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Violet Affleck: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Violet Affleck: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Affleck, 3, brave the rain together on Tuesday (June 9) in Boston, Mass.

According to KTLA, paparazzi are creating a “circus-like” atmosphere at Violet‘s Santa Monica preschool. City officials have received letters from thirty parents complaining about the nuisance caused by the paparazzi.

“Our families deserve the opportunity to give our children a safe place to learn and grow,” one parent said.

15+ pictures inside of umbrella holder Violet Affleck

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violet affleck umbrella 01
violet affleck umbrella 02
violet affleck umbrella 03
violet affleck umbrella 04
violet affleck umbrella 05
violet affleck umbrella 06
violet affleck umbrella 07
violet affleck umbrella 08
violet affleck umbrella 09
violet affleck umbrella 10
violet affleck umbrella 11
violet affleck umbrella 12
violet affleck umbrella 13
violet affleck umbrella 14
violet affleck umbrella 15

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  • bush yo teefs

    blah blah

  • Bruce Banner

    Hopefully an anti-paparazzi law will be passed to stop celebrity kids from becoming targets

  • denise

    They seem so lonely without Ben. I don’t get the impression that he’s really into Jen as much as they used to be when they first started dating. She seems loyal but in denial about him. He is into their kids however but I doubt he’ll stay with her in 5 years.

  • michelle

    She reminds me of a lonely and bored desperate housewife. Why would she expose her kid to so much paparazzi? Stay home you’re ruining your daughter’s psyche with all the cameras on her face. Their 2nd baby’s really cute though. I’m sure the older one’s going through regression.

  • amy

    #4…I think you’re right…add the fact that I fully believe she’s pregnant again…she never seems happy anymore…Maybe it’s post pardom and being pregnant..
    I feel for this family…they seem to be the most down to earth, or at leat try to be…in holly wood.

  • winter

    Eh, i think you all are making to much of this picture. so what if she’s not smiling, i don’t go around smiling every where i go. she’s walking down the street. so what. also, i don’t think she’s over exposing her child. they can’t stay home all the time, and if they venture out, the paps will be there. that’s how this whole thing works.

  • Jennifer


  • bAM!

    why do you weirdos start talking about her relationship and if shes depressed and if shes pregnant…no one cares but you…maybe go get a life..???

  • Lola

    It’s so sad that they follow her daughter to school. Jen should know she will be followed, but her daughter being followed at school and other places is disgusting. Kids should not be followed. Period.

  • mertz

    lol # 8. dear paparazzi, please leave violet affleck and her classmates alone so they can go to school in peace.

  • kate

    I wouldent look happy if I was followed all around.

  • You/Me

    Ohhh, UNFAIR!! Violet should be allowed to go to school without being harrassed by the paps. And the other parents should be understanding, they live in Cali for goodness sakes, the paps are everywhere!

  • goaway

    Since Jennifer is so selfish and she loves the paps she couldn’t care less about the parents of the school. She does the same s#it in the farmers market, people are shopping leisurely and the b#tch comes for photo ops to disturb the shoppers. She oughta go home and tend to her 18 million dollar home and stop “acting” or trying to come across like she is normal. You rarely see other movie stars in the mix with regular folks that’s because they tend to create a commotion. She needs to go away.

  • marci

    I have to agree. She seems lonely and bored. She reminds me of how Reese Witherspoon looked before Ryan finally cheated on her but now Reese has that smile and joy again with Jake! Good for her! Maybe she’ll find happiness again in the future. Hollywood marriages are weird unless one of them is in the shadows and I don’t thin Jen Garner is the type to stay in the shadows. Classic case of good girl attached to the bad boy. I can’t imagine why she takes her daughter out so much in public knowing that the paps are always there. Stubborn.

  • Pippi

    Violet is so adorable with her little umbrella. She is luckiest celeb kid and hopefully they will be able to put a stop to paps hanging out any preschool to get a money shot. There are lots of celebs begging to be photographed by the paps but obviously their pics don’t bring on the interest of celebs’ kids. Why can’t the paps focus on adult celebs and leave off harrassing kids at school. We should all protect our children (celeb or otherwise). Stop blaming the victim when a injustice occurs.

    Her parents only take her to normal places that regular folks frequent and yet they are blamed for the madness of the paps. If they take pics at public places (preschool aside) I don’t think they would be such an outcry. Case in point, these photos featured here are intrusive and yet could be forgiven due to the fact that they shot on public street.

    That bull sh!t about Jen looking lonely and bored is most likely due to the fact that she and her husband resent having their children stalked by the media and are being denied a normal unbringing when ever they venture out with them.

  • Sally

    They are both adorable. Jennifer is so beautiful that she can wear nothing special and still be gorgeous. And Violet is lovely!

  • honestly

    They look fine to me. She is trying to pick up her kid from school I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • man in the moon

    Let’s face it folks. Somebody is paying big bucks for pics of this kid. Why? Because she is frigging cute as a button. Such a happy go lucky kid. Her mom is also very pretty.

  • denise

    Oh POOOOOOOORRR jen garner and ben having paps around while they get paid multi-millions of dollars to live an elitist life while trying to act “normal”. You can like a celeb, but please don’t ever normalize them. Even reality tv stars get used to the fame after a few seasons. Jen Garner still craves fame like no other or else why would she have 5 movies coming up from her own production company starring HERSELF of course.

  • Denise

    I love Jen garner. She and her family are so beautiful. I follow her career that how I know so much about her. What I don’t know, I make up. Get over it losers.

  • me

    Jared, perhaps you should stop supporting the paps and posting pics of Violet/Jen/Ben at school everyday. You’re just condoning bad behaviour. Children should be off limits…

  • michelle

    OMG! Jen and Ben sure do have some beautiful little girls. Have you guys the baby Sera. She is a living doll. She looks just like Vi.

  • Cheetah

    What a fool excpects a person to laugh when they are walking in the rain. She probably hates that as much as every other living soul. comon people. she is haunted by the papz all day, other parents are complaining about the papz, and if thats not enough she is walking in the rain! of course she is looking depressed. The haters here must be such a shallow persons, think outside the box people, think outside the box!

  • Telesales Tips

    Violet is really cute and adorable.

  • Lee

    The paparazzi should be banned from schools. I don’t understand why the paparazzi need to take pictures of Violet Affleck at school, Jennifer Garner gives the paparazzi plenty of opportunities every day to get pictures of Violet.

  • s.i

    Violet is so cute and pretty, the cutest celeb kid. Jen looks frustrated, but she also is a very beautiful woman. I really like Violet’s normal clothes. She is so cute, a doll faced little girl and she looks so much like her mum. Jen is trying to give the best life possible to her kids and at the same time be normal and down to earth and still have the ability to be in movies. She is doing fine so far. She is beautiful….

  • ellie’

    I just love this family.

  • ellie’

    I just love this family.

  • leslie

    Celebrities have a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi. This is the only reason why I don’t usually feel sorry for people in that situation. You can’t have fame without exposure. They all know this going into it. I can understand why eventually you wish you could be normal again but that’s too bad. You can’t escape the limelight when you are famous– and you certainly don’t make your chances better by marrying/dating an even more famous person. Jennifer Garner seems like a nice lady. She doesn’t appear to be resenting the photographers. She spends a lot of time with her kid. That’s a good thing.

    Miraculously, many celebrities are getting by JUST FINE without photographers. My advice to the Jennifer Garners of the hollywood scene is to maybe ask Anne Hathaway for tips. You rarely see that girl in the tabloids. You gotta slip under the radar. Many celebrities are able to do it.

  • carly

    I get that Ben and Jen are celebs. Why are they not allowed to leave the house with people complaining that they are asking for pictures to be taken.

    Were they not suppose to allow Violet to go to school? Really? The paps followed them to Violet’s preschool and everyday after that staked out the place. How is that Ben and Jen’s fault? Do they have to live under a rock?

    They have never taken Violet to a red carpet or offical event and asked that she be photographed. They aren’t even in LA right now, but in Boston. So they have tried to get out of the spot light. Most of the daily pictures of them are taken when Violet is walking to and from her school in Boston, now. Again, is Violet not allowed to go to school? Are they suppose to hire 3-4 bodyguards, a car service to walk several blocks from their rental home in Boston to the school? Not like that wouldn’t cause a commotion.

    Jen isn’t pranching around on a beach in a bikini with a film crew following her (Kate Gosselin), she is walking down a public road with her child. How is that asking for your picture to be taken?

    OH, and Ben rarely around, it’s because he is working. Plus he was around. Pics of the whole family trying for some private time at a local park this past Sunday.

  • fan from malaysia

    i LOVEEE this family sooo much!!!
    violet is very cute..
    seraphina is very pretty little baby..
    and down-to-earth jennifer garner is a pretty & beautiful woman…
    love them all +++++

  • To Leslie

    Anne Hathaway has no children or famous spouse, so her photograph doesnt go for the big bucks Jen and Violet’s do. Their pictures sell that;s why they get followed, its the last thing either parent wants. Its ridiculous–she is in BOSTON not Hollywood, she obviously wasnt thinking a pap would be following her there. I’ve noticed it s just one pap agency, and hopefully for them its just one pap taking them, but they obviously are bought by Just Jared & Popsugar since they are on the website every day.

    The pictures of them taking Violet to school everyday got ridiculous. I thought it was because preggo pictures of celebs go for a lot but then I realised it was Violet they were after (they took them even with the nanny). I think they should be banned from taking children of celebs pictures. In Europe if they have a pic of a celeb with their kid, the kid is blurred out. In Europe it is much more civilized. But they shouldnt have to move to France! Let’s change the laws here.

  • Jenfan

    Love, love Jen Garner and Ben Affleck.

    They are in a no win situation with posters, if they go out and try to be normal, they are pimping their kids, I guess those posters want them to build a compound and stick their children in it and never bring them out in public, then in a few years they can criticize them for that. Then if they do the opposite and send them to private schools they are criticized for living the “elite” lifestyle. They can’t win whatever they do.

    I think they are doing the right thing – give me Jen any day going out with her adorable kids in jeans/sneakers verses Posh/Beckam going out with her kids in cleavage and 6 inch spikes – now that’s how most normal Moms run errands with their kids – NOT.

    Love you Afflecks – keep doing what your doing.

  • Atlantic

    Violet is adorable with her umbrella.

    Seem like a nice family. Trying to give kids a normal balance. Don’t understand why so much negative towards them for just taking a walk.

  • Jan

    Violet is use to the paps and just goes out with mommy and does not care about the cameras. She seems to be a happy little girl. The paps should stay a SAFE distance from them. I thought there were LAWS that prevented paps from taking photos at schools. CA needs to enforce these laws. If paps are endangering the children then the the cops should be at that school arresting them. Hopefully the complaints will get the laws enforced and the paps allow Violet and the other children the right to come and go from school without being photographed by the paps there.

  • to ATlantic

    There are negative comments about them because of the JLo/Vartan hos that cant stand the fact that Jen and Ben have been happy for 5 years now and looks like no divorce despite their hoping and hoping and hoping for just that. THey are sickos who goggle Jen & Ben just to post about how “unhappy” they must be without their has been ex lovers. Sorry, so just give up on it Denise, Michelle and Amy (who are probably the same person)

  • Bruce Banner

    That’s crazy, #13. Garner is a human being and an American so she’s entitled to the same rights and privileges as everyone else.

    Right, #30 and #32.

    Correct, #33. Same goes for TomKat.

  • Atlantic

    Amazing that people would hang onto something for that long. Sure Ben was with JLo, Jennifer w/ Vartan. But, gosh it’s been years. It seems like they are happy with each other now and building a life.

    Such hatred over things from years ago.

    Ben seems happy and stable, making such better movie choices since he has been with Garner. Love that he is directing too. Gone Baby Gone was great.

    People should be happy for them.

  • Atlantic


    If does seem like TomKat does get the same thing. Tom was a little off the wall there for a bit. However, since marrying Katie he does seem to have settled also. I like hearing that he is out with his son, Conner. It would appear that he, Katie, Nicole, and Keith have tried real hard to get along for the kids.

    I did have to disagree with Katie talking Suri to the AI show. Although seeing a few pictures from that night, it appears that Katie was rethinking that decision. But, as parents you make mistakes. Their mistakes to make also.

  • Mariana

    Then STOP posting pictures of kids in schools, Jared!

  • enjoying life

    Why talk about Jen and Vi when Gwyneth Paltrow son Moses and
    Meg Ryan’ daughter go to the same school and cause quite a
    commotion too.. a lot of photographers…So don’t blame just Jen..

    As for Ben he is working on a movie and will always be there when
    she works on her 2 movies… they trade off on the kids one works
    and the other takes care of the kids..” One of us will always be with
    the kids.. But where is Sera..Like you people say BORING because
    she is just walking up a sidewalk.. to the park.. to the school which
    no one has even seen yet…or to her sisters place…

  • kelly

    I don’t know why people feel sorry for them with the paps. Every star knows it comes with the territory and us in L.A. know it’s all part of the culture. The paps have high end lenses so can take shots from across the street which they do at the school. They have more money than 1000 altogether and they chose to marry another actor, especially one as famous as Ben Affleck who I like. Even Ben and Matt have said that they hate how marrying other celebs b/c of the attention. They get a lot of slack about it b/c they make a big deal out of it complaining and trying to be “normal”. I think they’re in the wrong field if they want to be “normal”. Actors marrying each other are bizarre in general – you are making out with others and come home. So abnormal.

  • so right!

    totally agree kelly, #42!! i comes with the territory!!!!!

  • shamrock


    #42 You made a point in the fact to where Matt refused to marry another celeb, and Ben went down the path of marrying celeb Jen. You do not see Matt and his family parading around town in photos nearly even as close as Ben’s family. Why? Does it have anything to do with the celeb/celeb marriage vs celeb/citizen marriage?? Looks like it to me. Media thrives off of the two POWERFUL people getting together and attempting to conquer all with careers, making hot films together with other hot peeps, and trying to live a normal life in this society.

    Certain celebs that are much more FAMOUS, such as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Warren Beaty and Annette Benning, Will Smith and Jada Smith, and the list goes on are not harassed or bothered nearly as much as JEN AND BEN. Why? Do you think it’s because they do not walk the RED CARPET together, keep their relationship to a hush hush level, never seem to enjoy each others company when in the public eye? I DO!!! The media is trying to rustle their feathers, due to such resistance of not giving them those perfect happy couple photos and trying to present a problem to the public of their relationship.

    Lastly, Jen, Ben, and Violet are one of the most photographed FAMOUS families out there. Ben had made comment that his relationship with J Lo was ruined partly due to the media invasion and craziness surrounding them. Isn’t that happening again??

    I think the media should just BACK OFF!! These two have children involved and that is VERY IMPORTANT for them to have a safe, healthy, and happy life from now into the future. Think about the children and how these photos are just an instant gratification for the media to make mucho $$$. Go back to the ACTORS for the photos that did something to be FAMOUS. Not the children!!!

    All the Best to JEN AND BEN and the familia!!!

  • elizabeth

    yes, however, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Warren Beaty and Annette Benning don’t have young children anymore. With the children they do have they do walk red carpets with them. Will Smith and Jada Smith have put their children out there in that they do movies, take them to movie premieres and the like. Ben and Jen don’t. Not saying what the others do is wrong, just that Ben and Jen, as of yet, haven’t taken Violet to things like that.

    Matt was hounded by paps on a recent trip to NY and looked none happy about it either.

    Yup, Ben and Jennifer choose to be actors and marry. So if they get their picture taken, well, so be it. However, I have any issue when the paps were out Violets preschool everyday. Give those children a break. Then there are pictures of Violet out without either Ben or Jen. Sometimes with her Grandmas, or on occassion a nanny. Those pictures should not be taken, and shame on sites that post pictures of Violet without her parents.

  • Elle

    Umm… here’s something funny. How many pics have you seen of Meg Ryan or Gwyneth Paltrow taking their kids to school? Hmm?

    And let’s be honest, they’re both bigger stars than Jennifer Garner will ever be.

    Jennifer Garner CREATED this circus-like atmosphere with all her mommy and me photo ops before Violet started school. I think Ben has genuinely tried to shelter his kids, he knows how quickly all the publicity can turn on you, but Jen Garner has never seen a camera she didn’t like.

    And if Jen is unhappy in her marriage, it’s her own fault. She’s the one who trapped Ben into marriage by getting knocked up.

  • Kelly is wrong and elle

    Elle -is an obvious VARTAN HO!!!~! Can’t stand the fact that she dumped Vartan and is happy with BEN!!!!
    KELLY: It DOESNT COME WITH THE TERRITORY. THe parents are famous the children ARE NOT! This only became a problem in the past couple of years with the tabs and blogs making Suri, Shiloh and Kingston and Violet “stars”. Its sick and people are just beginning to realise we should leave them alone. Jen doesnt want it, mom hos like Sabrina the teenage witch and ToriandDeen do.
    Meg Ryan I have seen with Daisy on Just Jared too I believe – however there is just one famous one there – shamrock is right in that there is more interest when there are TWO famous parents – way more and Violet is beloved as the happiest little girl on the planet. Jennifer doesnt travel with bodyguards or security and tries to live a normal life

  • shamrock


    Seriously, do you really think Jen trapped Ben into marriage? I do NOT!!! He went into this relationship with EYES WIDE OPEN. I’m sure, if you asked him, point blank, he would admit to all of the above and more. Leave that assumption out of the equation. Violet has been the PERFECT outcome of the production. It’s called LOVE!!!

  • paps get pics

    Paps get pics of Gwyneth Paltrow coming from that school also. They started the week after Violet left for Boston. Although Gwyn puts herself out there more, red carpet, fashion events, and so on.

    Google Gwyn, about a month ago paps in trees spying on her child’s b-day party. Pics of her with her kids alot. However, if the sites, gossip things aren’t buying them, then they don’t get published.

  • Ca

    Gotta agre with#33 and others. The girl is not bringing her kid out in mags for photo sessions, etc. She does no’t do any of that. There is not money shot either. It slways thesame ole same: running errands intherealworld likeanybodyelse does. The paps need to back off. As much as Ijust think that is one precious,normal,bubbly little girl, she and the other parents have rights.