.)

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  • Bubbaness


  • patness

    his gf is ugly, he looks good but big :( on the gf and baby. too bad he ain’t single and mingling.

  • blingspring

    he looks better without anyone in the picture. i can’t believe he is a dad

  • mileyfan

    i hope the baby doesn’t take after her mothers looks. does cam know he could’ve done better in the woman department. she is atrocious

  • chelsey

    his gf is GORGEOUS. They make a really good looking couple. People are just jealous that shes got a hottie like that. But shes rly pretty and hes hot, they make a cute couple.

  • miranda

    he deserves someone better.. it makes me angry to see someone so hot attached to a hooker

  • kkcc

    i didn’t know she’d had her baby.

  • tilapower

    poor guy stuck with that. why are they ALWAYS shopping. go work! both of you.

  • mandie

    she is not gorgus she is ugly as sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was a waitress that wanted to secure her future. run for hills cam you can do way better. why do they take pictures of him? he isn’t famous.

  • nikki


    he has movies lined up for like ever and you dont have the right to tell them what to do, maybe they are just people who dont like to stay locked up in their home so they go out for sun shine.

  • ty

    He needs to move on, doesn’t it seem so ground hog day, always the same pictures. He got trapped and sadly it happens to alot of men he will realise it one day or he may just be pretty dumb. I have to agree with themajority that she ain’t cute.

  • fiona


  • jennifer69

    He’s hot and she’s not Too bad he is already a family man.

  • parisbff

    did you see the mtv pictures? i like couples that look good together. i don’t think they do. wierd that he likes her type. i would think he would want prettier.

  • jenna

    i pass on him and not a fan
    1. he is taken
    2. he has a baby
    3. not the greatest looking guy

  • kara

    i am not jealous of his life. i am jealous of leo and bar. they are hot and really successful. this is for the teeny boppers.

  • deliveryman

    are his parents the babysitters nowadays, is she getting tired?

  • sarag

    it’s always classy when a new mother shows her cleavage and red bra. NOT.

  • mimi

    god, man what is it with you people, this isn’t your choice to make, this isn’t your life. jealous or not fan or not we don’t have a choice but to deal with it, this is cam life his is living it the way he wants, he wouldn’t be with her it he didnt want to be, he would have dated her for all these years, and now i love and support cam and if he ever wants to leave her fine and if he wants to stay with her fine i mean i don’t have the right to tell him what to do, they are both adults and both can make up their minds on what they want to do with their lives.

    just drop it nothing you say is going to chance a thing, give it up.
    she may not be the one you are drawn to, but to cam she may be the most beautiful woman.

  • jen


    first his parents live in Washington, they just come down to visit every now and then, b/c this is their only grandchild and grandparents love to be around their grandkids.
    cam and dom are great parents who take very very good care of the daughter and both love her very much.

  • victoria

    blah, blah, blah cam’s gf is this and that. god just get over it there is nothing wrong with cam and dom they are both happy and they wouldnt be together if they didnt want to be. god you people are always crying over the fact that CAM is TAKEN. he has a gf deal with it, he has a daughter that he and dom love, deal with it, he is a great person and dom is a great person.

  • victoria

    blah, blah, blah cam’s gf is this and that. god just get over it there is nothing wrong with cam and dom they are both happy and they wouldnt be together if they didnt want to be. god you people are always crying over the fact that CAM is TAKEN. he has a gf deal with it, he has a daughter that he and dom love, deal with it, he is a great person and dom is a great person.

  • Marco

    love the bent over

  • midgetf0x

    HE HAS A CHILD!!!….:o:o…..

  • kee-kee


    yea that great he spilled toys and stuff out of the stroller when he was folding it, love the face of god he is a hottie. he is so damn amazing, i love him and cant wait for his movies to come out.

    yea and she is soooo cute.

  • kati

    bent over picking up babie toys. pretty unattractive.

  • laurel

    he has a child with her. doesnt that make you want to cry? she isnt pretty or anyone special either whick makes it worse.

  • kelly


    she is special to him, it’s ok to be jealous. i glad that he is happy and a father, so what he is a daddy there is nothing wrong with that he is a grown man and dom is a grown woman, may you people need to grown up.

    bent over picking up his daughter’s toys, with a big smile on his face, his is a major hottie.

  • Bee

    Cam’s the cutest! And i for one love the fact that his gf is a normal average girl and not that well known. They’re both grounded people, which i love. Glad they’re happy with their bundle of joy!

  • kara

    Cam should stop looking after the paparazzi… he is always searching them “where is their camera? where is their camera?” Ridiculous.

  • kara

    +Dominique is not ugly… with lot of make-up.

    Just for information – Kara#16 is not me :)

  • Lawrence

    Some of you people should be sterilized for the sake of future generations.*lol*.

  • jessica


    cam isn’t like that he, is the type that saids you do your job get your shots just dont BUG me, he just goes about his busy he knows that they are there but he doesnt let it bug him.

    cam is so cute, dom is a beauty, and everleigh is going to be a beautiful woman as well.

    cam and dom are just normal sweet people, they are both grounded.

  • riley

    do you people really think cam and dom care what you think and say about them, they know what is being said and they dont care. it’s not hurting them one bit.

    cam and dom are so cute together and everleigh is soooo cute

  • redneck

    boy, some of you trolls are soooo funny, “:enjoy his youth” WTF??? He’s 27, hardly too old to be a Dad and looks like he IS enjoying his “youth”.

    she isn’t anyone special??? WTF??? to YOU? WOW, you tramps need to get a life.

    …and Jena, you never had a chance, good riddance.

  • Mechelle

    Cam is GORGEOUS!!


    Robert WHO?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He a cute daddy.

  • suppress your appetite

    she’s gorgeous