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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Still Together!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Still Together!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, supermodel Bar Refaeli, grab some late-reading material at Barnes & Noble bookstore in Los Angeles around 11PM on Monday night (June 8).

Leo leafed through several books in the self-improvement section while Bar flipped through some magazines.

Earlier today, People reported the couple split.

Their Leo source said, “They’re taking time off for the time being, they’ve split. It could just end up as a break but for now they’re doing their own thing.”

Their Bar source added, “She wanted to move faster than he did, she wanted to move in together, so he broke it off.”

Clearly, Leo, 34, and Bar, 24, are still together! Bigger pics inside…

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leo dicaprio bar refaeli still together 01
leo dicaprio bar refaeli still together 02
leo dicaprio bar refaeli still together 03

Credit:; Photos: Owen Beiny
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  • brush yo teefs


  • brush yo teefs

    her face looks like something from the nightmare before christmas but i cant put my finger on it…………..

  • hell to the no

    These azzho^les brokes up – they have not been together in months!
    This is a picture of Bar buying magazines with her EX BOYFRIEND!!!
    She came to LA to get some bs award and so she will see Leo – they have known each other for years
    This is not a romantic relationship though!!!!!
    That’s why the minute these pics were released they issued a statement that they are broken up.
    Leo tried to pick up a Brazilian model in NY just last week!!! There are witnesses Why? Because the man does not have a girlfriend anymore.

  • Naima

    OMG what a miserable looking woman and Leo, wow everyday his stock plummets in my book. I’ve seen this man out and about in NY flirting with women and having a great time so what is wrong with him that he keeps going back to that ??

    Leo you used to have some standards and some integrity, what a damn shame and what a waste !!

  • french

    @hell to the no:

    he was in LA over the week end

  • Naima

    @ French I saw him in NY last week as well so…

  • ewwww

    I dont know what eney of these women see in him has fugly.

  • french


    do you have proofs?

  • celia

    What’s wrong with her face?!! Leo looks sexy as usual. I had a feeling they weren’t broken. The tabloids can’t stand it if a couple is together…drama free.

  • go sox

    Time for Leo-boy to grow up….he’s 34 and he still can’t seem to find a woman that he’s content with. Gimme a break. What a loser in relationships.

  • bearding

    Bar Refaeli doesn’t know that Leo loves guys and she’s a beard?

  • I hope Leo dumped her

    “Clearly, Leo, 34, and Bar, 24, are still together!”
    What kind of BS is that?
    Pictures of grumy looking persons is proof that they are together?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think they are together either. By my perspective, they look miserable! She looks like she’s been crying & he doesn’t look all that happy with himself. They’ve been broken up before, I think this is it for them.

  • Dogcatcher

    Woof! Woof! Time for both of them to be trotted off to the kennel.

  • suz

    Can she look any more miserable?

  • I believe the NYC part of the story but wasn`t it one week earlier? This weekend he was seen in L.A. ( Thursday, Friday and Sunday ) but before that he was in NYC and I read about him being out and flirting…
    People mentions the photos but sticks with the story. If I have to choose between JJ and People my vote goes to People…
    Are we sure the photos are new? Just because they were released this morning they can be old. I just find it weird that these pictures and the break up story come out on the exact same day.
    They look miserable and distant as always. Are supermodels supposed to look like her even if she is not working?

  • * look like her = horrible

  • vool

    no offense but she is really ugly and I don’t get what all the hype about her iz..

  • uhmmm

    Leo was in LA, at the Lakers games on Thursday and Sunday.
    There are lots of pics around on the web.

  • He was seen flirting in L.A. last week as well.,,20282785,00.html
    I`m not so sure what to think about this right now…

  • lisa

    shes agly!!!!and lwo is….yami :)

  • lisa

    bar is agly!!!!and leo is….yami :)

  • Matt

    Granted, she may look horrible for HER standard, but she still looks far better than 99% of the women in the world….including the chicks on this forum ragging on her. Still unbelievably hot.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so confused too! I wish I knew what was going on!
    & I think these photos were really photographed last night. It’s just a bizarre timing. I’m always wrong, though.

  • http://justjared kem

    She is horrible without makeup, and looks SOOO MISERABLE…
    # 16 I agree about the pics. He deserves someone better.

  • hello

    is he wearing a university of california irvine ,UCI baseball hat?

  • emma lee

    Not exactly looking like a happy couple. I have never seen a more miserable look on a woman’s face.

  • @11

    It seems she find it out just yesterday and cried like hell, then Leo had sorry for her and took her to that bookstore for taking this miserable looking last pics together. ’cause he’s so a nice gay…um..guy ;)

  • kkcc

    i thought she was older than 24. how long have theybeen dating now??

  • lia


  • Anonymous

    @ kkcc,
    they’ve been dating for about 2 years, on & off

  • grow up people!

    wt? they both looked tired. everybody has that look sometimes.

  • @28

    You just kind of make it up as you go along, don’t you.

  • gay is ok

    @@11: LOL!

  • old pics?

    I don’t get it, when you click on the first pic you’ll come to a page under the title “Posted in: Bar Refaeli: I Recycle Bottles at the Beach!” When you click on that title you come to the thread from January 18 2009. WTF is it now?!? Are this pics new or not?!??

    Plus, she’s looking wayyyy less tanned on this pics than on the pics from the award event last sunday (= just a day before this pics!), isn’t she?

  • lia

    Leo is an idiot.

  • kara

    so hot. they are still together! yipee

  • Lemon cover

    in the YH she was like carrot and now she looks like lemon press out
    they are will not to show love coz knows abot beign paps. i mean they are CALL paps to show face each other together for “”split up rumours”" on “”people”" . Eh, probably she want to sleep..and he too..with lemon cover ell beattch.
    He “”love”" her guys!!!!!!!!.And we are nothing to do with it.!!!
    I think he will marry for her. Sure!!. Uuuuuu-hahahahahaha

  • better gay than Bar-guy

    I’d rather see him with a lover bf as with this horrible looking wannnabe supermodel. Sorry but it’s true.

  • Lemon cover

    @old pics?:
    Its new pics,she picked up a magazine with her own lemon face on the Ell cover

  • Gaby

    maybe their relationship is ending, well at least, they dont look happy at all..only time can tell…

  • lostchick

    What exactly is it that people see in this boy that is so attractive?

  • what

    shut up JJ – they is so over!!!
    this is known as take the bi^tch out after you break up with her
    see you are still pretty – you are on a magazine – let me buy it for you.
    It’s over people!

  • bridget

    Yikes!! photo-shop is definitely Bars friend….

  • birthdaytext



  • louisa

    I don’t know know if they are together or not but how do these pictures proof that they are still together? They were taken last night and People’s article came out today. Bar looks miserable and Leo looks bored or annoyed. This doesn’t scream happy and in love. Also they were at a bookstore not on some romantic date. Maybe they ended on friendly terms if they did breakup.

  • lisa

    They never look happy at all. I’m sorry but Leo gets so pabs hassle but not that much. He is what 34 (where has the time gone). She is what 24 and they have been dating for 2 or more years. He may need to try and date a woman a bit older for a change. He just seems to be floating. I really don’t know much about Leo or Bar so to be fair…

    I really don’t think that many people care one way or the other if they are together or not. They are not a very exciting couple. Leo just seems to try too hard to be Mr. Serious. He is a young man acting like he is 60 (except he has a young girlfriend)

  • @45

    Maybe because it has nothing to do with their age difference?
    How old are you?!? It seems you don’t even get the simplest thing in this whole “love” story! So sit back and try to think first, kid!

  • Brodie

    It’s more than 2 years.
    They have been dating since 2005 -closer to 4 years – they have broken up so many times already.
    This goes nowhere but in the toiletbowl.
    Leo finally flushed it down!!
    Oh big surprise – call the news.

  • Makre

    Leo was at the opening of Avenue in New York last week on May 27th (not this weekend) LAST WEEK – which is what all the articles are referring to and Leonardo was talking to a brunette woman for most of the night – leaning in and trying to work his magic – he is single.