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Jon Gosselin Cheated On Kate's 34th Birthday?

Jon Gosselin Cheated On Kate's 34th Birthday?

The madness just won’t stop!

For the SEVENTH week in a row, Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin takes the cover of Us Weekly (See: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6).

The new issue reveals shocking new details and exclusive pictures of Jon Gosselin and his 23-year-old mistress, school teacher Deanna Hummel, as the father of 8 reportedly cheated on Kate‘s 34th birthday.

FYI: Jon and Deanna first met while partying at local bar Chill Lounge near his family’s home in Wernersville, Penn. “Jon was a dirtball,” said Elyse Motague, the waitress Jon asked to have send Deanna a shot by way of introduction.

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  • Pernille

    Yeah, this has really been blown out of proportion! Their show really wasn’t that interesting beforehand.

  • vicki pasadena ca

    This is why I don’t buy those magazines anymore. the proliferation of “reality” stars on the covers of US Weekly and People just turns me off. Who the heck cares.

  • Deanna is fugly!

    they keep writing about them because they’re probably selling a lot more copies… still KON sucks

  • shell

    Jared, I love how you say the madness won’t stop so you continue to post it. Best thing to do if you truely though it was madness was to NOT POST IT.

  • Rowberta

    anyone who post a comment after me is Jellose of Kate

  • Kate Gosselin

    BIG deal……Steve and I were rockin’ the beach house…… The kids wanted to know when the workers were going to stop hammering.hehe

  • midwest

    Are you kidding?
    1. Jon cheated on Kate on her birthday? She was alone? Yeah, she was alone with Steve the bodyguard !
    Let’s not forget…… Kate gave Jon permission to date whomever, as long as the show went on and the money keeps rolling in.
    She even had a contract drawn up for him to sign.
    That was back before Christmas.
    Granted, Jon was an idiot for going along with this charade.He had a chance to tell the truth, and didn’t.
    He could have been the hero in this scam, but chose not to. I guess money is more important to both of them over their own children.

  • Wammo

    We will be coming out with a Kate Dartboard later this summer. Keep an eye out $19.99, steel tipped darts included.

  • AAA

    “Jellose”…’re kidding right?

  • joanne

    ugh stop posting about jon and kate and us weekly all together. it’s getting really old

  • In all fairness

    They obviously have an “understanding”
    Even on the show, they are strategically staying away from
    each other (different rooms/cities/personal interviews)
    I don’t think either cares what the other does anymore
    As long as the show goes on and the checks clear
    He’s done…She’s done …And when we’re done, then this is done

  • NJ

    Wow, she looks 44 not 34.

  • niko

    *** ” bad behavior with babysitter” ?????

  • Leslie

    THe US reporters obviously have an “in” as far as sources go. Everyone in that little podunk town is jealous of them including their own family so I’m sure they have no lack of sources talking trash. Its surprising the head guy at E is over there doing one on one interviews. This “reality” family is a lot more interesting than real movie or TV stars who like to keep their personal life boring to keep out the tabloid coverage.

  • James

    I am sick and tired of Jon and Kate.I’d rather read 100+ positive
    one line comments in a row about vapid talentless Hollywood .

  • Maria regan

    Hooray for Jon!!!
    Finally woke-up after the way that B#@*H treated him all those years.


    Hey, why didn’t you report about why the kids are imitating Mommy prancing in her bikinis or coming up to Steve Neild, the BODY GUARD for a cuddle? Is this normal behavior if something isn’t going on? Where did Steve sleep in that beach house?
    Why don’t you report about the boy rocking back and forth on the picnic table blinking rapidly like in a trance. Is he so stressed because of all this filming brought on by his parents and TLC?

  • lisa k

    Kate loves this attention, she thrives on it. These two money grubbers have lost all or any credibility they have ever had now. Anyone who believes them, is either an idiot or blind.

  • brooklyn

    Absolutely disgusting that they would have them on their cover for 7 weeks. Give it up already Us. People don’t care anymore.

  • Dylan

    Who is this ugly fat hag and her retarded looking husband and why are they on magazine covers? WHY??!!

  • Cassie

    Obviously, the far-too-many-children parents have some type of agreement to sleep and cavort with other people for millions of dollars while risking the long-term psychological wellbeing of their children. If any of you are watching this show, STOP watching so that it can be pulled from the air so those innocent children can be spared a ruinous childhood and discover healthy relationships with their peers instead of narcissistic parents, destructive cameras, and the evil eyes behind them.

  • KVB

    Don’t watch these shows and don’t spend your hardworking dollars to support narcissitic everyday people and entertainers. Attempt to make your own lives productive, exceptional, creative, and successful.

  • Julie

    I always knew this imbecile was getting drunk/high just by looking at the interview chair, but this is just the nailing point. It’s probably in his genes, cause his parents were divorced for whatever reason. He obviously doesn’t really care about his family and does not realize what he has but will lose. I think this is the last straw and Kate should just think about the kids and realize that Jon is a immature, selfish, and only caring about the kids when necessary. This is crystal clear. How can a Christian human being be sunk this low to destroy a beutiful family for his own few moments of gratifiscation and happiness. Now I now with Amsterdam shirt and Las Vegas shirt replacing the Bible quoted shirts that he used to wear. Such a hypocrite. A total loser.

  • Elizabeth

    Good for him.

  • Cathey

    I am to the point that I am sure alot of other people are.
    I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE SCREWED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN THEY ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAT A STUPID SHOW AND RATINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hawker

    Has anyone ever wondered WHY TLC is continuing this program when the “adult representatives” of it are behaving so badly? Sure , bad publicity is better than “no” publicity but when we’re approaching a time where society is actually starting to act like morals might be a good thing have (again) – we’re promoting this poor behavior? Sure, I’m just as bad as everyone else that reads the gossip columns – but it wouldn’t disappoint me if I never saw either one of these two on any gossip column again – or their pathetic pictures on magazines in the grocery store. I really, really am tired of both of them. I feel so bad for the kids – and somehow, they have just gotten left in the dust with this mess.


    Hint, hint Kate….you need to spend quality time with the child that was trying to imitate what mommy has been doing with the paps and the body guard. …And don’t be nasty or mean to the child, she is only doing what you have taught her!

  • Sharon

    This fool has just destroyed his whole family with his immature acts within the past few months. I mean how many of us are willing to sacrifice the future for a family just to satisfy one’s selfish and foolish desires. I would understand if it was a teenager just to experiment, but this guy has eight kids and a wife! He cannot be this stupid or can he? Maybe because his parents were divorced, it might be in his nature to expect the same thing, but I don’t buy that either. He needs to stop getting “high” on chemical substance and focus on his family and freakin grow UP.

  • jon gosselin

    I’m bangin’,Kate’s bangin’ the cash registers bangin’, live for today I say. I’ll bet the nanny is bangin’.

  • Michelle

    Jon isn’t uncanny when you mentioned in the season 5 opener when you said “it’s not about the ratings but it’s about family, intimacy, and God. Well, from the looks of things you forgot what’s really important in your life. God is first, your family is second, and you are last. But you put yourself first by smoking and drinking the bud, and everything else didn’t matter. You really take the cake as the dumbest person on this planet. A person who had it all but just want to party for his own selfish needs. You are a pathetic human being and make your own race look really bad. I trully hope their is something that will turn your life around, but i doubt it. We’ll see.

  • anonymous

    Who can feel sorry for Kate. She’s such a biotch! She has the meanest personality! I’m not excusing Jon’s behavior, but man he’s married to such a witch! Can’t stand that woman!

  • kiddo

    Nice of US weekly and paps to document her divorce case. Seems to be a case of him cheating. I say hound the dumb $lut who was stupid enough to hang with a married man on a reality show. She will give up details soon i bet.

    I doubt Kate signed any contract. Pride and control will not allow for that. She prob said do what you want, so she has the documentaion she needed to throw the clod under the bus.

    Funny how some of you guys think it is ok to step out of a marriage. Hope you keep to your word if your being a b*tch and your spouse steps out. At no point and time is it ever ok to betray your vows to God.

    His kids will brand him the sleeze he is, as always they will forgive mom.

    Also I noticed he has no problem spending money from the show, but just doesnt want to do it? Now who is the true w.h.o.r. e?

    Kate is staring down supporting 8 kids alone. I would be throwing a $hyt fit. He is and was a terrible wage earner.

    IT guy-can you say CSR rep? lol

    Its a show people. I want to see her kick him dead in the balls. lol

  • Beachmama

    And how does everyone here know what goes on in their lives? Was anyone there? The person who said Kate gave Jon permission to date…who the hell says she did ? Are you friends with her and she told you that? Why do people think they know what is going on in this marriage.

  • Alyssa

    I’d cheat on her if I were him, what a cvnt.

  • Dawn


    This came from her already pissed off spiteful relatives. I wouldn’t believe it at all.

  • miss muggins

    I would cheat too if I were Jon! That woman is a witch!

  • mc

    When Kate finally Confesses to her affair a lot of people are going to feel stupid. She wants it to be over by July,So she can move on.Does that mean we get to see another August wedding like last year…Can’t you people see what is wrong with Jon he’s not handling this very well.If any of you had someone you love tell you all of a sudden they don’t love you anymore and want to get out of a marriage and they have a new love who of you wouldnt drink or find a way to numb the pain think about it how would you feel.How does this man feel when he sees steve everywhere he looks She is really cruel and must really hate the father of her children to do this to him and Steve is not totally blamless for leading her on he could have said no. I’m a man and I can’t reason what would make another man break up another family there are an awful lot of single women out there why take another mans wife and the father of her 8 children. I just hope they both get whats coming to them in years to come.As far as Jon it’s gonna hurt real bad for awhile but every day it gets a little better.You just have to get away from them so she can’t torment you mentally Do’nt woory her time is coming for spitting in god’s face

  • mertz

    lmfao. this is getting better and better. thanks jared. this is amazing news. go jon. get that a$$. i’m sure kate will remain the way she’s always been. goodluck to those kids and that family unit.

  • wendy

    Really ANOTHER story on Kate and Jon?! What would happen if the paps one day decided not to follow kate around?

  • jaye

    Jared why are you still peddling this crap. these people have been separated for over 6 months; guess what, it’s not uncommon for separated people to seek the company of other, even if they have kids. We don’t care anymore. Don’t get a*nal like Perez.

  • willow

    OMG, JARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU JUST WILL NOT LET UP. Not anyone I know of, gives a hill of beans about this trailer park trash couple. It would not surprise me, if their family ditches them out of embarassment. If looks could kill, the entire world would be gone, including those poor children and Kate would be left all alone. That is how hateful and mean she is.
    Does she even know the meaning of nice and love? I doubt it.
    Please find someone else who has a few 15 minutes left on their fame hourglass. Their’s has dried up, like Kate’s face and hair and relationship.

  • DogAss


  • http://facebook Alyberry

    Boo Hoo already!

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    Boo Hoo already!

  • Anon

    Jon’s a total dog, he’s probably been cheating on her for years. That’s probably why she was treating him so harshly for so long.

    Damn him for giving the press new headlines to publish so that his kids can read about it on the headlines at the market.

  • g.f.

    What would you say if you got 20,000 $ for it?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This misery needs to seriously’s getting ridiculous.

  • suppress your appetite

    JON -====]]]]

  • catherine

    this is just a couple, please. My father cheated my mother too, and he didn´t appeared on a magazine. People cheat and one day… just God to make judgments.

    We should never judge or try to understand what is going on, between a marriage. that´s desnecessary and make´s us imorals. We are nobody.