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Katie Holmes To Perform On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Katie Holmes To Perform On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Katie Holmes meets up with So You Think You Can Dance judge and producer Nigel Lythgoe at a Los Angeles dance studio over the weekend.

The 29-year-old triple threat is in serious talks to give a special performance on FOX’s reality competition series, So You Think You Can Dance!

“She’s met with Nigel Lythgoe and everyone hopes she appears on this season or next season of the show,” a show insider tells Life & Style.

How exciting!!! Remember when Katie danced for Eli Stone?

So You Think You Can Dance airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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  • 1st

    love katie

  • june

    Life and Style is real news. Come on JJ.

  • poppy

    She’s lovely and very talented!

  • silly me

    Her hair is growing. Yipeeee :)

    Thanks JJ.

  • bring on transfotrmers

    the rags

  • jamie

    OMG…why does she torment herself? She can’t even walk normal and seems pigeon-toed as well.

  • poker

    Nigel also produces American idol so no doubt he invited her to the show also Ryan Seacrest. They talked about that long ago when she promoted Mad Money with Seacrest.

  • pam

    you gotta be pullling my legs ! Katie- dancing? LOL LOL LOL

    WHO (really) wants to be her partner? UGH! Man, she is really trying to get noticed in Hollywood.

    Forget acting…..dancing……..just go home…..take parenting classes in order to raise Suri right.

  • SANs

    Katie,you’re the best

  • Kiddo

    Awesome actress and she can sing and dance. Super sweet lady.

  • sul

    What a JOKE! ,and jj KH is 30 not 29

  • get a life

    1st,june,poppy,silly me,Katie,you’re the best,Kiddo

    Why do you keep posting in different names,get a life

  • mju8

    This is so bizarre. Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance? That’s something I never thought I’d hear.

  • nicole

    kiddo—-you gotta be kidding here!

    she is NOT an awesome actress and singer! LOL LOL LOL LOL

    Something wrong with your mind or ears and eyes. LOL

    cough cough……sing and dance- Katie….

    laughing my butt off!

  • anonymous

    to no12 you’re a coward too posting in different names and hanging around in Jared and most of all celebs you dont know and like
    who needs a life now.

  • kep

    # 12- yeah…you’re right. I noticed the same person kept posting under all those different names. Desperate and a bimbo too like Katie!


    Maybe..just maybe…she is the sister of Michaelangelo or whatever name he is calling himself now. OR…maybe it is Michaelangelo himself!

    LOL././/// pitiful

  • (_l_)
  • duran duran

    i <3 her

  • AW75

    Katie Holmes = talentless butterface, whose greatest accomplishment .. is to put up with Tom the weirdow.
    Stop posting about this talentless nobody.

  • LuckyL


    Don’t those with stalling careers do that show?

  • vmars111

    Katie Holmes has other talents besides just being photographed by paparazzi’s? Say wha???

  • the ghost of L Ron

    This is cult punishment for not towing the line.

  • Nanea

    Someone must be desperate, if she goes on a show like that although she can neither dance nor sing (as one could see on “Eli Stone”).

    She is hopeless, she has no rhythm and no serious dancer has such a bad posture. It seems her weeks and weeks haven’t paid off, unless for whoever taught her (not well) and got all that money.

  • remo

    Not a fan of Katie but those that bash are disgusting. Epitome of ignorance. Good luck with karma haters.

  • &

    this is baloney coming from a trash magazine not people magazine

    cant wait for her to work in Del Torro in Australia

  • class

    Precious like Suri…

  • lakers fan in boston

    so so said katie
    looks like the man of the relationship has 2 make money some how
    tommy girl isnt doing good in the movie biz i hear lately

  • teehee

    Poor Jared desperate for Katie and news fillers he stoops low
    with Life and Style gossip.

  • kep

    remo, class…..1st, etc…you are all the same posters!

    save your time and give up.

    Katie is hopeless and so are you.

    I’m not a hater nor a fan of Katie or Tom. They both make me laugh

  • alvin

    She’s pretty even with no makeup on. Looks like she’s losing some sleep.Busy girl. Throwing judgements on Katie who has done nothing wrong only hurts themselves not Katie. She along with her family will only reap the rewards and blessings.

  • willow

    After seeing the Mother ship hovering over the cult center the other day, ( they were making new beaver teeth for Katie ), and tiny, tater tot tom, walking down the ladder with her impressions in his hands, I just knew without a doubt, that something was up.
    he was making sure his hunch-backed wife was going to be a little more presentable, while she did her robotics with a paid partner. I believe he was scolding her about his having to constantly hold her hand and guide her after so many de-tox sessions. maybe she was over fried, who knows for sure.
    i think he was exhausted having to talk incessantly to her as they walked along in public, ” Katie pick up your club paws, and walk straighter” and ” Katie, duck your greasy head before you enter the car, or you will cause more brain damage, my darling ” and ” Katie, please smile a little more straight on. i know your face has been through shock therapy, and is a tad slanted and off to one side, but lay off the one sided silly smile, or my fans will suspect something. you are making suri and i look horrible. ” ” hold your head up high, dear.”
    ” OMG, did you dress yourself AGAIN? I asked suri to lay out your clothes the night before, so what happened.? ” More vibrating chair and dark closets for you, sweetheart.”
    NOW, smile for the camera’s and lets practice your two-step!

  • remember da truth

    Oh my gosh, you mean she wasn’t even good enough for Dancing With the Stars, which is for second tier celebs who can’t dance?

    How low has she sunk?

  • ok

    If true I don’t know how this going to work out. I thought she was practicing for the movie part not for dancing

  • Whathappened

    I don’t want to hate on her. But a reality show ? Seriously ? katie used to be someone. A likable actress. One who had a career going. She was the lead in batman. And she managed to achieve all of this herself. And was a lovely girl with personality.
    And then she met Tom. I don’t know what happened. But all her personality and spunk seems to have gone out of her. Yes she dresses better, has a lot of money and moves in power circles. But where is the old Katie ? What happened to her ? The one good thing as far as I can see that has come out of this marriage with Tom Cruise is Suri. It should have been this way. She should have become more popular and signed movies and become big like Nicole Kidman. Instead i see a woman who is not the old person I saw before. Whose career is nowhere. And even though it is hard and unfair to judge based on pictures, she seems sad or lost the sparkle in her eye. Something. I don’t know. I miss the old Katie. The Pre Tom Katie. Hope she is somewhere inside the present Katie and we will see her someday.

  • Bruce Banner

    The reason why she hasn’t signed on to as many since marrying Tom Cruise is because she has a kid that she doesn’t want to stay far away from, #34. Holmes most likely won’t compete on any reality show-at least not for awhile. Her career is FAR from nowhere.

  • espn

    America’s Sweetheart

  • lol

    So many things wrong in many levels like these pics are not new. Life and Style is a tabloid and that’s a Scientology center not a dance studio or even Fox studio.

  • farah

    Katie was amazing in Broadway and Eli Stone.
    Looking forward to her new suspense film.

  • texrose

    @ the lowlives

    terrible thing being envious of celebrities


    If Katie is doing that pathetic show her career is well and truly OVER. What a piece of crap. That show is for has beens. Not to mention the fact that those pics were of her coming out of a Scientology place and the pics do not show her with Nigel. Now you consider life and style news? Oh please.

    Jared, you’re posting crap from a crap tabloid just to get attention for Katie. How much do her and her fruity hubby pay you to shill for them? Trust me. Its not enough. You’re making an ass of yourself.

  • How Desperate is this chick

    Man Katie is totally desperate to be doing a show like that. Ha-Ha!

  • sd6

    promising talent and strucks me as nice,down to earth,sweet, a beaty in and out

  • jeans

    Katie, please, don’t embarrass youself.

  • dIANE


  • dabu

    She sucked big time on Eli Stone. If this is true, then it looks like all Katie can get these day is a reality show gig.
    She is so passe.

  • dan

    She has to be desperate.


    OK, you guys, it should be good for a few laughs, at least.



  • hmmm

    @lol: That’s more believable than Katie being on SYTYCD…Nigel Lythgoe is a scientologist?

  • Her career is definatly over..

    Not only she can’t get anything in Hollywood, but she’s even been refused an appearance in Dancing with Stars…???! She’s that of a pariah… ?

  • regi

    this season or next season, right!, Wonder if Katie laughs or cries at some of the nonsense that s written about her. love her movies, can’t wait for Don’t be afraid of the Dark, love her in drama, suspense movies, loved Pieces of April, Teaching Mrs Tingle, Disturbing Behaviour, The Gift. Mad Money was a cute flick, and nobdy made out that it was anymore than that, and she did well on Broadway, so when she was introduced as a gifted actress of TV, STAGE, and SCREEN, at the Memorial day concert they were right, Yes, I am a huge Katie fan and proud to admit it. She is also a wonderful mother, who is given a hard time by the paps,. I guess JJ didn’t see the video of Suri shopping and skipping and eating her chocolate croissant, so happy and carefree without the 100 camereas in her face. Definitely team Katie!!