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Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Son!

Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Son!

Thomas Beatie, aka Pregnant Man, gave birth to his second child, a baby boy, early Tuesday morning, reports 20/20.

Sources say it was a “natural childbirth,” just a few days before the expected June 12 due date.

Beatie‘s wife, Nancy, will be breastfeeding their son, as she did with their daughter, Susan Juliette, who was born last June.

The name for the baby hasn’t been decided yet.

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  • Dread not

    The “he” is really a “she”, but it was a natural childbirth…


    Though I gotta say, if Ashton and Demi ever decide to have a kid, it will probably play out a lot like this. Can you imagine the food cravings that Ashton would have, and the mood swings? THOSE would be some Twitters to check out!

  • Josiegirl

    A bearded woman who cut her breasts off gave birth to her second child. Genetically and in most ways physically, she is a she; yet, she claims to be a man. Facial hair do not make a man. She is one messed up woman, and if our society weren’t messed up as well, the kids would be spared the mental patients who are their “Mommies”

  • Not a man just a stunt

    Stop saying man its a woman who chooses to live as man with woman organs.

    Stop making it political & pushing it on people, it will probably not ever be mainstream because its not truly a man common sense solves that problem.

  • goslingtwilightlover

    That’s just plain nasty!!!!

  • athena

    @kiki: It’s not Jared’s fault that he’s what she is….This couple had mentioned on Oprah that she kept her functionality as a woman…so, now hopefully that she’s/he’s given birth, he’ll complete his operation to become a man…that is, if he’d like to….

  • athena

    @living_life: Judge not, lease ye be judged.

  • Naima

    Disgusting, I believe in people’s rights but this goes beyond that. There is a reason why nature exists and homosexuality is a legitimate part of nature. This however is offensive and vile, no individual who even resembles a man should be standing there with their belly out. I feel sorry for the children of these people who will forever be stigmatized for this. These photos make me sick and jared you are the only one out of these legit sights who posts this crap, just gross !!!

  • nc


  • Cheetah

    and then here i site on my chair thinking why our children are so messedup shooting others down at school, drinking and driving, doing drugs..

    Men i probably would if i would have grown up in this world.

    Just sick this!

  • Johnson

    This is so weird . Isn’t he a transexual woman who dresses like a man?

    I hope there won’t be a reality show on this…TV is already too weird for me these days…

  • babytse

    Why does this picture look so disproportionate?

  • ladiuvernu√†

    re: and then here i site on my chair thinking why our children are so messedup shooting others down at school, drinking and driving, doing drugs..

    YOUR children are doing that because YOU let them.

  • Just Interested

    that’s not a man he’s still a woman!!
    ughh i can’t stand her/him

  • Mysteryuz

    That is gross. She and her “wife” have taken too many hormones and shit. They don’t need to have kids or breastfeed any unless they are drug free (sorry but hormones are a drug). Then you wonder why some kids have so many ailments.

  • crystal

    @62: 100% agree with you!!!!

    I feel extremely sorry for their children..they will be ridiculed by this for their whole lives!!

    Its utterly disgusting!!!

  • wow

    @…: I m sorry but whose sperm that make he or she preggy?

  • Kelly

    This is sick.

  • ~Miya vivi~

    this man/woman/dog/??? has no brain :( which sucks

  • um….

    Exactly how does this Nancy breast feed babies if she did not give birth?




    #28. ITAWU!!!

  • Angi

    You can take medication to bring on milk production. A lot of women who adopt a baby will choose to do this because they feel it brings them closer to their child.

    As to the posters who say the pregnant man does not have a pe**s, when taking testosterone to change from female to male the vulva vestibule becomes engorged and several inches long and it is used the same as the male appendage during s*x. Which is possibly a lot more info than any of you really wanted to know.

    I’m a married hetero female. Though I’d never be a part of that lifestyle, I believe in everyone’s right to do as they wish so long as it doesn’t harm others.

  • Cathy

    How can you call her a man – She’s a woman
    This isn’t unusual hahaha – She was born a girl – Is a girl & will die a girl Its pathetic

    She has had a load of cosmetic surgery & now all of a sudden she’s a girl

    Im sorry but this is a girl – with man facial looks because she went through plastic surgery – Its twisted in my opinion

  • lala

    eww freak

  • dr jekyll

    wooooow!! a woman gives birth to a baby!! unusual, isnt it??
    man stop talking bs.. -.-*
    this is a woman, not a man. it was born as a woman with a vagina and everything -.- maybe he or she or whatever thinks it has the wrong body but its still the body of a woman
    sry for my bad english, im german..

  • istar

    poor kids.

  • http://justjared kimd

    This is not a man….so why keep saying pregnant man…Everyone know tht a man can not have a baby so the media need to just stop..This is a confuse young lady trying to be a man,but she has it wrong as well,because again a man can nt have a baby…

  • marisa


  • bonzo

    this is so disgusting. how do we as a society support and even protect this kind of perversity…

  • brentbent

    Why can’t my bigotry find such easy targets to mock and blast every day?


    Who cares if s/he has a penis or a vagina (guess what, those aren’t dirty words any more than elbow or uvula are dirty words) as long as they provide their children with a happy, safe home? Would you rather their children be without parents? Meh on you morons.

  • anonymous

    This human being is a woman. Enough.

  • Kim

    @jen: i agree. those idiots need to think first before saying bullsh!ts about others.

  • FTW

    this is NOT a man, it’s an ugly chick that pumps out babies? when will the media GET this???

  • A Powers

    That’s NOT a man (who just had a) baby!

  • Rebecca

    Regardless of the beliefs and preconceptions that each one of us have – as chistians we are told not to judge. I admire the bravery of this couple and think that anyone who has a genuine desire to love and care for a child – is an assette to this evil world we live in. I wish them every happiness xox

  • ruchi

    this is just disgusting

  • Ivy :]

    tell me please. how in the world did that happen?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This is seriously so disturbing. Ugh gross!

  • Georgia

    He was born female, but had his breasts surgically removed and legally changed his sex from female to male and has lived outwardly as a male for quite some time. He’s transgender, and out of respect for him, people call him a male because he probably believes that’s the sex he was meant to be born as. He also described having kids as a process and not something that should define him. It’s not wrong, or sick. They were natural births from a biological woman who sees herself as a man, hence the “hims” and “hes” out of respect for his desires.

  • suppress your appetite


  • Lol

    @jenny: He has a P**ssy.. Lol.. It’s a transgender.