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Adam Lambert: I Don't Want A Beard!

Adam Lambert: I Don't Want A Beard!

Here are a few more choice quotes from Rolling Stone‘s story “Wild Idol: The Psychedelic Transformation and Sexual Liberation of Adam Lambert,” on newsstands now.

On experiencing discrimination: A few years ago, I did a musical with Val Kilmer, The Ten Commandments at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. I was finally personally awakened, wearing nail-polish, feeling attractive and comfortable in my own skin for the first time. We’d go out sometimes with Val, and it was the first time I’d ever been around a celebrity – it felt really fabulous. One night, we hung out at his house and Sean Lennon came over to jam with us. I was like, John Lennon’s son? This is the coolest thing I’ve done in my life. But I had a lot of problems with the people putting on the show. One day, the director pulled me aside and said, “Can you turn it down? The producers are a little uncomfortable. It’s a little too … gay.” I was like, “Um, are we doing a musical here? I’m sorry, there are fags all over the place, dude.” It was very upsetting.

On making his sexuality public: There are so many old-fashioned ways of looking at things, and if we want to be a progressive society, we have to start thinking in a different way. There’s the old industry idea that you should just make sexuality a non-issue, just say your private life’s your private life, and not talk about it. But that’s bullshit, because private lives don’t exist anymore for celebrities: they just don’t. I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the time, thinking I have to hide, being scared of being found out, putting on a front, having a beard, going down the red carpet with some chick who is posing as my girlfriend. That’s not cool, that’s not being a rock star. I can’t do that.

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  • jake


  • alicia

    Kudos to Adam for being himself! I respect him so much for not choosing at every turn on idol to bring up the gay issue. Everyone knew he was gay and Adam knew he was at Idol to sing and not parade his sexuality. I respect him so much for coming out as well and doing it on his own terms.


    love him to death. i think he will be revolutionary.

  • jake

    Adam is becoming alittle to pretentious for my taste.

    Same insecurities I talked about in a previous post are confirmed all doubters.

    ADAM “I was finally personally awakened, wearing nail-polish, feeling attractive and comfortable in my own skin for the first time”

    He wears makeup and nail polish to mask his insecurity. SAD!

    Like I said before Guys shouldn’t wear makeup. There are skincare products to fix problem prone skin.

    No hate from here, just wise words.

    Just watch all these Adam fans attack me for stating the obvious. Truth Hurts.

  • samantha

    Why not have a beard? Hugh Jackman has one!

  • gigi

    just shut up and sing for crying out loud. i am sooooo sick of hearing celebrities run their mouths for publicity. shouldn’t his art be enough? and nail poish to make you feel good? give me a break.

  • MaliKa

    He is just excellent!

    Sadly, he is way to big for some of yours small minds.

  • rpatzfan

    he don’t want a beard cuz she likes to dress and being a tranny!

  • jemina

    #5 samantha
    ITA…. Hugh Jackman sure does have a beard.
    His wife is proof that Hugh is gay.
    She is a hound!

  • WentsWorthit

    Kris who?

  • melis

    urrgh… this weeks RS is gonna be a waste.

  • karen

    I think if we want to be a society of tolerance then we need to stop making a story of someone “coming out” a headline. It should be treated like any other story. If he is gay so what. Does it matter to the quality of his music, his talent.. no.. I can’t see GAY on a CD.. so I don’t care one way or the other. I think it is great that he may be a role model for others, but we need to stop making these stories HEADLINE NEWs.. Adam is an amazing artist.

    That is enough for me…

  • waad

    i really love his honesty

  • jamie

    # 4 Jake

    You are so very incorrect! He’s gay and that’s the reason for nail polish or whatever…..Not that he is insecure! He’s gay. Those are normal things for gay people.

    You- Jake are the insecure person. Can’t swallow it because of your own closed mindedness. He seems like a pretty smart guy that has a good head on his shoulders. He is also an awesome talent that will go a long way. And FYIF…I am a straight married woman. I do have gay friends and they are all very nice people and I am proud to call them my friends.

    Jake- your comments- “wise words” are actually stupid closeminded words. and no…’s not the truth at all

    You need to wake up and face the real world and stop being so “middle America”…… this is the 21st century. Not the 1800′s


  • gigi

    Jamie #14–he’s gay and that’s the reason for nail polish?? your gay friends must think you are an idioit for saying this.
    sexual preference does NOT equal make-up wearing. that’s like saying all lesbian’s don’t wear make-up.
    there are PLENTY of artists out there that are not gay that wear nail polish.

  • kawtar

    i don’t like his voice and i wish if criss won it
    and about the gay thing ,, i think this is his life every one sees what he think that it s good for him so i wont talk about this, i respect him as a humain and as a singer but i really don’t like his voice not as much as criss

    kawtar from morocco

  • arminius

    Yeah, this dude is really suffering.

    I remember when I made the cover of Rolling Stone. As a musician, it was certainly the low point of MY life. Oh, the oppression!

  • jamie

    # 15

    Don’t put words in my mouth. You are not understanding anything. I did not say that only gay guys wear polish or makeup. Each gay person is different. He happens to be gay and likes nail polish and happens to be very “glam”. Nothing wrong with that. I have lesbian friends that wear make up and a few don’t.

    YOU are the idiot for only “reading” what you want.

    anyway…I could care less if he wears makeup, polish or whatever….what really counts is that he has TALENT.

  • Ex-Fan

    Jake Gyllenhaal are you listening and paying attention? You don’t have to come out, but God, dump that horrible Witherbeard.

  • Jeannified

    Go Adam, GO!!!

  • Jolie hot chin not

    I loooooove Adam. So smart and so fearless. Such a great artist. He is going to change music. Good on him for not having a beard. ..(although don’t use the word “chick” adam). Anyhoot, I will be there buying all his albums and seeing his tours. Awesome!

  • Jory


  • Amanda

    I liked him better before reading these interviews. It’s great that he knows who he is and that he is proud of it, but he is starting to seem very self-absorbed and it’s sort of turning me off. I hope that isn’t so because he seemed so genuine and I really liked him for that.
    I hope that after this interview he stops talking about it to the media in order to keep focus on his music. If people want to know, it is all in the magazine, so he shouldn’t waste the time talking about it. Yes, it is hard to keep your personal life out of the media, but no one is forcing you to talk about it more than once. It is clarified and I think it should be left here.

  • LuckyL

    Haha, I love him sooooo much. He’s so logical and not an extremist like Perez or something.

  • lakers fan in boston

    is wrinkle face still coming out?
    sorry wrinkle face ur boring
    stick 2 what ur good at and make some music and stop talking

  • melissa

    uh oh, he used the word fag, I wonder if he hates gay people.

  • melissa

    You must be kidding me JJ, you didn’t edit the word when you printed the article but you edited out the word when I used it. Grow up.

  • mar

    I enjoyed this interview, but every single itty bitty thing he says or does has been dissected, decontextualized and repeated a gazillion times everywhere. I’m hoping the 20/20 is the last stop in this media frenzy. Time for a break.

  • FroFro

    @21 – How exactly is he going to change music? Because he’s gay? LOL! Hate to break it to you but there are plenty of gay men in music. He is not revolutionary, he’s just not waiting 3 or 4 years to come out publicly like Clay Aikin. Maybe his outing might change American Idol, but thats about it. As for being self absorbed, I dont see that he is. He is just trying to be proud of who he is before people start coming along trying to take that away from him. It will eventually happen… always does. Id like to think he’d keep a good head on his shoulders, but its the music biz and its filled with every indulgence you can possibly think up. My advice to his fans is enjoy him while hes fresh because it probably wont last too long.

  • sarah

    Okay, I love Adam, I love his music and I loved the Rolling Stone article (including these quotes, which came from RS but were only on the website and not in the article), but JJ, 50 posts about Adam in a short time span is overkill. Let’s stop dissecting this guy’s every single word and let him breathe. Just post a link and direct everyone to Rolling Stone. Argh.

  • mora

    hes nasty and disguesting stupid girls stop saying hes sexy he likes dicks not pussys and thats nasty fyi: i hate gay people

  • jami

    I say Good For Him! be yourself dude!


    Actually, Adam’s perspective on the industry is in total agreement with mine; he can’t stand the hypocrisy and can’t be a hypocrite.
    He does embody the artistic temperament to a “T” and that is why what he says rings true on so many levels. He’s also well-versed in Hollywood chimera and fantasy. He calls an ace and ace and a spade a spade to borrow the tired old cliche, which is *very refreshing* in an industry that hides the smoke and mirrors behind a carefully crafted publicity, marketing campaign.

  • Amanda

    God I love everything he says and he says it so perfectly. He is good in interviews and it’s always interesting to read what he has to say.

    I love him so much and this cover and interview only made me love and respect him even more, I didn’t think that would even be possible. I admire him and he has truly changed the way I look at life. I have never been this inspired by a singer/celebrity before and he really has it all. He has every potential to be really big now, all it depends on is his album this fall. It could break him if it’s not as good as people expects, but I know he’s being realistic about that too. So I am hopeful, and so is he. He has so much talent for the world to see.

    Thank you Rolling Stone for this amazing article, thank you Adam for being honest. Thank you Just Jared for posting about Adam! I love you all!

  • whatever

    He’s a complete and utter douche. Name dropping and trying to sound uber cool…..please. Nothing revolutionary or unique about this dude.

  • Magie

    Adam is such a incredible person. He is who he is and doesn’t hide it or make apologies for it. He made Idol about what it should have been, his talent and music. I think other people (the media) made his sexuality a bigger deal than anyone. Adam has come and shook up the msucial world and will continue to do so for a while. Haters to the left and everyone else just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • jane

    I love him!

  • PJ

    Just be yourself,I adore you as a true person

  • melissa asherman

    I love him. I love his voice, his attitude, etc. I thought the magazine article is great and he’s such a nice, great guy. I love men in makeup… gay or not. I think it’s sexy

  • Simone

    So happy he did this.
    However I’ll stick to my origional thought, if he didn’t wear makeup and hair and big out there outfits then he would have won American Idol.

    However, he’s going to be big & I’m really glad that he’ gay & proud and that he’ not ashamed to show who he is.

  • Jake G

    I don’t want a beard, but I have one.

  • Mary

    Adam is so cool :)

  • cherry

    No privacy with Perez hilton outing everyone, hah!

  • tiff

    this just makes me love him more.

  • !!!!!!!

    gay shi – t!!!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Who seriously cares?

  • istillsupportadam


    srsly do u honestly have to make fun of him as if he hasn’t gone through enough already!
    i still majorly support him bcuz he has talent…just bcuz hes gay (or bicourious) it doesn’t mean u have to belittle him……

  • istillsupportadam

    i meant to repley that to rpatzfan…srry about that karen!

  • istillsupportadam


    i meant to reply to rpatzfan’s post…..oops!

  • georgia

    he is so amazing.