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Kiss Me Kate (Gosselin)

Kiss Me Kate (Gosselin)

Kate Gosselin gives a precious kiss to her daughter, Hannah, as she arrives at her home in Reading, Penn. on Monday (June 8).

The 34-year-old mother of eight had her little helpers and husband, Jon, empty the car.

Also pictured below is Kate taking her daughter Mady, to Starbucks. Looks like a yummy frappaccino!

Earlier in the day, Kate, headed out to fill up the family car at the gas station.

10+ pictures inside of Kiss Me Kate Gosselin

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  • Rhonda

    I do find all of this very sad. I think they should of quit while they were ahead.

  • j

    Wow huge bazonkas. Now we know she has a p.o. box at Kinkos because of all the mail she is carrying. It doesn’t go to the house. Where’s Steve? Is Mady’s frapaccino organic?

  • lukebandit

    why does she have to wear high heels to run errands? is it to be taller so she doesn’t have to stand on her tippy toes to reach steve’s lips? kate, why are you taking mady to starbucks and buy her something to drink? you treated mady so cruel at the interviews and drank the bottled water and told her is this what you wanted? and drank it in front of her! you are beyond cruel. when i was little my dad wouldn’t get me any water and i would cry and i would say, daddy, daddy, i’m thirsty, i’m thirsty, i got the cottonmouth. he would laugh and not stop and get anything. he is paying for his sadistic cruelty and you will to katie irene.

  • E

    So we are suppose to be impressed that Kate can put gas in her own vehicle now *remember Jon having to do constantly for her? What no bodyguard 24/7? LOL, see no wonder gives a crap about Kate.
    She looks like a street walker dressed like that now and desperate for attention. Go home to your husband, Kate, and straighten your ass up. Get help for your NARCISSISM.

  • E

    Just Jared has a deal with Kate, it appears.

  • lukebandit

    katie irene targeted jon because of him being asian. the mulitples would be more marketable and corporate friendly and they would be unique. to market your children like jon and kate have along with TLC, is just a shame. Kate hit Emeril with the red spatula hard. i know it stung and she just looked at a production person and just laughed. did you see the look on Emerils face? the chopper show is next week. do you realize how much the 12 day trip to bald head, nc cost? the bodyguards, steve, babysitter, house, plane tickets, probably 50K. they are not struggling. jon buys his gfs designer items. they are spending their kids therapy and college money. i hope mady and cara sue TLC for child abuse and harrassment and embarrassment. i hope they get a huge settlement and when the tups get old enough they can sue too. emeril show: emeril asks jon to put a pan of something in the oven. and kate piped up and said, jon, do you even know where the oven is? she is a nitpicking wench. a Christian wife and mother would not talk to their husband like that. also, has anyone noticed how puffy her ankles look? she is retaining water. bad.

  • sasha

    Doesn’t TLC have a show called “what not to wear”? Can they pay her a visit? Somebody please do something about her hair! If not for her sake, for ours…

  • red

    How is putting gas in your car or taking your kid to Starbucks is a cry for attention? She didn’t even acknowledge the paps when she was putting gas in the car. You would think that if she wanted them to be there she would have chatted them up.
    I’m really sick of all the Gosselin bashing — they are definitely in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.
    The paps and the tabloids are the whole reason this thing won’t go away. They keep just keep digging to sell magazines.

  • meela

    Jared stop posting this stuff. Kate and Jon are one thing, but those kids have a right to not be all over the internet and tabloids when it is not related to the show.

  • amy

    I’m always shocked that the two of these douchebags continue to wear thier wedding rings…must be a religious thing..they can’t stand to be in the same room or work on the marriage, but they’ll give the illusion that they’ll remain married with the rings…

  • lol

    Jared loves Kate Gosselin!

  • jami

    cankles much?

  • E

    Kate has made comments that Clinton and Stacey from “What Not to Wear” should be proud of her that she has made such strides in her fashion capabilities and they should do a show together. Haha. Sometimes I think she is dressing badly for their secret tape of “what not to wear” before they spring out somewhere. You know Kate will wangle a cross-over show because what ever Kate hints for, happens.
    It would almost be worth to hear Clinton and Stacey snark her.

  • cankle

    @jami: Is “cankle” the new gwop word of the week? Had you ever heard of it before last week?

  • Kategosselin

    @jami: Oh one more thing, where are the cankles in these pictures or are you looking in a mirror?

  • E

    oh red, get with the program. You have to watch the show, know what is going on with the paps, the gossip rags, online, on the show, in the neighborhood and be a psychologist to watch this damn show.
    Kate stated she DOESN’T PUMP GAS. Don’t all husbands pump the gas for their wives? This is clearly damage control and a message, Katie is a single woman. Where’s Steve? Wonder how that marriage is going or if home wrecker, Katie has completely destroyed it?

  • ihatehater

    i love jon & kate….if all you haters hate them…..then quit watching and commenting… look like a$$es

  • emma


  • E

    For these kids’ sake, we would rather see Jon and Kate get some marriage counseling, get off TV and fix their family. Let Kate write fiction or something since she claims to love writing. Jon will have to go back to college or something.
    The fans are selfish for wanting the show and their lives to continue like it is….nothing but greed now. It is a train wreck, everyone says so and if you are a true fan, you know in your heart……it is so.

  • jimmbo

    Does this woman not know how much she is hated in america for what she’s done to her family.This BS about Jon cheating is just that.This man knows there are paps all around just looking for him to make a mistake is he that dumb to let them catch him NO .But Kate on the other hand has no paps chasing her when she’s on book tours with Steve.,And do they get one hotel room or 2 adjoining rooms with a door between them so he doesn’t have to go outside to get to her.I saw on one of the tabloid shows tonight where the host said is Kate having a breakdown she can’t deal with all this tension.Maybe we’ll get lucky.Katie honey all it takes to fix it is invite your HUSBAND back in HIS house and HIS bedroom and if your not cheating with Steve prove it..Get rid of him.I’m sure there are plenty more bodyguards out there willing to protect your raggedy ass and those new boobies.

  • E

    Katie Irene does damage control after the water incident is brought to light in special about the Gosselin troubles. Kate is very good about doing things for damage control.
    No wonder little Mady has issues. At least Mady is a honest child.

  • lisa

    She needs to spend some of that cash on a stylist.

  • lola

    eww hannah the favorite, hate her…..

  • ice

    Oh right, of course she’s kissing little Hannie. That child is so favored by Kate it’s ridiculous.

  • Bhcolin

    I’ve been a fan of this site, but it’s becoming all about John and Kate Plus 8. I don’t get it. Leave it alone already

    here’s the thing – they started off very innocently. They were asked do do a documentary type hour special, people liked it they did another one. Then the show came along. Having 8 kids, yeah they enjoyed some of the perks, like trips that they probably couldn’t afford otherwise and what not. No one knows where all the money goes okay. They may have trusts set up for the kids. No one here knows all about their finances. They’ve got fame and some of it has bit them in the ass. No one is perfect- her or John. But let them live their life. I really think they went into this whole thing a bit naive – I mean they signed on to a TLC show, not a Fox show you know. Then sh-t happens like it often does in life (marriages). I think it’s hard to deal with it with everyone watching (but can they just stop the show — they are under contract for this season
    Hopefully they get things figured out. I don’t believe everyone online who says they are just concerned for the kids. The show has been on for a few years – didn’t hear anyone calling out for them then. The kids seem happy. From what I’ve seen they get along with the camera crew very well. Yes, I agree that it most likely is best to call it quits but that’s only my opinion. I can also understand that the money is good and thinking of the cost of schooling for eight kids is mind blowing

    but come on JustJared is this family really what your readers are craving to see?

    just my thoughts

  • Laura

    Where was Kate last night? Who dropped the kids off at home on Sunday? Kate disappeared from when the tups returned on Sunday and Monday morning. I guess Kate has an “arrangement” with her significant other, not Jon.

  • kate drank water

    yeah the video where she wouldent give Mady a drink she is a mean ho the kid said you drank in front of me she should have gave her a dam drink the kid wanted to leave. They drag these poor kids around to make money off them stupid ass ho kate.

  • kate video
  • water
  • bitch kate

    shes trying to do damage control after this video what a stupid ass.

  • brush yo teefs!

    is it weird that im having filthy thoughts about kate?
    i mean those bikini pics okay i need to stop now time to take cold shower

  • baffled

    I just want to shake them both and say “DO YOU NOT SEE WHAT THIS IS DOING TO YOUR’S AND YOUR CHILDRENS LIVES? Get some help for your marriage and your children!”

    They have gone so far off course because of this show and it’s time to say “Enough is enough.” I give Jon credit for knowing when it was time to quit but Kate just wouldn’t give it up (not that he’s totally hating it by the looks of his automobile-of-choice).

    It certainly doesn’t help that JustJared is posting pap pics of them. Just because they’re out there, doesn’t mean you have to use them Jared!

  • Anakin

    I bet her bodyguard gets more than $5 a day allowance

    And I’m surprised why Dr. Phil hasn’t stuck his nose into this by now, can he imagine the ratings for his show with a primetime special featuring Jon and Kate?!

  • Anakin

    And has there been anybody who’s come out of Kate’s past or present who’s said anything good about her? I guess those people are following the” if you haven’t got anything good to say, say it often” path!

  • Mandy

    Kisses for the kids when the camera rolls. Once tha lights go out and the camera stops filming, Kates fake maternal instincts shut down too. The woman is the worst sort of fraud and gppd-parent imposter.
    Have you noticed she hasn’t mentiond God as supplying her with everything she wants as of late?
    I think she is backing away from the Christianity platform quicker than she can spout ummmmms.
    I wonder if she is thinking that God may be punishing her for breeding a litter of marketable show props and then exploiting them from a non-existent Christian platform?
    She use to constantly make references to how God provided her with everything she needed right down to the papertowel…God created tabloids, paparazzi, and child labor investigations too Kate. Just sayin…

  • Jeanne

    Bribing Mady with a Starbucks and getting her alone so she can pump her for info on what Jon did while she was away for 2 weeks!

  • Barbara

    I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing these amazingly focused shots of Kate on Just Jared. I am new to this site, but I mentioned it yesterday is there some deal that Just Jared has to promote this farce of a show? “Watch a New J&K plus 8, Monday night at 8″ come on. Stop promoting these two liars and the lying network that they are on. I am now 4 weeks TLC free as of yesterday.

  • E

    Kate took Mady out and bought her a drink because there is a video on youtube and that has been shown on TV where Kate is very mean, abusive to her daughter when Mady is thirsty and needs a drink.

    Kate’s TRUE COLORS ARE REVEALED. No amount of DAMAGE CONTROL will help, Kate. You are a horrible mother that uses your kids as pawns and props. Stop pimping your kids at for money!
    Hey, also watch for when Kate pinches her kids to keep them in place in interviews *usually while running her mouth about Octomom.

  • E

    Doesn’t Kate remind you of Joan Crawford when she kisses her kids like that? Or the very least, like she has an alcohol problem and wants to play lovey-dovey with the kids cuz mummy luvs her kids, yes she does. Poor children, they will love/hate her.

  • C

    It’s so easy for you to throw your stones, isn’t it? So she wears heels when she goes out- so what? So do I, from time to time. So she feeds her kids organic, what’s wrong with that? I feed my son organic whenever I can afford it. I’m sorry, is she not ghetto enough for you? If she was baking up tater tot casseroles would she be more acceptable to you? Get off your high horses, hypocrites.

    If you were of modest means and suddenly realized you were going from two kids to 8, wouldn’t you do whatever you could to support them? EIGHT KIDS, SIX BABIES ALL AT ONCE? I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what I would even do. Maybe the show wasn’t the best choice, but I don’t know what I would do if I’d received such an offer. Things got out of control and went over their heads, fine- they’re paying for it now with their marriage. It’s been time to back off these two and their eight beautiful children for months.

  • C

    @C: and you’re all perfect parents too, right? You’ve never been frustrated with your kids because of other things going on in your life and messed up? Give me a break. The pure joy people seem to feel in tearing down this family is disgusting.

  • Sandy

    It is distressing to see so many unsympathetic people. Until you walk in their shoes why don’t you leave them alone. It is all this negative press that makes things worse. Concentrate on some more serious issues……like kidnapping, murder and the OctoMom.

  • E

    Oh stop making excuses at Kate for her shortcomings. It is all the lies, spins, the EXPLOITATION of her children. Watch the tape where Mady wants a drink of water. “Is this what you want?” while Kate opens the bottle and takes a drink herself, giving Mady nothing. Just because these kids were not perfect in internet interviews for mommy ….so Kate could bash the octomom! How come it is okay for kate to judge the octomom and we not her? Huh? Do you judge the Octomom?

  • E

    PS….Kate has enough to feed and clothe her kids, she can get the hell off TV now because she has proven she just wants to exploit them for more, more, more MONEY and STUFF.

  • Carol

    I just wish everyone would leave this family ALONE….how is ANYONE supposed to make it through the trash everyone is throwing their way. We ALL go through tough times in our marriage and if ANY of us had to go through the trash talk/newspaper/TV/Radio reports this family is going through….we’d ALL end up in Divorce Court…..LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! Do you WANT these kids growing up separately? Christian or no Christian….it’d be hard to deal with the likes of everyone trash talking you constantly. You all need to GROW UP and let them work things our withOUT your help. Good Luck and God Bless your whole family Jon and Kate!!!

  • lmaoppl

    @Wow: Did you even read what lukebandit wrote? Simply said, Jon and Kate are not the first couple to have twins and sextuplets. The reason why they are such a hit IS because those kids are Asian. They are friggin beautiful. If it weren’t for Jon, she would not be on TV. Even if she had twins and sextuplets. You are the one sounding like trailer park trash in saying, “America doesn’t like anything that doesn’t look American”. You are psycho!! Btw, I am a red blooded American from Manhattan.

  • Diane


    I agree with you
    I love Jon and Kate and the kids
    paps and the tabloids ,& jared should just leave the family alone
    I would hate to see the show end because we have all grown up with this family But if that what it takes to fix this family Then so be it
    Jon & Kate plus 8 We all love and support your family


    It seems to me that the favored child is mady, the worst of all 8, she is spoiled and training to be just like Kate. I feel terrible for Jon. I have since the begining because in her view he doesn’t do anything right. She is controlling an mean. She better get a handle on her actions because she will be left alone,. She alianated her parents, her brother and half of the staff. I would love to see them make an attempt at making the relationship work,. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. NO one will put up with her disfuntion.

  • lmaoppl

    Oh, come on people…if u have kids and they do something that you feel wasn’t right, you would take something away from them too. Some of us would take away a video game, some of us would take away dessert. So she didn’t give Mady a sip of water. So what!! She wouldn’t let her starve or die of thirst. For a mom who has so many kids, she feeds and takes care of them very well. Yea she has made some poor choices, but money is the root of all evil. We all know that. So back off and stop trying to act like your perfect. As Mady has said before…”there’s no such thing as perfect”.

    PS-to those of you who read my comment earlier…I am a non-Asian red blooded American!!



    I noticed she hit Emril too, I even said to my husband, You know women are abusers too. But they get away with it. SHe is emotionally abusive and physically.