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Kate Gosselin is Starbucks Sexy

Kate Gosselin is Starbucks Sexy

Kate Gosselin takes two of her sextuplets — Hannah and Aaden — to run errands on Wednesday (June 10) in Reading, Penn.

A film crew followed the trio as they grabbed Starbucks drinks together and picked up office supplies.

Looks like Kate has been spending quality time with two of her eight children at one time. Yesterday, the 34-year-old mom took Cara and Collin to run errands.

10+ pictures inside of Starbucks sexy Kate Gosselin

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kate gosselin starbucks 01
kate gosselin starbucks 02
kate gosselin starbucks 03
kate gosselin starbucks 04
kate gosselin starbucks 05
kate gosselin starbucks 06
kate gosselin starbucks 07
kate gosselin starbucks 08
kate gosselin starbucks 09
kate gosselin starbucks 10

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  • Naima

    Why do keep seing of these people, they’re not celebrities, plus that hillbilly hairstyle of hers is ridiculous. I feel sorry for their kids for having such disfunctional parents!!!

  • buckley

    not in a million years.

  • Nicole

    Hey Kate, if you don’t want your kids around those “creepy” Paparazzi then why do you bring them with you to run errands! There she goes again, exploiting her children!

  • Deanna is fugly!



  • Deanna is fugly!

    and by the way it’s all for the show! you can see a camera man in the first picture…

  • stella

    She’s just never going to be pretty. She doesn’t have the face. She’s a b!tch to. Her hair only works on Adam Lambert.

  • Irish Girl

    There is nothing sexy about her. She seems like a money grubber.

  • just sayin

    @stella: I think her face is pretty but she’s not sexy. She’s more of the soccer mom type. Jon is the ugly one.

  • Kate Gosselin

    caffeine, nature’s organic drink

  • Karen

    Jon, I lost all hope for you becoming a husband and being a father of your children. I’m definately sure that you been smoking the bud, partying, and just trying to have a good time while the whole world is focused on you and your family. I don’t care about you or really about Kate, but for your children. How can you be so careless and selfish just to get yourself high all the time? I just don’t get it, you are under the microscope and you constantly prove that you are not adapted to being a good husband and father, time after time. I just hpe for the sake of yoiur children that you get a grip and realize what is the most important thing in your life for once.

  • Kate Gosselin

    Deanna may be younger & tighter than me, but my dominatrix skills more than make up for it.

  • Cindy

    Love Kate and her kids, she’s looking great! Thanks for all the positive stories about them Jared, keep it up!


    Too bad the kids have never experienced a normal life without cameras…

  • Evangeline

    Whatever store is giving Kate all of these clothes or if she is buying them would somebody PLEASE get the chick a better looking tote and handbag, or just a tote . She has these two bags in most pictures one brown the other black. They never match her shoes and they look cheap. She has on a different outfit, sunglasses and shoes in each set of pictures and these 2 stupid bags. It shows kate does not have any fashion sense.

  • Kate Gosselin

    Ah,. another day another shake down. Now who wants me to bring a selection of my children by to your store tomorrow. Just look at the logo placement . I can arrange to have Your product glued to My child’s hand for proper ad display.

  • me

    Most of the clothes that she’s been wearing are from Ann Taylor Loft. That dress is 29.00.

  • Kate Gosselin

    See this story business owners “Office Supplies” …generic… Could be: Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot.,,”_______Office Supplies” if the price is right. Contact MY people.

  • pat


  • emma

    It should be Joel, Leah and Alexis next!!! I like that she takes her kids out 1 or 2 out a time.

  • Kim

    If you watched the show you would know that Kate and Jon rotate which kids go with them to run errands. The kids seem to like it. I think Jon and Kate are very good parents considering the scrutiny they are under. People just need to chill out. Focus on the real bad parent exploiting her kids, Octomom.

  • Mary

    Whoring alert ! Kids along for “quality time” WITH filming crew, ADVERTISING Starbucks in those little hands. Absolutely pathetic. She is thumbing her nose in the face of this type of criticism. She is saying, “screw you I’m making money my way”. You carry the Starbucks Kate.

  • emma

    so far we have seen Mady, Cara, Collin, Hannah and Aaden

  • Denise

    If Kate really hated the paparazzi, that Starbucks has a drive thru!

    She loves that place it has her two favourite words

    STAR – what she will never be
    BUCKS – what she cherishes

  • .

    - she’s a bulldog in heels.
    - the aura is black

  • Cathey

    Cindy & Kim – Wake up and smell the coffee!!! These people are not parents!!!! They need some serious help! Before it is to late for the children. Lets keep the focus on the most important thing in this whole mess. It is not ratings, money or that stupid show. IT IS THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TVsnark

    Sexy? ooookaaaaayyyy!

    Where’s Steve?


    I used to be a huge fan of the show. I can’t stand Kate anymore.
    She obviously does not care what she is doing to her family. I have 5 children and they would freak out if they could not walk down a sidewalk without all of the lights flashing in their face. Child services must do something about this. I think this is child abuse. She is bringing these kids along for MORE attention. I will do everything I can to contact CS and I hope other people will too. Someone needs to look out for these kids best interest and it certainly isn’t their mother!!

  • Lillianne

    Everytime I see her face I can hear the Wicked Witch of the West music playing. Srsly. Look at the big picture of her and see if you can’t hear it. DON’T TAKE TOTO KATE!

  • funny #23

    So funny #23

    so here is Kate again, pimping out her children. And no not because the paps followed them, but because she has her own film crew with them.

    Wonder if she got Starbucks for free?

    Bood job free also?

  • Kateaintgreat

    Why isn’t Aiden wearing his glasses??

  • pudintame

    Enough with this woman! She has no talent. She spawned 8 children that she is choosing to raise in you living rooms! And she is EVERYWHERE! I’ve never even seen the damn show but I see her mug everywhere I turn. Enough!

  • jamie

    Enough about this family!

    Too much attention given to the wrong family!

    If anyone deserves “attention” it’s the Dugger Family. Don’t like their kind of religion…but, they are good people and seem to have fantastic kids!

  • Jaya

    Kate Gosselin is a tough, sassy lady and she can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. What’s everyone’s problem with her? If she’s sleeping with the bodyguard, so what. Jon’s getting his little bit on the side and on Kate’s birthday, no less!

  • Evangeline

    Denise @ 06/10/2009 at 2:44 pm If Kate really hated the paparazzi, that Starbucks has a drive thru!

    She loves that place it has her two favourite words

    STAR – what she will never be
    BUCKS – what she cherishes

    that was a good one!!!!!!!

  • Evangeline

    Most of the clothes that she’s been wearing are from Ann Taylor Loft. That dress is 29.00.
    Back in the early 90′s Ann Taylor actually had cute, stylish clothes. They must have changes owner because the stuff on Kate look like somehing a grandma would give you for a birthday gift. I have not been in there for years and have no plans to start now. Geez, Old navy looks like Henri Bendel compared to the stuff kate is wearing from Ann Taylor. Again, get a decent bag the two she wears are horrible.

  • 15 minutes are up

    Not again, good grief.

    Please stop JJ. Enough of her and her family already.

    Reason she shops Ann Taylor………freebies. Same with a few other local stores. Why give someone in a 1.1 million house free clothes? Certainly she doesn’t need free clothes from Gap, Gymboree anymore either? I would rather see them donate those clothes to charity.

  • Gosselins strike gold

    All you haters are just pathetic and jealous. Whether you like it or not the Gosselins will continue to film eposides while earning $75,000 for each one. You can all be miserable and filled with jealous rage while they are laughing all the way to the bank thanks to all of you. The more you whine and complain about her hair, clothes, bags, etc. the richer they become so continue please!!

  • E

    Do you think Jared is exploiting the kids like their parents are doing? Come on, they are on the website every day. You know that the Gosselin camp or Kate is checking to make sure her picture is staying in the media. Does Kate have a partnership with Starbucks or ‘JustJared’?

  • kate

    kates never took the kids along before she wants them to take pictures of the kids she never gives the kids a break.

  • dawne

    just hates the papz……….right, that’s why she’s struts for them daily. She doesn’t need to go to Staples or pick up a coffee…………any of her flunkies could do that………..not like she doesn’t get the odd holiday and needs to get out……….she is loving this ‘fame’ thing as has turned into a real Aniston type fame ho.

  • F TLC

    ratings 9.8 million————->5.6 million——————–>4.6 million
    see any trends?
    revealing the truth has ruined them. Churchsuckers are mostly gone. only thing left is the truly naive and the uneducated.

  • DIVE

    If the D-Listers get photographed in high hills and Star-$$$ why not the hilly- billy of PA.?
    (She wore the same shoes to MR Chow’s and to the gas station)

    Her jaw is going more to the right bottom denture must be heavy!LOL


  • E

    Jared, that camera man caught in the picture is from the “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ show. Are they feeding you pictures and then crying foul about the paps? How shitty.

  • smile

    Jon & Kate, rotate where they drag the human, show props for photo ops…Just like the grocery store rotates canned goods by expiration dates. I think the stock boys in the store show the goods more kindness and love than the G’s show their kids. Rotten to the core both of them….

  • Paparazzi please

    why the hell does the Paparazzi follow her because her husband banged a 23 year old. know he partys and smokes pot like a teen. How cares shes no star she getting older her 20 nimutes are up wheres your boy toy steve Kate?

  • blah

    shes not news worthy how cares yawn.

  • Gosselins strike gold

    there 15 minutes are up there rateings have droped hehehhehe.

  • Jade

    She has that same ugly dress in about 4 different colors. If she can grab freebies someone should give her some advice on which ones to get. She has a really ugly body and a bull-dog face. No wonder Jon wants something young and tight with a smile maybe…

  • Logan

    Obviously she is getting a cut from the sale of the pictures.
    Paps, my azz, it is one guy. When I am doing a post office run or other errands I am in jeans and tshirt, looking 100X’s better than Kate. I jsut can;t stand how she dresses, yuck.

  • *

    You could easily make the case that the blogs who make the Gosselin’s money have also started their downfall. When they first appeared in force more than a year ago it was about 50/50 for and against . Now? public opinion has clearly turned against them; that is once their background story had gotten out. It’s how I found out who they really are.