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Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet

Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet

Jon Voight blasted President Barack Obama at the Republican congressional fundraiser dinner at the Washington Convention Center on Monday (June 8) in Washington D.C. Here are snippets from the 70-year-old actor’s fiery speech:

“Are we supposed to sitting and waiting, watching for the possibility of a new Holocaust? Who’s going to take the responsibility to keep America, I mean Israel, safe. I’ll tell you why this really scares the hell out of me. Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.

“It saddens me greatly to think we were the great powerful good in the world. We as Americans knew America to be strong. We were the liberators of the entire world. We are becoming a weak nation.

Obama really thinks he is a soft-spoken Julius Caesar. He think he’s going to conquer the world with his soft-spoken sweet talk and really think he’s going to bring all of the enemies of the world into a little playground, where they’ll swing each other back and forth.

“We and we alone are the right frame of mind to free this nation from this Obama oppression. Let’s give thanks to [Republicans] for not giving up and staying the course to bring an end to this false prophet, Obama.”

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496 Responses to “Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet”

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  1. 101
    supergirl Says:

    Well Said Obama hasen’t done anything to help the U.S.A

  2. 102
    supergirl Says:

    Well Said Obama hasen’t done anything to help the U.S.A

  3. 103
    Lana Says:

    He is a loser

  4. 104
    Peter Says:

    He is looking for job in hollywood tha’s why he is kissing the jews asses

  5. 105
    pam Says:

    I would love to take my daughter and hubby out tonight for dinner and a movie………..anyone have $75000 i can borrow and maybe a plane????????????

  6. 106
    OH YEAH Says:

    @pen: SAL stands for stupid ass liberal. lucky for you libs stupidity is legal!

  7. 107
    Orchid Says:

    57 Lo @ 06/09/2009 at 1:11 pm

    Republicans and those with similar viewpoints need to wake up to the fact that America will never regain its No. 1 superpower status. A nation to be admired and feared. Those days are long gone… I repeat, long gone and will NEVER return. Get over it! China is bank rolling/buying US debt for goodness sake. Obama’s democratic approach is enhancing the US reputation…. a rep that was in the gutter. Stop whining!


    That;s true. China owns America’s debt.
    I guess it’s hard for many people of JV’s generation to accept the fact that the US is no longer alone at the top.
    Former pres. Clinton said in a speech quite some time ago, at one of the universities, that America has to get used to the fact that there are others coming up. The US is getting company at the top. China, of course and, down the road, India, Russia, Brazil. Indonesia was mentioned in a distant fifth place.

    That conciliatory speech in Cairo is not enough!
    The only way to enhance the US reputation is when the US bullies Israel into accepting a Palestinian state, and the terms have to be acceptable to the Arabs, led by Saudi Arabia. With Netanyahu in power, that will take time!

  8. 108
    ganymede30324 Says:

    Judging by the reactions posted, Mr. Voight apparently was correct: worshiping Obie IS pretty much akin to a cult or a religion! You’d think someone criticized Jesus or Mohammed by the over the top posts! Congrats, Mr. Voight! You struck a nerve. Several.

  9. 109
    Rica Says:


    Someone here mentioned that had this been said during the Bush Administraion, he would have been called ‘Ant-American’. True words my friend.

    what this man sounds like is a hate monger. he is purposely trying to instill fear. he like most Fear/Hate mongers know that the 2 often go hand and hand. he uses incindiary words and terms to ignite the hatred, fear and ignorance in others. he isn’t worth the air it takes to keep his body functioning.

    Yes he is most certainly allowed his opinion and I’m grateful he gets to spew it…the more he spews the more aware people…both here and abroad become of the true face of this GOP.

    Also…don’t forget Transformers 2 is coming out. You will be seeing more of him.

    He’ll be here in a couple of days for CineVegas isn’t he lucky Vegas is a republican strong hold.

  10. 110
    [Marie] Says:

    Jon Voight is a has-been who’s daughter outshines him any day of the week. No wonder Angelina doesn’t talk to that old cheat.

    Get Lost Obama won Get over it…

  11. 111
    OH YEAH Says:

    @Vanessa: go change the air in your head

  12. 112
    Galactico Says:

    I absolutely agree with you Jon! The United States enemies are happy with Barack. Let’s impeach Hussein!!!

  13. 113
    mertz Says:

    oh now obama is ignorant is he. lol. even more so than bush huh? or the typical american huh? and also he’s oh so soft. wowzers. once again these things come from easily anything i can pull from the air. it is not substantiated…because when people make those comments they are making it in comparison to something. so please tell us WHY obama is so soft and WHY he is making your country less safe or weaker and tell us TO WHOM/TO WHICH GOVERNEMENT PRIOR you are comparing him/his current administration with…and then we will know where you are coming from and we will be able to know your bias…not like most people commenting haven’t figured it out already. you know what’s ignorant, people like ahmedinajad et al saying that israel needs to be wiped out from the earth…even arabs think of israel as zionist, so that part is entirely debatable under religion, and israel denying that what they are doing in jerusalem and their occupation of the west bank or gaza is wrong and denying the palestinians what they want, which is a seperation from israeli rule. i guess israel subscribes to keep the enemy you know closest even if they seek to unseat you. that’s ignorant. they don’t seek open dialogue or compramise…and the people are sick of it, just like the rest of us are sick of it. so talk about that voight. address the issues instead of preaching your a$$y comments to those who will swallow the bull hook, line, and sinker.

  14. 114
    Silly Says:

    As if we needed further proof of how dilusional John Voight is & the right wing part of the Repulican party. George Bush jr is what caused the USA to LOSE it’s positiion as worldleader and he made the US hated throughout the world, not just in Arabic countries. The US should be proud of Obama Barack, contrary to George Bush jr he tries to think about the WORLD instead of only his rich oilfriends and family.

  15. 115
    anon Says:

    Angelina continue to keep your children away from this nutbag.

  16. 116
    dntvotehimn Says:

    well lets see,since he took office 7million ppl lost their jobs,we borrowed more money from China than in our history. We have the highest unemployment in 26 yrs. We’ve got more ppl homeless & that have been foreclosed on than ever; & this American Pres. goes over to Egypt to try to make peace W the very ppl who were responsable for 9/11! During his speach he apologized for the war n Iraq & Aghanistan!! Now that’s bound to give our soldiers moral support. He says that we are a nation of Muslims-lier. We were founde on the foundation of Christianity .

  17. 117
    bailey Says:

    jon voight scares me.

  18. 118
    Lillianne Says:

    that’s the kind of hyperbole that makes people never take you seriously. Any high school debater could take him down.

  19. 119
    KAy Says:

    Could someone just make him shut UP?!

    I’m no American but even I can see the good Obama has made in the world already. One of the example i could give is that he has given back America the good image it had before the Bush administration. And when you’re wants to take care of other countries’ problem, it is essential to have a good image.
    And for those who thinks that Obama’s supporters did not think about the consequences of his decision, well i would like to say “think twice guys”…..
    What Jon Voight ask for is only a rude, overprotectionist president, ready to bite like a pitbull whenever he can…..

    Obama is no Messiah or God, he’s just a good president!

  20. 120
    mertz Says:

    ganymede30324 @ 06/09/2009 at 2:10 pm Judging by the reactions posted, Mr. Voight apparently was correct: worshiping Obie IS pretty much akin to a cult or a religion! You’d think someone criticized Jesus or Mohammed by the over the top posts! Congrats, Mr. Voight! You struck a nerve. Several
    no. the over the top comments are coming from voight and people from all sides of the aisle. some more tempered than others, but then again some of us don’t have the pulpit of limbaugh, cheney, and fox news to impart our opinions onto others. the day i admit obama to be my prophet is the day i go to hell, just like the day i admit bush to be my prophet or my god is the day i go to hell. i can’t believe these comments are being made at all. anyone who knows anything about religion knows how sacralidgeous that is. are you freakin kidding me. fn pisses me off. so what. people voted for obama on mass and he has mass popularity because PEOPLE HATE GEORGE BUSH AND AS A BY PRODUCT AMERICA. what about that don’t you understand. that bush hatred spans not only from bush jr but to his father as well. the democrats have not had clean hands and neither have the republicans. if you only say that internationally people only hate america because of bush then that is disingenous…but instead of making the problem better, or trying to improve americas reputation internationally, he helped in it’s deterioration…and maybe obama will continue in the bush path and help that along, but we won’t know yet because it will also take him 8 years before there is an absolute determination (although determinations will be made after his 2nd year)…but we won’t know yet. so yeah give it time. just like when bush was in power he got the green card to go ahead. fair is fair. it’s nice to be critical in hindsight to hold people responsible but that was severly lacking with the bush jr admin…so am i to believe that people have finally waken up to politics and politricks…so much so that they are making judgements about the current admin based on stuff you pull out of your a$$. i ihope not. i mean he’s a racist and all this etc…it’s f’n ridiculous and half the time i can’t believe how these f’rs in the media have jobs. they think they can say whatever they want and not be held accountable. no wonder journalism has gone to the crapper. even people who have been in journalism for more than 40 years are saying crap about the way it’s being churned out. please. don’t assume us all to be stupid, because we have eyes and ears and we see what’s going on and some of us are willing to do the legwork to find out actual factual truths. dumbness is a disease. don’t subscribe to it and don’t be happy living in a coloured goggles generation. question everything and don’t allow yourself to be forcefed bullsh*t.

  21. 121
    papadontpreach Says:

    hey LONDS

    HOW the hell is he a FAILED ACTOR??? HE has won multiple major awards..and his works spands several decades…do you homework before you speak IDIOT!

  22. 122
    OH YEAH Says:

    John you are 100% right! its too bad you gave that speech to a crowd that wants to lick the ass of the liberal dems! The GOP is a disgrace! they are the political whores of washington!! more-so than the democrap! both parties are a disgrace to this country! George Bush Jr has no right to call himself a republican! he is a R.I.N.O republican in name only!
    4 years from now we are going to see what a big mistake it was to put Nobama into office. when he fails (and he will) i blame all you obamites that chant “yes we can yes we can”

  23. 123
    southern caribbean girl Says:

    wow can’t believe jon voight thread is beating brad’s on jj,i remeber this site was own by the jolie-pitts man time have change.

  24. 124
    not policically inclined Says:

    Did anyone see his chararater in the last 24 series. He played a nut, now I wonder if he was even acting……….I don’t think so. But after all if you give someone like him a speaking engagement (starving for attention) it is sorta like a bad dream, ya just never know what the hell he will say. Blah blah blah. Boy he and Sarah would be a hell of a duo….

  25. 125
    Merci Says:

    Why cant someone shut this guy’s mouth!!

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