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Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet

Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet

Jon Voight blasted President Barack Obama at the Republican congressional fundraiser dinner at the Washington Convention Center on Monday (June 8) in Washington D.C. Here are snippets from the 70-year-old actor’s fiery speech:

“Are we supposed to sitting and waiting, watching for the possibility of a new Holocaust? Who’s going to take the responsibility to keep America, I mean Israel, safe. I’ll tell you why this really scares the hell out of me. Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.

“It saddens me greatly to think we were the great powerful good in the world. We as Americans knew America to be strong. We were the liberators of the entire world. We are becoming a weak nation.

Obama really thinks he is a soft-spoken Julius Caesar. He think he’s going to conquer the world with his soft-spoken sweet talk and really think he’s going to bring all of the enemies of the world into a little playground, where they’ll swing each other back and forth.

“We and we alone are the right frame of mind to free this nation from this Obama oppression. Let’s give thanks to [Republicans] for not giving up and staying the course to bring an end to this false prophet, Obama.”

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496 Responses to “Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet”

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  1. 51

    one word — *******

  2. 52
    Eva Says:

    Ok let him have his opinion. I am not a fan of Obama but I don’t think he is as bad as Voight is saying. and anyone who thinks he’s a moron for speaking his opinion (which i thought we were allowed to do in this country) is the real idiot

  3. 53
    anon Says:

    The President’s job is to keep America safe, not to keep Israel safe and the idea that the President is trying to reach moderates around the world to isolate the extremists is brilliant. We had someone with Voight’s worldview in the White House for eight years and how’d that work out for us? Voight is batsh*t crazy and everyone knows it. The only reason he has a problem with Obama is because he’s black, but keep talking for Republicans and they will stay out of power for a long time.

  4. 54
    wew Says:

    @Halli: flat out wrong!
    his own “pastor” said in his own words that he is the Messiah!
    All you people that are attacking john or anyone that does not like obama, please educate yourself! please do the research! THINK for yourself!! stop buying the lies that are put out there by well known leftwing media. the mainstream media is in the tank for obama and EVERYONE knows it except you retards that bury your heads in the sand!
    as far as AJ goes, this women cant make up her mind about who`s baby she wants to carry!?! i cant get over how people hold up these hollywood types that dont give a damn about anyone but themselves!
    you all have good things to say about AJ because she is a good looking “women” and young. WTF does that have to do with anything?
    John is right no matter what you all think! you cant argue with the “TRUTH”! think im wrong? prove it! obama is going to go down in history as a failure. the ONLY reason he got elected is because he is black and the united states wanted so much to “prove” that it is not racist. to hell with the fact that he has no idea what to do or how to do it! and his “cant we all just get along?” policy will fail.
    i know that he will hang himself in the end!

  5. 55
    Jolie Hot Chin not Says:

    IDIOT! This is why his own daughter and son don’t speak with him. He treated their mother and the kids like crap. WHat a jerk.

  6. 56
    You/Me Says:

    Gotta hand it to him, the man is not afraid to say what he thinks. I think there is some truth to what Voight is saying, and I also think that Obama is a weak President of the United States, he is too soft and thinks our enemies will smile and hold hands with us and sing kumbaya if we “go gently”. That being said however, he has not been in office long enough to accomplish anything, things take time and we should give him a chance and see what happens. I think Obama will come to realize that his fantasy is just that, a fantasy, and he will toughen up.
    Also want to say that Angelina and Jon’s relationship has nothng to do with politics, they were obviously estranged long before Obama was even a known name. Beside, Angie doesn’t strike me as a political person, she seems to care little about any given politician and more about laws and justice. Now Brad on the other hand, Obama lover that he is, I bet he won’t be attempting any more reconciliations between Angie and Jon anymore,lol :-) !!!

  7. 57
    Lo Says:

    Republicans and those with similar viewpoints need to wake up to the fact that America will never regain its No. 1 superpower status. A nation to be admired and feared. Those days are long gone… I repeat, long gone and will NEVER return. Get over it! China is bank rolling/buying US debt for goodness sake. Obama’s democratic approach is enhancing the US reputation…. a rep that was in the gutter. Stop whining!

  8. 58
    sara lee Says:

    Pam are you smoking some sh*t. You must be completely ignorant and oblivious to what previous terms have done. Obama hasn’t done sh*t!…yet! His responsibility now is to try and clean up the mess and aid with new f’in problems. I would never want his job; bad economy, two wars, health issues, social issues on top of the SWINE FLU and other “radical” issues the media spews as top priority.

    I have never made this man my messiah. I am sure that he will make mistakes, hopefully not like Bush. I just hope that people stop looking at Obama and any other as the savior of people and look to themselves and local leaders as progressive pieces in improving the nation we live in.

  9. 59
    Jolie Hot Chin not Says:

    Funny the same people who said we have to be patriotic and support America no matter what now refuse to support the President of their beloved country. Hypocrisy at its finest. Thank heaven for Voight he has Angelina to hold up the family name because clearly he has lost his mind.

  10. 60
    Bbgun Says:

    @Pattycake: of course i dont get my news from gossip websites but now young ppl dont give a **** and dont know what is happening around the world and thx to Jolie those stupid teenagers at least know otherwise so when they check their entertainment website she will always be there. Voight should do the same instead of all that ****** talk.

  11. 61
    Bethy Says:


    Like Oprah? Or Sean Penn? Or (gasp) Alec Baldwin? Behind whom, you liberals rally,as if they too are our saviors?

  12. 62
    Karla Says:

    WTG JON!!! BOOO on Obama. with his 5months, it shows that he is only good in delivering speeches but poor decision maker.

    America you got it wrong..AGAIN!

  13. 63
    OH YEAH Says:

    @Bbgun: ALL you obamites keep drinking the kool aid!!!!

  14. 64
    caro Says:


  15. 65
    pam Says:

    it’s going to be along 4 years………..

  16. 66
    Sal Says:

    @OH YEAH: I think we’d rather drink Obama cool aid than war-mongering republican cool aid.

  17. 67
    pam Says:

    yeah, liked i’d want PELOSI has a mom………….yuk.

  18. 68
    Orchid Says:

    There’s this guy at NBC who said BHO is God, so he will definitely bash JV. :lol:

  19. 69
    you have got to be kidding Says:

    Bush created two wars, destroyed the economy and ruined the reputation of the US around the world and Voight has the nerve to attack Obama?????…… about delusional and unhinged, what an idiot!!!

  20. 70
    letterm Says:

    George Bush and the Republicans over 8 years drove this country in the ground. 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch. The holocaust happened with the help of the Bush family. Look it up. Prescott Bush.
    How is Israel any different in some of things they do?

    Greed and corruption is what killing this country.

  21. 71
    Orchid Says:

    The man is entitled to his opinion, and express it too!

  22. 72
    OH YEAH Says:

    @Sal: so called “war-mongering republicans provide you the freedom to spit in the faces of them that protect you! if not for “war mongering” as you namby-pamby chicken sh!t whimps call it, you would be speaking dutch right now!
    when if ever have you defended the rights that you sh!t on??
    so STFU you pinko commy!!

  23. 73
    pam Says:

    @OH YEAH: GO “OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 74
    jenna Says:


  25. 75
    Orchid Says:

    12 vitaa @ 06/09/2009 at 12:19 pm

    Jon Voight is completely crazy! Stay away from him, Angelina!
    He’s as stupid as Bush, [b]I can’t believe we let this kind of person speak publicly[/b]…. what an idiot

    Since when does anyone need permission to speak? He was speaking at a fundraiser for the right. You expect him to bash the left.

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