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Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet

Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet

Jon Voight blasted President Barack Obama at the Republican congressional fundraiser dinner at the Washington Convention Center on Monday (June 8) in Washington D.C. Here are snippets from the 70-year-old actor’s fiery speech:

“Are we supposed to sitting and waiting, watching for the possibility of a new Holocaust? Who’s going to take the responsibility to keep America, I mean Israel, safe. I’ll tell you why this really scares the hell out of me. Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.

“It saddens me greatly to think we were the great powerful good in the world. We as Americans knew America to be strong. We were the liberators of the entire world. We are becoming a weak nation.

Obama really thinks he is a soft-spoken Julius Caesar. He think he’s going to conquer the world with his soft-spoken sweet talk and really think he’s going to bring all of the enemies of the world into a little playground, where they’ll swing each other back and forth.

“We and we alone are the right frame of mind to free this nation from this Obama oppression. Let’s give thanks to [Republicans] for not giving up and staying the course to bring an end to this false prophet, Obama.”

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496 Responses to “Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet”

  1. 1
    shmcm Says:

    what a nutter. no wonder angelina disowned him.

  2. 2
    lani Says:

    well said, Jon!

  3. 3
    wow Says:

    Wow!!! Angelina in 20 years.

  4. 4
    edkso Says:

    whoa now.
    homeboy ain’t shy of a little controversy it seems.

  5. 5
    hey shmu uc Says:

    The apple does not fall far from the tree. Evenutally Angelina will line up with her father’s politics – she is not that far away now.

  6. 6
    Londs Says:

    A failed actor and father. Angelina hardly gives him the time of day and rightly so, the man’s an oath. He needs to clean up his own backyard and shut the ‘F’ up.

  7. 7
    Sal Says:

    @hey shmu uc: Strange – I didn’t know UN Ambassadors and Refugee Advocates were Republican. Clearly you’re confused and haven’t been following Angelina, because anyone knows she’s hard-core Democrat.

  8. 8
    Dominica Says:

    well everyone is entitled to their opinion but the fact is that president obama has only been in office for 5 months so i think john voight’s criticism is excessive and frankly absurd. if he’d made a comment like this during the george w bush presidency, voight would have been slammed as “anti-american”. it’s nice to see freedom of speech is back in effect in the u.s.a. under president obama. for heaven’s sake, give the man a chance.

  9. 9
    Pattycake Says:

    I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Voight senior and Voight junior (Jolie) both think by virtue of their celebrity fame that they can speak out about issues that they know very little about. At least Jolie keeps most of her stuff confined to photo opportunities of herself in foreign aid camps or attending international meetings (like the Hague) at which she glares her disapproval at the participants. They are both private citizens and entitled to their opinions but I wish they’d confine them to private moments.

  10. 10
    me Says:

    When did he become so “involved” in politics?! Everytime I look around Voigt is blasting someone about something that he probably knows NOTHING about. Just because you played the secretary of state in Transformers doesn’t mean you’re all of a sudden a political genius!

  11. 11
    a total fan Says:

    He is entitled to his opinions, this is America after all. Freedom of Speech. I have to give him credit that he is not afraid to speak his mind. But what he says is not necessarily what the majority thinks so I know he is going to be attack for what he said.

  12. 12
    vitaa Says:

    Jon Voight is completely crazy! Stay away from him, Angelina!
    He’s as stupid as Bush, I can’t believe we let this kind of person speak publicly…. what an idiot

  13. 13
    T Says:

    um, he should really go sit down somewhere

  14. 14
    suz Says:

    Pattycake, you’re an idiot. STFU. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  15. 15
    owen Says:

    Amen Jon Voight!
    Just because he is the first colored skin president doesn’t mean he is messiah.
    People, before you bash Jon Voight or me, please be educated and learn about his policies and the future outcome of it.

  16. 16
    aunt em Says:

    Angelina does not speak to father and does not share her father’s political views. I hope she continues to keep her children away from this man. I have a feeling that the reason she stays away from him is the ugliest reason of abuse there is. Protect your kids, Angie and Brad!

  17. 17
    amanda Says:

    good for him. i’m glad some people shed light on the bad situation that is barack obama. someome needs to speak out and take all the people who still think barack is fit to be president and doing an excellent job out of their delusional states of mind.

  18. 18
    lua Says:

    Jon Voight is a senile old man. “We were the liberators of the entire world”??? WTF??

  19. 19
    L Says:

    A major “whatever” to this guy. Give Obama a chance. Does Voight think that Obama is a magician who could have changed America and the rest of the world within a week? Voight probably wouldn’t even manage it in his whole presidential career. I’m not even American but I’m so on the Obama’s side.

  20. 20
    coxoxi Says:

    Well said!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21
    Tukei Says:

    I think the man is just miserable about life and family. Which he doesn’t have. Obama, on the other hand have that.

  22. 22
    Londs Says:

    Voight should start a twitter page to raise his profile like most struggling jobbing actors and quit the mindless rants.

  23. 23
    cc Says:

    Um….now I see where AJ gets her nuttiness from…

  24. 24
    Harry Says:

    Totally agree Jon.

  25. 25
    Halli Says:

    Freak…. who thinks of Obama as a prophet???
    Oh, I know, crazy overly political people like Jon Voight.
    Only people I’ve seen who claim Obama is a prophet or the Messiah are right-wingers.

  26. 26
    E Says:

    Jon Voight sounds like a neoconservative nazi. Shut up and sit down. I think he got punched too hard during the making of “Champ”, great movie though. Is Angie letting him see the grandchildren yet or not? It would so do much for his demeanor. I think his trip to Israel might have come with a little brain washing, no?

    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies……’just jared’

  27. 27
    Tatiana Says:

    That silly old fool needs to take a nap somewhere.

    Not only does NO ONE give damn what he thinks, he’s being absolutely ridiculous. As for ‘the possibility of a new holocaust’ . . . is he serious? First he wonders who is going to keep America safe, and then he CORRECTS himself to say Israel. ISRAEL? You’re concerned about Israel? If this economy doesn’t get any better we won’t have the resources to help OURSELVES, much less freaking Israel! (Before anyone says anything, the poor state of the economy has nothing to do with Obama, it’s the result of the poor practices of our PREVIOUS presidency.) I know Israel is supposed to be allies of ours, but come on! Does he even know what is coming out of his own mouth? Does he even know what year it is?

    Someone needs to get that senile a-hole an easy chair and a crocheted blanket. STAT.

  28. 28
    Bbgun Says:

    Pattycake STFU u r just like him, a “person” who doesnt really know what the eff r they talking about. at least Jolie is trying to put a light on those places where is still war torn and/or poor. If it wasn’t for her and those “photo opportunities” we wouldn’t know a thing about why is that part of the country the way it is now. At least she knows what the eff is she talking about unlike her father who seems to be talking only merde all the time in regards to politics and his own daughter, no wonder why she doesn’t even regards him as a father.

  29. 29
    Chrisopher Says:

    Jon’s a fool. He’s a nutter.

    Someone needs to tell Jon that the world already see America in a much brighter light now that BUSH is GONE!
    They NEVER saw America as a “liberator” Jon, so take your phony-macho politics and shove it up where the sun don’t shine.
    We already tried Jon’s kind of politics, and it got us into two wars we will never win and a destroyed economy.


  30. 30
    PammyK Says:

    @Dominica: You are so right! With the mess he was given to clean up, they (repubs) act like he can fix it overnight. The world is so full of ignorant people; its sad.

  31. 31
    Halli Says:


    I agree Tatiana.
    Jon’s nuts to invoke the Holocaust for his trivial b.s.
    Israel better care about America taking care of herself first. We can’t be the worlds police anymore… we need to start taking care of the USA!

  32. 32
    Sgt Friday Says:

    I’m not really a fan of either political side, but it doesn’t take much to see Jonny boy is a nutter. *Cue the crazy music* He really doesn’t seem sound upstairs.

  33. 33
    maria Says:

    he’s definitely entitled to his opinion, but I agree with those who said that it’s too early in Obama’s term to make a judgment call on his legacy…

    I’ve actually met Jon Voight (at a local event) and I can say that he is a very kind and gracious man…he made sure all the fans had autographs and pics…he went out of his way to answer questions and appeared very humble…he even stayed for a couple hours after he was obligated to and hung out with everyone…

    Based on the troublesome relationship b/w him and his children, I was expecting an arrogant and self-absorbed man…but that was far from the truth…I found him gracious and down-to-earth…he wasn’t the monster he has been painted to be in the media or by his children…

  34. 34
    Rhonda Says:

    Wow, Go Jon!!! America has made a terrible mistake.

    Bye-Bye American Dream,

  35. 35
    hwooddood Says:

    KUDOS to Mr. Voight!!!!

  36. 36
    Sal Says:

    @maria: Maria, you say he wasn’t the monster he was ‘painted by his children’, how do YOU know? Where you there in their childhood? Do you SERIOUSLY know what goes on behind closed doors, when he is not, of course, ‘putting on a show’ in public, for fans? If you really think how he is in front of paying fans is how he truly is behind closed doors in real life, you are nothing short of a fool.

  37. 37
    Londs Says:


    He’s a struggling aging actor and failed father will a lot of time on his hands, of course he’s going to impress the ‘fans’ by giving them the time of day.

  38. 38
    Khristi Says:

    I have to say that even though I support Obama-I am skeptical of anyone no matter how good their intentions are when power is involved because no one is immune to that kind of corruption. I totally disagree with John Voight here because he was criticizing Obama way before he won the Democratic election. He seems like someone who is very bitter about not only politics, but life in general.

  39. 39


  40. 40
    observer Says:

    I feel sorry for the Republicans having this old joke blasting Obama like that. What did he want Obama to do in the time he has been in office. I thought recent news said there are signs the economy is improving. Jon stfu… this is not 24. This is life

  41. 41
    can't forget 9/11 Says:

    lets not forget what our usa went through-how many attacks we have endure-how people lost there life’s-from those terrorist from abroad or home grown-i wish the leaders of our own country could be the power it was before we got weaker- I love our country-but look where its going economics is down people have lost jobs etc. american can do better!

  42. 42
    Pattycake Says:

    @suz: You told me…and so eloquently too. You should really consider going on a speaking tour.

  43. 43
    pam Says:


  44. 44
    Pattycake Says:

    @Bbgun:” If it wasn’t for her and those “photo opportunities” we wouldn’t know a thing about why is that part of the country the way it is now.” That’s true if you get your news soley from gossip web sites.

  45. 45
    Desperate republicans Says:

    Rush, Newt, Sarah & Voigt? If they represent the Republican party I’ll pass! A bunch of ignorant, paranoid, bigots who can’t accept the fact that the majority of this nation spoke and President Obama was elected by the people. Sore losers desperate now to figure out what happened…not too bright if they still don’t get it.

  46. 46
    letterm Says:

    I used to feel sorry for Voight that Angie would not let him see the grandchildren… I wonder exactly why. Good Lord, I wonder if Voight abused Angie and she is protecting her kids? I know that Angie seems like she cares much about humanity and her own children and Brad.
    Her father is a NUT CASE, Poor Angie!!!!

    Shut up, Jon Voight, respect our President.

  47. 47
    Christopher Says:

    Jon’s a psycho and so is anybody else who thinks they can judge an entire presidency after only 4 months. LOL!
    Get over yourselves.

  48. 48
    Ali Says:

    His statements are ludicrous! What has 8 years of Republican warmongering and looting the Treasury done to this country and to our standing in the world? And he blasts Obama who is trying to reframe and repair our democracy as well as our place in the family of nations. Obviously, Voight wants the limelight and attention, and the Republicans have no voice except inflammatory lies and namecalling. Obama is the smartest and most capable president we have had in many, many years. He has not sold out to business nor to Israel. He is working to right this country from its distortions of the past 8 years. How many billions of dollars went to the KBR Halliburton Group, and the Carlyle Group parties under Bush/Cheney? They sent soldiers who were ill-equipped to fight in Iraq because they had inappropriate body armor and jeep armor – and during Bush/Cheney’s regime those wounded soldiers had to beg for treatment and support.

    No, there is no ascension to prophecy in Obama; that is not who Obama is. He is potentially an extraordinary leader. He wants the US to be respected and to be true to our calling as a nation to be models of justice and freedom and goodness in the world, while holding steadfast to our Constitution. We must support Obama and write in and raise questions when we have them, but support his leadership and his obvious desire to do a good job as president. I am immensely proud of him.

  49. 49
    criss Says:

    Someone with some sense, thank you.

  50. 50
    pam Says:

    evidentley your related to him…..listen to all that praise………

  51. 51

    one word — *******

  52. 52
    Eva Says:

    Ok let him have his opinion. I am not a fan of Obama but I don’t think he is as bad as Voight is saying. and anyone who thinks he’s a moron for speaking his opinion (which i thought we were allowed to do in this country) is the real idiot

  53. 53
    anon Says:

    The President’s job is to keep America safe, not to keep Israel safe and the idea that the President is trying to reach moderates around the world to isolate the extremists is brilliant. We had someone with Voight’s worldview in the White House for eight years and how’d that work out for us? Voight is batsh*t crazy and everyone knows it. The only reason he has a problem with Obama is because he’s black, but keep talking for Republicans and they will stay out of power for a long time.

  54. 54
    wew Says:

    @Halli: flat out wrong!
    his own “pastor” said in his own words that he is the Messiah!
    All you people that are attacking john or anyone that does not like obama, please educate yourself! please do the research! THINK for yourself!! stop buying the lies that are put out there by well known leftwing media. the mainstream media is in the tank for obama and EVERYONE knows it except you retards that bury your heads in the sand!
    as far as AJ goes, this women cant make up her mind about who`s baby she wants to carry!?! i cant get over how people hold up these hollywood types that dont give a damn about anyone but themselves!
    you all have good things to say about AJ because she is a good looking “women” and young. WTF does that have to do with anything?
    John is right no matter what you all think! you cant argue with the “TRUTH”! think im wrong? prove it! obama is going to go down in history as a failure. the ONLY reason he got elected is because he is black and the united states wanted so much to “prove” that it is not racist. to hell with the fact that he has no idea what to do or how to do it! and his “cant we all just get along?” policy will fail.
    i know that he will hang himself in the end!

  55. 55
    Jolie Hot Chin not Says:

    IDIOT! This is why his own daughter and son don’t speak with him. He treated their mother and the kids like crap. WHat a jerk.

  56. 56
    You/Me Says:

    Gotta hand it to him, the man is not afraid to say what he thinks. I think there is some truth to what Voight is saying, and I also think that Obama is a weak President of the United States, he is too soft and thinks our enemies will smile and hold hands with us and sing kumbaya if we “go gently”. That being said however, he has not been in office long enough to accomplish anything, things take time and we should give him a chance and see what happens. I think Obama will come to realize that his fantasy is just that, a fantasy, and he will toughen up.
    Also want to say that Angelina and Jon’s relationship has nothng to do with politics, they were obviously estranged long before Obama was even a known name. Beside, Angie doesn’t strike me as a political person, she seems to care little about any given politician and more about laws and justice. Now Brad on the other hand, Obama lover that he is, I bet he won’t be attempting any more reconciliations between Angie and Jon anymore,lol :-) !!!

  57. 57
    Lo Says:

    Republicans and those with similar viewpoints need to wake up to the fact that America will never regain its No. 1 superpower status. A nation to be admired and feared. Those days are long gone… I repeat, long gone and will NEVER return. Get over it! China is bank rolling/buying US debt for goodness sake. Obama’s democratic approach is enhancing the US reputation…. a rep that was in the gutter. Stop whining!

  58. 58
    sara lee Says:

    Pam are you smoking some sh*t. You must be completely ignorant and oblivious to what previous terms have done. Obama hasn’t done sh*t!…yet! His responsibility now is to try and clean up the mess and aid with new f’in problems. I would never want his job; bad economy, two wars, health issues, social issues on top of the SWINE FLU and other “radical” issues the media spews as top priority.

    I have never made this man my messiah. I am sure that he will make mistakes, hopefully not like Bush. I just hope that people stop looking at Obama and any other as the savior of people and look to themselves and local leaders as progressive pieces in improving the nation we live in.

  59. 59
    Jolie Hot Chin not Says:

    Funny the same people who said we have to be patriotic and support America no matter what now refuse to support the President of their beloved country. Hypocrisy at its finest. Thank heaven for Voight he has Angelina to hold up the family name because clearly he has lost his mind.

  60. 60
    Bbgun Says:

    @Pattycake: of course i dont get my news from gossip websites but now young ppl dont give a **** and dont know what is happening around the world and thx to Jolie those stupid teenagers at least know otherwise so when they check their entertainment website she will always be there. Voight should do the same instead of all that ****** talk.

  61. 61
    Bethy Says:


    Like Oprah? Or Sean Penn? Or (gasp) Alec Baldwin? Behind whom, you liberals rally,as if they too are our saviors?

  62. 62
    Karla Says:

    WTG JON!!! BOOO on Obama. with his 5months, it shows that he is only good in delivering speeches but poor decision maker.

    America you got it wrong..AGAIN!

  63. 63
    OH YEAH Says:

    @Bbgun: ALL you obamites keep drinking the kool aid!!!!

  64. 64
    caro Says:


  65. 65
    pam Says:

    it’s going to be along 4 years………..

  66. 66
    Sal Says:

    @OH YEAH: I think we’d rather drink Obama cool aid than war-mongering republican cool aid.

  67. 67
    pam Says:

    yeah, liked i’d want PELOSI has a mom………….yuk.

  68. 68
    Orchid Says:

    There’s this guy at NBC who said BHO is God, so he will definitely bash JV. :lol:

  69. 69
    you have got to be kidding Says:

    Bush created two wars, destroyed the economy and ruined the reputation of the US around the world and Voight has the nerve to attack Obama?????…… about delusional and unhinged, what an idiot!!!

  70. 70
    letterm Says:

    George Bush and the Republicans over 8 years drove this country in the ground. 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch. The holocaust happened with the help of the Bush family. Look it up. Prescott Bush.
    How is Israel any different in some of things they do?

    Greed and corruption is what killing this country.

  71. 71
    Orchid Says:

    The man is entitled to his opinion, and express it too!

  72. 72
    OH YEAH Says:

    @Sal: so called “war-mongering republicans provide you the freedom to spit in the faces of them that protect you! if not for “war mongering” as you namby-pamby chicken sh!t whimps call it, you would be speaking dutch right now!
    when if ever have you defended the rights that you sh!t on??
    so STFU you pinko commy!!

  73. 73
    pam Says:

    @OH YEAH: GO “OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 74
    jenna Says:


  75. 75
    Orchid Says:

    12 vitaa @ 06/09/2009 at 12:19 pm

    Jon Voight is completely crazy! Stay away from him, Angelina!
    He’s as stupid as Bush, [b]I can’t believe we let this kind of person speak publicly[/b]…. what an idiot

    Since when does anyone need permission to speak? He was speaking at a fundraiser for the right. You expect him to bash the left.

  76. 76
    Sal Says:

    @OH YEAH: America wasn’t at threat in this war, unlike World War 2, you fkuckwit. This war gives us NO freedom, only MORE RISK OF ATTACK, but youa re too pig ignorant and immoral to understand that.

  77. 77
    southern caribbean girl Says:

    why are you guys bringing angie’s name on this post,it’s just her dad opinion not her leave her out of this morons.

  78. 78
    Sal Says:

    @you have got to be kidding: Go you have got to be kidding! Spot on!!

  79. 79
    JV Says:

    He needs to be locked up! I don’t think President Obama is a prophet, just a man who has some common sense unlike the jaw flapping idiot pictured.

  80. 80
    JV Says:

    He needs to be locked up! I don’t think President Obama is a prophet, just a man who has some common sense unlike the jaw flapping idiot pictured.

  81. 81
    pam Says:

    @JV: “common sense”? lmao.

  82. 82
    Sal Says:

    @pam: Certianly much more common sense than the alternative.

  83. 83
    OH YEAH Says:

    @Sal: wow, you really are that stupid arent you? we were not at threat before ww2. it was the attack at pearl harbor that brought us in. please study history! and in case you were in canada or france, we were attacked again on september 11th 2001. unprovoked so we are at war with al-quida where ever it is.
    what fuktard YOU are!

  84. 84
    n.a Says:

    what an ignorant a**

  85. 85
    skh Says:

    @hey shmu uc: Strange – I didn’t know UN Ambassadors and Refugee Advocates were Republican. Clearly you’re confused and haven’t been following Angelina, because anyone knows she’s hard-core Democrat.


  86. 86
    Vanessa Says:

    Obama has been in office five months and people want things done that the ‘former’ administration mishandled? What is wrong with you people who feel Jon is right? Yes, Jon has every right to his opinion, but where was HE when children around the world were dying of hunger and health? Where was HE when a man in power tortured and killed children — AND THE FORMER ADMINISTRATION KNEW OF THESE HORROS? Where was HE then? Where was HE when the horrors of people losing their homes in NO and it took the former administration days to get water and much needed items to them? Where is HE NOW that NO is still suffering?

    Yes, Angie doesn’t fall far from the tree and the tree had NO male branches!! Her mother gave her the love and principles she follows today — NOT HER FATHER!!

    This man was PAID for his attendance at this event — PAID!!!!

  87. 87
    katya Says:

    “A new Holocaust” ? “Obama oppression”? “A weak nation” with 150,000 kids at war? Primarily in an occupation caused by Bushie II’s invasion of a country that had done us no harm!!

    Thanks Jon! You just showed all that you are more batshit crazy than even I suspected.

    I guess JV was highly praised by the Republican gathering. they chose him to MC this event. They really don’t understand how lunatics like Voight, Limbaugh, Gingrich, Palin and their ilk are marginalizing the Republican Party.

    It is interesting after 8 years of bombast from Washington that one little speech in Egypt seems to be moving the public opinion in the Muslim world, doesn’t it? But Voight wants more saber-rattling and bring-it-on rhetoric. Can you picture Pres. Obama appearing on a ship in a flight suit to say “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? I can’t believe Colin Powell still associates with the GOP. I have lost all respect for him.

    The Republicans have squandered our kids, treasure and prestige in the name of profits and greed.

  88. 88
    katya Says:

    “A new Holocaust” ? “Obama oppression”? “A weak nation” with 150,000 kids at war? Primarily in an occupation caused by Bushie II’s invasion of a country that had done us no harm!!

    Thanks Jon! You just showed all that you are more batshit crazy than even I suspected.

    I guess JV was highly praised by the Republican gathering. they chose him to MC this event. They really don’t understand how lunatics like Voight, Limbaugh, Gingrich, Palin and their ilk are marginalizing the Republican Party.

    It is interesting after 8 years of bombast from Washington that one little speech in Egypt seems to be moving the public opinion in the Muslim world, doesn’t it? But Voight wants more saber-rattling and bring-it-on rhetoric. Can you picture Pres. Obama appearing on a ship in a flight suit to say “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? I can’t believe Colin Powell still associates with the GOP. I have lost all respect for him.

    The Republicans have squandered our kids, treasure and prestige in the name of profits and greed.

  89. 89
    marla Says:

    I just have to ask, most repugnant talking points here are just a vision of idiotness. I guess they can’t stand a chance to smart Liberals in ligitimate political blogs like CNN. PATHETIC LOSERS.


  90. 90
    mertz Says:

    omg. i saw his pic yesterday and was like this f*cker is alive…so now i know why. he must not know anything about julius cesar. lol about the israel reference especially since it seems tinged with bias…another holocaust voight? really? are you that dumb. nice to see the pro-israel lobby is getting their work done. and it’s funny how having obama at the helm has made america less safe…people making this statement, where are the facts…what are they basing their opinions on? cause it really sounds like childish reasoning that even i could pull out of my a$$. what. because the us isn’g rah rah rah’ng on invading countries and starting more wars. dumbness. it’s a disease. don’t be a subscriber.

  91. 91
    Sal Says:

    @OH YEAH: Study history, you waste of a good fkuck. The US have been bombing the middle east for years for ‘pre-emptive attacks’. Iraq didn’t attack us. You truly are an ignorant redneck fool who has no idea of what is really going on. You should be really ashamed of yourself!

  92. 92
    pen Says:

    This is a waste of time? lot more going on to listen to this idiot man. Who would think Obama is some kind of prophet? nor magician? He need to shut up and try to fix his own problem. like ….try to fix his relationship with his daughter…I swear! some people can be really f___ed up

  93. 93
    Question mark Says:


    LMAO!!!!!!!!! Wow….that made my day…

  94. 94
    A#16 Says:

    Nonsense. Jon Voight is a fearmonger and a hate peddler. He is ignorant and i cannot stand him. That phoney racist prick cannot even pronounce the NAME of his own granddaughter. I am glad Angie has kept him away from the kids. He is an opportunist. That rat never said a thing politically for all these years. F*** him!

  95. 95
    Sarah Says:

    I totally agree. Obama isn’t nearly as powerful-or smart-as he thinks he is. Judgement day isn’t gonna be too pretty for him if he keeps his ignorance up.

  96. 96
    pen Says:

    Sal – You’re funny! I like you! spot on. Too many idiot people – no common sense at all.

  97. 97
    Cathey Says:

    Yeah like I am going to base my views on what an ACTOR thinks and says. And not a very good one at that!!

  98. 98
    Cathey Says:


  99. 99
    pam Says:

    @Cathey: please don’t call the “prez” names……..

  100. 100
    F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n Says:

    …jon’s a fcuking joke. minus movies look at his life. he’s a tard. now you know why his kids are so screwed up – and they hate him. angelina get’s the crazies from his nutso ass, and her brother… do i even have to say? LOL.. if you hate obama, deal with it – for 4 years! hahahahahahaha..

  101. 101
    supergirl Says:

    Well Said Obama hasen’t done anything to help the U.S.A

  102. 102
    supergirl Says:

    Well Said Obama hasen’t done anything to help the U.S.A

  103. 103
    Lana Says:

    He is a loser

  104. 104
    Peter Says:

    He is looking for job in hollywood tha’s why he is kissing the jews asses

  105. 105
    pam Says:

    I would love to take my daughter and hubby out tonight for dinner and a movie………..anyone have $75000 i can borrow and maybe a plane????????????

  106. 106
    OH YEAH Says:

    @pen: SAL stands for stupid ass liberal. lucky for you libs stupidity is legal!

  107. 107
    Orchid Says:

    57 Lo @ 06/09/2009 at 1:11 pm

    Republicans and those with similar viewpoints need to wake up to the fact that America will never regain its No. 1 superpower status. A nation to be admired and feared. Those days are long gone… I repeat, long gone and will NEVER return. Get over it! China is bank rolling/buying US debt for goodness sake. Obama’s democratic approach is enhancing the US reputation…. a rep that was in the gutter. Stop whining!


    That;s true. China owns America’s debt.
    I guess it’s hard for many people of JV’s generation to accept the fact that the US is no longer alone at the top.
    Former pres. Clinton said in a speech quite some time ago, at one of the universities, that America has to get used to the fact that there are others coming up. The US is getting company at the top. China, of course and, down the road, India, Russia, Brazil. Indonesia was mentioned in a distant fifth place.

    That conciliatory speech in Cairo is not enough!
    The only way to enhance the US reputation is when the US bullies Israel into accepting a Palestinian state, and the terms have to be acceptable to the Arabs, led by Saudi Arabia. With Netanyahu in power, that will take time!

  108. 108
    ganymede30324 Says:

    Judging by the reactions posted, Mr. Voight apparently was correct: worshiping Obie IS pretty much akin to a cult or a religion! You’d think someone criticized Jesus or Mohammed by the over the top posts! Congrats, Mr. Voight! You struck a nerve. Several.

  109. 109
    Rica Says:


    Someone here mentioned that had this been said during the Bush Administraion, he would have been called ‘Ant-American’. True words my friend.

    what this man sounds like is a hate monger. he is purposely trying to instill fear. he like most Fear/Hate mongers know that the 2 often go hand and hand. he uses incindiary words and terms to ignite the hatred, fear and ignorance in others. he isn’t worth the air it takes to keep his body functioning.

    Yes he is most certainly allowed his opinion and I’m grateful he gets to spew it…the more he spews the more aware people…both here and abroad become of the true face of this GOP.

    Also…don’t forget Transformers 2 is coming out. You will be seeing more of him.

    He’ll be here in a couple of days for CineVegas isn’t he lucky Vegas is a republican strong hold.

  110. 110
    [Marie] Says:

    Jon Voight is a has-been who’s daughter outshines him any day of the week. No wonder Angelina doesn’t talk to that old cheat.

    Get Lost Obama won Get over it…

  111. 111
    OH YEAH Says:

    @Vanessa: go change the air in your head

  112. 112
    Galactico Says:

    I absolutely agree with you Jon! The United States enemies are happy with Barack. Let’s impeach Hussein!!!

  113. 113
    mertz Says:

    oh now obama is ignorant is he. lol. even more so than bush huh? or the typical american huh? and also he’s oh so soft. wowzers. once again these things come from easily anything i can pull from the air. it is not substantiated…because when people make those comments they are making it in comparison to something. so please tell us WHY obama is so soft and WHY he is making your country less safe or weaker and tell us TO WHOM/TO WHICH GOVERNEMENT PRIOR you are comparing him/his current administration with…and then we will know where you are coming from and we will be able to know your bias…not like most people commenting haven’t figured it out already. you know what’s ignorant, people like ahmedinajad et al saying that israel needs to be wiped out from the earth…even arabs think of israel as zionist, so that part is entirely debatable under religion, and israel denying that what they are doing in jerusalem and their occupation of the west bank or gaza is wrong and denying the palestinians what they want, which is a seperation from israeli rule. i guess israel subscribes to keep the enemy you know closest even if they seek to unseat you. that’s ignorant. they don’t seek open dialogue or compramise…and the people are sick of it, just like the rest of us are sick of it. so talk about that voight. address the issues instead of preaching your a$$y comments to those who will swallow the bull hook, line, and sinker.

  114. 114
    Silly Says:

    As if we needed further proof of how dilusional John Voight is & the right wing part of the Repulican party. George Bush jr is what caused the USA to LOSE it’s positiion as worldleader and he made the US hated throughout the world, not just in Arabic countries. The US should be proud of Obama Barack, contrary to George Bush jr he tries to think about the WORLD instead of only his rich oilfriends and family.

  115. 115
    anon Says:

    Angelina continue to keep your children away from this nutbag.

  116. 116
    dntvotehimn Says:

    well lets see,since he took office 7million ppl lost their jobs,we borrowed more money from China than in our history. We have the highest unemployment in 26 yrs. We’ve got more ppl homeless & that have been foreclosed on than ever; & this American Pres. goes over to Egypt to try to make peace W the very ppl who were responsable for 9/11! During his speach he apologized for the war n Iraq & Aghanistan!! Now that’s bound to give our soldiers moral support. He says that we are a nation of Muslims-lier. We were founde on the foundation of Christianity .

  117. 117
    bailey Says:

    jon voight scares me.

  118. 118
    Lillianne Says:

    that’s the kind of hyperbole that makes people never take you seriously. Any high school debater could take him down.

  119. 119
    KAy Says:

    Could someone just make him shut UP?!

    I’m no American but even I can see the good Obama has made in the world already. One of the example i could give is that he has given back America the good image it had before the Bush administration. And when you’re wants to take care of other countries’ problem, it is essential to have a good image.
    And for those who thinks that Obama’s supporters did not think about the consequences of his decision, well i would like to say “think twice guys”…..
    What Jon Voight ask for is only a rude, overprotectionist president, ready to bite like a pitbull whenever he can…..

    Obama is no Messiah or God, he’s just a good president!

  120. 120
    mertz Says:

    ganymede30324 @ 06/09/2009 at 2:10 pm Judging by the reactions posted, Mr. Voight apparently was correct: worshiping Obie IS pretty much akin to a cult or a religion! You’d think someone criticized Jesus or Mohammed by the over the top posts! Congrats, Mr. Voight! You struck a nerve. Several
    no. the over the top comments are coming from voight and people from all sides of the aisle. some more tempered than others, but then again some of us don’t have the pulpit of limbaugh, cheney, and fox news to impart our opinions onto others. the day i admit obama to be my prophet is the day i go to hell, just like the day i admit bush to be my prophet or my god is the day i go to hell. i can’t believe these comments are being made at all. anyone who knows anything about religion knows how sacralidgeous that is. are you freakin kidding me. fn pisses me off. so what. people voted for obama on mass and he has mass popularity because PEOPLE HATE GEORGE BUSH AND AS A BY PRODUCT AMERICA. what about that don’t you understand. that bush hatred spans not only from bush jr but to his father as well. the democrats have not had clean hands and neither have the republicans. if you only say that internationally people only hate america because of bush then that is disingenous…but instead of making the problem better, or trying to improve americas reputation internationally, he helped in it’s deterioration…and maybe obama will continue in the bush path and help that along, but we won’t know yet because it will also take him 8 years before there is an absolute determination (although determinations will be made after his 2nd year)…but we won’t know yet. so yeah give it time. just like when bush was in power he got the green card to go ahead. fair is fair. it’s nice to be critical in hindsight to hold people responsible but that was severly lacking with the bush jr admin…so am i to believe that people have finally waken up to politics and politricks…so much so that they are making judgements about the current admin based on stuff you pull out of your a$$. i ihope not. i mean he’s a racist and all this etc…it’s f’n ridiculous and half the time i can’t believe how these f’rs in the media have jobs. they think they can say whatever they want and not be held accountable. no wonder journalism has gone to the crapper. even people who have been in journalism for more than 40 years are saying crap about the way it’s being churned out. please. don’t assume us all to be stupid, because we have eyes and ears and we see what’s going on and some of us are willing to do the legwork to find out actual factual truths. dumbness is a disease. don’t subscribe to it and don’t be happy living in a coloured goggles generation. question everything and don’t allow yourself to be forcefed bullsh*t.

  121. 121
    papadontpreach Says:

    hey LONDS

    HOW the hell is he a FAILED ACTOR??? HE has won multiple major awards..and his works spands several decades…do you homework before you speak IDIOT!

  122. 122
    OH YEAH Says:

    John you are 100% right! its too bad you gave that speech to a crowd that wants to lick the ass of the liberal dems! The GOP is a disgrace! they are the political whores of washington!! more-so than the democrap! both parties are a disgrace to this country! George Bush Jr has no right to call himself a republican! he is a R.I.N.O republican in name only!
    4 years from now we are going to see what a big mistake it was to put Nobama into office. when he fails (and he will) i blame all you obamites that chant “yes we can yes we can”

  123. 123
    southern caribbean girl Says:

    wow can’t believe jon voight thread is beating brad’s on jj,i remeber this site was own by the jolie-pitts man time have change.

  124. 124
    not policically inclined Says:

    Did anyone see his chararater in the last 24 series. He played a nut, now I wonder if he was even acting……….I don’t think so. But after all if you give someone like him a speaking engagement (starving for attention) it is sorta like a bad dream, ya just never know what the hell he will say. Blah blah blah. Boy he and Sarah would be a hell of a duo….

  125. 125
    Merci Says:

    Why cant someone shut this guy’s mouth!!

  126. 126
    Merci Says:

    Why cant someone shut this guy’s mouth!!

  127. 127
    pam Says:

    @not policically inclined: maybe they didn’t have a teleprompter

  128. 128
    F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n Says:

    obama’s done more in his first couple of months than bush did in his entire two terms.

  129. 129
    pam Says:

    @F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n: name something

  130. 130
    OH YEAH Says:

    @KAy: if your not an American, please STFU! what the *** would you know about being a “good president”??????

  131. 131
    robin3 Says:

    fug face maniston

    back up your words with facts

    what has obama done?

  132. 132
    slambang Says:

    Now we know where Angelina got her crazy from. What a nutjob!

  133. 133
    pam Says:

    @robin3: oh I know…i know!!!! he has put my daughter and HER kids in debt. yeah…thanks a hell of a lot……..

  134. 134
    Orchid Says:

    105 pam @ 06/09/2009 at 2:04 pm

    I would love to take my daughter and hubby out tonight for dinner and a movie………..anyone have $75000 i can borrow and maybe a plane????????????


    Do you HAVE to go to Paris for dinner? Isn’t there a French restaurant where or near where you live>? :lol:

  135. 135
    pam Says:

    @Orchid: NO. I WANT TO GO PARIS. NOW!!!

  136. 136
    not policically inclined Says:

    Obama didn’t cause the problems that we have now. American business’ lack of supervision and dishonesty caused it. The American consumer who wants everything NOW without saving before buying, and buying more than they can afford. Obama didn’t cause that mentality Andl until the American people again begin to live within their own personal means, it will continue until there is nothing left of this nation that was founded on sacrafice and hard work. Your parents and grandparents probably didn’t borrow more than they made in a year. They knew they had to live within their own BUDGET. Strange word to lots of folks who don’t know what one is.

  137. 137
    pam Says:

    fug face maniston


  138. 138
    ma74 Says:

    crazy guy

  139. 139
    emily Says:

    Where was his criticism when Bush was leading us into a war with lies and destroyed this country financially. Bush and the republicans were in power when the banking, financial and car industry collasped. If he had spoken out then , he would have been more credible. Obama now has the job of cleaning up after this mess.

  140. 140
    pam Says:

    @not policically inclined: how much was the stimulus package again?

  141. 141
    Orchid Says:

    130 OH YEAH @ 06/09/2009 at 2:45 pm

    @KAy: if your not an American, please STFU! what the *** would you know about being a “good president”??????


    Don’t be ridiculous. Posters can give their opinions on whatever they want. America meddles in all other countries.

  142. 142
    robin3 Says:

    waiting for FUG FACE MANISTON…………

    to answer with facts exactly what he has done except everything he said he wouldn’t do on the campaign trail.

  143. 143
    dan Says:

    @OH YEAH: you idiot jon voight is your idea of a real republican is he….the dude only started to turn crazy-right-wing after 9/11 because that was what everybody did and before the iraq war becuase to be opposed meant a fox-news led backlash, before that this traitor was one of the most liberal, democrat supporting children of the 60′s (just watch ‘coming home’- the most anti-war film) but he just didn’t have the courage to stick to his convictions in that period between 2002-2004 and now it’s too late, oh well, chicken **** your side can keep him now.

  144. 144
    not policically inclined Says:

    He was already in France……..duhhhhhhh

  145. 145
    Orchid Says:

    131 robin3 @ 06/09/2009 at 2:47 pm fug face maniston

    back up your words with facts

    what has obama done?


    I’m interested too! *Waiting for ffm’s reply.*

  146. 146
    pam Says:

    @not policically inclined: “duhhhhhhh” ……….youmust have learned that word from cnn. :)

  147. 147
    Chau Says:

    WTF? He’s a lunatic! I agree with #10. No wonder why nobody likes the right-wing anymore. You’ve got crazies, like this guy, running their mouth and talking shiz about Obama and his administration. The Dems are trying to clean up the mess that the Repubs made. So STFU, you ignorant SOB!

  148. 148
    mertz Says:

    image is everything in the world no. it’s what people recognize the most predominately over words or speech. it can be created, strengthened, and ultimately broken, but image is kind of fickle. action is a better barometer to make judgements upon.

    dntvotehimn @ 06/09/2009 at 2:24 pm well lets see,since he took office 7million ppl lost their jobs,we borrowed more money from China than in our history. We have the highest unemployment in 26 yrs. We’ve got more ppl homeless & that have been foreclosed on than ever; & this American Pres. goes over to Egypt to try to make peace W the very ppl who were responsable for 9/11! During his speach he apologized for the war n Iraq & Aghanistan!! Now that’s bound to give our soldiers moral support. He says that we are a nation of Muslims-lier. We were founde on the foundation of Christianity .
    uh huh. you only have problems borrowing from china now huh? you have problems from borrowing from china when your country needs help…when single handedly one of the worst disasters ever to face a modern civilization to cripple not only the center of the financial industry and therfore impacting economies, but also the finaces and economy of EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD happens. me i was hoping bush was stupid enough to not buy the paulsen plan. i really really really really wanted such a deflation that would not only cripple america but every other country in the world. it’s about time the dollar became worth what it’s really worth in the eyes of those outside the united states with your creation of the biggest sham/shadow economy ever, and encouragement of bad practices, and china would have came out ahead anyways. this whole stimulas may save face for americans so that although things suck now, they aren’t that much worse, but it really is just slowing down the inevitable with other countries stepping up in the foray to the front to truly become internationally recognized powerhouses. so yeah. like rush freakin limbaugh i was hoping obama would fail (bush already failed) and as a byproduct america to fail and osama to win no? treason much. but of course i can only say that kind of sh*t if i am republican and that makes it much more acceptable than if a democrat said that same thing. okay so the highest unemplyment rate in decades huh, lol, and of course it is ALL obama’s fault. it may say so on his record or when the people who document history write this down. you can’t dispute that statistic. it’s a fact. just like it is also a fact that IT IS NOT ALL OBAMA’S FAULT AND THEREFORE DOESN’T ALL FALL AT THE FEET OF ONE PERSON. just like it wasn’t all bush’s fault, just like it wasn’t all clinton’s fault, just like it wasn’t all bush snr’s fault, it will not all be obama’s fault either. those historians who record the truth will record that it is a collection of converging matters that started a long time ago and it is not either the repubs or the dems it is conclusively ALL their faults. some more than others, but really, look it up because it’s there. anyone following the market 10 years ago could have predicted this because bubbles are cyclical, and anyone looking at the market 5 years to even 2 years ago knew this was happening. greed is such a beautiful thing, just like hypocrisy. your conclusion that egypt is responsible for 9/11 is laughable. if you don’t understand why he went to cairo then you basically shouldn’t be arguing about things you don’t know. even i was conflicted by egypt as his choice (my opinion) but i understand why he went there. why shouldn’t he be apologizing. i never knew apologizing inherently made you weak. i hope you read the bible. being able to recognize when mistakes are made and being humble is held in quite high regard in accordance to the i don’t see the great sin with his apologies. oh the big bad united states is afraid of losing face. america loses face ALL THE TIME…it’s just that because some of those people who you get involved with don’t speak english or may not have the power to express themselves, but that game is all changing. you don’t understand because you don’t see it from the other side. yes the troops need support, and even though canadians do not support the war, they support their troops ultimately, but canadians are not stupid enough to see this war for something it’s not, and nor are they unaware that with their ultimate participation in this they have made themselves a prime target. this war was started in bad judgement and i hope it doesn’t end in bad judgement. talk about blessing us with the 8 years of george bush. dude. if it didn’t happen with bush, it would have happened with clinton (good that it didn’t) or whoever had succeeded clinton. osama was coming for america way before and it was just the time. he’s not a stupid dude and neither are his followers.

  149. 149
    dan Says:

    @dntvotehimn: wow, you really are watching the faux-news brigade a lil’ to much there aren’t you, cos they got you properly believing the BS they peddle as fact, come on obama’s responsible for all of thos things…..bail-outs, high unemployment, large federal deficit, tanking dollar, wasteful government programmes, high spending military actions, increasing hatred from the islamic/european/latin american/everywhere world, big government-involved in all aspects of the citiens life……these were all the result of a conservative, republican leader…..for god’s sake it was only a few months ago they can’t have brinwashed you to forget something you’ve lived/living through surely……wake the f**k up.

  150. 150
    robin3 Says:

    It was Clinton’s economic advisers, Robt. Rubin, Larry Summers who were the architects of the financial debacle. How? They put on the pressure for Congress to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act. That act was put in place to prevent what happened in the 1930s Great Depression.

    Larry Summers is back!

    Obama appointed him as one of his key economic advisers. Something stinks!

  151. 151
    Chloe Says:

    Way to go Jon now you will never get to see the grandkids….Ange is gonna be pissed at you ….AGAIN !

  152. 152
    OH YEAH Says:

    someone please tell me why someone gets so much hate for giving a speech without a teleprompter? i know you are not used to someone looking at the camera AND giving a speech at the same time but please stop the hate! not everyone that gives a speech has to look left and right so much that they get dizzy! has any of you obamites noticed that he NEEDS teleprompters every where he goes? WTF? you people call that “smart’? news anchors read a teleprompter everyday does that mean they make a good president? before obama the only places you saw teleprompters were the white house and the party nomination speech.
    now we see them on airforce one LOL
    this guy is a CLOWN.!! who cares if he can read well!!

  153. 153
    Vanessa Says:

    #150. The economic mess goes way back to Reagan. Read up on your history girl!

  154. 154
    emily Says:

    Thanks to Bush, Cheney and the Republicans the economy crashed last year. Their spending trillions in a war where they fabricated the evidence to initiate, and their disastrous domestic financial policies helped to cause the job losses we are seeing now. I pray that Obama is able to clean up this mess and return this country to greatness.

  155. 155
    robin3 Says:

    to Mertz………

    You are correct! It isn’t any single individual’s fault. In fact, Clinton, Bush, Obama are handily chosen puppets.

    The real question is……WHO pulls their strings?

    Cuz in reality Obama has no power…neither did Bush, Clinton. So lets get to the core of the matter.

  156. 156
    Joan Says:

    Jon Voight for President 2012. I never heard a better speech in my life. He said it all. Finally someone who has guts to voice their opinion of this frightening man we now have as president.

  157. 157
    Uptown Says:

    Seriously…. The Republicans are absolutely the joke of this nation… Buddy, Bush ruined this country with HIS LIES…. That is why no one is listening to these stupid Reputhugs… 4000 US soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilian Iraqis have died because of their lies… THE BLOOD OF THESE FALLEN SOLIDERS IS ON THEIR HANDS… You wonder why her Angelina doesn’t talk to him.. Bast%rd, clean your own house before you try to judge someone else’s

  158. 158
    LYNN Says:

    I have always been a fan of Jon Voight But I disagree with him about Our Current President. TO: Dominica @12:pm,06/09/2009 I agree with you that when the repub were in charge, they considered Americans un Amer or un Patr to critize President Bush. I am glad FREE SPEECH is back also. THANKS to President Obama.
    I do not care what party Angelina belong to I know her heart is in the right place, and I have watched her all these yrs and she is still a young person. Angelina and Brad will always have my blessing. Did’nt dad think she had lost her mind because she wanted to get serious about her life after being married 2 times before she was 23yrs. The reason we know she was serious because she got rid of a husband that was double her age and did not teach her anything about life and she realized it, so she chose motherhood and humanta. I think her dad should stop trying to rid her coattail. I thought my mother said he marched with Martin Luther King.

  159. 159
    Ben Says:

    well said, jon voight. well said.

  160. 160
    Uptown Says:


    I’m so glad you said that… But, you can’t tell the dumb Reputhugs that about THEIR PROPHET… The Great One… That’s why his crazy wife sees him in the dark…

  161. 161
    emily Says:

    John Volt is an ignoramous . These people are political hacks who can’t speak the truth. As much as I liked Clinton, I was critical of some of the things he did. Thats the difference between a realist and a nutjob/rightwing extremist. Real people are able to speak the truth regardless of who they support. Obama hasn’t been in power for even 200 days and people like Voight , who didn’t criticize the disastrous previous administration , now suddenly found a voice and are speaking out.

  162. 162
    Uptown Says:

    @OH YEAH:

    Dumb A^s… They ALL have prepared speeches… Tell me one politican or speaker who doesn’t…. Oh I forgot, that entails the idot Republicans to think…

  163. 163
    ohmygod Says:

    Right now his family is trying to commit him to the nut house

  164. 164
    robin3 Says:

    BO has some real smooth talk…..but his actions are the polar opposite of his talk.

    Talk is cheap!

  165. 165
    pam Says:


  166. 166
    Zara Says:

    We were the liberators of the entire world??

    Yeah it was not Bush who started war in Iraq for no reason… yeah yeah real liberal…..

  167. 167
    Zara Says:

    We were the liberators of the entire world??

    Yeah it was not Bush who started war in Iraq for no reason… yeah yeah real liberal…..

  168. 168
    sri purna widari Says:

    I respect that America is a democratic country who gives the freedom of speech to the people. But I really disagree of what John Voight said about Obama. I love Obama for his concern to people not that he wants to be a president for himself. He is very modest. He looks soft and weak and I am sure when he really means it he could be as strong as a lion. He wants peace in the world. It is too much that I think America likes to interfere other countrie’s personal matters and Obama wants to fix wrong impression of those countries. If he is able to make that impression to all countries in the world that America loves peace, America will be the first country in the world as the initiator and the inspirator to all big countries to do the same. I think it is not a matter of being the strongest but to be able to live peacefully wherever we are. I believe that America has chosen the right man, he looks soft but at least as a person of from another country I do not feel intimidated. I do not like to see Bush that gives the impression that America is very arrogant.

  169. 169
    pam Says:

    @sri purna widari: let’s all sit around and hold hands by the campfire and sing a sweet song………….

  170. 170
    emily Says:

    I choose to deal in facts. The financial system, car companies, etc..,crashed when Bush was in power. A truly wise leader would not have taken us to war simply because he wanted to( Using lies and propaganda) thereby spending trillions, borrowing some more from the Chinese like they did.
    It will take this country a while to clean up this mess. The republicans should give this country time to recover.

  171. 171
    Becky Says:

    For those of you who support Obama, you will soon find out just how evil this man is. Right now you all are just stupid and ignorant and just don’t understand what Obama is doing to this once great nation. YOU ARE BLIND! WAKE UP STUPID PEOPLE!

  172. 172
    mertz Says:

    lol. to say this all started when clinton was in power is disingenuous…that’s why i included the past 20 years plus in my reasoning, because it started way before larry summers, and it started even before alan greenspan. it started with a mentality that was not even ultimately american but the americans bought into it and became the biggest proponent and promoters of that mentality.

  173. 173
    Becky Says:


    Your such an idiot! Obama thinks he’s the Messiah. Where have you been? Head up your ass?

  174. 174
    ENEE Says:

    What a maroon! No one thinks Obama is a prophet except the idiots on FIX NEWS who keep saying that he thinks he’s a prophet. I hope all this idiots keep this up so Obama breezes into his next 4 years.

    No wonder his daughter doesn’t have a relationship with him. I wouldn’t want him around my children with the trash that comes out of his mouth!

  175. 175
    emily Says:

    To Becky:
    Obama was not in power when the financial system crashed, Bush and the Republicans were. They don’t deserve our votes. This country was great before Bush and the Republicans got a hold of it, and it will be great again.

  176. 176
    jen Says:

    # 171- Becky- you are the STUPID people. Closed minded, ignorant, blind, probably uneducated as well…..

    and to think that u voted for bimbo Palin…….is simply horrendous.

    Palin would have made the U.S. the laughingstock of the World.

  177. 177
    Becky Says:


    Evidentally you are the one that’s wrong. You don’t even have a clue as to what Obama is all about. Open your blind eyes, stupid!

  178. 178
    pam Says:

    @emily: when obama is gone it will be…..

  179. 179
    Becky Says:


    Sad. You have no idea of what damage Obama has already done. You will soon find out when its too late!

  180. 180
    pam Says:

    @ENEE: hide and watch

  181. 181
    emily Says:

    @pam: Is that what you were saying when Bush was spending trillions in Iraq?

  182. 182
    mertz Says:

    just like it came to bite america and as a by product all of us in the a$$. that mentality/way of thinking is not entirely correct. it’s a beautiful thing to promote that kind of consumer mentality especially without consequences or structures or rules, etc…but you can’t have your cake and eat it to. and they say keynesians are the one’s holding up the markets. no they aren’t. you want a laissez faire market, then be prepared to pay for the consequences when it hits. you want free trade so you can maximize your profits huh…then be prepared for the consequences when it hits. the world has moved beyond those theories and documents and we know that there are resolutions put in to benefit certain people/countries…so when you are in fact trying to use these things to make as much money as possible and raise the glass house floor mentality you live in, yet at the same time you fail to recognize the shift that is going on in the world economies, and think that you can always try to impede progress, it’ll come to hit you back in the a$$ ten fold. karma is truly beautiful. another bubble is going to pop again, and then what will happen then. meh. wall street sucks. consumerism sucks.

  183. 183
    pam Says:

    @jen: please don’t tell me your fond of Pelosi?????????? help us al……………..

  184. 184
    marina Says:

    even in a family there can be people with different polictical . They are outspoken. let them be.

  185. 185
    pam Says:

    @emily: nope, not at all. i trusted bush unlike obama and all his little rodents

  186. 186
    Cathey Says:

    Pam – I called Jon Voight a Schmuck!!

  187. 187
    Cathey Says:

    I proudly voted of Obama. Give the man a chance. I correct myself. You are a Schmuck!

  188. 188
    emily Says:

    @pam: That’s why Obama was elected to come and fix the economy after it crashed under Bush. I see why Obama won over the educated minds because only someone who is rational well read can understand what is going on in the world around us and in the country. dumb people are a lost cause that’s why they sided with Bush.

  189. 189
    Becky Says:


    You are the one who is stupid and obviously don’t know what is going on around you. DAMN! Open your eyes before its too late. WE NEED ISRAEL and they need us. Obama threw them under the bus and know there will be a serious payment for that. You better sit down and study your history missy. Jon Voight is Catholic as I am. Many of us know the truth about Obama and what this man is about to do to this country.

  190. 190
    Secretaffair Says:

    ‘a new holocoust!’ seriously! did the Israel killed more than 1,000 innocent palestinian people. mens, womens and childrens die! i respect people opinion but the thing is, i don’t think Jon Voight do his homework.
    you remember what happen 60 years ago but you don’t remember what happen earlier this year?
    i wonder does he remember that he has a children?

  191. 191
    mertz Says:

    robin3 @ 06/09/2009 at 3:06 pm to Mertz………

    You are correct! It isn’t any single individual’s fault. In fact, Clinton, Bush, Obama are handily chosen puppets.

    The real question is……WHO pulls their strings?

    Cuz in reality Obama has no power…neither did Bush, Clinton. So lets get to the core of the matter.
    hey robin. i don’t think we are much in disagreement actually. i think that i can totally understand whatever position you are coming from as long as it not full of vitriol or extreme hyperbole’s. anyways to that question about the who…i don’t know. i don’t subscribe to the consipiracy theories, but i know money talks huge to people and i know that wall street has been involved in the political mix for some time, along with companies, and lobbyists, and even religous institutions. i would think that maybe these men, (since america has not had a female president) are governed by what they know and learn as time passes, but that they also surround themselves with capable people who can impart good judgement in information…but as we all know that realization is not always entirely correct, so i guess the answer to that is i don’t know. but i’m not going to just sit down and not try to find an answer to that question. money talks huge everywhere in the world. i mean look at gretchen peters on the daily show last night talking about how big the drug trade is as a component for this war on terror for the terrorists. ied’s are paid for by the money these guys get for the drugs. ied’s kill all of our allied great soldiers. WHO BUYS THESE DRUGS. WHO BUYS THESE DRUGS FROM THE MEXICAN CARTELS THAT IS CONTRIBUTING TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE BEING KILLED. so yeah. the finger doesn’t point only one way. people need to look at themselves too. oh and robin about your comment saying words are cheap. i think i said that too when i was talking about image being more powerful than words or speech. ACTION(S) SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS…and that’s just commen sense.

  192. 192
    emily Says:

    Republicans have no strategy but appeal to people’s fear.” you don’t know what he”ll do” Fear-mongering. Kind of like when they said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq so we have to go in. Same strategy . When you got nothing go with fear.

  193. 193
    Becky Says:

    You stupid moron! Check out Heritage FOundation and and found out what Obama has done! YOu are so stupid and ignorant.

  194. 194
    Zara Says:

    i totally feel everyone is entitled to voice their opinion and i totally respect persons doing that, but come on… who is Jon Voight to judge Obama.. and this my supporting his beliefs with poor arguments, really poor arguments let alone facts, no instead he uses his opinion. Why held such a controversial political speech if you obviously do not know anything about it..

    the fact is the republicans spend 8years doing nothing other than spend money to war and create a very very bad morgin (for housing) system, which eventually initiated the great recess that we’re in now.

    so when you look at the facts you can not support this ignorant speech, though everyone is entitled to their right to voice their opinion, this speech was simply denying the facts..

  195. 195
    pam Says:

    @emily: EDUCATED MINDS????????????????????????? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LORD HELP US ALLLLLLL

  196. 196
    pam Says:

    @Becky: harsh words becky. take a chill pill

  197. 197
    kiddo Says:

    not a fan of Obama. I mean him no harm, just like Jon Voit do not agree with his politics.

    I do agree with some people that the last thing we need is a Rock Star president who gets sound bytes. Those of us old enough to remember that is how (lil) George Bush started, and he was a complete failure for Americans. Cant run a this country on sound bites.

    To be the independent I am, I will say it-he inherited a grand mess.

    My real question is this?

    Is it to late to make it Obama as the Prez and Palin as the Veep? lol

    I think that is a compromise for all.

    Good thing we live in America and say what we feel, and in PUBLIC. Say what he said in Cuba, the sandy countires or China or North Korea and see where that lands you!

    Good blog. I like varying opinions. That is how i know we shall never fall to communism

  198. 198
    ? Says:


  199. 199
    emily Says:

    @Pam:It is true. The people that voted for Obama generally have a higher I.Q than those that voted republican. They are usually well rounded and have travelled to various places and see the country and world differently. Kind of hard to do when you’ve never been outside your own block. I don’t think Obama will win over the eternally stupid, they are a lost cause, but to sharp minds everywhere rock on!

  200. 200
    pam Says:

    @emily: what planet do you live on?

  201. 201
    mertz Says:

    Becky @ 06/09/2009 at 3:48 pm @Tatiana:

    You are the one who is stupid and obviously don’t know what is going on around you. DAMN! Open your eyes before its too late. WE NEED ISRAEL and they need us. Obama threw them under the bus and know there will be a serious payment for that. You better sit down and study your history missy. Jon Voight is Catholic as I am. Many of us know the truth about Obama and what this man is about to do to this country.
    a catholic calling someone stupid. now where have i seen that so many times before. i didn’t want to wave the religious flag although i did bring it up previously for someone to go and read the bible because making apologies, being able to realize mistakes is not a sin in the bible. anyways so here it is chica. I’M CATHOLIC TOO. but as a hypocritical catholic, because i know where my religion comes from and i know the hypocrits who recognize/attach themselves to this religion, i realize that i am not better, nor are my judgements any better than others. so yeah you take your catholicism and realise how hypocritical you are with your statement. obama didn’t throw israel under the bus. certainly many israeli’s (including the muslim israeli’s. lol. i wonder how muslim israel’s can live as secondary citizens to jewish people in israel and yet they don’t allow palestinians even the basic decorum of stable living) may think that and so do pro-israel supporters…but the point is is that you don’t realize or recognize the other just like you give isreal a fair shake but you don’t for the other side. AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A CHRISTIAN? huh. what does the bible say about love thy enemies huh and love the other like your borther or sister. i don’t know from what bibles people read from, but it’s entirely hilarious/sadistic to see what religion does to people. religion is not inherently evil, nor is it inherently good. it should be a work in progress (in a perfect world) but must people just cling to their golden books like it’s the end all be all. whatever. you are no different from those you fail to recognize. israel needs to move on. yes they are america’s main allies in the east and have a large military resource…but they way america kowtows to israel or to the jewish lobbying makes america and american’s look like their b*tch, and that’s the truth. i can’t believe that america allows israel to read classified documents from your intelligence agencies, because ya’ll are like a married couple/best friends etc…it’s an entirely amusing situation. maybe if people could let go of past histories we all in the world can collectively move on. let’s admit horrible things have happened in the world and try to right wrongs and move on. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO DO? so much so that people become pure wussies when confronted with hard issues. gah.

  202. 202
    joshua Says:

    voight should know that before obama came to office, the american economy, image (especially international) and domestic infrastructure were already down from the bush administration, and that’s a BIG mess to clean up for anyone!! i am european and from international point of view, the time of bush administration was not at all that glory for international affairs…so voight should shut up if he does not have sensical things to say..he should just try first to clean up his own family affairs before going political which is beyond his intelligence.

  203. 203
    lauren Says:

    Obamas the next hitler…

  204. 204
    kiddo Says:

    someone please tell me why someone gets so much hate for giving a speech without a teleprompter?

    GOOD ONE. Come on, you all have to laugh at it, Obama does. He even jokingly said he would teach Joe Biden-the gaffe master to use one. although he didnt call him the gaffe master. Thats mine!

  205. 205
    emily Says:

    My point is everyone has a right to their opinion and that goes for Voight . However when he refused to say anything about the lies and misleading of Bush/Cheney when they were busy destroying this country, it makes him a hypocrite. I would have had more respect for him if he had spoke up then.

  206. 206
    mertz Says:

    people throw their words around without consequences because they can. it’s sad that this is the current state we are in actually and as someone who sucks at spelling (am working on it), as well as making sense, i weep for the english language and language in general every day because every day the gap between people, the gap between people’s abilities to understand seems to grow. i encourage change, and i encourage learning, intelligence, technology etc…but i don’t encourage all that stuff without responsiblity or being able to recxognize history and improve upon it. i don’t get people. why are we all so freakin stuck.

  207. 207
    jEFF Says:

    Jon’s right on the money! If Obama continues on this path, America will fail! If you doubt it, WAIT and SEE, this country will fail within a decade. Obama is the most inexperienced person that has been elected to the Presidency. Change, yeah, right; we haven’t even seen the beginning of the change to come. Hard to believe that the American public were dumb enough to vote in this FOOL!!!

  208. 208
    mertz Says:

    and to clearify my reference to gretchen peters on the daily show…i don’t subscribe to the daily show or all these people’s and their opinions, but i knew who she was prior to the interview and she’s not the only one to talk about the ieds/the weapons these people get from the drug trade. money talks huge everywhere in the world and the fact that people are asleep everywhere on why these things are happening is kinda disconcerning. i think the generals have also written many reports on the collusion with the governments in that area, the militaries, the intellegence and the terrorists in that area. you have to try and understand why these guys are doing what they are. you have to try and understand it because then you can work on capable solutions instead of always doging the problem(s). thing will never change either way (pessimism speaking).

  209. 209
    Sally Says:

    I was open to Obama, but thus far I think he is a disaster. The media and celebrities got him elected. Mitt Romney would have been a the best choice to handle the economy. I also think Obama is passive and wants to be everyone’s best friend. He is naive.

  210. 210
    kiddo Says:

    Bet the republicans come out in full force on Senate elections. They are already starting the ground campaign.

    Gonna be a war of the politicians. I cant wait. Most are self rightoues egotist with seperate agenda’s.

    Either way, I truly like Michele O’s style and love the fact children are in the White house.

  211. 211
    to Mertz Says:


    maybe if people could let go of past histories we all in the world can collectively move on. let’s admit horrible things have happened in the world and try to right wrongs and move on. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO DO?

    Even thinking like this shows you have no grasp of the mentality of the muslim world. You are delusional. You need to get your head out of your selfrighteous a$$

  212. 212
    loulou Says:

    This idiot doesn’t deserve notice … Angelina already figured that out! So, did her mother … what an IDIOT! Go get bent AH!

  213. 213
    mertz Says:

    emily @ 06/09/2009 at 4:16 pm My point is everyone has a right to their opinion and that goes for Voight . However when he refused to say anything about the lies and misleading of Bush/Cheney when they were busy destroying this country, it makes him a hypocrite. I would have had more respect for him if he had spoke up then.
    hindsight is 20/20 no. everyone is saying why not then, why now, and people are saying that same thing in the vice versa, while at the time people were saying why aren’t they reporting about this this and this, and now i guess the media can report all they want. hypocrisy is a beautiful thing. it’s amazing when people (myself included cause i know myself best) don’t realize the hypocrisy in which they engage in. lol. yeah catholics. let’s bring that argument in cause we’re probably the biggest hypocrites of them all.

  214. 214
    Tim Says:

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.

    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.

    You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.

    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

    This was written by Abraham Lincoln. Obama, who likes to compare himself to President Lincoln, apparently cannot read.

  215. 215
    Chloe Says:

    Jon kinda went over the top there. I used to be an Obama supporter until this “bailout” crap. Any business that assumed we will keep investing and buying was stupid–not our fault and they shouldn’t have gotten money for it.

  216. 216
    black beauty Says:

    he’s probably feeling lonely because angelina wont return his phone calls. his mind is gone

  217. 217
    F_U Says:

    He is a NUT! Time for the old folks home. I see why she has no relationship with this nut job!

  218. 218
    outhouse Kat Says:

    Congressional Budget Office projected that for the first time in three decades, there would be no cost-of-living adjustment —- or COLA —- for Social Security recipients in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

    These adjustments are designed to keep elderly Social Security recipients from losing purchasing power as prices rise, so it’s not surprising that the initial reaction was one of concern.

    “The absence of a cost-of-living adjustment … will be a shock to older Americans already hit by plummeting home values, investment losses and rising health costs,” The New York Times wrote earlier this month.

    Senior groups were predictably up in arms. An AARP spokesman moaned that “most seniors have never been through a year in which there was no Social Security COLA.”

    Some liberal bloggers accused the Obama administration of betraying seniors. And there’s already talk of legislation to address this perceived inequity.

  219. 219
    birthdaytext Says:






  220. 220
    jj1 Says:


    and you wonder why your own children hate you. Von look at his ugly old mug. lol.

    what a freak.

  221. 221
    jOSH Says:



    I doubt Angelina would give a **** if he died at the nursing home.

  222. 222
    mertz Says:

    to Mertz @ 06/09/2009 at 4:32 pm @mertz:

    maybe if people could let go of past histories we all in the world can collectively move on. let’s admit horrible things have happened in the world and try to right wrongs and move on. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO DO?

    Even thinking like this shows you have no grasp of the mentality of the muslim world. You are delusional. You need to get your head out of your selfrighteous a$$
    atleast i recognize that i have a self righteous ass. i hope you feel good being all knowing about what you know on the muslim world. why would you presume me to not know anything about the muslim world. you don’t know me personaly, so where is that judgement coming from. where in that comment you quoted did i say something about the so called muslim world. painting muslims an arabs with the same one dimensional brush is disingenous…just like i could also say that based on the history of america all americans are savages or racists. it’s not true. so don’t put words in my mouth. i hope you also enjoy pulling your self righteous judgemental head out of your a$$. bin laden didn’t do what he did without reason. the taliban and alqueda do not act without reason and neither do all the militant factions around the world wether it’s hezzbolah, ira, ltte, hamas, farq, janjawid, al shabab, etc…and painting them all as one dimentional militias is also disingenuous. not all in the muslim or arab world are terrorist. if you think the muslim or arab world only includes the middle east, then that’s laughable. i mean last week the pakistani ambassador to the us was saying he and others take great offense to being included in the axis of evil description or people presuming that because they are recognizably a muslim country, that they are immediately included in the mid east conflict or seen as arabs. pakistan is not an arab country. he said that is what some americans and the western world don’t know or can’t seperate the facts, that the muslim world is not all in the middle east and that pakistan is a south asian muslim country. there are many muslim countries in the world that don’t cause the us problems…so what are they all to be included in the war on the muslim world or the war in the middle east. also…lol. not all muslims are arabs & vice versa. not all people who follow islam are terrorists. there are arab jews, arab christians, arab muslims, etc…and there are many arabic people living around the world…they aren’t all terrorists. israeli’s speak like they are the only people to have ever faced persecution ever…when infact there are many people, many races, many cultures, many ethnic people’s who have faced persecution all around the world. anyways something needs to change, because this bullsh*t has been going on for way too long.

  223. 223
    Christina Says:

    Republicans are nothing but a bunch of kooky old white guys! They’re trying to scare everyone into voting for them. They can’t win any other way. I swear they have called Obama everything under the sun. It’s despicable and they continue to stoop to new lows. When will they get a clue and go f*ck themselves?

  224. 224
    pam Says:

    @Christina: you must be getting a free ride. pitiful

  225. 225
    heaherFill Says:

    Jon Voigh is a freak! How could he deem Barack Obama as a false prophet? He is a sicko! Wanting to destroy our president. Who knows what things he believes. He claims everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous. That is wrong. Our nation became weaker because of George W. Bush and all the crap he got away with. Of course Voight didn’t give a damn about his daughter, and she practically turned out as freaky as he is. For shame!

  226. 226
    mertz Says:

    lol @223 & 224. great examples of exactly what we are dealing with. it’s great when you can live in a world of generalizations. don’t worry i do it too sometimes.

  227. 227
    baly Says:

    Yeah, I agree with him. Let us see if the terrorists will negotiate with Obama. Encourage the terrorists to be guests on Oprah Winfrey show. They might cooperate!

  228. 228
    mertz Says:

    to make everyone happier just subscribe to the whole you’re right i’m wrong mentality. it helps. thanks for the story jared. right after i saw this on the website i heard the clip on my local news radio.

    have fun arguing everyone. discourse is fun!

  229. 229
    angies baby Says:

    He is just mad because he can’t see his grandkids , get a life and go back to being a street worker cowboy

  230. 230
    emily Says:

    It makes so much sense why Angelina would distance herself from him. He’s an old cook. Crazy and deranged man.

  231. 231
    Felicia Says:

    Obama can’t be any worse than that disaster of a prez we had for the last 8 years…Oh, but you probably don’t know about that because you were in an alcohol-induced blackout.

  232. 232
    Hey Jon voight Says:

    Hey Jon Voight – nice try for someone with some pretty SCARY stuff in his closet.

    Isn’t this the same guy who cheated on his wife, caused a miscarriage while bringing women over into her house on socalled parental visits, then left the same kids as a toddlers in order to pursue his interests( anything but raising the kids), a KNOWN CULT FOLLOWER, dead beat though he was earning $$$ after winning that oscar, left the stay at home mother to raise the kids WITHOUT PALIMONY and in DEBT til after her death…..had the gall to bash the mother of his kids AFTER HER DEATH, once a upon a time, couldn’t for the love his life remember Zahara’s name( says Shakira but of course he remembered to cry crocodile tears for all those who would listen about his desire to see those little angels(Shiloh, Vivian and Knox)…. suddenly is telling me that OBAMA is BAD for the contry.

    I say, at least Obama AINT got the following on his resume:

    1.) Revolving door dad
    2.) dead beat
    3.) emotional abuser
    4.) absent father

    Listen folks, it is one thing to have an opinion but another to HAVE such as SCARY closet and feel the need to judge others.

  233. 233
    emily Says:

    Republicans believe in do- as- I -say and not- as- I -do philosophy. Kind of like Palin’s daughter now preaching abstinence after being a regular fuucck-buddy with her boyfriend. I like abstinence too but I would rather hear from someone who practices what they preach. Lest I forget , remember toe-tapping senator Craig (Republican) involved in that mens bathroom saga?

  234. 234
    blkbandit Says:


    thank you. people need to stop giving obama a pass cause he is black.

  235. 235
    candy Says:

    Becky- you are catholic? Ugh…that explains it. Why does belonging to a religious group or cult means anything? lol

    Closed minded….too. very

    probably a red neck republican as well…as other things I can’t type here…and you know it!

    YOU need to wake up and smell the real world. (before George Bush almost ruined it). Obama has a real mess to clean up and it’s gonna take some time of course.

    Go back to your cave and stay there!

  236. 236
    Sharon Says:

    Everybody has the right to voice out their opinion whether it is good or bad..this is a free country…

    Obama’s supporters really believe he is the one who is going to save America and possibly the whole world….but the sad truth is that, economy is getting worst!

    Sales Tax in California even went high at the time when almost majority of Californians are losing their employment, houses, etc…

  237. 237
    Hey Jon voight Says:

    to Sharon – no here is saying he has NO RIGHT TO VOICE HIS OPINION….

    some of us just think he is NOT WORTH AN OPINION given his background.

    Hey, there is a saying that – you can judge a man only if you are squirky clean…but seeing the background of Jon Voight…plez…Jon is the last person to say something about Obama.

    To be a dead beat and spousal abuser(mentally and whatsnot) are usually GOOD INDICATORS of a kind of man you are dealing – in the case of Jon Voight, the writing is on the wall and it says – WATCH OUT GUYS, this guy is pretty cuckoo upstairs.

  238. 238
    Mandy Says:

    Whenever I begin to feel compassion that his daughter has not permitted him to have a relationship with either she or the children, he interviews with a rag and spews garbage out of his mouth regarding President Obama. He’s just another “loose cannon” extreme conservative Republican, and I now get why Angelina has nothing to do with him. David Carradine was an eccentric Republican, too.

  239. 239
    emily Says:

    To Sharon: It took George Bush 8 years to destroy the economy so Obama cannot fix it in less than 100 days that he has been there. It will take time. Hopefully its sooner than later.

  240. 240
    pam Says:

    @emily: know what emily? i’d rather have YOU as president…than obama.

  241. 241
    TJ Says:

    Oh, you think VOIGHT’s the nutter? Well, I hope I’m within ear range when your gasoline’s $10 a gallon, the economy is in ruins, China owns what’s left of our companies, and you’re standing in a soup line, so you can hear me say:

    Told ya.

  242. 242
    emily Says:

    @Pam: No thanks, I just like calling it as I see it.

  243. 243
    pam Says:

    @TJ: ditto.

  244. 244
    pam Says:

    @emily: read tj’s entry

  245. 245
    emily Says:

    TJ: Bush was borrowing money from China and printing money long before Obama came in on the scene. He had to pay for his war , so obviously he was doing this. Remember $5/gallon gasoline? That was under Bush. He did nothing to reign in the cost when he was president in order to further enrich his cronies . That’s part of the reason why republicans lost because the gas cost was bankrupting a lot of people and nothing was done to stop it. It seemed like republicans didn’t care.

  246. 246
    hottest couple ever Says:

    Jon Voight is a fcuking idiot…no wonder Angie is estranged from him.

  247. 247
    MMSIC Says:

    Jon Voight is another Rush Limbaugh in the making.An entertainer who uses their mouth to spew violence and hatred.I am a Catholic and I love my religion, folks,please do not generalize.

  248. 248
    Maya Says:

    No one calls Obama a prophet or Messiah…except right-wings.

    I’m glad she disowned him.

  249. 249
    hopeso Says:

    this old **** is a looses and a rambling fool everything that comes out of his mouth is a matter of fact he stumbles over every word of of his mouth like a drunk…shut the f… up old man… that’s why your daughter wont let you near her kids

  250. 250
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    hmmm i dont completely agree
    but yes i agree he’s a false prophet
    ppl believe that he will be another fdr or some great president, sorry so far as president he’s been sub-par
    im glad he won and all because i didnt want palin and mccain 2 win
    but ppl r giving obama 2 many breaks, it’s time 2 start making some tough decisions like u said
    i love the fact of how he thinks the whole world can get along with his soft voice like jon says, ive given obama the benefit of the doubt because of the economy, but still his stimulus package has yet 2 be used in full force
    i also agree with republicans that alot of whats in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is just wasteful spending

  251. 251
    jamie Says:

    # 236- Sharon

    Don’t you have a brain? The economy is the way it is thanks to George Bush! Now, Obama has to try to clean up the big mess left for him.

    I would not want to be in his shoes.

    Someone should put super glue in Voight’s big stupid jerk mouth

  252. 252
    hopeso Says:


  253. 253
    Orchid Says:

    233 emily @ 06/09/2009 at 6:37 pm

    Republicans believe in do- as- I -say and not- as- I -do philosophy. Kind of like Palin’s daughter now preaching abstinence after being a regular fuucck-buddy with her boyfriend. I like abstinence too but I would rather hear from someone who practices what they preach. Lest I forget , remember toe-tapping senator Craig (Republican) involved in that mens bathroom saga?


    It’s even better coming from someone who has learned a lesson. She’s been there, made the mistake. She will definitely practice what she preaches now.

  254. 254
    jaye Says:

    The man’s a nut, but I knew that. He wasn’t worried about the Bush gang destroying the economy or the country or the world. Hell, he’s rich, what has he got to worry about if the economy tanks, he’s hiding his money in his bunker. Obama has been in office 6 months and it’s Obama Oppression? lmao. Jon needs to stop drinking.

  255. 255
    emily Says:

    It will not be credible to me. That’s my opinion.

  256. 256
    cosi Says:

    can see why AJ stays the hella away from this ****

  257. 257
    emily Says:

    jaye, you are right on the mark. These nutjobs are so crazy that I even heard one of them say that Obama started this 3 years ago when he wasn’t even running.
    I voted for Bush the first time but having seeing him invade Iraq and destroyed this country and seeing the crazy people flock to the republican party made me change my mind . I was a center right person, but I cannot be associated with a party of nutjobs. I don’t do crazy.

  258. 258
    ann Says:

    the people that voted for Obama is crazy people need to realize he’s doing a lot of things wrong it’s happening now!! Open your eyes. I’m so proud someone spoke about Obama of what things he’s doing wrong. Jon is right!! I’m beside you Jon.

  259. 259
    mertz Says:

    experience is important, but being a hypocrite doesn’t therby allow you to have a platform to speak on and to have people listen to you. that is why people laugh at bristol palin. it would have been better if she had practised what she preached prior to her getting pregnant.

    obama being soft is a misnomer. your gas will not go up to 10 dollars, and that price has nothing to do with obama. it has everything to opec countries playing the market and setting the terms for the amount of oil output and the reserve oil stocks that they choose to disregard because they want to be stingy. good for them. it also has everything to do with the dollar and how it’s going to loose ground to other currencies because of the inflation due to the many stimulas’ and overspending that has been going on with multiple governments. but then you’re going to blame obama soley for the inflation too. w/e.

    credit is going to losen up and start to flow again…unless the mothers at wall street or in the financial sector start messing around again. the recession will be over, and life will still suck, but it really is much better than a 100% collapse.

    anyone who calls obama their messiah is not smart. he can’t write 8 years all by himself nor can he due it in the time so far that he has been in the office. puh freakin lease. give it a while before you start the bashing and the hyperbole.

  260. 260
    ellie' Says:

    @Jolie Hot Chin not:
    That’s what Angie says. Only Jon and Marcheline knows what happened. I also don’t believe in telling your children private things during there marriage to hate the other parent. It happens all the time who’s the bad one. So lets not be so quick to judge Jon about being a father. A scorned woman is the worst..

    Jon has a right to his own opinion , but I also agree its still a little to soon. I didn’t vote for Obama but I’m willing to give him chance and to soon t give my own opinion also.

  261. 261
    ed Says:

    Keep it up, Republicans – keep bringing out the loonies and let them speak!! Dems will be in power for the next 4, 8, 12 years for sure!! Luckily for Angelina, he was an absent father and didn’t influence her politically or otherwise!

  262. 262
    LuckyL Says:

    Hahahahahaha, this dumb***.

    The Republican Party is so divided.

    ed, I so agree.

  263. 263
    AlomaGirl Says:

    What a crazy man he is… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (Angelina).

  264. 264
    lylian Says:

    Ali @ 06/09/2009 at 1:03 pm
    Well said. Ali.
    No wonder Angelina wants to keep a safe distance from Jon Voight. First he was a father who abandoned his children. Then he was a deadbeat husband and dad who didn’t pay spousal support. Then when he shows up to be with his kids he was – to quote James haven, abusive.
    Now we can see how he abused his wife and children.
    Imagine JON Voight turning on his children and criticising them with the same lack of balance as he is now criticising Obama then make it at least twice as bad. Because those were his children and he was speaking to them in private and very likely swearing and using a threatening angry tone of voice. Imagine an Alex Baldwin.
    No wonder Angelina and James both want to keep their distance from him. They should. And very wisely, as they let him back into their lives, its only from a distance. And no way should he ever baby sit any of the kids on his own. NO WAY.

  265. 265
    emily Says:

    Angelina has nothing to do with his comments. Unfortunately we can’t choose our parents especially when they are bad ones.

  266. 266
    emily Says:

    Angelina has nothing to do with his comments. Unfortunately we can’t choose our parents especially when they are bad ones.

  267. 267
    Jonaslover Says:

    well said
    this obama is a radicalist muslim who hates america and will destroy

    oh but im sure its okay to criticize bush, im sick of these double standards

  268. 268
    Chelsea lately rules! Says:

    this guy is retarded, no wonder angelina wants nothing to do with him. obama is probably the best president we’ve had since Reagan, a good family man, and a good politician. It’s republicans like this idiot and rush limbaugh that make the republicna party look like a bunch of morons. I just feel bad for the moderate republicans like colin powell and john mccain who are actually somewhat intelligent. And any one who believes that obama is a prophet/messiah is a fricken nutjob and a loser.

  269. 269
    teri Says:

    I don’t agree with everything he stands for but I do agree with John on this. He has balls enough to stand up for what he believes in and you don’t really see that anymore just alot of followers. Freedom of speech is for everyone including him.

  270. 270
    emily Says:

    Chelsea lately rules! @ 06/09/2009 at 8:57 pm:
    well said. They and their ilk are losers.

  271. 271
    emily Says:

    Where was John’s freedom of speech when Bush was ruining the economy?

  272. 272
    april Says:

    thank you, Ali – a voice of reason…
    look at the kind of critical thinking “pam” is capable of demonstrating – set aside her poor grammar “evidentley your related…” but it does show ignorance at a basic level, and her argument that you can only be able to discern the qualities of our president if you are related to him. But she is not nearly as flaccid in thinking as the illiterate “can’t forget 9/11″.

    If there were only some clear reasoning skills – some example of a valid argument that is based in facts. I don’t know these two people, but in general those kinds of comments, especially Jon’s, reflect xenophobia if you just scratch beneath the service. “false prohpet”?? Jon is starkers.

  273. 273
    republicans rule Says:

    way to go John

  274. 274
    mertz Says:

    Jonaslover @ 06/09/2009 at 8:55 pm well said
    this obama is a radicalist muslim who hates america and will destroy

    oh but im sure its okay to criticize bush, im sick of these double standards
    and there it is again with the throwing of words and debasing the english language.

    WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ON BARACK OBAMA BEING A RADICAL MUSLIM. do you know what RADICAL means. so yeah i want your evidence.

    and you’re sick of double standards. you’re sick of it after the fact right…well where the hell were you when bush and his administration were in power. i wonder what you were saying then at that time as well. it is okay to criticize. criticism makes the world go around, it’s easy to do, it’s cheap and inconsequential to the critic and when it’s made in the right it can hold people accountable. were you holding your former president accountable when he was in power. i hope you were.

  275. 275
    Sharon Says:

    Not only is obama a false prophet but he is an idiot. This thug lies, and plays those who have drunk the kool aid as fools. He can lie stating this will be the most open administration. When? He is arrogant and stupid. He is way over his head and it is America and our children and grandchildren who will pay for this idiot. He is nothing more than a low class low life thug who has set his sights on putting the citizens in this country as dependent upon him as possible. Keep us in line. Well up his arrogant wazoo.

  276. 276
    toks Says:

    The fact that you use the word colored tells me how ignorant you are. No one is asking that you agree with the politics of the current president but personal attacks are unacceptable and don’t solve any problems. Maybe if the republicans came up with other options, people will listen rather then them sounding like bitter losers

  277. 277
    mertz Says:

    hey sharon since this is an equal oppertunity forum i hope you are calling dubya a thug as well as rush limbaugh. then that would be fair.

    and that entire part about our children and grandchildren paying in the future…i think that sounds familiar why because i’m been saying that since 91…and probably every single day of the bush administration and some during clinton too. so you know what it’s not only obama. maybe you should take some of your hatred and place it into somthing positive. thanks in advance.

    and know that this drinking of the kool aid you accuse others of, i’m sure a lot of republicans were drinking it straight from the trough when bush was in power. lol. bill bennett saying i like the man but not his policies. i hope you were saying that bill bennet when your president from your party was in power at the time he was in power. it’s nice to say that all after the fact. and let’s not forget bay buchannen. it kills her to admit how much damage bush has done to her beloved party. lol. maybe ya’ll do everyone a favour and turn a blind to obama like how you did bush and we will all reconvene for the bashing after his term is over.

  278. 278
    denise Says:

    this is a glimpse into how fox news and the republicans are feeding lies and garbage to simple, small town folks and greedy corporate execs. i have no idea what this party stands for – they put pretty-faced surface level small town rhetoric folksie Palin as the frontrunner for 2012 and put Bush – who STARTED the bailouts with the banks and no republican said anything then – into leadership. It’s odd and they’re in a world of their own – this is from a FORMER republican who saw the light after this last election. Obama is a great man and this country with idiots like Jon Voight is a pain to lead. My prayers and support are with Obama.

  279. 279
    lukebandit Says:

    way to go JON! OBAMA, is he a Christian??? and the first thing he does when he gets into office is reverse the international abortion funding bill. how can you be a Christian on one hand and your fine with babies being murdered in the mother’s womb?
    I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. in Jeremiah in the King James Bible.

  280. 280
    Erman Says:

    O.M.G.. I’m not an American and I can’t believe there are still people like him. His speech is so arrogant thinking America is better than anybody else, thinking that this world is belong to them. Remember this. We share the world people. It doesn’t belong to anybody or any country. We don’t appoint you as a liberator of the world, so stop acting like one and what year are you coming from? 1620?? conquering the world? He makes me laugh.

    And please..Israel is not a part of America. Is halfway across the globe. Did he go to school??

  281. 281
    toks Says:

    Being a christian is a personal choice and has nothing to do with the abortion bill. there is a reason why there is a separation of church and state. If you lived in a muslim country with a muslim president, i bet you wouldn’t want to be forced to wear a hijab because of the president’s religion. Pls think before you speak…you can’t force your personal belief onto others. Jesus Christ gave a choice to follow him and did not force us to follow him.

  282. 282
    emily Says:

    To those who are criticizing him about abortion . If someone broke into my house and raped me there is no way I’m going to have that child. Let someone rape you or your child and see if you want to have the child then.

  283. 283
    mertz Says:

    @lukebandit. christians are the worst hypocrites because they don’t see their hypocrisy and don’t allow others to make decisions for themselves. you don’t have to force everyone who is not a christian to be just like you. religion does this to people. i mean look at that guy who killed the abortionist doctor recently and you have all kinds of christians, religious people, non religious people supporting that kind of sh*t. god is the ultimate judge, and you are not the one to judge others. you also don’t claim to be christian and then murder others or involve yourself with fornicating before being in a union, living blissfully with lies, believing in false idols, etc… lol.

  284. 284
    emily Says:

    This is kind of extreme is what you see on right-wing propaganda stations like fox news and radio stations. This fanning the flames of hate caused people like that person to murder that Dr. Whether one agrees with this Dr. or not , he was doing something legal.

  285. 285
    mertz Says:

    i don’t get why people don’t understand the seperation between church and state…probably because the religious people involve themselves in government matters, and governments involve themselves in things people only think of in terms of religion, not failing to realize that religion doesn’t govern everything.

    just so you know for all your opinions about obama, george bush is going to be in hell right along with me, cheney, clinton, bush senior, republicans, democrats, people of all parties. well have a big gyamboree dance around the fires of hell.

    the only innocents are children…but then they grow up and they learn the ways of the world and we all end up the same even though we think we’re so different from each other.

  286. 286
    jj Says:

    all you racist losers are going to hell!

  287. 287
    Mike Says:

    WOW…his character in 24…..anyone…..? crazy dude

  288. 288
    bess Says:

    GO JON GO!!!!

  289. 289
    usa Says:

    God save America because of Obama. America is in ruins because they worship money,they wrong the right,pursue evil and do away with morals and values. They forget what made America so great back then was really their Christian faith…..GOD
    believe me that ignoring God is America’s and the world’s downfall
    it is happening now

    Hollywood and Gore claims all this global warming and green stuff when NASA discovered the sun is getting hotter and hotter

    Remember folks we dont belong in this earth
    Armageddon is near

  290. 290
    gapeach Says:

    We need more people like Jon Voight in America!!!!!

  291. 291
    mertz Says:

    right, wrong, who cares. stop being ruled so much by emotions and actually see things for what it is. question everything is the first rule of becoming a teenager. think objectively. just like i’ve questioned every politician so far in my life i will question the politicians of the 2000′s. it’s a real good time to be an observer in the world. don’t worry about the bashing cause i am signed up and will be first in line. just like all the haters, i’m taking note too. it doesn’t mean i’m a non supporter or a supporter. i hope barack obama is held accountable…and i don’t think i will care if the light is on him/the scrutiny is on him much more than bush. he’s an adult. he should be able to take the heat. fair is fair game and just like bush deserves everything he gets so will obama. it will happen and only history will be able to tell who was better than the other…which i could really care less about.

    lets get back to jon voight and his hyperbole and his crazy talk. i can’t believe he compared obama to julius ceasor. why don’t people think before they talk. if obama is soft spoken does that mean bush was yelling all his speeches???? did i miss something??? or are they talking about the rhetoric…cause like we said before talk is talk. words are pretty and all, and kind of cheap. actions speak louder than words, but by no means are words completely powerless. i mean david frum. talk about a guy who is liberal with his use of the english word. axis of evil eh? disingenous much? even his reasoning behind that term on the surface looks like it works out but his use of the word axis is flawed. but what would i know…aparently i don’t have a brain.

  292. 292
    Jen Says:

    @ Pattycake (#9)

    Totally Agree with you..

  293. 293
    Jen Says:

    @ #69

    you stold the words out of my mouth, soo right..

  294. 294
    Hey Jon voight Says:

    not say this is always the case but really, why are some of you supporting this guy –

    the guy is a deadbeat and left his ex with 2 kids under 2 so that he can pursue his interest – women and women and women.

    Let me tell you something, if Jon could not raise his kids what make yo think he can run this country let alone do a FAB job better than Obama.

    We are talking about a guy who chickened out on parenthood. LOL.

    And this the guy that you republicans supports are coming out to support on this thread.

    A guy who chickened out on his adult resposibilities is YOUR ROLE MODEL of a YES MAN…

    give me a break.

    I would rather come on here a support a man who had BALLS and was MAN enough to support his kids…divorce or not…rather than one who is a chicken.

  295. 295
    Hey Jon voight Says:

    Like said – Obama has BALLS. Jon Voight…prunes man. prunes.

  296. 296
    marieney Says:

    that doesn’t sound so different from what obama has said. i admire voight for speaking out against him. obama’s policies seem good now, but there will be little resolution in the longrun.

  297. 297
    republican is .... Says:

    what a nonsense talk coming from the most narrow minded american…..Dumb, stupid and hollow this guys is…..I cant believe myself I used to like him as an actor??!!! But after this now now wonder why AJ is no longer in any contact with him!!!!! he thinks that republican did a better job :)) blood is on their hands……….

  298. 298
    Orchid Says:

    282 emily @ 06/09/2009 at 9:57 pm

    To those who are criticizing him about abortion . If someone broke into my house and raped me there is no way I’m going to have that child. Let someone rape you or your child and see if you want to have the child then.


    I read about a woman who was raped, got pregnant, hates her rapist, but chose to give birth because, she said, the baby is innocent.
    So, it varies with the individual, but I guess many women would agree with you.

  299. 299
    republican is .... Says:

    o’ya and one more thing republicans……the rich get richer the poor get poorer…..and all of you said after all these chaos in the world……HALELLUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amien!!!!!!! ……….

  300. 300
    justin Says:

    Sharon, sweetie, not to be rude but you are blatantly a stupid uneducated ****.

    You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Thinking isn’t for you, so I’ll advise you to stop ASAP.

    Nothing you said made any sense. Everything you said was baseless drivel.

  301. 301




  302. 302
    LongLeggedLady Says:

    You go Jon! :)
    BTW is Jon a Christian? If so that is cool!!!!
    If you are Christian, Shia Labeouf said that he looks up to you as a father figure, he does not act really Christian like now does he, Jon you need to rub off a lot more on Shia, the dude is obvously not listening to you by the way he chills out with Megan fox who does not seem very Christain like either and by the way Shia is so stuck up these days!!!! :(

  303. 303
    LongLeggedLady Says:

    And I forgot to add, this has nothing to do with Shia or Jon. This has to do with the fact that Obama needs to focus more on this fu**ing sh*tty no good economy and not Hollywood (as he appears to be in these magaiznes and such).
    I have been out of work for a fu**cking long time and I am sure that there are others who have been out of work longer than me and would agree that they want the economy to clean up and FAST! Sorry for the long reply but I felt the need to rant about that!

  304. 304
    itstrueagain Says:

    The President is an embarrassment. Hopefully we’ll all be safe for the next 4 years.

  305. 305
    itstrueagain Says:

    The President is an embarrassment. Hopefully we’ll all be safe for the next 4 years.

  306. 306
    Sue Says:

    So true Jon!! SO well said!! Glad that you stand behind your beliefs even though it goes against all of Holly wood! Which are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!!!!


  307. 307
    AnonymousWoman Says:

    Jon Voight needs to shut the hell up and try to reconcile with his daughter, Angelina. He can’t talk about Obama or NOBODY because that ******* (Jon) had cheated on his first wife when Angelina was a pre-teen.

  308. 308
    cjany Says:

    The man walks into a Financial, foreign policy, 2 wars (one contrived) as well as domestic SH#$@T storm 5 months ago does the best he can to keep the country from collapsing into a third world economy. And here it is this nut is comparing him to some kind of messiah inwhich he or no one else claims that he is. Mr Voit should just go and say what he “really” means and stop with the code words, between this kind of sh#@%$t from the (R)epubs and other (R)ight wingers we get nowhere .G.W. left a mess behind and he even knows it thats why he’s been quiet. Cheney’s in a panic because he knows that most of the dirt (crimes) from the last 8 years points dirctly to him and (R)umsfeld. And as far as they go “be carefull what you ask for” we all know the rest of that proverb.

  309. 309
    um Says:

    The President has only been in office for 5 months. Where were all the GOP{‘ers before Obama came into office? Frankly Obama has been acting very Republican. He continued the GOP invention of bailout from Bush and bailout whom? Freaking BANKS and Auto companies. These are bastions of Republican symbolismn. Banks equal GOP as does big auto companies and Obama bails them out and not the mom and pops. GOP’ers should be happy that he has tried to save these pillars of Republican symbolism… Meanwhile the GOP’ers are acting like bleeding heart liberals and blastin the president for saving big business (sound familiar liberals?) and forgetting about the litle guy.

    Please I want the old aristocratic blueblood Republicans. Not these Christian right, undecided,, trailer, uneducated, untraveled hee haw etc…people.

    The President has to fix the mess of the Bush era of the past 8 years. That’s not gonna happen overnight and even in 4 years. So Jon Voight and his delusional ilk will have to wait 4 years before anyone will listen to him. The GOP’ers have lost their identity. Blaming the new President after 8 years of GOP leadership does not establish an identity for the Republican party.

    For those naysaying Voight however, I must remind you that President Ronald Reagan came from Hollywood (that place that GOP’ers hate so much) and became President.

  310. 310
    cjany Says:

    @itstrueagain: Compared to G.W. Please spare all of us? Right wingers you can bet on them to be “well” themselves.

  311. 311
    Chelsea lately rules! Says:


    you are one dumbass mother f****r if you believe all that crap. obama is the best thing that has happened to this country in a long time. so tkae your republican fascist Hitler-like ass back to 1945 because you are so un american its so unbelievable.

    However, if it wasnt for your dumbass republican ex president bush their would be no president obama. So Thank you Republicans for showing all of us intelligent people how wrong you are.

  312. 312
    Sue Says:

    Poor idiots said:



    Seriously 51% voted for Obama – wouldn’t call that a whooping. Obama has had the lowest ratings per month than any other President. Based on months in office. Republicans are still here and STRONG!!! People are NOT liking what he is doing this country.
    Going to countries and apologizing ??? FOR WHAT????? Are F’ing kidding me. We don’t bow down to any country.

  313. 313
    mochakiss Says:

    Why doesn’t this silly old f*ck shut the hell up! The crypt keeper needs to come get this d@mn corpse.

  314. 314
    jamie Says:

    # 312

    you are so wrong!

    are u a red neck republican with blinders and ear plugs on?
    and closed minded as well.

    I think so

  315. 315
    cjany Says:

    @um: If the right-wingers truly checked Reagan(s) record and stop thinking that we’ve forgotten what Reagan truly was all about instead of this revisionist dream world history they live by.Well I’ll sum it up like this. If it wasn’t for Alzheimer’s disease Regan would have gone to prison ( Iran contra) .As well as Neil Bush (savings and loan debacle). They always lean on their own(so called) messiah Ronald Reagan. We can go on for days about that one. It seems to me that the Dem’s are always cleaning up for the right-wing, Clinton had to although they turned on him accused him of murder rape the whole shebang, an investigation for tying his shoe in the morning. we know the real story when of comes down to republicans,not only are they sore losers

  316. 316
    mertz Says:

    ahahhahaaaa sue. wow. america bows down to no one eh…tell me why you guys have been israels b*tch for so long…and what will you do when china decides to own your country, or hold you guys accountable. i hope you are aware the foreigners, the same foreigners americans hate are rolling in rich oil money and buying large american properties. ones they own…ones they can choose to do whatever they want with. they have the money. you guys are broke. what you guys gonna do now when the world around you is changing. your comment is hilarious. like someone said…repulicans have a much better chance if they didn’t allow people like this guy and others to speak on behalf of the party.

    of course republicans don’t like what he’s doing and neither do some democrats. what do you want him to do sue? something that is entirely possible for him to do? you want him to let bank of america, citigroup, freddie mac, fannie mae, and so many other institutions/companies fail like how they did lehman brothers. what really do you want barack obama to do…and please have a good suggestion. i want to hear your ideas. because for a long time the republicans looked like incompetent naysayers who tried to deny this recession was happening, then when it hit they looked like the incompetent government without a plan…barely even understanding the plan of henry paulson.

    how entirely funny will it be if sarah palin wins for the republicans in 2010 or 2012. wow. i hope by then she’s learned a bit more about the rest of the world outside of alaska and the united states.

  317. 317
    mertz Says:

    funny if she would win because i think there are more capable republicans in the party who deserve a shot.

  318. 318
    mertz Says:

    mochakiss @ 06/10/2009 at 12:47 am Why doesn’t this silly old f*ck shut the hell up! The crypt keeper needs to come get this d@mn corpse.
    lol. i don’t know how old buddy is, but he looks like a spiffy old man. and please, i loved the crypt keeper in tales of the crypt keeper (great show, good animation) and i don’t think he’s available for such a job. i think you want the grim reaper or the god of all hypocrites for that job. gah. i’m being morbid. sorry jon voight i hope you live the life you deserve. i also hope maybe instead of being a fanatic you use speach and the english language conciously and always remember to substantiate your opinions. thanks in advance.

  319. 319
    Valyusha Says:

    Jon, “clap, clap, clap , clap” very well put.

  320. 320
    Marieme Says:

    Rock on Emily.

    It’s like reasoning with stones, isn’t it?

  321. 321
    good for you Jon voight Says:

    Some of the idiot comments on this site from Nobama supporters are from such uneducated people, we know this. Why? Because they can’t even construct a grammatically correct sentence. Typical liberal -spouting off about nonsense while having not a clue what they are talking about. Too bad they don’t have the slightest clue about their moronic leader’s bad policies… apparently they can’t read either.

  322. 322
    Marieme Says:

    @POOR IDIOTS: Precisely!

    Ultimately, this is all so delicious. I couldn’t care less how loud these blowhards bark. They’re just going to have to deal with seeing this man around for a veeery long time. Obama’s going to be our president for the next eight years. That’s right, eight years. Lol! Suck on that you unpatriotic jerks. Imagine…wanting the president to fail. Unbelieveable madness.

  323. 323
    mertz Says:

    lol. i didn’t like bush one iota but wanting him to fail, and america to fail. wowzers. w/e. you obviously can’t say that if you’re a democrat but being a republican apprently gives you the free light for all things. no wonder they live so much better than the rest. i mean and no wonder their souls are so much better than the rest of our souls, unlike deomcrats, republicans are religious and go to church.

  324. 324
    cannotsupportignorantppl Says:

    Dear John, this is the period of Aquarius, the new leader no longer needs to use their fist to gain world power. you will not and never will understand this new compassionate and inteligent way of communicating. This type of tough approach you want to see Obama to practise is not going to work by looking at how unsuccessfull your relationship with your children! Wake up and travel out of America once a while, you got a lot to learn from your daughter.

  325. 325
    traveler Says:

    1. China owned half our debt before the primary season even started. If you want to gripe about that, you need to gripe at the Republicans who let it happen.
    2. The economy collapsed after 8 years of a Republican in the White House. Not to say that the recession was entirely Bush’s fault (the fault lies with everyone), but it surely wasn’t solely Obama’s fault.
    3. People complain about Obama’s bailouts, but if he’d allowed our financial system to collapse, and subsequently all other industry to collapse, you’d still be complaining, only you’d be saying he was the president that allowed us to implode. What exactly was the man supposed to do? If you have an idea that would work better, please step forward and voice it. You can’t just ***** and complain. You have to help if you think the decisions being made are wrong. I might have more respect for you then.
    4. I have heard no one, except right-wingers say that Obama is a messiah/prophet. If you have issues with him being referred to in this way, again, go gripe at the Republicans that keep bringing it up.
    5. Anybody that thinks Obama is going to institute the next holocaust is a nutcase. Nothing else needs to be said.
    6. I believe that Obama is a Christain because he says he is. Why shouldn’t I believe him? If he were a Muslim, I wouldn’t care in the least. I just want him to be a decent president. I don’t care what religion a politician subscribes to. As long as I agreed with their platform, I’d vote for them. I see nothing different between that and working with a co-worker that is different than myself. As long as they do the job well, I’m happy. What they do in their personal life is their business.
    7. I would certainly listen to Obama more than Voight. Obama is a good man who supports his wife and children with respect, time, and money. Voight is a man who ran out on his kids and his responsibilities. He barely saw his kids and when he did, he was abusive. What kind of man is he? Is he the kind of man you want to follow? I certainly hope not. Obama is more of a man than Voight could ever wish to be.

  326. 326
    Pieter van der Weijden Says:

    Criminal John

    Divide people is what he is saying. Thats why he divides everything.

    Pieter, The Netherlands

  327. 327
    Pieter van der Weijden Says:

    Criminal John

    Divide people is what he is saying. Thats why he divides everything.

    Pieter, The Netherlands

  328. 328
    lassie Says:

    Hate to break it to the haters but Jon Voigt is hardly a struggling actor. He just finished a run on 24 and was in three released the end of 2008. He is hardly struggling. This is an actor very much still in demand especially at his age. Be honest.

  329. 329
    tina Says:

    What does anyone really know about Obama? His life has been hidden. There are facts about him that cannot be found because he has them bound. The man has never run a corner store let alone the whole country. I have a bad feeling that this country will rue the day he was elected. JMO.
    Amazing that he has hacked $25,000 away from his campaign on those who will pay a tax increase. He campaigned on giving a tax break to those making less than $275,000-these days he only ever says $250,000……….just where did that other $25,000 go and don’t be surprised when it gets lower and lower when he realizes he cannot afford to pay for all of the “Change” he wants to make.
    I cannot believe so many blindly voted for him without ever looking at his voting record but I have come to believe this……..The masses are asses.

  330. 330
    mertz Says:

    i have never seen anything that jon voight has done…i even barely know who he is actually. lol. he’s in 24? what stuff has he been in that anyone would recommend me to see?

  331. 331
    jerry Says:

    To Becky: Why is it you think Obama thinks he is the Messiah and why do you think Obama is evil?
    Please answer,

  332. 332
    traveler Says:


    Are you kidding me? We know virtually everything there is to know about Obama. We know what his childhood was like, where he went to school, who raised him and when, how many times he actually saw his father, which state he was born in, when he got married, who supported his campaign for congress, all of the speeches he gave, the content of his wife’s thesis, the church he attend for years, everything the pastor at that church ever said, his voting record while in congress, and much much more. Hell, we even know the dates of everyone of his grandmother’s promotions at her place of employment. What else do you want to know about the man? How many times a day he has a bowel movement? Please. The fear mongering won’t work on me. I know who I voted for. I might not agree with him on everything, but he certainly was the better choice in my opinion. I, like everyone else, am tired of constant war and the government telling me to cower under my kitchen table and be afraid of everyone that is different than myself. I prefer someone who is willing to find common ground with others and build from there. I prefer someone that speaks about hope rather than fear. I prefer someone that is going to listen to everyone, even our enemies, in an effort to find a peaceful solution to our problems. I by no means think that Obama is perfect. Like any human being, he will make mistakes, but I do feel he was the best man for the job. He has at least 4 years to prove my opinion of him right or wrong. I’ll reserve judgment until then. I subscribe to the belief that every president deserves a fair chance to prove themselves. 5 months is not a fair chance. Bush had 8 years, the least we can do is give Obama 4.

  333. 333
    justine Says:

    #332 traveler
    Do you really know the content of Michelle Obama’s thesis?
    If you do, you must be the only one who does know.
    Now why is it that her thesis has suddenly disappeared….no-one can find it or get access to it?
    Probably because of its content.
    No transparency there huh??
    Please tell us…. what actually is the content of Michelle’s thesis is….and not just the title.

  334. 334
    tina Says:

    where are the records from Obama’s college years? They don’t exist. Did he go to college as Barack Obama or Barry Sotero? How did he travel to pakistan when Americans were not allowed to? Did he have a passport from Indonesia? Where are his friends from college? Haven’t seen a one. Why has his aunt here as an illegal immigrant? Why is she still here? If he went to college as Barry Sotero, when did he become Barack Obama? Is his name legally changes. I can go on and on. Does Barack have a thesis or just Michelle? if he does, where is his? And no, we do not know what state he was born in because he won’t release his long form birth certificate and no one in this country has the balls to make him prove where he was born and how a man born to an English citizen with dual citizenship at birth can be a natural born citizen. They can’t and he isn’t one but no one wants to touch it. I never said he didn’t deserve a chance but I am very wary of a guy who hides parts of his life. No one can access his college records from Occidental College………why is that?

  335. 335
    lassie Says:

    Um, Jon Voight has been in tons of things. Bet you might find one in here:
    “24″ …. Jonas Hodges (10 episodes, 2009)
    – Day 7: 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    – Day 7: 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    – Day 7: 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    – Day 7: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    – Day 7: 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    (5 more)
    Four Christmases (2008) …. Creighton
    … aka Four Holidays (Australia) (New Zealand: English title)
    … aka Mein Schatz, unsere Familie und ich (Germany)
    24: Redemption (2008) (TV) …. Jonas Hodges
    An American Carol (2008) …. George Washington
    Pride and Glory (2008) …. Francis Tierney, Sr.
    … aka Pride & Glory (USA: closing credits title)
    National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) …. Patrick Gates
    … aka National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (South Africa: English title: DVD box title) (USA: DVD box title)
    … aka National Treasure 2 (Australia)
    Bratz (2007) …. Principal Dimly
    … aka Bratz: The Movie (International: English title: DVD box title)
    Transformers (2007) …. Defense Secretary John Keller
    … aka Transformers: The IMAX Experience (USA: IMAX version)
    The Legend of Simon Conjurer (2006) …. Dr. Crazx
    Glory Road (2006) …. Adolph Rupp
    September Dawn (2006) …. Jacob Samuelson
    Pope John Paul II (2005) (TV) …. Pope John Paul II / Karol Wojtyla
    … aka Giovanni Paolo II (Italy)
    … aka Jan Pawel II (Poland)
    The Five People You Meet in Heaven (2004) (TV) …. Edward ‘Eddie’
    National Treasure (2004) …. Patrick Gates
    … aka Sonomo (Philippines: English title: review title)
    SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004) …. Bill Biscane / Kane
    The Manchurian Candidate (2004) …. Senator Thomas Jordan
    The Karate Dog (2004) (TV) …. Hamilton Cage
    Holes (2003) …. Marion Sevillo/’Mr. Sir’
    Jasper, Texas (2003) (TV) …. Billy Rowles
    Second String (2002) (TV) …. Coach Chuck Dichter
    Ali (2001) …. Howard Cosell
    Uprising (2001) (TV) …. Maj. Gen. Jürgen Stroop
    Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story (2001) (TV) …. Siggy (Sigfried Mannheim), Overseas Div. Director for Robinson Intl.
    Zoolander (2001) …. Larry Zoolander
    … aka Zoolander (Germany)
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) …. Lord Richard Croft
    … aka Tomb Raider (USA: short title)
    Pearl Harbor (2001) …. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    … aka Pearl Harbour (UK: promotional title)

    The Prince and the Surfer (1999) (uncredited) …. Presenter
    A Dog of Flanders (1999) …. Michel La Grande
    Noah’s Ark (1999) (TV) …. Noah
    … aka Arche Noah – Das größte Abenteuer der Menschheit (Germany)
    Varsity Blues (1999) …. Coach Bud Kilmer
    Enemy of the State (1998) …. Reynolds
    The General (1998) …. Inspector Ned Kenny
    … aka I Once Had a Life
    The Fixer (1998) (TV) …. Jack Killoran
    The Rainmaker (1997) …. Leo F. Drummond
    … aka John Grisham’s The Rainmaker (USA: complete title)
    Most Wanted (1997) …. Gen. Adam Woodward, alias Lt. Col. Grant Casey
    U Turn (1997) …. Blind Man
    … aka U Turn – Ici commence l’enfer (France)
    Anaconda (1997) …. Paul Sarone
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    Rosewood (1997) …. John Wright
    Boys Will Be Boys (1997) (TV) …. Lt. Palladino
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    Heat (1995) …. Nate
    Convict Cowboy (1995) (TV) …. Ry Weston
    The Tin Soldier (1995) (TV) …. Yarik
    “Return to Lonesome Dove” (1993) TV mini-series …. Capt. Woodrow F. Call
    The Last of His Tribe (1992) (TV) …. Professor Alfred Kroeber
    The Rainbow Warrior (1992) …. Peter Willcox
    … aka The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
    Chernobyl: The Final Warning (1991) (TV) …. Dr. Robert Gale
    … aka Final Warning (USA: video title)

    Eternity (1989) …. Edward/James
    Desert Bloom (1986) …. Jack Chismore
    Runaway Train (1985) …. Manny
    Table for Five (1983) …. J. P. Tannen
    Lookin’ to Get Out (1982) …. Alex Kovac

    The Champ (1979) …. Billy
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    … aka Assassinio sul ponte (Italy)
    … aka Deception (UK: video title)
    … aka End of the Game (USA)
    … aka Getting Away with Murder (USA: reissue title)
    … aka Murder on the Bridge (USA)
    … aka The Judge and His Hangman (International: English title: informal literal title)
    The Odessa File (1974) …. Peter Miller
    … aka Der Fall Odessa (West Germany)
    … aka Die Akte Odessa (West Germany)
    Conrack (1974) …. Pat Conroy
    The All-American Boy (1973) …. Vic Bealer
    Deliverance (1972) …. Ed
    The Revolutionary (1970) …. A
    Catch-22 (1970) …. 1st Lt. Milo Minderbinder

    Out of It (1969) …. Russ
    Midnight Cowboy (1969) …. Joe Buck
    “Gunsmoke” …. Cory / … (3 episodes, 1966-1969)

  336. 336
    Nutritionist Says:

    I can hear the sirens and wooo wooo of the Ambulance coming to take him away in a straight jacket on the way to a nice hospital with a nice neatly cut lawn…….. AND A BIG WALL WITH BARBED WIRE.

    This man has an obvious essential fatty acid imbalance.

  337. 337
    Nutritionist Says:

    Jon ……. You are the weakest link – Bye Bye! Tara!

  338. 338
    Sarah Says:

    Angelina wanted McCain to win. So I guess she does have the same political views as her father to that extent.

  339. 339
    Emilie Says:

    America as a liberator??? When this word is mentioned it brings to the back of my mind when Russia liberated the Eastern block for 50 years.

  340. 340
    NadaS Says:

    I would like to highlight three main points :
    first of all since when do americans think they are israelian citizens :”Who’s going to take the responsibility to keep America, I mean Israel, safe”!!!
    Second I do not think (and believe me all the world would agree) that piece between palestine and Israel shouts holocaust !!
    Third Im pretty sure now that Angelina is brains more than beauty

  341. 341
    Telesales Tips Says:

    Well, I agree with Jon. It’s his point of view anyway and he is entitled to speak whatever he wants to but let’s be fair enough to give Obama the chance to prove himself.

  342. 342
    bla85 Says:

    He is spewing ignorant and scary rhetoric to inflame the religious right which the republican party needs as voters. As it is these voters who got Bush in the second time. Think ahead 100 years and how do you think Bush will be remembered?

  343. 343
    gds Says:


    It is called acting and he does it when he is in public. I imagine Stephen Baldwin could charm you too.;)

  344. 344
    .. Says:

    You guys need to get a life

    Shut up and get along?

    Or face the facts of burning in hell yeah.

  345. 345
    Elle Says:

    The truth sometimes hurts. It’s about time someone had the guts to speak up.

  346. 346
    Not impressed by JA Says:

    # 338 : Sarah @ 06/10/2009 at 5:48 am
    Not true !
    Angelina never said who she will vote to and add that she will listen to each candidate. She is social conscious and independant.
    Brad is a democrat though.

  347. 347
    melissa Says:

    opinions should only come from those who have the ability to keep their families locked together

  348. 348
    Kelly Says:

    #345 Elle

    And its about time some people shut up.

    So Shut up!
    One day when Obama isnt President anymore you will regret all the hatred towards him. He hasnt been president for long at all give him a chance!

    all you people against Obama and complete idiots and dont know what you have.

    Yea truth hurts ****’eds

  349. 349
    Robot Says:


    ♥ love him

  350. 350
    noonehere Says:

    such an idiot, clearly he’s not ready to admit that his ignorant friend bush is the reaason why american is the way it is today and that obama is trying to fix that!! hmmm…i wonder y he wont admit it…possibly coz obama is black?!?! such a fool! the wrinkly fool should get up there n do obama’s job if he thinks he’s good enough!!

  351. 351
    ranfran Says:

    It’s people like voight that now have the USA in the horrible shape it’s in today. Thank goodness an American President has taken the approach of trying to negotiate, instead of just running in cannons blazing and killing off half of some countries’ population; at the cost of young people who are giving their lives over lies and miss-information, I might add.

    I though that Obama was elected President. Wasn’t aware that he had been elected “the messiah” As far as Voight is concerned, it must be something in the water he’s drinking.

  352. 352
    Layla Says:

    JV makes sense to me. Obama has been in office long enough to start seeing some good instead of the overzealous spending we are hearing about or is he broke yet?
    I will give him this lol he sure knows how to talk and talk and talk..

  353. 353
    Andrew Callahan Says:

    finally someone in hollywood gets it right

  354. 354
    LisaLee Says:

    This week’s people magazine has Brad and Angie on the cover to set the facts stright. Jon Voight is a nut job. he should have paid his child suppport.

  355. 355
    natt Says:

    Is he crazy? All he cares about what the world will thinks about America! America doesn’t have to be the leader of the world, i mean Bush have done a messed up job and Obama is trying to reconcile and picking up the pieces and fix them together and now this? Wow, i think i can see this man have a future in a padded cell soon.

  356. 356
    emily Says:

    They say they care about our soldiers in Iraq but isn’t it easy for them to sleep at night knowing their own children aren’t there fighting. If both of Bush’s kids had enlisted he would not have started that war or have made sure they are no where near the battle. I guess it’s ok for other people kids to go.
    The Bush/Cheney government had been printing money and borrowing from China for years further weakening our economy. These crazy right-wing nuts are trying to blame Obama who just got there after the republicans flushed this country down the toilet for 8 years. I used to vote on the republican side but it’s like how Jesus ran the pharisees out of the temple saying they have turned his place of worship into a den of thieves. Republicans were using the truly religious to advance their cause in order to enrich their friends ( disregarding the high oil prices and other burdens on the people) I don’t think God is on the side of fake christians ( The extreme ones). The pharisees used God’s name often but they were not really following him.
    Voight has the right to free speech, but I say again, where was his voice these last 8 years when Bush/Cheney was borrowing from China and printing money? If he truly loved his country he would have spoken out then. There was no republican out there who had the balls to challenge the government during the last 8 years. If there were such I could have possibly gotten behind that person, but to speak up now smacks of insincerity and self-advancement.

  357. 357
    Cathey Says:

    For years I was a registered Republican. People like **** Cheney, Newt Gingrich and now Jon Voight make me glad that I am an Independent!!!!!!!!!!

  358. 358
    lyla Says:

    i hate this guy
    and i love angelina
    they are so different…
    why is he talking about israel
    why is he so concerned about that country
    and america was never a liberator
    it goes to another country, kills a bunch of people and comes back claiming that they won the battle, when all they wanted was to bring chaos to that nation so they can profit from it

  359. 359
    NO SUPRISE Says:

    I am not suprised that THIS IS JON VOIGHT. Since I started following Angelina, I noticed the -mental abuse/control of the ex-wife which most likely led to a divorce, the kids disowning him, his forgetting the name of Zahara(NOT Maddox or Pax) tells me he is a XENOPHOBIC and mostly a racist…so NO suprise that he got a problem with Obama…and IMO, his problem with OBAMA is not policy base or democrat but RACE BASED.

    So, you all now know why Angelina want him far far far far AWAY from her kids…least he pollute them and steal their childhood as he did Jolie and her brother.

    Like someone said above, I would rather have a leader who can take care of his family rather than one who runs/ran away from it all.

    OBAMA – got balls
    VOOIGHT – nothing.

  360. 360
    emily Says:

    I have always been and independent who voted republican till I saw what was really going on and how the extreme right-wing religious (fake christians) were running this party and how the country was being ruined and no one was calling them out on it. It was back in 2003 that I started seeing some businesses close down. There was a whole strip of area that I remember riding a bus to that area when I was a kid and later driving there as a teenager that dissappeared. It was sad. It looked like a ghost town. That area was a middle to upperclass area with nice shops. It reminded me of the bible passage which said’ those dry bones will live again” Like breathing life into that area for it to thrive again. This was in the midwest.

    No country that loses its middle class can sustain itself. This happened under republican rule and they expect me to continue to vote for them? I had never seen it like this before ( In 2003). I asked my mom and she hadn’t seen it either. These nutcases didn’t stand up for those people then, and all of a sudden we are expected to believe them. Republicans should give this country a chance to recover if they truly love it like they claim to .

  361. 361
    Cassie Says:

    Yes, another Independent here!!!! This guy is one hair away from needing to be locked-up in a mental institution. No surprise that his daughter won’t have anything to do with him and, therefore, he hasn’t had access to his grandchildren.

  362. 362
    Marc S Says:

    Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking Jon. Obama is rapidly taking this country down the tubes with the likes of the UN and the Islamofascists that want to destory America. When will he realize that they admit that they lie if it furthers their religion, they will never recognize Israel and allow women equal rights. Where is the ACLU now? If Israel treated its women the way the Saudis do, as well as include tortures like beheadings and stonings, worldwide groups would raise h-ll, but as long as Muslims are doing it, all is quiet. Talk about a double standard. Thank you Mr. Voight, you put into words what millions of us believe to be true.

  363. 363
    blajs Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think Jon Voight is full of a load of crap.

  364. 364
    meghan Says:

    finally! well said voight! atleast there are some people in hollywood that make sense!

  365. 365
    Caroll Says:

    Cheers to Jon Voight for having the courage to stand up and speak the truth from the midst of the Hollywood radical liberals who think Obama can do no wrong, while day-by-day-,he smiles and waves and takes this country one step closer to economic disaster. Our enemies around the world are surely giving thanks to their respective gods that America is now in the hands of Obama and his democratic
    disciples who are so anxious to bow before them, apologizing all the way, leaving us weak and vulnerable. I am afraid.

  366. 366
    jamie Says:

    He sounds like a middle American.

    Full of crapola and a jerk.

    This type of an American is what makes America look bad.

  367. 367
    Monica Says:

    We are to blame for this economic crisis! We The people! Because We the people actually run this country. And Since we have STOPPED caring , well end results, when one stops caring, everything usually falls apart! Also I agree mostly, Obahma hasn’t made many changes like he promised, mostly he has taken steps to give the government more power and control, and a ton of people have cheered over this. Especially people that don’t want to be responsible…Imagine that! Plus really how can we help others w/ their problems when we are ignoring our own. We have become a weak nation! We have been so busy trying to fix everyone else’s crap, we have let ours go on the wayside…so now what? What are we going to do?

  368. 368
    emily Says:

    @Carol: Hey carol what do you think about Bush/cheney printing money and borrowing heavily from China for years to pay for the war? I guess in your eyes that is a good thing and helped to strenghten our economy.

  369. 369
    nicki Says:

    PREACH! And to answers who thinks of him as a prophet? ALL OF AMERICA!

  370. 370
    Monica Says:

    Obahma BTW Is not all about restoring the constitution, His agenda is all for getting rid of our second and then first amendment rights! And in that order! In case anyone is wondering what those rights are, They are(2) the right to bear arms (have guns), and then (1)the FREEDOM of the press, religion, speech and to assemble peacefully! Obahma Needs to be gotten rid of! And the press needs beat! All running candidates should have been given full coverage regardless of how much money they had to run a campaign because what it really came down to in the end was whose pockets ran the deepest…We need to change this, because real change starts here! don’t believe me? How many people noticed Ron Paul? And Funny how The republicans and the democratic parties had the exact same agenda’s during the campaigns…Really, Really. So what was the point in having two separate parties? Weren’t they supposed to be different, or have we degraded so far that all of our issues are the same one now?

  371. 371
    bubba Says:

    He supported McCain. Obviously he didnt take the loss well.

  372. 372
    Tim Says:

    At least not all actors are brainwashed!

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.

    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.

    You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.

    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

    This was written by Abraham Lincoln. Obama, who likes to compare himself to President Lincoln, apparently cannot read.

  373. 373
    emily Says:

    I said way back on this thread that the eternally stupid and irrational are a lost cause. They hail the fact that Bush/Cheney ruined this country by printing money and borrowing heavily from China, while attacking someone who is trying to clean it up who had nothing to do with it.

    I voted republican till I saw how they destroyed our country.

  374. 374
    londs Says:

    @lassie: @papadontpreach:

    What you’ve provided is a list of b movies/shows, with the exception of a few. I don’t care about the awards he’s won.. awards rarely go to those who deserve it! I forgot all about his appearance in Mission Imposible and Tomb Raider – why do you think that was? Let me give you a clue… “wooden”. He’s not up there with the likes of Christopher Walkin, whose movie appearances you tend not to forget!

  375. 375
    Monkeymuggs Says:

    Nice to see people who saw not one thing wrong with the Bush Administration show their true colors.
    What an Idiot!

  376. 376
    liberal Says:

    Different types of liberals:

    1. a liberal who deals with the world according to what it should be rather than what the real world really is…
    2. a liberal who is misinformed because their source of information goes only as far as CNN, MSNBC and hollywood movies.
    3. a liberal who does not have anything and feels entitled to other people’s money
    4. a liberal who doesn’t mind paying more taxes because either he does not pay his taxes or too rich to care.
    5. a liberal who has his own agenda….(*unions*)
    6. *a minority* who demands more rights than everyone else….
    7. a liberal who is vying for a government position….

    which liberal are you?

  377. 377
    emily Says:

    People who voted democrat in this last election have a higher IQ than those who didn’t so says a recent poll out there. From the arguments seen on this thread, I totally believe it.

  378. 378
    BrangelinaFan Says:

    >>Tukei @ 06/09/2009 at 12:26 pm I think the man is just miserable about life and family. Which he doesn’t have. Obama, on the other hand have that>>

    ITA, Tukei. And I too believe that his out there viewpoints on the subject of Obama is merely one of the reasons why Angie won’t reconcile or let him near her children. I sure don’t feel sorry for him. The jackass is 70-year-old and has alienated his own damn children, and has most-likely never held his flesh and blood grandchildren in his arms. And at the rate he’s going, he probably never will before he dies.

    I’m totally disappointed in him. I can’t stand him. And I say, f*ck you, Jon Voight !! You are as ignorant about Obama as you are about why your own children continue to hate you. You’d do better to leave the outlandish rantings against OUR President to the Rush Limbaughs, Bill O’Reilly’s, Sarah Palins, Sean Hannitys, Ann Coulters, Elisabeth Hasselbacks, Charles Krauthemmers, Michael goodwins and the rest of those right-wing nuts. As much as I hate them too, they can do it much better.

    I’ll never look at you again in a movie or TV appearance. You’re sickening. You disgust me. And Lani, Owen, Pam, Oh Yeah, Sarah, Coxoxi, Lukebandit, Valusha, Lwordoud and the rest could follow him to Hell, you bunch of retarded racists !!!

    BTW, Lassie. Voight was in “Rosewood,” playing a shop owner who had back room sex with a black sharecroppers daughter and then he went to join the white mob who sought to run the blacks in the town of Rosewood out. Real, racist, slave owner mentality stuff. I guess Obama’s win against his boy, McCain really continued to blow his mind. And I guess this is the mentality that Voight continues to have.

    Voight can go and sit his racist ass down.

  379. 379
    Nadia Says:

    @Marc S: Wow! Seriously? Attacking the muslim world, aka “the terrorist world”? Do you at least know what Islam is about? The real Islam is about love and sharing and helping. Islam isn’t about treating women like scum, TRADITION is! The terrorists are a bunch of lunatics that really believe they are doing this in the name of God!
    Remind me when women got the right to vote, or when black people were considered as real equal citizen. In France, wives were given equality during marriage in 1985! less than 25 years ago!
    As for Israel, please! After what they did earlier this year, you really think they need protection? They killed harmless people hoping to kill “terrorists”! I know an israeli woman who told me that back when she lived there, her neighboor was palestinian and they were excellent friends! The truth is, hezbolah and some of the israeli leaders are idiots! I won’t deny that some countries want Israel to be destroyed but they are a minority, and whether they recognize it or not, it’s there!
    You talk about double standard, I have one question for you : What do you think of colonization and do you think it’s normal that it’s still exists in the 21st century? Just think about that, think about what the world said about the french colonial empire…
    Finally you obviously forgot that while you despise Saudi Arabia (and to tell the truth I kind of agree, this country is full of wretches) , America is their best trade partners…
    To end this i’ll just say that everyone has the right to speak their minds but it can be dangerous because easily influenced people can think Jon V. is right. America did great and horrible things, it’s time some people get self conscious… Give Obama a chance!

  380. 380
    KAy Says:

    @emily: Rock on! Your comment about people traveling enough to see the world differently is just SOOOO true. Too bad some people are too close-minded to see that…

  381. 381
    baylei:) Says:


  382. 382
    baylei:) Says:

    @L: NO!

  383. 383
    pam Says:

    @emily: I’ll NEVER believe it.

  384. 384
    faith Says:

    @ Sal Angelina is not a democrat

    “I think people assume I’m a Democrat. But I’m registered Independent and I’m still undecided. So I’m looking at McCain as well as Obama,” she said.

  385. 385
    sONYA Says:

    President Obama is doing an outstanding job, and is well liked around the globe. Why do have to hate?

  386. 386
    Irish Girl Says:

    The man has been in office for what… 6 months? (I’m not American so forgive my mistake if I made one) From an outsiders perspective, he has been doing a fine job. He’s trying to fix Bush’s complete, utter screw ups. He’s well respected world-wide.

  387. 387
    amy Says:

    Reading all these posts really saddens me. If an American Citizen says anything negative against Obama he/she is practically condemned for it. Never in all my years have I seen a president with such a following and I think that is very scary. Jon spoke his voice as as an American citizen he has a right to do that. If he spoke out against Bush he would be praised. This is still America and we still have freedom of speech here according to the Constitution. If those rights are ever fully taken away then American as we know it will no longer exist. It will become a dictorship.
    The media and liberals try to make it a racial issue if you say anything against Obama and that is not fair at all. They seem to forget he is half white. I have nothing against a black president if he is the right man for the job and I don’t think Obama is. I don’t trust him. Just because you may not agree with me does not mean I am wrong, stupid or have no sense. You should respect my freedoms as much as I should respect yours.
    Jon spoke his voice and as an America citizen he has a right to do that. The first amendment to the Constitution gives him that right:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  388. 388
    baddreamz Says:

    I stand beside him in his words. Growing up I thought everyone was like me and my family: I thought the US was full of right and little wrong: I thought we were the example.

    Today, I see the US as right and wrong, most people know the right thing to do, yet they let personal feelings and greed get in the way of these actions. We elect people like Barack Obama soully on his Celeb status – not on his actions. Has the mindset of this great country swayed so far that we can’t recover? I think not, once again Majority will rule, once again we will set the example, and once again the evil – truly evil – in this world will have no place to hide and peace will reign – but that won’t come with Obama. Obama think if you are nice to the criminally insane, they will be nice back !LOLCATZ! Or he’s the anti-christ and this is suppose to happen – I’m looking forward to my judgement, how about you?

  389. 389
    emily Says:

    It’s not because of the negative comments against Obama that are getting people upset, it’s the fact that when Bush/Cheney was printing US money and borrowing heavily from China, Voight and other so-called fake patriots did not express their freedom of speech then, but chose to attack the person who is trying to put things together. Where was their concern during the last 8 years?

    I was once a centre right person who voted republican all the time, till I wisened up and saw how this country was being destroyed by Bush who I voted for. Needless to say, I regret voting for Bush when I did cos I thought I was doing my christian duty not knowing we were being used. Many rational thinking christians came to this same conclusion if you follow the actions of this last 8 years, all we have left is to pray that this country will be great again after Bush/Cheney ruined it. Do we have a middle class any more? That is a serious problem. Read up and travel outside your own block and look at what happens when a country has no middle class. The erosion of the middle class started with Bush.

  390. 390
    baddreamz Says:

    @nadia, the love of family aka sending kids in with rifles, or with bombs strapped to them while you hide? YEAAA FOR ISLAM – it’s hethenism! Plain and simple.

  391. 391
    baddreamz Says:

    @emily – Democrats are usually women, minorities, those of low income and intelligence – quoted from about the last 30 years of history . The only thing the liberals pulled off this time is trying to pull college kids with no sense of direction in life, but thinking if they played a good word game they could pull the “dumb kid” vote….maybe that raised the bar, but that was it.

    Obama has done nothing great yet, nor will he ever.

  392. 392
    baddreamz Says:

    @Obama, one last thing before I quit here – in regards to trying to control the auto industry and make it how you and your select few want it: REMEMBER, in the words of Joe Dirt, “Well that might be your problem, it’s not what you like, it’s the consumer.”

  393. 393
    emily Says:

    To: baddreamz @ 06/10/2009 at 3:35 pm
    Actions speak louder than words, Republicans were willing to get behind Palin who can’t even speak coherently enough to give us the name of a newspaper she reads or the name of one supreme court ruling. She had no clue! Yet you think she’s intelligent. LOL. Shows the IQ of the people who voted for her since they obviously champion stupid people. For your information Obama could not have won with the help of minorities alone. It was people with high IQ’s who have travelled outside of their street corner and expanded their mind by having read and understand the world as you will never see it.

    For you , it was OK for Bush to print money but now all of a sudden you care about this country? You probably think you do in your own mind. Try speaking the truth for a change. I’m sorry, the truth is too complicated for you.

  394. 394
    Orchid Says:

    378 BrangelinaFan @ 06/10/2009 at 11:44 am


    You’re angry because he has a different opinion. He is entitled to it, and to expressing it too.

  395. 395
    Fran Says:

    Horray! someone who finally thinks clear, not worshipping obama.
    I love the truth and the truth will set you free.
    Obama is definatley a false beaureaucrat!

  396. 396
    Danick Says:

    I agree its like an obamination, all these believers want tolerance but arent able to concieve or give it. Like they are stuck in the matrix and cant even see what Jon is meaning, there is no other perspective than the worship of obama. its a simpsons generation. cant think logically anymore.
    they are fooled by global warming, They are fooled about evolution and they can’t think for themselves, they need obama. and the fools list goes on.

    Very Sad times.

  397. 397
    amy Says:

    I, like most people in this country, am a middle class citizen myself and I know what will happen to the country with no middle class. Not good. I don’t think it is all Bush’s fault though.

    I am a also Christian and although I don’t agree with everything Bush did I know he is a good, righteous man. He did keep our country safe from another terrorist attack. He protected the rights of the unborn. He supported Israel. He got Saddam Hussein out of power. No one person or leader can please everyone. We as Americans will never all agree with one leader. Only in an ideal world will that ever happen.

    For the sake of this country I pray for Obama and I want him to be successful but I have some serious concerns. I am afraid that after 4 years of Obama people are going to wish they had Bush back. You may laugh at that statement now but wait 4 more years. Believe me, I do hope I am wrong on that note.

    What about the stimulus package? Someone is going to have to pay the money back. I have enough problems paying my debts-much less the whole country’s. Also, I don’t trust him when it comes to supporting Israel. Being a Christian yourself you should know how important supporting Israel is. He also supports abortion (even partial birth abortion) and that is also wrong. He also wants socialized healthcare. Not good at all. I could go on but I will stop now.

    It is true that whenever anything negative is said against Obama it is left out of the media. People do get upset when anything is said against him. I have seen that myself first hand. That was the point of my above post. Jon probably did not say anything against Bush because he is a Bush supporter just like people who support Obama never say anything negative against him.

  398. 398
    mertz Says:

    thanks lassie for the voight list. i will pick some stuff out to see.

    it’s nice to see that the people who think about obama’s “celeb status” obviously are not consciously involved in local politics. i’ve been following obama’s career after i found out about his being president of the hlr, because i wanted to go to harvard and wanted to see how successful their alumin were, and that was more than a decade ago. i’m not even american. there are some really good political representatives in your country from all sides of the aisle. get involved before the curve.

    “Never in all my years have I seen a president with such a following and I think that is very scary.”

    right. and what you’re feeling now, i felt when bush was elected, not once but twice. i mean because of george bush more people hate america. so yeah i guess he did good while he was in office. he truly is to be commended for raising awarness of the whole abstinence propoganda in africa (like the pope) instead of promoting the use of condoms. i mean he gave aide/money to african governements. so he did good. he liberated (term used loosely) the iraqi’s from a dictator/an evil they knew best, and that’s a good thing, but really don’t lie to us and try to disprove knowledge/facts, and don’t do things under false pretences because you think that because everyone is sooooooo scared and on the revenge path after 9/11 that you can bully your way to get what you want. i understand he was influenced by people who had a bigger voice than he did…but he allowed himself to be led, so he is at fault. so you know what, for every day of the past 8 years that bush was in power that i was scared, i think you can muscle the first couple of hundred days with your fear…and i hope it rests well in you and maybe builds a little of hatred…because i don’t hate a lot of people, but george bush and his father and a lot of republicans, democrats, politicians from almost every country in the world as well as people who want to kill people to send a message because they think people’s lives are worthless are on my hate list, and i will gladly go to hell for that.

    “Obama think if you are nice to the criminally insane, they will be nice back ”

    lol. dude i say some stupid sh*t but even i’m not dumb enough to make that judgement about a politician. lol. YOU MUST NOT KNOW POLITICANS. they are just as bad as lawyers. some of the most determined, upstanding, conflicted, ruthless people i know. obama isn’t that stupid. just look at what he’s done so far. if you take him strictly at his word you’re dumb, and if you take him strictly at his actions, then that’s not so smart either. the truth is in the middle.

  399. 399
    Danick Says:


    Well Said hear yee hear yee.
    I can’t think of anything I like about what obama stands for or has done so far. I feel like he is a con artist and he’s pulling one over on me everytime I hear him speak.

    America is going downhill, in a hand basket.

  400. 400
    emily Says:

    @ Amy : I am an Obama supporter but I don’t agree with everything he does. He has a lot of work to do in cleaning up the mess the Bush left behind. I don’t believe Bush is a righteous man because if he was so righteous , he would have intervened when oil prices were crushing people and not go to war for some trumped up reasons. True righteousness is judged by God. He was merely using religious people to advance his agenda.
    I’m also middle class and I don’t rely on government for anything but a leader with true compassion would not have stood by idly while New Orleans drowned . I voted for him but I regret that decision. I pray Obama succeeds for the sake of this nation.

  401. 401
    DUH Says:

    People who believe in Obama are either naive, misinformed or just plain stupid. I can’t think of any reason why would anyone actually like Obama unless they don’t have health insurance or in the process of foreclosure. If you have a decent job, guess what? All these programs that Obama is touting, you’ll pay for them!!!! And you kids are gonna pay for all these programs! Think about California!

  402. 402
    mertz Says:

    “America is going downhill, in a hand basket.”

    same thing i said for every day of eight years of bush…even though my cynicism with the american media and governement was firmly established during clinton too.

    america lol was already downhill. you guys will recover. it will happen, and you’ll be better off for it. now go and lobby your politicians to put appopriate regulations on the financial industry and give regulators more power so they can do their jobs effectively so that they aren’t undermined by big money.

  403. 403
    marisa Says:


  404. 404
    marisa Says:

    he should run for president btw

  405. 405
    marty Weems Says:

    @a total fan</a
    I agree with “a total fan” that we do have freedom of speech (for the
    moment) and that John Voigt did not express the feelings of a lot of
    people…but that’s not such a bad thing. Whenever we find ourselves
    unsure of our own opinions, we should look around us and ascertain
    the reasons why the majority are for or against someoneorsomething
    Many times, we will see that their reasons are purely selfish ones for personal gain…not necessarily what is best for the nation. That alone makes for a good reason to decide the opposite.

  406. 406
    DUH Says:

    …………call me racist and u win!

  407. 407
    kayla Says:

    jon voight: your AMAZiiNG!
    well said!

  408. 408
    america Says:

    Jon Voight…..patriot
    Obama and the extreme left and Hollywood loons..pinheads

  409. 409
    Dave Says:

    Why attack the man people. That is what this country is founded upon “Free Speech”. Educate yourself about what he says instead of throwing stones. If you disagree bring fact with your argument instead of “shut the f up” and call him names and tell him not to voice his opinion. You bloggers should be ashamed. This is AMERICA- where we exercise
    FREEDOM. That means a person has the right to FREE SPEECH. Those of you who lash out are very immature and prove the point that he states .People dont have to shut up just because you “who think you know better” open your fat traps and say so. It is hard to tell who is on the right and who is on the left. You even stoop so low as to bring his daughter and her beliefs in on the deal. I hope none of you ever serve on a jury.

  410. 410
    Lucy Says:

    I voted for Obama.. but North Korea is coming after America and yet Obama hasn’t said anything about it.. I’m losing my faith in him as our President.. we are going to war..

  411. 411
    pATTY Says:

    Poor Jon Voight! Somebody is used him to said these kind of things. He is an old man. That people know the hi is kind of alone.

    Sorry for you Jon V.

  412. 412
    DEEDEE Says:


  413. 413
    DEEDEE Says:


  414. 414
    Nadia Says:

    @baddreamz: Oh my God! I really hope you’re joking! Again, I repeat calmly. The ones you describe are a bunch of lunatics!!! And usually, family are not responsble for that, terrorists are! They grab the kids out of their parent’s arms!
    Are you crazy to call all muslim people terrorists? I’ve never seen a gun in my hole life, or most of my family in muslim countries! Those who have are hunters (for food, not human in case you don’t understand!!!) What you just did is called amalgam and is the reason why racism exists! Let me do one as well : A lot of priests abused young children, should I say that all christian are abusive to children? I’m not that stupid and I’m pretty sure you’re not either! So show some intelligence!
    As you might have guessed, i’m not american and I learned english in school so I don’t understand what you mean by hethenism. If you mean they’re savages, I couldn’t agree more, but again, NOT ISLAM!!! Quran says Only Allah can take away what Allah gave : a man cannot kill another man because God gave life and only God can take it back. Of course if you’re not a believer…

    This is why I say give Obama a chance! Bush made America believe what you said and for that, he appears to me as one of the worst president!

  415. 415
    chicagosfinest Says:


    OH whatever! You and that crazy old coot can have each other. I’m so glad that Angelina has distanced herself from that friggin’ fool!

  416. 416
    Uptown Says:


    Get a life you UNEDUCATED redneck c^nt….. OBAMA 08/12

  417. 417
    hah Says:

    @chicagosfinest: I agree with you. I can only imagine what he was like when she was a kid. DEEDEE, maybe you should check out a really old interview that Jon Voight did with Play Boy back in the day. he was as wild as Angelina in his day.

  418. 418
    Uptown Says:



  419. 419
    suki Says:

    well said

  420. 420
    Uptown Says:


    Dumb ass, she endorsed Obama… Typical Republican… Running the mouth with incorrect facts…

  421. 421
    suki Says:

    what the hell is that fool talking about? this aint “24″ u dufus.

  422. 422
    suki Says:

    well said Ali

  423. 423
    soph Says:

    i agree w/ voight! Good thing I didn’t vote for this douchebag…so i can’t feel bad when he f*cks it up even more!
    Obama=not my president

  424. 424
    YES! Says:

    World leaders today don’t seen to have much respect for Obama.

    They think he is very inexperienced and tries to grovel, which doesn’t generate respect in the International community.

  425. 425
    soph Says:


    Thank you for telling that dumbass!!

  426. 426
    Jillybean67 Says:

    Wow. Well said.

  427. 427
    USA as we know it...gone Says:

    For those who were so hot for “change”, at what point will you start to question the policies, programs, and radical upheaval that this current administration has brought on, and will continue to bring about? At what tax rate will you say “Is it worth it for me to go to work anymore because they took away my right to pay for decent health care and put me in a line 6 months out with cheap medicine and underqualified medical staff, then they taxed me more and more to pay for it for everyone else, and now I only bring home 50% of the wage I earned.”?

    This administration is chock full of conspirators, thieves, and those who want to bring about the fall of modern civilization. The only way to do that is to bring down capitalism and make everyone reliant on the government. I thank God I dont have kids because I cant imagine having to subject them to whats to come.

    OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!!! Your “change” you thought you were going to get will leave you wanting. You will be broke, on government aid of some sort, and most of your civil liberties siezed by the end of this mans time in office. I wish someone was keeping a pool on that, because by the time it came due to pay up, I would be the only person left in this country with any money to speak of. He will bring this country to its knees, cripple it, and have no way back. Those paying attention knew this day would come, but that doesnt make it any easier to accept.

  428. 428
    cari Says:




  429. 429
    James Says:



  430. 430
    seaso Says:


    hey dumbass you listened/read what he said so i guess you are what you said about others…

    o yea and ppl need to stop bringing up angelina into this conversation…family ties have nothing to do w/ this topic

  431. 431
    Orchid Says:

    In his speech, he said that this was in the Russian newspaper, PRAVDA, recently:

    The American descent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed.

    Do you agree or disagree with PRAVDA?

  432. 432
    mertz Says:

    Dave @ 06/10/2009 at 7:47 pm Why attack the man people. That is what this country is founded upon “Free Speech”. Educate yourself about what he says instead of throwing stones. If you disagree bring fact with your argument instead of “shut the f up” and call him names and tell him not to voice his opinion. You bloggers should be ashamed. This is AMERICA- where we exercise
    FREEDOM. That means a person has the right to FREE SPEECH. Those of you who lash out are very immature and prove the point that he states .People dont have to shut up just because you “who think you know better” open your fat traps and say so. It is hard to tell who is on the right and who is on the left. You even stoop so low as to bring his daughter and her beliefs in on the deal. I hope none of you ever serve on a jury.
    i think you raise several valid points about everyone having a right to voice their opinion, even if it’s not valid, but like i’ve learned it’s called the internet and the internet is not in the domain of only america. so although i condone idiocy, you are right in saying people can say what they want…but it has to be with responsibility, accountability, with consequence.

    @lucy…your country is not going to war. although the general said that if called upon they can deploy 120-130 k troops to nkorea (and they’ll get help from the south koreans and the japanese), there’s not going to be one even if kim conducts more missle/nuclear tests. america cannot afford to go into another war this year. you guys are going to be moving into afghaniston for the counter terrorism efforts, but iraq is still in the equation if the troops leave and as elections come up the iraqi military cannot handle the instability the militants will surly bring…it’s already started. pakistan is in play as well. india is in play if the militants spread throughout iraq afghanistan pakistan and set up several coordinated offensives (doubtable but quite possible)…there’s a lot of stuff going on even without thinking about iran and nkorea in play right now. china will not look favourably on an america that is at war with nkorea. they should just take north korea at it’s word and interfere with their nuclear/missile tests. i mean war at this time will take my mind off how much the economy sucks, and why i need a better job. let’s go. loveeeeee politics and international affairs. let’s hope ahmedinjad doesn’t win the upcoming elections. go green party.

  433. 433
    soso Says:

    instead of being concerned w/ our economy he goes out to use our tax money for a $24,000 dinner?! WTF???!!!

  434. 434
    john Says:

    what a nut job — compare the # of wars bush got us into, to what has happened under obama. obama a prophet? USA liberated the entire world? what planet does this kook live on? voight is a bad actor and an idiot.

  435. 435
    Anon Says:

    Amen brother

  436. 436
    Zalucus Says:

    Jon Voight is a deranged old man who–like many other bigoted right wingers–is attacking Obama based more on racial hatred and resentment than on his politics. His diatribe about Obama making only disaterous recommendations is absolutely absurd and baseless. Americans did not vote for Obama because they thought he is the Messiah, or even expected him to be; they aren’t stupid, as idiotic republicans. They did so because they wanted to get rid of the bunch of imbeciles that ran their country into the ground over the last 8 years. We did not liberate the world by ourselves; we had allies in Europe. We engaged in idealogical wars of choice when they suited our interests, which is not aways to liberate, but sometimes to meddle and bully smaller countries (Genada). How come we never tried to halt the genocide in Sudan? The right-wingers think we should stand alone in the world without allies, shooting in the air and clamoring like a bunch of drunken cowboys threatening to start a ruckus(George Bush mentality). What’s wrong with negoiating for peace, rather than starting a war? Also, what about Roosevelt’s foreign policy: speak softly and carry a big stick? Jon Voight, go rest your old ass.

  437. 437
    amy lynn Says:

    It’s very brave in Hollywood to speak up against ANYONE in the Dem party – kudos for Voight for not being a sheep!

  438. 438
    deb Says:

    Londs, Londs, Londs…I believe the word you were looking for is “oaf”, which means “stupid”, but you called him an “oath”, which means either a sworn statement or a swear word. A word of caution to you, don’t appear like an “OAF” when you are uttering an “OATH”!!! ;D

  439. 439
    Barb Says:

    There are to many people out there that just follow whatever anyone says without getting the facts, They believe whatever they read in the papers or news, who lie through their teeth.
    I agree with Jon if we don’t watch out we are in serious trouble. Remember it’s called “Check and Balance”. No one person, in our Government, should have all the power.
    Quit being lazy and get educated with all the facts.

    Oh and by the way to those who are saying, Jon said all this because he is a struggling actor and because he is a bad dad, you need to get over it, what have you done with your life besides complain about someone else.

  440. 440
    Lynn Says:

    Why are you blasting Jon for speaking his mind. The last time I checked we in America had FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Go out & do something good for the world instead of cursing others who have a different oponion from you.

  441. 441
    Lynn Says:

    @Harry: Thank you so do I.

  442. 442
    carole Says:


  443. 443
    anim_lvr Says:

    To Suz: What exactly is Pattycake wrong about? She is expressing her opinion that possibly all these celebrities that are so quick to defend Obama and his policies are somewhat ill informed and living in a fantasy world. I believe that all they really know is what he has said in political speeches while running for the Presidency. There is absolutely no way that they are aware of what is going on behind the scenes. I have heard too many Obama supporters that have said the war in Iraq would end just as soon as Obama became President. Well, that hasn’t come to pass yet. Not to mention, apparently North Korea does not have much respect for him and his policies considering that are setting off nuclear bombs every other second and sentencing the two journalists to twelve years of hard labor. Just what has Obama implemented so far in his presidency? And Angelina DOES live in a fantasy world where all countries get together and play nicey, nice to each other. It is time for all Americans to live in reality and know that radicalism is here to stay and all we can do is try and keep one step ahead of them!!! Peace to everybody sounds absolutely wonderful but unfortunately is not realistic! Before you critizise someone on their believes, maybe you should become more informed as to the real state of affairs in this world!

  444. 444
    . Says:

    um.. well we have an ex whitehouse man here hiding our country after he took billions of american funds down here to plan your next world war and well evidently he got up one morning and just hated everything …his name is klaus eichman nklaus jefferson after one of your dead presidents or klaus franz he keeps faking his deaths while he recruits people everywhere against their will quietly by extortion and well.. ya know ???
    maybe you should should get on it and research your own home grown terrorists …

  445. 445
    anim_lvr Says:

    I am sorry but I did forget to mention something. Just because I defended Pattycake and her opinion certainly does NOT mean that I support Jon Voight and his also radical opinion. I do not believe that Obama is a false prophet because I don’t believe he is a prophet in any way, shape, or form! I believe that he is the President and we should respect and honor him as such regardless of whether we support all of his beliefs. I just as Jon Voight and Angelina do NOT know all of the inside information that he as the President is privy too!

  446. 446
    amy Says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  447. 447
    voe Says:

    I agree with PRAVDA. However I would word the opinion differently though. The execution is breakneck speed but the planning isn’t. Grass is always greener on the other side. To have the government taking the responsibility of being providers, whether for self or family, off one’s shoulder is the ultimate dream which I suppose is the present American dream. Little do the Americans who support the executioner know what is in store for them. I, and most likely the Americans who were immigrants/refugees from or expatriates in this other side, know first hand, and it ain’t dreamy a life. Too bad my children and grandchildren will be returned to the life I escaped.

  448. 448
    Pat Says:

    His mouth has gotten into him trouble so many times. Calling his own daughter nutty, when it is actually he who is the nutty professor LOL. He seriously needs to sit down somewhere and enjoy his grandchildren with supervision.

  449. 449
    maggie j Says:

    Not an Obama fan either…thank God , that in this country, we still have the right to express our opinion …popular or not…

  450. 450
    jenny Says:

    Thank God someone in Hollywood thinks this way!!!!! I was beginning to lose hope!! Well said Jon!

  451. 451
    YES! Says:

    The international community has no respect for Obama, that part is true.

    He is seen as a clueless guy who just try to appease everyone and has no real understanding or experience to offer.

  452. 452
    history/bible buff Says:

    Defending Israel

    More people should stand in defense of Israel – more people should read about biblical and political history and the reasons why Israel is a nation today (established May 14, 1948) and why it is just as important for the United States to maintain an alliance with and support of Israel today as it was in the past. Israel becoming an independent nation is a fulfilled prophecy and she must be protected! Remember also, that “those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it”. Don’t any of you realize that it doesn’t matter who has been voted into office, and it doesn’t matter what any of you say…God’s will is the pervasive and controlling power over all of the earth. God uses all manner of individuals as proponents of His Will. As unlikely as it seems, even Jon Voight!!! LOL!!!

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! We are living in what many consider to be the “LAST DAYS” or “END TIMES” as described in the New Testament of the Holy Scriptures. Everyone should be working diligently to align themselves with what the Lord asks of them and to love Him as He commands us.

    Read what Jesus says after describing His return, in Matthew 24:32-34, Jesus says this: “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. I tell you the truth, this generation will not pass away until all theses things have happened.” Most agree this says that the generation of people who witness the fig tree bearing leaves (Israel becoming a nation) will not pass away until the Son of Man returns. Read this; too…copy into your browser:

    PLEASE do not ignore these important truths – Satan is REAL and he and his legion of demons are roving the earth SEEKING THOSE WHOM HE CAN DESTROY and take down with him. He knows that his time on earth is short. Look at the facts and the prophecy fulfillments so far – it is amazing and could be frightening, unless you are aligned with Christ.

    Fatima Prayer:
    O my Jesus, forgive us our sins; save us from the fires of hell; lead all souls to Heaven; especially those in most need of Thy Mercy. Amen.

    Pater Noster (Lord’s Prayer):
    Our Father,
    who art in Heaven,
    hallowed by Thy name,
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done
    on earth as it is in Heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    and forgive us our trespasses
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation
    but deliver us from evil.
    For Thine is the Kingdom,
    the Power, and the Glory,
    Forever and Ever.

    Apostolic Creed
    Catholic Profession of Faith:
    I believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen. I believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, of one Being with the Father. Through Him all things were made. For us and for our salvation He came down from heaven. By the power of the Holy Spirit He became incarnate from the Virgin Mary, and was made man. For our sake He was crucified under Pontius Pilate, He suffered death and was buried. On the third day He rose again in accordance with the Scriptures. He ascended in heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and His kingdom will have no end. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father [and the Son]. With the Father and the Son He is worshiped and glorified. He has spoken through the Prophets. We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church. We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen.

    Hail Mary (Ave` Maria):
    Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee.
    Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the
    fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our
    death. Amen.

    Prayer to the Holy Spirit:
    Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy Faithful
    and kindle in them in the fire of Thy Love. Send
    forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created; and Thou
    shalt renew the face of the earth. O God, who didst
    instruct the Apostles by the light of the Holy Spirit,
    grant us in this same Spirit to be truly wise and ever
    rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord.


  453. 453
    mertz Says:

    Not to mention, apparently North Korea does not have much respect for him and his policies considering that are setting off nuclear bombs every other second and sentencing the two journalists to twelve years of hard labor
    lol. north korea doesn’t have ANY RESPECT FOR AMERICA. it’s not an obama syndrome at all. they were gearing up for this (documented), and it doesn’t really matter who the american president is when it comes to north korea.

    you were right when you gave examples of things he said and things he didn’t do/has done…like i said before if you simply take the president at his words then you’re not too smart, and if you only take him at his actions, ditto with the lack of smarts. the truth is in the middle.

    being fanatical about the situation just to be isn’t right and doesn’t display the use of the brain, and allow people to grow and learn sometimes. the dude is learning that he can’t do all the things he said. he’s a politician. he’s not the first one to break his word…your great leader bush did it too…i mean did you see his campaign, what a bunch of great speech writers and campaigners (bush). so whatever it is it’s politics…you really can’t actually judge until 4 years, republicans, the least you can do is wait for him to finish, then you can complain as his term comes to an end.

  454. 454
    katie Says:

    Thank’s jon! U R so right!

  455. 455
    dorn Says:

    Bravo John. Its time for people to get off there butts and work hard. Quit sitting at home and wating for your handouts from the “Great One”

  456. 456
    Orchid Says:

    447 voe @ 06/11/2009 at 11:06 am Orchid,
    I agree with PRAVDA. However I would word the opinion differently though. The execution is breakneck speed but the planning isn’t. Grass is always greener on the other side. To have the government taking the responsibility of being providers, whether for self or family, off one’s shoulder is the ultimate dream which I suppose is the present American dream. Little do the Americans who support the executioner know what is in store for them. I, and most likely the Americans who were immigrants/refugees from or expatriates in this other side, know first hand, and it ain’t dreamy a life. Too bad my children and grandchildren will be returned to the life I escaped.


    I wouldn’t worry yet, voe. There is another election in three years time!
    What a strange world! Europe is turning right, and the US is turning left! It’s up to the voters.

    What will the government do about North Korea? Especially about the two women who have been jailed for 12 years. Ridiculous! It can’t be nice to be in jail. I hear to be in jail in NK is worse.
    Let’s hope they’re quietly negotiating and suddenly we’ll hear the two have been freed. NK is just using them as bargaining chips.

    Another thing is, what will BO do about the Abu Ghraib pictures.
    The ultra left of the Democratic party demand that those pictures be published, but seeing those pictures would enrage the the Islamic world, specifically the Iraqis.

    Back to Jon Voight. Have you all read his speech? It’s the speech of a worried man. That’s all.

  457. 457
    nawi Says:

    Here in Europe we LOVE Obama!
    Voight seems to be an idiot (like o’Reilly, Limbaugh….)
    Now it’s clear who has a mental problem….
    No wonder, that Angelina is out of touch

  458. 458
    Joe Says:

    He probably needs some publicity!?
    Anyway…. he is just a poor, confused old man

    Greetings from Germany

  459. 459
    voe Says:


    The trouble is when push comes to shove, you Europeans, or Asians, who love Obama, will not care about Americans, only yourself, your fellow countrymen/women/children, and at most your relatives living in the US. Obama needs to protect US’ interests which are ours–the people paying tax which pays his salary and his family trips to New York and Paris.
    And by your attitude, how is Angelina out of touch? And how is Voight an idiot? I would say he is no more idiotic than you or I or any one who loves his/her country.

  460. 460
    voe Says:


    Jail in poor countries is hard. When people have little criminals should not expect comfort at par with people, let alone comfort of American standard. The girls must pay the price for violating NK’s laws.
    That said, as an American, a woman, a mother, I do hope their freedom comes quickly and at the cost of anything but our soldiers’ lives.
    I am for not publishing Abu’s pictures. As a citizen I do not care for the rights of our enemies. They certainly don’t about us.
    Voight has every right to be worried, like the rest of us, about whatever threats to his livelihood he perceives from current events. This is America where freedom is most prized after all.
    I have little faith in the election process so long as I have no idea who hold college electoral votes. Outcome will depend on the master(s)’ game plan.

  461. 461
    Jon voigt Says:

    Say what you want about my politics, but I starred in the greatest ass rape movie of all time. Nobody, not even Obama, can take that away from me. Man-on-man ass rape skyrocketed after our film hit the screens and I am proud for promoting the great American tradition of ass rape! God bless you all!

  462. 462
    summer Says:

    @vitaa: say what you want about jon voight, but ‘he’s as stupid as bush’. dont even start

  463. 463
    WILL Says:

    Who ever said Obama was a profit??? What is he talking about???
    lol. Lord help us.

  464. 464
    Mae Says:

    Jon Voight looks and sounds like lucifer!

  465. 465
    Cal Says:

    Well Jon has it almost correct. I have never trusted this man ever since oprah supported him. Americans watch-out this man is totally NOT who he says he is. He is a major deceiver. He calls himself a believing Christian, really? A man who is walking in the ways of the Lord does not lie, he would “provide all things honest to all men”. He will turn against Israel, and force a Palistinian state, that will be a HUGE mistake. People, just watch the true Obama come forward, he is worse than Mr. Bush. They actually are both working for the same goal, One World Order people, total breakdown of the American Constitution. He like other presidents have lied when taking the oath of office. Does anyone begin to see a resemblance of another Hitler?

  466. 466
    jupi3 Says:

    The same behind the scenes power is pulling the strings of Obama and Bush

    Obama is just a more hip and telegenic pitchman for the same agenda as the previous administration.

  467. 467
    YES! Says:

    They “love” Obama because their leaders think he is weak so nobody gives a crap about America standing in the world.

    The problem is that once the crazy ones- Iran and North Korea will start going crazy, Europe would be the first to cave in.

    If they think Obama is easy to play with and weak, like a kid that desperately tries to be liked- then nobody gives a damn about what he says.

  468. 468
    Mervyn Says:

    This is the kind of comments you get from the well off who are feeling the pinch and refuse to sacrifice for a better future for the World. America was in DEEP **** with 09/11 and again in Dec 08 because of the policies. What is Jon talking about when he says ‘Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous’. He needs to be specific. Is he rehearsing for a movie?

  469. 469
    girl 90938 Says:

    Israel sucks!

  470. 470
    mertz Says:

    oh shut up. maybe you needed to research some politicians. maybe you should have known who obama was before he was ever on oprah, and known who sarah palin was before she got picked for vp. i’m not even american and even i follow your politicians on all levels of the political spectrum. puhlease. these people just don’t appear on the scene.

    yeah 468, that’s what i said. it must be nice to be like jon voight and make generalizations (ala douchebags like megan fox et al, limbaugh etc…idiots on the fox network) and not be concsious about their use of language.

  471. 471
    Londs Says:


    Is that the best you can do, comment on one simple spelling error? I suggest you heed your own advice. Are you an unemployed (or rather unemployable) english teacher? Well this site is full of spelling errors for you to ‘correct’ so off you go… enjoy!

  472. 472
    rutter Says:

    thank you!!! fnially a celebrity that speaks the truth obama is a disgusting horrible man that will ruin our country

  473. 473
    glomar Says:

    Also, during the 60s Voight ran with the communists . He said it took him awhile to realize it. Sounds as if he’s growing up and putting away the toys of children. You go girl!

  474. 474
    AT ALL Says:

    468 you couldnt be more wrong. I’ve worked hard nearly MY ENTIRE LIFE, earned a salary comparable to my skills, give to charity, etc etc. Why should what I have worked so hard for get robbed from me to fund programs so that the government can get wealthier, all the while funding meagerly programs that make lazy ass people even more lazy? Aid that gets sent to struggling countries usually either gets seized by their governments, or seized by radicals. The truely needy will never see hardly any of it. Dont blame the hard working. You want “change”, educate yourself on whats really going on. I agree with the person that said the agendas dont change, just the players. Obama is no better than Bush, or worse for that matter. But his agendas seem to be bringing about the destruction of a mans ability to earn and keep himself, independently from a government handout. Cheese and soup lines are for folks who either cant be bothered to make real change, or who are too beaten down to. Either way, government creates a society of puppets.

  475. 475
    deb Says:

    @ Londs…you hater, you!!!! WOW!!! What a meanie you are – and all I was trying to do was merely help you. It’s obvious to me, now, that you did not do well in academics as a child (especially in spelling and the mechanics of grammar) and you hate your English teachers because of YOUR ineptitude. Poor Londs!!!! You should take constructive criticism in stride and shouldn’t lash out. However, now that you have, perhaps I’ll provide further insight of your shortcomings:

    You’re way off base, as well, in your sophomoric attempt at political thinking. It is apparent that you have not studied political science, economics, sociology, theology, or anything, really. Additionally, using profanity and expletives only serve to showcase your inability to express your feebleminded perception and dearth of vocabulary. No…I’m not a teacher. Desiring to read properly written text isn’t a pedantic characteristic…it is simply a distinction of the educated class, of which evidently, you are NOT!!!

  476. 476
    deb Says:

    you are obtuse, as most of the people are on this thread, and all I can say is I pity you and those like you.

  477. 477
    muse Says:

    @ ME…LOL, maybe jon voight stayed in a Holiday Inn prior to giving that speech!!! Ya think???

  478. 478
    TerB Says:

    Jon Voight is a creepy, sick old man. AJ is smart to keep her children away from this nut bar. God only knows what he would do to them.
    In reading comments on different sites re: Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbough etc., they all remind me of the same type. Dirty old men who are frustrated. I don’t think the 1st Amendment was meant to be bastardized,
    made a mockery , of or used as a license for complete stupidity.
    God help us if these are the people speaking out for republicans. How embarrassing. Hide your heads in shame. No wonder winning was a piece of cake!

  479. 479
    TerB Says:


    Very well said. Shows intelligence (which means you can’t be republican) Thank you!

  480. 480
    p Says:

    It’s sort of sad that the that political party has to rely on a celebrity and a ****** like that to make a point. Choose someone else. Jon Voigt is a moron.

  481. 481
    gloryb Says:

    While most of the comments on this page are very ignorant and hateful, it just goes to show that most people who voted for the Obamination will have to be on the defensive for the next 4 years. Everytime a person speaks against Obama all the hate comes out. I find that very interesting and also attacking the family seems to be a thing they do. Lets start attacking Obama’s kids and see how you like it! Such hypocrites! Why don’t you find something better to do or are you just waiting for the Welfare checks to come in!

  482. 482
    gloryb Says:


    I guess you didn’t really listen to the speech Obama gave in the middle east. He wants to be King of the world not of America. He is not even an American and you will see that once his TRUE birth certificate comes out. I hope you are happy with the “change” he promised everyone. Yeah, I agree with Jon and I said all during the campaign, he is the Anti-Christ!

  483. 483
    muse Says:

    Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam!!!!

    Obama asserted in December, “I’ve always been a Christian,” and he has adamantly denied ever having been a Muslim. “The only connection I’ve had to Islam is that my grandfather on my father’s side came from that country [Kenya]. But I’ve never practiced Islam.” In February, he claimed: “I have never been a Muslim. … other than my name and the fact that I lived in a populous Muslim country for 4 years when I was a child [Indonesia, 1967-71] I have very little connection to the Islamic religion.”

    “Always” and “never” leave little room for equivocation. But many biographical facts, culled mainly from the American press, suggest that, when growing up, the Democratic candidate for president both saw himself and was seen as a Muslim.

    Obama’s Kenyan birth father: In Islam, religion passes from the father to the child. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (1936–1982) was a Muslim who named his boy Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Only Muslim children are named “Hussein”.

    Obama’s Indonesian family: His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was also a Muslim. In fact, as Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng explained to Jodi Kantor of the New York Times: “My whole family was Muslim, and most of the people I knew were Muslim.” An Indonesian publication, the Banjarmasin Post reports a former classmate, Rony Amir, recalling that “All the relatives of Barry’s father were very devout Muslims.”
    The public school: Paul Watson of the Los Angeles Times learned from Indonesians familiar with Obama when he lived in Jakarta that he “was registered by his family as a Muslim at both schools he attended.” Haroon Siddiqui of the Toronto Star visited the Jakarta public school Obama attended and found that “Three of his teachers have said he was enrolled as a Muslim.” Although Siddiqui cautions that “With the school records missing, eaten by bugs, one has to rely on people’s shifting memories,” he cites only one retired teacher, Tine Hahiyari, retracting her earlier certainty about Obama’s being registered as a Muslim.

    Koran class: In his autobiography, Dreams of My Father, Obama relates how he got into trouble for making faces during Koranic studies, thereby revealing he was a Muslim, for Indonesian students in his day attended religious classes according to their faith. Indeed, Obama still retains knowledge from that class: Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times, reports that Obama “recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them [to Kristof] with a first-rate accent.”
    Mosque attendance: Obama’s half-sister recalled that the family attended the mosque “for big communal events.” Watson learned from childhood friends that “Obama sometimes went to Friday prayers at the local mosque.” Barker found that “Obama occasionally followed his stepfather to the mosque for Friday prayers.” One Indonesia friend, Zulfin Adi, states that Obama “was Muslim. He went to the mosque. I remember him wearing a sarong” (a garment associated with Muslims).
    Piety: Obama himself says that while living in Indonesia, a Muslim country, he “didn’t practice [Islam],” implicitly acknowledging a Muslim identity. Indonesians differ in their memories of him. One, Rony Amir, describes Obama as “previously quite religious in Islam.”
    Obama’s having been born and raised a Muslim and having left the faith to become a Christian make him neither more nor less qualified to become president of the United States. But if he was born and raised a Muslim and is now hiding that fact, this points to a major deceit, a fundamental misrepresentation about himself that has profound implications about his character and his suitability as president.
    Interviews with dozens of former classmates, teachers, neighbors and friends show that Obama was not a regular practicing Muslim when he was in Indonesia, despite being listed as a Muslim on the registration form for the Catholic school, Strada Asisia, where he attended 1st through 3rd grades. At the time, the school most likely registered children based on the religion of their fathers, said [Israella Pareira] Darmawan, Obama’s former [1st-grade] teacher. Because Soetoro was a Muslim, Obama was listed as a Muslim, she said.About Obama’s step-father, Lolo Soetoro and his religiosity, Barker writes:
    In their first neighborhood, Obama occasionally followed his stepfather to the mosque for Friday prayers, a few neighbors said. But Soetoro usually was too busy working, first for the Indonesian army and later for a Western oil company. “Sometimes Lolo went to the mosque to pray, but he rarely socialized with people,” said Fermina Katarina Sinaga, Obama’s 3rd-grade teacher at the Catholic school, who lived near the family. “Rarely, Barry [a nickname for Barack] went to the mosque with Lolo.”

    “Interviews with dozens of former classmates, teachers, neighbors and friends show that Obama was not a regular practicing Muslim when he was in Indonesia” – implying he was an irregularly practicing Muslim.
    “Obama occasionally followed his stepfather to the mosque for Friday prayers, a few neighbors said” – confirming that he did pray in the mosque.
    “Obama’s 3rd-grade teacher at the Catholic school, who lived near the family [said that] ‘Rarely, Barry went to the mosque with Lolo’” – confirming that Obama attended mosque services.

    Obama, who concentrated in sociology and received a certificate in African-American studies, examined how the attitudes of black alumni have changed over the course of their time at the University. “Will they become more or less motivated to benefit the Black community?” Obama wrote in her thesis.

    After surveying 89 black graduates, Obama concluded that attending the University as an undergraduate decreased the extent to which black alumni identified with the black community as a whole.

    Obama drew on her personal experiences as an example.

    “As I enter my final year at Princeton, I find myself striving for many of the same goals as my White classmates — acceptance to a prestigious graduate school or a high-paying position in a successful corporation,” she wrote, citing the University’s conservative values as a likely cause.

    “Predominately White universities like Princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the White students comprising the bulk of their enrollments,” she said, noting the small size of the African-American studies department and that there were only five black tenured professors at the University across all departments.

    Obama studied the attitudes of black Princeton alumni to determine what effect their time at Princeton had on their identification with the black community. “My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘Blackness’ than ever before,” she wrote in her introduction. “I have found that at Princeton no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my White professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don’t belong.”


    “Obama’s DOJ approves of armed Black Panthers at Voting Locations” ” Rev. Wright: I Meant “Zionists,” Not Jews” ” Barack Obama’s pastor says blacks should not sing “God Bless America” but “God Damn America” “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is making a comeback”: Michelle Obama on her husband winning the Presidential Election.


    FINALLY proud to be an American
    Where at least she knows she’ll be
    Jet setting all around the world
    And good friends with Brit’s Q.E.
    She’s glad to STAND UP in front of YOU
    And defend herself today…
    Because of her self doubt,
    She hates our land – her preacher says:

  484. 484
    bcroft40 Says:

    I can’t believe people in here actually making comments that this man is an actor and should keep his mouth shut..Hollywood trashed W for 8 years and you cheered them on..Idiots!!!!!

  485. 485
    CMS Says:

    Loved his speech, and totally agree.

    Glad he matured and moved away from the extreme marxists over in Hollywood. There are others who agree with him. If they have the courage to come out and not worry about any retaliation–you know, because that crowd is so accepting and inclusive of everyone, right?

    Unless you disagree with their politics or lifestyles…then you don’t work again.

  486. 486
    mertz Says:

    ugh. letterman is apologizing. good for him. that lady though doesn’t deserve it. she should shut her mouth.

  487. 487
    Unca Bobby Says:

    Yeah, c’mon let’s give Obama some time here, he’s (sorry I mean He’s) only had about six months and has quadrupled the deficit (and bush is the idiot). At this rate, by the time he’s done, America will be getting aid from Bangladesh and Cambodia. And yes it is only the right wingers using the term messiah or prophet, but that’s only to point out how left wingers fawn all over him like a cult leader. He could tell you to drink the kool aid and left wingers will be there cleaning out the cup with their finger to get every last drop of the messiah’s magic juice. In 4 years Obama is going to be so hated that as a backlash, I’m afraid that David Duke could become president. I lived in a communist country so I know it when I see it and Obama is it. I’ve never seen such a large group willing…no begging to lose their freedom and liberty to their own government. Jon Voigt is no philosopher but neither is any other idiot from hollywood. Seriously, can we stop following actors, people who know how to play pretend well, in teaching us wrong and right, c’mon America wake up, the world needs you.

    I’m not American, but I want the big badass America back. The one that scared the crap out of the countries none of you would ever live in. The one that kept everyone in line.

  488. 488
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    I;m not really sure how I feel about this.

  489. 489
    Flip-Flopper Says:

    Jon Voigt was host of a Farm Aid telecast in the late 90s (before his comeback) lending support to family farmers whose lives were destroyed by greed-based Republican politics starting with Reagan.

    Now that he’s got some money in his pocket he seems to have switched his allegiances. What a crack-pot.

  490. 490
    sueanne Says:

    ISRAEL, is John’s concern -please note this and who is loyal to

  491. 491
    sueanne Says:

    John V. is likley a zionist, he may then have lots of support therefore from hollywood and many rich people and Barak Obama innocent and trusting will be surprised by the sudden turn of public tide-likley orgainzid by the zonists

  492. 492
    SAM Says:


  493. 493
    Michael Jackson Says:

    Shame he feels this way

  494. 494
    Peaceful Says:

    Poor Conrack! He’s changed since he left that island in South Carolina!

    Wow, I really beleived he loved Black people!

  495. 495
    suppress your appetite Says:


  496. 496
    emmilly,sydney Aust Says:

    WOW. nicely said.

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