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Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Son!

Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Son!

Thomas Beatie, aka Pregnant Man, gave birth to his second child, a baby boy, early Tuesday morning, reports 20/20.

Sources say it was a “natural childbirth,” just a few days before the expected June 12 due date.

Beatie‘s wife, Nancy, will be breastfeeding their son, as she did with their daughter, Susan Juliette, who was born last June.

The name for the baby hasn’t been decided yet.

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  • jenny


  • living_life

    abomination in the eyes of GOD!

  • miranda


  • http://justjared tanii

    Didn’t know she/he was preggo. Poor kids.

  • cassidy

    sick, very sick.
    *goes to throw up*

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    ok, but he’s not a man, so there that goes.

  • dude

    eww sicko

  • jenna

    I am confused……
    What is the baby coming out of?
    A vagina?
    A c-section with a penis?
    an asshole?
    his mouth?

  • mary

    She is not a man…she was born with a vagina, so therefore she is a WOMAN!!! A real man will NEVER get pregnant. Sick!!

  • Kate Gosselin

    He’ll need all the support he can get…($)

  • You/Me

    Ugh, “man” and “natural childbirth” just don’t go well together
    lmao :-)
    anyway, if he is not a man because he as a v then why don’t they just say “she” is gay?? I was never interested enough to read about him, I just assumed he was trans-whatever-the-hell…lol..
    Also, how is the wife/other mother breastfeeding if she wasn’t pregnant?? How is she producing milk??? AAAAHHH, this is too much…lol.. :-)

  • trish

    that man is really a woman that change them self to a man and still can give birth because the inside he is really a woman

  • rpatzfan

    ewww! and he’s a she!

  • kiki

    It’s not a man! He is a transvestite, he’s not even a transsexual because he did not have his vagina replaced with a penis. Stop lying Jared.

    A woman who has her breasts removed and receives testosterone shots but who has a uterus and a vagina is still a WOMAN!

  • michelle

    this “man” was a women..thats why “he” can be pregnant…and he hasnt got a pe**s

  • wikig

    this is not a man but still a woman so get of the heading man had baby!!!!! its a bloody woman

  • NoMan

    Disgusting. First Obama, now this. This world is going to shit.

  • laura

    How does he have facial hair? Will the kid have three nips?


    Redefining the definition of “marriage” and “man.” What’s next?

  • GoodGirl


    All those comment are so hilarious!!

    Thanks to you all!! lol

  • talia

    i dont get it, does he have a p**** or v******?
    does he have periods…?

  • jen

    #21 and others….

    don’t be so dumb……unless you are a young teen that does not yet understand…

    “He” was born naturally as a woman. “He” also has gone thru some sex changes but not completely ( to look like a man.)

    Did not have the womb removed.

  • lola

    nightmare tonight for me
    thanks jared

  • lola


    lmao @ “his mouth ??”

  • S

    ew. this again. those are going to be some F upped children. If you have a uterus: you’re a WOMAN.

  • Mandy

    Hopefully, the doctors removed her/his uterus this time! To the question above…(it) has a “flap of skin” and, apparently, it pleases Nancy.

  • gotb

    Congrats to the birth of your son!! :D What a beautiful family.

  • rolling my eyes

    If gays/lesbians adopt or have biologicla kids, you really cannot stop them. I am very open minded to people living their lives and going to neighborhoods, citites andstates where they can be accepted.
    BUT THIS CASE is just like Octomom and Jon andKate, $$$$$ tget $$$$$ by any means nec. $$$$

    This man was born a woamn. Has taken male hormones for facialhair etc. She stillhas her female insides and can conceive & carry kids. The other woman, born a woman,the partener is breastfeeding by taking laction hormones.
    These two lesbians are sicky to me.

  • grandree65

    headlines say man God said woman can’t the devil make a fool out of some of us. What God created not man lol

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    This is gotta be one of the weirdest shit i’ve seen in my life. Why would any woman want to become a man and cut her frickin’ boobs off. There’s women who want big boobs, and this one gets them cut the hell off! Just thinking about it makes me cringe. The only thing he has left is his vagina, which is why he can still give birth. I don’t condone this shit at all, it’s preposterous! This is sick & twisted.

  • Zara

    This is so stupid. HE IS NOT A MAN! No man has a vag.

  • kara

    JJ should hide this picture under a “warning”, it’s really shocking to see that on the index… i didn’t want to see that !

  • mora

    cut the crap its not a men she was born pussy there for that makes her or him a women wake up jared

  • vool




  • a total fan

    This is not a man but a surgically altered woman.

  • cosi

    JJ, you remain confused re the appropriate pronouns; it’s “her”, not “his”, despite the regrettable beard etc.

  • sam

    this she/man have twisted mind
    its just sick!!

  • VicKY

    This is why religion is still relevant nowadays – to avoid this kind of confusing sh!t ! When you’re a man – be a man, when you’re a woman, act like one. If you want to be a woman, cut off all the sh!t associated with womanhood.. Don’t live double life and send confusing message to the younger generation ! Sick! Sick! Sick! and you want to bring children into this world! Pregnant man, my @!#$%&*!

  • jami

    excuse me but how does his wife breastfeed the baby if she wasn’t pregnant and lactating??????that makes no sense to me

  • eme

    huge woman hips

  • hormones


    She probably has had some kind of hormone injections to make her lactate. Also, the surgically altered female used to be a stunning Hawian beauty queen. Look her up the pictures will shock you.

  • Panth

    Congrats !!
    I think this child was VERY wanted.
    I wish the couple all the best in the world !

  • Ashley Griffith

    I think the name cooper would cute for your boy

  • Jaz

    “natural,” meaning his penis hit his babies in their head while they were coming out. LMAO!

    But I support them, good for them.

  • emma lee

    If the “wife” will be breast feeding, why wasn’t she the one to
    “carry” the baby and deliver? If Beatie feels she was born a man in a woman’s body, why did she want to be the one to become pregnant? Pick a gender and stick to it! Was there some medical reason why the “wife” could not go through with a conception and pregnancy?

    I am also getting tired of people doing some of these things for publicity and money. Next thing they will have their own reality show!



  • ed

    Are we still pushing this crap? BREAKING NEWS!!! A woman has a baby! Story at 11:00.

    I don’t really care how many times Opera says it, this person has two X chromosomes. I know I went to school a long time ago but I think that still makes her a woman.

  • all of you people writing these hateful comments disgust me!
    you all sound like a bunch of morons!
    this is 2009, please open your minds to different lifestyles…who are you to judge them?
    how hard is it to figure out that he was born a woman, but decided to transition into a male?!? he had his breasts removed but has not yet had his surgery down there and still has all of his reproductive organs therefore he can still get pregnant!! his wife did not carry the child because of medical reasons she cannot get pregnant!!
    these two children of theirs will grow up in a very loving and caring environment!!!
    I wish their family all the best!

  • AQ

    It is a very selfish person! It claimed on Oprah that she had always felt like a man BLAH BLAH. So, it decides to get part surgery, but kept her options open by deciding to keep her female reprodutive organs. SELFISH, it wanted to be a man, but also wanted the best of both worlds, by being able to have babies and tell itself that really I am a man!!!!

  • AQ

    Also,people should look up some details, as I am not sure if JJ would want me to post some of the intimate details. All was on Oprah, but some time ago.