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Megan Fox Transforms Tokyo

Megan Fox Transforms Tokyo

Megan Fox looks hot in a Thomas Wylde chiffon printed “Castile” dress with chain straps at the press conference for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at Shinjuku Park Tower in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday (June 9).

Co-star Josh Duhamel was also on-hand for the promotional event. The film will open on June 19 in Japan.

The 23-year-old Tennessee hottie continues to garner press with her on-and-off again relationship with Brian Austin Green. Check out E! for the latest scoop!

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  • Maximisses

    Wow! Megan must of got a stylist ’cause she’s looking pretty good now.

  • awurbii

    Megan is pretty but the tan is a bit much. I don’t understand the obsession with tanning?? Why would you want to look that orange??

    I am excited to see the movie though! The first one was okay but I think the hype was larger than the film. I’m hoping the second one is better and the movie doesn’t get lost in the action. The action is great, but there needs to be a storyline. A lot of movies lately have amazing special effects but when it comes to the script, the movie gets lost.

  • hums

    yeah, your probably right Maximisses. She looks awwesomee!

  • Verónica

    She made her homework!!

    I love her style for the two first TF2 premieres. Cheer up Megan!

  • Claire

    She looks gross, Her face is layered with some orange substance n it looks like she got her lips done.

  • drop_dead

    Very sexy FOX

  • tommy

    She is sounds so stupid in her interviews, and wears waaaaaaay too much make up.

  • avam

    So says the girl from Tennessee who’s covered with garish tattoos and can’t decide what sex she is attracted to……. and as been dating the nerd from 90′s hit show 90210, Sigh.

    The “Transformers” bombshell-cum-uninhibited philosophizer also contemplates — reluctantly — what she would say to Megatron to keep him from destroying the world. “I’d barter with him,” she muses to the July issue Total Film UK, “and say instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?”

  • Sara

    She looking more and more fake, honey easy up on the surgeries.

  • deeds

    Megan’s looks very ladylike in her demure dress. Still a tad too much makeup (foundation), but not garish. Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup.

  • maryrowery

    just wait until she goes for charity work…
    you’re gonna love her then! :D

  • Sh.C

    Can’t wait for the movie! Looook at Josh, his stunning! But where is Shia, how could they skip him?

  • pout

    she looks a like Adriana Lima in some pics! anyway she’s stunning!

  • red boyz

    She does not look 23! Whats with all these girls aging quickly? I need to find a place where woman age better……………………

  • mju8

    Josh Duhamel is one fine specimen. Fergie is extremely lucky!
    As for Megan she needs to ease up on the fake tan she resembles an oompa loompa here and her stinky personality does not help

  • lizzie

    I would lie if I said she was ugly but she is not natural, and beauty comes from being natural (that’s what I think). I mean you can enhance your beauty with a lil bit of make up, but here, it looks “too much”.

  • vera

    very beautifulllllllllll

  • ugh

    why is her skin so red ? seriously? She’s gonna regret acting all sexy and tanned up/being baked up in make up 24/7 because in ten years she’ll look like she’s 40, AT LEAST 40.

  • Liverwurst

    Her plastic surgeon is every bit as good as Angelina’s!

  • http://Q Queen bee

    A hetero guy at my job said she looks like a ‘pin-up’, but it wasnt a compliment. The pot-marks and craters on her face and the orangie tan is NOT attractive.

    …If you google pictures of how she looked a few years ago, you can see that she CLEARLY got a boob job and a nose job. Beween the dying her hair black, and the multiple tatoos….I would have more respect for her if she just admitted to paterning herself after Angelina Jolie.

    unfortunately for her, everyone knows she’s a fake-Angie…..and that THERE’S ONLY ONE ANGELINA.

  • Liverwurst

    @Queen bee: Seriously girl, open your eyes. Beautiful yes, but there is NOTHING natural about AJ.

  • NativeNYker

    She is so HOT…. Damn.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Verónica

    Angelina is ugly.

  • Verónica

    And Megan doesn’t have orange sking. Is the light!

  • ugh

    “. I turned into a weird middle-aged married man. I felt like I had this need to save Nikita. I’d get lap dances so I could get to know her, and I’d give her what I thought were great little sound bites of inspiration—like You can do it, you’re better than this! I didn’t want her to be there.”


  • cazpooh

    why are her teeth so big all of a sudden??

  • betty

    look at her lips!!!! now compare them with how they looked a few days ago. They have gone from virtually non-existent to angelina voluptuous in the space of a few day. WHAT A CREEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does she not know how stupid she sounds, trying to look like AJ. she needs to get her own life, she seems mentally ill if she’s trying to emulate someone else.

    on a nicer note, i like her hair and dress.

  • Just a girl

    This girl should be working in adult movies, not much good for anything else. She has the right plastic attributes and acting ability.

  • Thay

    so cute *-*

  • Sal

    Photoshopped rubbish from TABLOID BLOGS? You Maniston jealous toads can’t help yourself, can you? You are ADDICTED to tabloids. FYI, Angelina is ALL naturale, and you know it. Unlike ‘deviated setptum’ ugly Aniston with her multiple nose surgeries, her hair extentions, and her attempting to erase any sign of her not being Greek by using blue contacts and bleaching her hair to dry straw. Its ironic you worship and over-fixed (but not enough) plastic Beverley Hills science project and attack someone who hasn’t had anything done. Guilty conscience?

  • paul

    so beautifullllllll

  • oh well

    She has a very good sense of fashion, and she has the body to wear these clothes. She looks ok, I somewhat liked the movie but i dont so like her. I love Jennifer Garner and Connely. U guys? Who else do u like?

  • a total fan

    # 21-

    Get over it. Jolie never had an awkward looking day in her life. She was a natural beauty and if she had any work done it was to enhance her looks not change them Unlike some other actress out there. But anyway this is about Fox- this actress is changing her looks but it doesn’t take way from the fact that I like the Transformer movies and I will be watching. I hope she has a long action movie career.

  • crink

    Get a new makeup artist. Her face is a completely diff color than her neck!

  • eew

    she look so orange! and her face has tons of acne marks.

  • lol

    Good thing they didn’t let her talk. Anyway, she looks ok. Not drop dead gorgeous as someone exagerated. Her fake tan looks terrible. And are those crates from acne?

  • paul


    lol you are stupid..goddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    @a total fan:

    angelina is a bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….come on…

  • Vanessa

    Does this woman have liver problems? Her skin looks like orange baby poop. She’s got too much makeup on and looks much older than her stated age. She must have stock in Vaseline — for her face and other parts of her body.

  • don


    an you slut????you are beautiful???????
    megan rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a total fan

    #38. I wouldn’t say that since I don’t know Jolie personally. But from what I can SEE of her is that she is a beautiful woman.

  • me

    Megan looks like she’s been baked to a crisp…but all the guys look sexy!! Especially Duhamel.

  • Not impressed by JA

    her new teeth makes her trannyness more obvious.

  • Sal

    @me: No, she is NOT. YOU are the b.i tch.

  • me


    ok you mother,,,is a slutttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Sal

    @me: No, thats the big that bore you. The best part of you ran down your pig’s leg.

  • maria

    megan is so beautiful…..!!!!!
    and she is dating shia…!!!!!!!!

  • don


    and you??????are sexy????or a ugly slut….????????

  • lalaine

    excuse me.she’s not the only star in t2 u know..whwere’s shia’s pic!

  • p0rn star in the making

    ugly tranny!