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Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet

Jon Voight: Barack Obama is a False Prophet

Jon Voight blasted President Barack Obama at the Republican congressional fundraiser dinner at the Washington Convention Center on Monday (June 8) in Washington D.C. Here are snippets from the 70-year-old actor’s fiery speech:

“Are we supposed to sitting and waiting, watching for the possibility of a new Holocaust? Who’s going to take the responsibility to keep America, I mean Israel, safe. I’ll tell you why this really scares the hell out of me. Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.

“It saddens me greatly to think we were the great powerful good in the world. We as Americans knew America to be strong. We were the liberators of the entire world. We are becoming a weak nation.

Obama really thinks he is a soft-spoken Julius Caesar. He think he’s going to conquer the world with his soft-spoken sweet talk and really think he’s going to bring all of the enemies of the world into a little playground, where they’ll swing each other back and forth.

“We and we alone are the right frame of mind to free this nation from this Obama oppression. Let’s give thanks to [Republicans] for not giving up and staying the course to bring an end to this false prophet, Obama.”

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  • LongLeggedLady

    You go Jon! :)
    BTW is Jon a Christian? If so that is cool!!!!
    If you are Christian, Shia Labeouf said that he looks up to you as a father figure, he does not act really Christian like now does he, Jon you need to rub off a lot more on Shia, the dude is obvously not listening to you by the way he chills out with Megan fox who does not seem very Christain like either and by the way Shia is so stuck up these days!!!! :(

  • LongLeggedLady

    And I forgot to add, this has nothing to do with Shia or Jon. This has to do with the fact that Obama needs to focus more on this fu**ing sh*tty no good economy and not Hollywood (as he appears to be in these magaiznes and such).
    I have been out of work for a fu**cking long time and I am sure that there are others who have been out of work longer than me and would agree that they want the economy to clean up and FAST! Sorry for the long reply but I felt the need to rant about that!

  • itstrueagain

    The President is an embarrassment. Hopefully we’ll all be safe for the next 4 years.

  • itstrueagain

    The President is an embarrassment. Hopefully we’ll all be safe for the next 4 years.

  • Sue

    So true Jon!! SO well said!! Glad that you stand behind your beliefs even though it goes against all of Holly wood! Which are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!!!!


  • AnonymousWoman

    Jon Voight needs to shut the hell up and try to reconcile with his daughter, Angelina. He can’t talk about Obama or NOBODY because that bastard (Jon) had cheated on his first wife when Angelina was a pre-teen.

  • cjany

    The man walks into a Financial, foreign policy, 2 wars (one contrived) as well as domestic SH#$@T storm 5 months ago does the best he can to keep the country from collapsing into a third world economy. And here it is this nut is comparing him to some kind of messiah inwhich he or no one else claims that he is. Mr Voit should just go and say what he “really” means and stop with the code words, between this kind of sh#@%$t from the (R)epubs and other (R)ight wingers we get nowhere .G.W. left a mess behind and he even knows it thats why he’s been quiet. Cheney’s in a panic because he knows that most of the dirt (crimes) from the last 8 years points dirctly to him and (R)umsfeld. And as far as they go “be carefull what you ask for” we all know the rest of that proverb.

  • um

    The President has only been in office for 5 months. Where were all the GOP{‘ers before Obama came into office? Frankly Obama has been acting very Republican. He continued the GOP invention of bailout from Bush and bailout whom? Freaking BANKS and Auto companies. These are bastions of Republican symbolismn. Banks equal GOP as does big auto companies and Obama bails them out and not the mom and pops. GOP’ers should be happy that he has tried to save these pillars of Republican symbolism… Meanwhile the GOP’ers are acting like bleeding heart liberals and blastin the president for saving big business (sound familiar liberals?) and forgetting about the litle guy.

    Please I want the old aristocratic blueblood Republicans. Not these Christian right, undecided,, trailer, uneducated, untraveled hee haw etc…people.

    The President has to fix the mess of the Bush era of the past 8 years. That’s not gonna happen overnight and even in 4 years. So Jon Voight and his delusional ilk will have to wait 4 years before anyone will listen to him. The GOP’ers have lost their identity. Blaming the new President after 8 years of GOP leadership does not establish an identity for the Republican party.

    For those naysaying Voight however, I must remind you that President Ronald Reagan came from Hollywood (that place that GOP’ers hate so much) and became President.

  • cjany

    @itstrueagain: Compared to G.W. Please spare all of us? Right wingers you can bet on them to be “well” themselves.

  • Chelsea lately rules!


    you are one dumbass mother f****r if you believe all that crap. obama is the best thing that has happened to this country in a long time. so tkae your republican fascist Hitler-like ass back to 1945 because you are so un american its so unbelievable.

    However, if it wasnt for your dumbass republican ex president bush their would be no president obama. So Thank you Republicans for showing all of us intelligent people how wrong you are.

  • Sue

    Poor idiots said:



    Seriously 51% voted for Obama – wouldn’t call that a whooping. Obama has had the lowest ratings per month than any other President. Based on months in office. Republicans are still here and STRONG!!! People are NOT liking what he is doing this country.
    Going to countries and apologizing ??? FOR WHAT????? Are F’ing kidding me. We don’t bow down to any country.

  • mochakiss

    Why doesn’t this silly old f*ck shut the hell up! The crypt keeper needs to come get this d@mn corpse.

  • jamie

    # 312

    you are so wrong!

    are u a red neck republican with blinders and ear plugs on?
    and closed minded as well.

    I think so

  • cjany

    @um: If the right-wingers truly checked Reagan(s) record and stop thinking that we’ve forgotten what Reagan truly was all about instead of this revisionist dream world history they live by.Well I’ll sum it up like this. If it wasn’t for Alzheimer’s disease Regan would have gone to prison ( Iran contra) .As well as Neil Bush (savings and loan debacle). They always lean on their own(so called) messiah Ronald Reagan. We can go on for days about that one. It seems to me that the Dem’s are always cleaning up for the right-wing, Clinton had to although they turned on him accused him of murder rape the whole shebang, an investigation for tying his shoe in the morning. we know the real story when of comes down to republicans,not only are they sore losers

  • mertz

    ahahhahaaaa sue. wow. america bows down to no one eh…tell me why you guys have been israels b*tch for so long…and what will you do when china decides to own your country, or hold you guys accountable. i hope you are aware the foreigners, the same foreigners americans hate are rolling in rich oil money and buying large american properties. ones they own…ones they can choose to do whatever they want with. they have the money. you guys are broke. what you guys gonna do now when the world around you is changing. your comment is hilarious. like someone said…repulicans have a much better chance if they didn’t allow people like this guy and others to speak on behalf of the party.

    of course republicans don’t like what he’s doing and neither do some democrats. what do you want him to do sue? something that is entirely possible for him to do? you want him to let bank of america, citigroup, freddie mac, fannie mae, and so many other institutions/companies fail like how they did lehman brothers. what really do you want barack obama to do…and please have a good suggestion. i want to hear your ideas. because for a long time the republicans looked like incompetent naysayers who tried to deny this recession was happening, then when it hit they looked like the incompetent government without a plan…barely even understanding the plan of henry paulson.

    how entirely funny will it be if sarah palin wins for the republicans in 2010 or 2012. wow. i hope by then she’s learned a bit more about the rest of the world outside of alaska and the united states.

  • mertz

    funny if she would win because i think there are more capable republicans in the party who deserve a shot.

  • mertz

    mochakiss @ 06/10/2009 at 12:47 am Why doesn’t this silly old f*ck shut the hell up! The crypt keeper needs to come get this d@mn corpse.
    lol. i don’t know how old buddy is, but he looks like a spiffy old man. and please, i loved the crypt keeper in tales of the crypt keeper (great show, good animation) and i don’t think he’s available for such a job. i think you want the grim reaper or the god of all hypocrites for that job. gah. i’m being morbid. sorry jon voight i hope you live the life you deserve. i also hope maybe instead of being a fanatic you use speach and the english language conciously and always remember to substantiate your opinions. thanks in advance.

  • Valyusha

    Jon, “clap, clap, clap , clap” very well put.

  • Marieme

    Rock on Emily.

    It’s like reasoning with stones, isn’t it?

  • good for you Jon voight

    Some of the idiot comments on this site from Nobama supporters are from such uneducated people, we know this. Why? Because they can’t even construct a grammatically correct sentence. Typical liberal -spouting off about nonsense while having not a clue what they are talking about. Too bad they don’t have the slightest clue about their moronic leader’s bad policies… apparently they can’t read either.

  • Marieme

    @POOR IDIOTS: Precisely!

    Ultimately, this is all so delicious. I couldn’t care less how loud these blowhards bark. They’re just going to have to deal with seeing this man around for a veeery long time. Obama’s going to be our president for the next eight years. That’s right, eight years. Lol! Suck on that you unpatriotic jerks. Imagine…wanting the president to fail. Unbelieveable madness.

  • mertz

    lol. i didn’t like bush one iota but wanting him to fail, and america to fail. wowzers. w/e. you obviously can’t say that if you’re a democrat but being a republican apprently gives you the free light for all things. no wonder they live so much better than the rest. i mean and no wonder their souls are so much better than the rest of our souls, unlike deomcrats, republicans are religious and go to church.

  • cannotsupportignorantppl

    Dear John, this is the period of Aquarius, the new leader no longer needs to use their fist to gain world power. you will not and never will understand this new compassionate and inteligent way of communicating. This type of tough approach you want to see Obama to practise is not going to work by looking at how unsuccessfull your relationship with your children! Wake up and travel out of America once a while, you got a lot to learn from your daughter.

  • traveler

    1. China owned half our debt before the primary season even started. If you want to gripe about that, you need to gripe at the Republicans who let it happen.
    2. The economy collapsed after 8 years of a Republican in the White House. Not to say that the recession was entirely Bush’s fault (the fault lies with everyone), but it surely wasn’t solely Obama’s fault.
    3. People complain about Obama’s bailouts, but if he’d allowed our financial system to collapse, and subsequently all other industry to collapse, you’d still be complaining, only you’d be saying he was the president that allowed us to implode. What exactly was the man supposed to do? If you have an idea that would work better, please step forward and voice it. You can’t just bitch and complain. You have to help if you think the decisions being made are wrong. I might have more respect for you then.
    4. I have heard no one, except right-wingers say that Obama is a messiah/prophet. If you have issues with him being referred to in this way, again, go gripe at the Republicans that keep bringing it up.
    5. Anybody that thinks Obama is going to institute the next holocaust is a nutcase. Nothing else needs to be said.
    6. I believe that Obama is a Christain because he says he is. Why shouldn’t I believe him? If he were a Muslim, I wouldn’t care in the least. I just want him to be a decent president. I don’t care what religion a politician subscribes to. As long as I agreed with their platform, I’d vote for them. I see nothing different between that and working with a co-worker that is different than myself. As long as they do the job well, I’m happy. What they do in their personal life is their business.
    7. I would certainly listen to Obama more than Voight. Obama is a good man who supports his wife and children with respect, time, and money. Voight is a man who ran out on his kids and his responsibilities. He barely saw his kids and when he did, he was abusive. What kind of man is he? Is he the kind of man you want to follow? I certainly hope not. Obama is more of a man than Voight could ever wish to be.

  • Pieter van der Weijden

    Criminal John

    Divide people is what he is saying. Thats why he divides everything.

    Pieter, The Netherlands

  • Pieter van der Weijden

    Criminal John

    Divide people is what he is saying. Thats why he divides everything.

    Pieter, The Netherlands

  • lassie

    Hate to break it to the haters but Jon Voigt is hardly a struggling actor. He just finished a run on 24 and was in three released the end of 2008. He is hardly struggling. This is an actor very much still in demand especially at his age. Be honest.

  • tina

    What does anyone really know about Obama? His life has been hidden. There are facts about him that cannot be found because he has them bound. The man has never run a corner store let alone the whole country. I have a bad feeling that this country will rue the day he was elected. JMO.
    Amazing that he has hacked $25,000 away from his campaign on those who will pay a tax increase. He campaigned on giving a tax break to those making less than $275,000-these days he only ever says $250,000……….just where did that other $25,000 go and don’t be surprised when it gets lower and lower when he realizes he cannot afford to pay for all of the “Change” he wants to make.
    I cannot believe so many blindly voted for him without ever looking at his voting record but I have come to believe this……..The masses are asses.

  • mertz

    i have never seen anything that jon voight has done…i even barely know who he is actually. lol. he’s in 24? what stuff has he been in that anyone would recommend me to see?

  • jerry

    To Becky: Why is it you think Obama thinks he is the Messiah and why do you think Obama is evil?
    Please answer,

  • traveler


    Are you kidding me? We know virtually everything there is to know about Obama. We know what his childhood was like, where he went to school, who raised him and when, how many times he actually saw his father, which state he was born in, when he got married, who supported his campaign for congress, all of the speeches he gave, the content of his wife’s thesis, the church he attend for years, everything the pastor at that church ever said, his voting record while in congress, and much much more. Hell, we even know the dates of everyone of his grandmother’s promotions at her place of employment. What else do you want to know about the man? How many times a day he has a bowel movement? Please. The fear mongering won’t work on me. I know who I voted for. I might not agree with him on everything, but he certainly was the better choice in my opinion. I, like everyone else, am tired of constant war and the government telling me to cower under my kitchen table and be afraid of everyone that is different than myself. I prefer someone who is willing to find common ground with others and build from there. I prefer someone that speaks about hope rather than fear. I prefer someone that is going to listen to everyone, even our enemies, in an effort to find a peaceful solution to our problems. I by no means think that Obama is perfect. Like any human being, he will make mistakes, but I do feel he was the best man for the job. He has at least 4 years to prove my opinion of him right or wrong. I’ll reserve judgment until then. I subscribe to the belief that every president deserves a fair chance to prove themselves. 5 months is not a fair chance. Bush had 8 years, the least we can do is give Obama 4.

  • justine

    #332 traveler
    Do you really know the content of Michelle Obama’s thesis?
    If you do, you must be the only one who does know.
    Now why is it that her thesis has suddenly disappeared….no-one can find it or get access to it?
    Probably because of its content.
    No transparency there huh??
    Please tell us…. what actually is the content of Michelle’s thesis is….and not just the title.

  • tina

    where are the records from Obama’s college years? They don’t exist. Did he go to college as Barack Obama or Barry Sotero? How did he travel to pakistan when Americans were not allowed to? Did he have a passport from Indonesia? Where are his friends from college? Haven’t seen a one. Why has his aunt here as an illegal immigrant? Why is she still here? If he went to college as Barry Sotero, when did he become Barack Obama? Is his name legally changes. I can go on and on. Does Barack have a thesis or just Michelle? if he does, where is his? And no, we do not know what state he was born in because he won’t release his long form birth certificate and no one in this country has the balls to make him prove where he was born and how a man born to an English citizen with dual citizenship at birth can be a natural born citizen. They can’t and he isn’t one but no one wants to touch it. I never said he didn’t deserve a chance but I am very wary of a guy who hides parts of his life. No one can access his college records from Occidental College………why is that?

  • lassie

    Um, Jon Voight has been in tons of things. Bet you might find one in here:
    “24″ …. Jonas Hodges (10 episodes, 2009)
    – Day 7: 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    – Day 7: 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    – Day 7: 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    – Day 7: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    – Day 7: 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. (2009) TV episode …. Jonas Hodges
    (5 more)
    Four Christmases (2008) …. Creighton
    … aka Four Holidays (Australia) (New Zealand: English title)
    … aka Mein Schatz, unsere Familie und ich (Germany)
    24: Redemption (2008) (TV) …. Jonas Hodges
    An American Carol (2008) …. George Washington
    Pride and Glory (2008) …. Francis Tierney, Sr.
    … aka Pride & Glory (USA: closing credits title)
    National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) …. Patrick Gates
    … aka National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (South Africa: English title: DVD box title) (USA: DVD box title)
    … aka National Treasure 2 (Australia)
    Bratz (2007) …. Principal Dimly
    … aka Bratz: The Movie (International: English title: DVD box title)
    Transformers (2007) …. Defense Secretary John Keller
    … aka Transformers: The IMAX Experience (USA: IMAX version)
    The Legend of Simon Conjurer (2006) …. Dr. Crazx
    Glory Road (2006) …. Adolph Rupp
    September Dawn (2006) …. Jacob Samuelson
    Pope John Paul II (2005) (TV) …. Pope John Paul II / Karol Wojtyla
    … aka Giovanni Paolo II (Italy)
    … aka Jan Pawel II (Poland)
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    The Manchurian Candidate (2004) …. Senator Thomas Jordan
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    The Prince and the Surfer (1999) (uncredited) …. Presenter
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    Eternity (1989) …. Edward/James
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    Out of It (1969) …. Russ
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  • Nutritionist

    I can hear the sirens and wooo wooo of the Ambulance coming to take him away in a straight jacket on the way to a nice hospital with a nice neatly cut lawn…….. AND A BIG WALL WITH BARBED WIRE.

    This man has an obvious essential fatty acid imbalance.

  • Nutritionist

    Jon ……. You are the weakest link – Bye Bye! Tara!

  • Sarah

    Angelina wanted McCain to win. So I guess she does have the same political views as her father to that extent.

  • Emilie

    America as a liberator??? When this word is mentioned it brings to the back of my mind when Russia liberated the Eastern block for 50 years.

  • NadaS

    I would like to highlight three main points :
    first of all since when do americans think they are israelian citizens :”Who’s going to take the responsibility to keep America, I mean Israel, safe”!!!
    Second I do not think (and believe me all the world would agree) that piece between palestine and Israel shouts holocaust !!
    Third Im pretty sure now that Angelina is brains more than beauty

  • Telesales Tips

    Well, I agree with Jon. It’s his point of view anyway and he is entitled to speak whatever he wants to but let’s be fair enough to give Obama the chance to prove himself.

  • bla85

    He is spewing ignorant and scary rhetoric to inflame the religious right which the republican party needs as voters. As it is these voters who got Bush in the second time. Think ahead 100 years and how do you think Bush will be remembered?

  • gds


    It is called acting and he does it when he is in public. I imagine Stephen Baldwin could charm you too.;)

  • ..

    You guys need to get a life

    Shut up and get along?

    Or face the facts of burning in hell yeah.

  • Elle

    The truth sometimes hurts. It’s about time someone had the guts to speak up.

  • Not impressed by JA

    # 338 : Sarah @ 06/10/2009 at 5:48 am
    Not true !
    Angelina never said who she will vote to and add that she will listen to each candidate. She is social conscious and independant.
    Brad is a democrat though.

  • melissa

    opinions should only come from those who have the ability to keep their families locked together

  • Kelly

    #345 Elle

    And its about time some people shut up.

    So Shut up!
    One day when Obama isnt President anymore you will regret all the hatred towards him. He hasnt been president for long at all give him a chance!

    all you people against Obama and complete idiots and dont know what you have.

    Yea truth hurts Dick’eds

  • Robot


    ♥ love him

  • noonehere

    such an idiot, clearly he’s not ready to admit that his ignorant friend bush is the reaason why american is the way it is today and that obama is trying to fix that!! hmmm…i wonder y he wont admit it…possibly coz obama is black?!?! such a fool! the wrinkly fool should get up there n do obama’s job if he thinks he’s good enough!!