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Chris Brown Receives Serious Death Threat

Chris Brown Receives Serious Death Threat

R&B singers Chris Brown and Omarion get sprayed with silly string by the Orlando Magic mascot during Game Three of the 2009 NBA Finals where the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Orlando Magic 108-104 on Tuesday (June 9) in Orlando, Fla.

Chris, 20, has employed increased security due to recent death threats that authorities believe to be serious.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a ‘group’ calling themselves the Women’s Protection Action League have been issuing threats on his life due to the singer’s charges for beating Rihanna on Grammy Awards weekend.

Chris has been charged with felony assault in the altercation with Rihanna and is due back in court on June 22.

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  • roosta


  • me1031

    wasnt rihannah there?

  • mju8

    Sorry but he is such scum and deserves to be locked up for what he did

  • Just Interested

    wtf why isn’t he in jail??

  • stella

    seriously leave Chris alone already. He made a mistake, he was 19, everyone does stupid things at that age. Rihanna hit him too anyway and she is a stuck up biotchh. Im not saying what Chris did was okay but come onnnnnnn…its been like 5 months, can the world move on!!!

    Everyone seems to forget the fact that he is still very talented at singing, acting, and dancing, and he is sexy. So lets put the past behind us. Thank you

  • twilighter


    just beacuse he can sing and dance does not excuse togo around hitting people.
    I dont care if he is 19, he should know better and he is in the public’s eyes and should be a good role model

    BTW he is NOT sexy!

  • Jan

    So cute. God bless Chris Brown and Rihanna. Hope they can come out of this awful situation with their wits in tact, and without being scarred by the media and public’s intrusive attacks against both of them. They are in my prayers.

  • ?

    WHy does he have a smile on his face?

    That should be replaced with a mans penis in jail


  • stop it please…


    Why are you people wishing bad things upon someone? Were you there when all this happened? Obviously not! Have you heard of him before this incident? Obviously, Rihanna has forgiven him, why can’t you? Secondly, the media has blown that incident way out of porportion and it’s getting so old, that was like almost 5 months. I DO NOT believe that he should’ve put his hands on a woman, but I believe we should forgive and stop judging. So, if I were you I wouldn’t be so quick to judge and furthermore wait until June 22nd so we can hear both sides of the story. Thanks!

  • marie

    When my boyfriend was 19, he didn’t beat me up! That is one of those mistakes that cannot be forgiven. I’m sorry.
    I hope these death threats at least scare him a little….

  • brita

    Because violence condones violence? He strikes a woman and then it is okay to kill him? One can’t be bad and the other okay. The only acceptable violence is when it is self defense. Other than that, it’s all bad.

  • sweetness

    of course violence should not be replaced with violence..but as long as we humans behave like animals towards one another…his actions created a boomerang effect in his life. Whatever you put out into the world be it kindness or be it will manifests itself again in your life.
    CB on the surface looks like he is having a fine time..but you know underneath he is filled with nervous anxiety…anytime you need extra security and it’s not because he’s so in demand for his singing career…he’s stressin’ big time.
    you see Rihanna walking around with security guards..she’s being showered with love from fans allover.

  • Me

    Okay, yeah he did wrong but come on.
    And just because he has a smile on his face doesn’t mean he isn’t bothered about any of it. Is there a law saying its wrong to smile when your out with your friends? Exactly!!!
    Give Chris a break, stop trying to get involved in HIS life, and live your own!!!!

  • RB

    His career is over.

  • Rena

    Exactly what I was thinking #11. Using violence to get back at violence doesn’t help anyone. They are just as “scummy” as the person who initiated the violence.

  • Eyda

    You gays are so not fair. Leave him alone, you dont know what happend!!

  • A#16

    Chris is a nasty little thug who has been going around threatening other people for a couple of years. He definitely threatened Rihanna and her friends. This I positively know. So I have not even a little bit of sympathy for him. He reaps what he sows. All this could have been over with and done if he had acted like a man. He should have turned himself in, plead guilty, express remorse, checked himself into an anger management and counseling program and he would have been sentenced to 6 months max and released early. But he had to lie and play games and he is still doing it. Good luck with that Chris.

  • black beauty

    looks like the court of public opinion have spoken

  • goons

    good to see chris otu and about..those people sending those death threats are just he must die for making a mistake..that is just silly…

  • mju8

    @ stop it please

    You seriously consider 5 months to be “old news” in the case of domestic violence? Do you have the attention span of a goldfish or something?

    And what exactly has Chris Brown done since the incident that warrants our forgiving him? I believe the answer is nothing.

    Given the huge amount of official information already made public about the case I hardly think you can accuse anyone of being too quick to judge. If anything, you’re the one who’s too quick to forgive and forget. It’s people like you who wish to sweep everything under the rug that allow violent abusers to continue.

  • N

    mju8, exactly why does he need your/our forgiveness? What did he do to u? please enlighten me.

  • Irish Girl

    @twilighter You’re dead-on right. 19 is NO EXCUSE. Just because he’s a celebrity, singer, whatever doesn’t excuse him from his behaviour. Chris Brown is a douche.

  • Chris Brownn

    Give it Up. Rihanna is a Silly girl who took her crap too far & Chris snapped…
    End of Story!!!
    Is that why she has a sudden interest in basketball? Hoping 2 see Chris there???

  • noonehere

    I STILL LOVE CHRIS BROWN!!!!! i believe some ppl make mistakes n he is very aware of what he did!!!

    tbh rihanna annoys me a little n she kinda looks like a person who would tick u off…maybe she initiated the situation!!

  • A#16

    Almost killing someone by choking them unconscious is not “a mistake.” Busting up their face and biting them is not “a mistake.” Leaving them lying on the ground hurt, bleeding, and unconscious, and running away, is not “a mistake.” Calling them and their friends to threaten them, constantly, for weeks after it happens, is not “a mistake.” When you call their PA up an hour after it happens, and the very first thing you ask them is, “Did she give the police MY name?” then call a real high priced lawyer to help you turn yourself in, is not “a mistake. ” Having your friends put it out there that “she started it!” or “You don’t know what she did to him, poor guy!” Doesn’t sound like he’s sorry. Telling everyone they were back together and forcing her to go to Florida where she had to be bodyguarded 24/7 while he spread lies they were back together doesn’t sound like sorry. To all those who call Rihanna a bitch, just know this. Rihanna kept her mouth shut.
    Thru all the mess, she cooperated with Puffy and Jay Z and all the producers and so forth who were trying to save Chris’s career, who cared more about it then he apparently did. He was busy laying up in Vegas, jet skiing in Florida, clubbing partying, hanging out with Hig Profile celebs, and driving to her house at 4 AM, after his people notified the paparrazzi to pretend they were still together. Chris is pathetic. He sucks big time. Now he needs protection. I don’t care and I’m not surprised.

  • Jen

    What he did was wrong but what’s the he*ll is up with all of these groups that are coming out that are threatening people’s lives just because they don’t agree with him.. Threatening him is condoning the same type of violence he exhibited with Rihanna… but yea Don’t like him or Rihanna..

  • brita

    @A#16: She admitted to the police that she hit him FIRST. That sounds like “starting it” to me. Not to say that justifies what he did, I’m just saying that counts as starting the fight. So saying she started it isn’t a lie.

  • Simple

    Chris Brown did not almost kill Rihanna.

    Those two fools let their ghetto fabolous love affair get out of control, that’s their problem, not mind.

    Violence does begat violence, so if you’re fool enough to raise your hand to someone, expect that you might get hit back, period.

    Should the person who was struck be like Jesus and turn the other cheek, in a perfect world yes, but this isn’t a perfect world.

    Tell your fool children not to hit because if you hit, well someone else might act a fool on you and hit your fool ass back. Simple.

  • lakers fan in boston

    why r those 2 hanging out so often now
    they on the down low?
    dont care what ppl say
    chris brown is a certified g lol

  • mju8


    If you had bothered to see who I was responding to you’d see that I was responding to “stop it please” who said we needed to forgive Chris Brown.

  • ewww

    Yeah, we won..Orlando Magic is the Best!!! LA sucks even if they win!!!

  • Yar

    meh! Don’t care!

  • Rihanna made the first strike


    So what are you saying? It is OK for a woman to hit a man but if a man hits a woman, even in self defense it is wrong. Get a life.

  • James

    wow this has been blown way out of proportion.

    its sad that chris brown is getting so much crrap for beating rihanna, but there are SOOO MANY MEN AND WOMEN who are beating their partners on a daily basis and they can’t do anything about it.

  • ****

    Women’s Protection Action League? That sounds cool. Where can I join? Do I get a baseball bat?

  • rosita, luanda, angola

    For all people than crucifie Chris Brown than they never make some mistake in they life, God bless them…

    It was a fight…Rihanna is not inocent at this story…

    Chris, the day just come soon for you….God bless you, i will continue to pray for you…

    Cant wait for you next album, you have a lot of fans around the world, you have talent, your family, yours friens, dont be afraid, everthing gonna be right…

  • Lisa

    I think it’s non of any of our business.Whether Rihanna decides to sue him or forgive him, it’s their business.Everyone makes mistakes.

  • unknown

    stop protecting the guy what he did was wrong i mean i love him but that was terrible what he did. did you see the pic of rihanna’s bruised face.

  • nobody

    i agree with unknown

  • http://yohoo dina p

    @Just Interested:
    he did only a week
    Dina P

  • remscaski


  • squeegles

    i agree with stella and all those who say “give it up and move on already”! this is old news people. get over it for god’s sake. twilighter you just shut your trap. what chris brown did is definitely wrong but whats done is done. its in the past.. he made a mistake.. so what? everyone makes mistakes, some are just bigger then the other.. this news is 5 months old and OLD it is.. why cant people just move on already? if he and rihanna werent famous, half of you people out there wouldn’t give a damn about their situation because it would have nothing to do with you guys.. but just cause their famous and some of you are die hard fans of rihanna, u hate CB.. pathetic attitude.

  • newbie

    Guys, I’m starting to feel really bad for Chris Brown. This isn’t right. He screwed up with Rihanna but the media and the public is going too far.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    HAHAHAHA he so deserves this.

  • John

    Chris will be okay. And trust me there will be a day where the public will move on past this whole thing. You wait and see! Chris and Rihanna are in my prayers.

  • suppress your appetite

    haha :D