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Katie Holmes To Perform On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Katie Holmes To Perform On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Katie Holmes meets up with So You Think You Can Dance judge and producer Nigel Lythgoe at a Los Angeles dance studio over the weekend.

The 29-year-old triple threat is in serious talks to give a special performance on FOX’s reality competition series, So You Think You Can Dance!

“She’s met with Nigel Lythgoe and everyone hopes she appears on this season or next season of the show,” a show insider tells Life & Style.

How exciting!!! Remember when Katie danced for Eli Stone?

So You Think You Can Dance airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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138 Responses to “Katie Holmes To Perform On 'So You Think You Can Dance'”

  1. 1
    1st Says:

    love katie

  2. 2
    june Says:

    Life and Style is real news. Come on JJ.

  3. 3
    poppy Says:

    She’s lovely and very talented!

  4. 4
    silly me Says:

    Her hair is growing. Yipeeee :)

    Thanks JJ.

  5. 5
    bring on transfotrmers Says:

    the rags

  6. 6
    jamie Says:

    OMG…why does she torment herself? She can’t even walk normal and seems pigeon-toed as well.

  7. 7
    poker Says:

    Nigel also produces American idol so no doubt he invited her to the show also Ryan Seacrest. They talked about that long ago when she promoted Mad Money with Seacrest.

  8. 8
    pam Says:

    you gotta be pullling my legs ! Katie- dancing? LOL LOL LOL

    WHO (really) wants to be her partner? UGH! Man, she is really trying to get noticed in Hollywood.

    Forget acting…..dancing……..just go home…..take parenting classes in order to raise Suri right.

  9. 9
    SANs Says:

    Katie,you’re the best

  10. 10
    Kiddo Says:

    Awesome actress and she can sing and dance. Super sweet lady.

  11. 11
    sul Says:

    What a JOKE! ,and jj KH is 30 not 29

  12. 12
    get a life Says:

    1st,june,poppy,silly me,Katie,you’re the best,Kiddo

    Why do you keep posting in different names,get a life

  13. 13
    mju8 Says:

    This is so bizarre. Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance? That’s something I never thought I’d hear.

  14. 14
    nicole Says:

    kiddo—-you gotta be kidding here!

    she is NOT an awesome actress and singer! LOL LOL LOL LOL

    Something wrong with your mind or ears and eyes. LOL

    cough cough……sing and dance- Katie….

    laughing my butt off!

  15. 15
    anonymous Says:

    to no12 you’re a coward too posting in different names and hanging around in Jared and most of all celebs you dont know and like
    who needs a life now.

  16. 16
    kep Says:

    # 12- yeah…you’re right. I noticed the same person kept posting under all those different names. Desperate and a bimbo too like Katie!


    Maybe..just maybe…she is the sister of Michaelangelo or whatever name he is calling himself now. OR…maybe it is Michaelangelo himself!

    LOL././/// pitiful

  17. 17
    (_l_) Says:

    losing battle for haters

  18. 18
    duran duran Says:

    i <3 her

  19. 19
    AW75 Says:

    Katie Holmes = talentless butterface, whose greatest accomplishment .. is to put up with Tom the weirdow.
    Stop posting about this talentless nobody.

  20. 20
    LuckyL Says:


    Don’t those with stalling careers do that show?

  21. 21
    vmars111 Says:

    Katie Holmes has other talents besides just being photographed by paparazzi’s? Say wha???

  22. 22
    the ghost of L Ron Says:

    This is cult punishment for not towing the line.

  23. 23
    Nanea Says:

    Someone must be desperate, if she goes on a show like that although she can neither dance nor sing (as one could see on “Eli Stone”).

    She is hopeless, she has no rhythm and no serious dancer has such a bad posture. It seems her weeks and weeks haven’t paid off, unless for whoever taught her (not well) and got all that money.

  24. 24
    remo Says:

    Not a fan of Katie but those that bash are disgusting. Epitome of ignorance. Good luck with karma haters.

  25. 25
    & Says:

    this is baloney coming from a trash magazine not people magazine

    cant wait for her to work in Del Torro in Australia

  26. 26
    class Says:

    Precious like Suri…

  27. 27
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    so so said katie
    looks like the man of the relationship has 2 make money some how
    tommy girl isnt doing good in the movie biz i hear lately

  28. 28
    teehee Says:

    Poor Jared desperate for Katie and news fillers he stoops low
    with Life and Style gossip.

  29. 29
    kep Says:

    remo, class…..1st, etc…you are all the same posters!

    save your time and give up.

    Katie is hopeless and so are you.

    I’m not a hater nor a fan of Katie or Tom. They both make me laugh

  30. 30
    alvin Says:

    She’s pretty even with no makeup on. Looks like she’s losing some sleep.Busy girl. Throwing judgements on Katie who has done nothing wrong only hurts themselves not Katie. She along with her family will only reap the rewards and blessings.

  31. 31
    willow Says:

    After seeing the Mother ship hovering over the cult center the other day, ( they were making new beaver teeth for Katie ), and tiny, tater tot tom, walking down the ladder with her impressions in his hands, I just knew without a doubt, that something was up.
    he was making sure his hunch-backed wife was going to be a little more presentable, while she did her robotics with a paid partner. I believe he was scolding her about his having to constantly hold her hand and guide her after so many de-tox sessions. maybe she was over fried, who knows for sure.
    i think he was exhausted having to talk incessantly to her as they walked along in public, ” Katie pick up your club paws, and walk straighter” and ” Katie, duck your greasy head before you enter the car, or you will cause more brain damage, my darling ” and ” Katie, please smile a little more straight on. i know your face has been through shock therapy, and is a tad slanted and off to one side, but lay off the one sided silly smile, or my fans will suspect something. you are making suri and i look horrible. ” ” hold your head up high, dear.”
    ” OMG, did you dress yourself AGAIN? I asked suri to lay out your clothes the night before, so what happened.? ” More vibrating chair and dark closets for you, sweetheart.”
    NOW, smile for the camera’s and lets practice your two-step!

  32. 32
    remember da truth Says:

    Oh my gosh, you mean she wasn’t even good enough for Dancing With the Stars, which is for second tier celebs who can’t dance?

    How low has she sunk?

  33. 33
    ok Says:

    If true I don’t know how this going to work out. I thought she was practicing for the movie part not for dancing

  34. 34
    Whathappened Says:

    I don’t want to hate on her. But a reality show ? Seriously ? katie used to be someone. A likable actress. One who had a career going. She was the lead in batman. And she managed to achieve all of this herself. And was a lovely girl with personality.
    And then she met Tom. I don’t know what happened. But all her personality and spunk seems to have gone out of her. Yes she dresses better, has a lot of money and moves in power circles. But where is the old Katie ? What happened to her ? The one good thing as far as I can see that has come out of this marriage with Tom Cruise is Suri. It should have been this way. She should have become more popular and signed movies and become big like Nicole Kidman. Instead i see a woman who is not the old person I saw before. Whose career is nowhere. And even though it is hard and unfair to judge based on pictures, she seems sad or lost the sparkle in her eye. Something. I don’t know. I miss the old Katie. The Pre Tom Katie. Hope she is somewhere inside the present Katie and we will see her someday.

  35. 35
    Bruce Banner Says:

    The reason why she hasn’t signed on to as many since marrying Tom Cruise is because she has a kid that she doesn’t want to stay far away from, #34. Holmes most likely won’t compete on any reality show-at least not for awhile. Her career is FAR from nowhere.

  36. 36
    espn Says:

    America’s Sweetheart

  37. 37
    lol Says:

    So many things wrong in many levels like these pics are not new. Life and Style is a tabloid and that’s a Scientology center not a dance studio or even Fox studio.

  38. 38
    farah Says:

    Katie was amazing in Broadway and Eli Stone.
    Looking forward to her new suspense film.

  39. 39
    texrose Says:

    @ the lowlives

    terrible thing being envious of celebrities

  40. 40
    R U KIDDING ME? Says:

    If Katie is doing that pathetic show her career is well and truly OVER. What a piece of crap. That show is for has beens. Not to mention the fact that those pics were of her coming out of a Scientology place and the pics do not show her with Nigel. Now you consider life and style news? Oh please.

    Jared, you’re posting crap from a crap tabloid just to get attention for Katie. How much do her and her fruity hubby pay you to shill for them? Trust me. Its not enough. You’re making an ass of yourself.

  41. 41
    How Desperate is this chick Says:

    Man Katie is totally desperate to be doing a show like that. Ha-Ha!

  42. 42
    sd6 Says:

    promising talent and strucks me as nice,down to earth,sweet, a beaty in and out

  43. 43
    jeans Says:

    Katie, please, don’t embarrass youself.

  44. 44
    dIANE Says:


  45. 45
    dabu Says:

    She sucked big time on Eli Stone. If this is true, then it looks like all Katie can get these day is a reality show gig.
    She is so passe.

  46. 46
    dan Says:

    She has to be desperate.

  47. 47
    mARLENE Says:

    OK, you guys, it should be good for a few laughs, at least.



  48. 48
    hmmm Says:

    @lol: That’s more believable than Katie being on SYTYCD…Nigel Lythgoe is a scientologist?

  49. 49
    Her career is definatly over.. Says:

    Not only she can’t get anything in Hollywood, but she’s even been refused an appearance in Dancing with Stars…???! She’s that of a pariah… ?

  50. 50
    regi Says:

    this season or next season, right!, Wonder if Katie laughs or cries at some of the nonsense that s written about her. love her movies, can’t wait for Don’t be afraid of the Dark, love her in drama, suspense movies, loved Pieces of April, Teaching Mrs Tingle, Disturbing Behaviour, The Gift. Mad Money was a cute flick, and nobdy made out that it was anymore than that, and she did well on Broadway, so when she was introduced as a gifted actress of TV, STAGE, and SCREEN, at the Memorial day concert they were right, Yes, I am a huge Katie fan and proud to admit it. She is also a wonderful mother, who is given a hard time by the paps,. I guess JJ didn’t see the video of Suri shopping and skipping and eating her chocolate croissant, so happy and carefree without the 100 camereas in her face. Definitely team Katie!!

  51. 51
    ck Says:

    I really don’t think she’d go on that show…isn’t it for like grade C has beens? Her agent would surely stop it.

  52. 52
    Poor thing... Says:

    she’s desperate… has lost all hopes…

  53. 53
    caperspruce Says:

    TomKat critics are patritiotic and classy, and so Jackie 0!

  54. 54
    dabu Says:


    Well, when she was introduced Memorial Day they could hardly say “Diane Weist recommended her, but she isn’t very gifted and her claim to fame these days is being Mrs. Tom Cruise.”

  55. 55
    sniffles Says:

    I like Katie, not a hater like some. I hate to say this, but I really don’t want to see her on this show. I watch this show and there is no possible way that she has ‘that’ much dance talent (I saw her dance in Eli). She should definitely be focused on parenting and acting. Good luck Katie! Please don’t be a hater!

  56. 56
    Poor thing... Says:

    I mean it’s kind of pathetic how willing (eager…?) she is to do anything to improve her situation.

  57. 57
    j Says:

    beautiful to boot

  58. 58
    nikita Says:

    Thanks JJ but I dont like when you post garbage articles.

  59. 59
    to # 57 Says:

    Yes. She was booted from TDK.

  60. 60
    Katie a triple threat? Says:


  61. 61
    pam Says:

    lol,,,,,,Brucie Banner, # 35…
    how would YOU even know why she is not signing on…you idiot.

    Stop making up fairy tales.

    You are only fooling yourself Brucie.

  62. 62
    cassie Says:

    Oh Gosh……she needs to get her pigeontoed feet fix first…..she’s not going to make it. I remember watching that silly video-Ali Stone…and she was moving her shoulders while dancing. It was horrible…she could not even move those shoulders naturally. Those silly expressions that were supposed to be ” sexy” were actually hilarious looking!

    I bet if she was not married to Tommy Cruise….no one would give her the time of day.

    It’s hilarious!

  63. 63
    YES! Says:

    Katie is 32 years old.

  64. 64
    YES! Says:

    Katie is 32 years old.

  65. 65
    ginger Says:

    Katie- NO NO NO NO…..if you truly cared about not making a fool of yourself…….don’t do it. You need an inch of real talent…..and you also need to learn how to walk right to begin with.

    Your “dance” on Ali S. was shameful!

    Just go home and take up some parenting classes. If you really value your child… will do this.

  66. 66
    shane Says:

    Do you think you can dance Katie? A BIG NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    How? I’ve seen you walk and it is strange looking!

  67. 67
    James Says:



  68. 68
    Bruce Banner Says:

    Well are the TABLOIDS ever right, #61?

  69. 69
    poetry Says:

    haters need their happy meds.AGAIN.

  70. 70
    galove Says:

    KH is beautiful and a good actress.
    Not buying this Life and Style lies.

  71. 71
    2009 Says:

    Katie is a natural beauty and
    gifted actress :~)

  72. 72
    pickled Says:

    # 69 and 70… are the same person!

    Anyone that thinks KH is a good actress needs their heads examied and prescribed some kind of reality pill.

  73. 73
    regi Says:

    For whatever reason , you don’t like Katie and thats fine, you are entitled to your opinion, but be honest when honesty is due. Diane Wiest didn’t have to choose Katie nor did she have to say the nice things she said, There are a lot of actresses who could have done the job, but DW chose Katie , because they worked together for five months and believed in her. There are a lot of people here that change things around to suit their hate, no matter how much the truth stares at them in the face. they will put her down , no matter what ,well I think Katie is going to get better and stronger and already is starting to earn huge respect from her more experienced peers, you can only put her down so much before all of you start sounding like idiots, not that you already don’t !

  74. 74
    Kesley Says:

    If this is true, I’m curious to see Katie dance after all those pics of her going to the various dance studios. Which dance studios has she been going to ? They are probably private lessons since no one has written anything about her being in their dance class. Well it is interesting….

  75. 75
    lassie Says:

    I think all of the posters here are getting Dancing with the stars mixed up with So You think you can dance. SYTYCD is a show for serious dancers. The competitors who make the top 20 are top notch dancers that have been dancing for most of their lives. They dance on Tues night and Wed night 2 go home. Katie would not be on this show as a competitor but as a performer. Wed nights they have a guest performer. Can’t imagine what she could possibly do. Usually the guest is a singer and the dancers dance to their song. This show is usually a summer show that takes over after American Idol finishes. The show has become so popular that in the fall , there will be another season of it. They will go back to back……summer and fall season. It is a show for real dancers not people from Hollywood, etc whose careers need a lift. these are talented dancers and a really great show. Maybe she’ll dance with Nigel. lol. He is an accomplished tap dancer.

  76. 76
    Elizabeth Says:

    Camp Cruise really doesnt know what to do with her do they? What a giant mess cankle girl is. Frickin walking zombie.

  77. 77
    Shannon Says:

    Robo wife, just go home and stay there.

  78. 78
    huh?! Says:

    omg. seriously, dwts?
    katie is down grading big time. that show are for zlisters who wants to be noticed. is she that desperate to get media attention?

  79. 79
    Chaz Says:

    Leaving the Scientology center without Tom? He must be busy making tin foil hats.

  80. 80
    eew Says:

    she look so fulgy without make up. just look at that photo. she look like an ill d y i n g patient.

  81. 81
    Tigger Says:

    Compared to other Hollywood/Broadway actors, do you really think Katie Holmes is a triple threat?

  82. 82
    instead of dancing she'll Says:

    yell, “i’m a celebrity get me out of here!

  83. 83
    giz Says:

    Are Scientologists allowed to dance?

  84. 84
    kim Says:

    #73 regi,

    It’s probably more likely because DW was just being nice. In reality- she felt sorry for her.

    And for your information…..I and probably a lot of folks here don’t express negative things just because they hate KH. Silly! Get real.

    And YOU, nbr 73 DON”T know KH so, don’t pretend you know what DW did or not! Starting to sound like Brucie Banner! LOL

    You silly idiot tomkat worshipper

  85. 85
    jessica Says:

    hey kate good luck your a good person and mom i wish jon would think it wver good berfore it to late if he dont he will realize it what he lost . good luck take care

  86. 86
    Chaz Says:

    Have another cocktail #85.

  87. 87
    jessica Says:


  88. 88
    Donna Says:

    Can’t she get real work anymore?

  89. 89
    nicole Says:

    DANCING ?????? with those tree trunk legs and candles ????????????

    gotta be kidding me!


  90. 90
    kim Says:

    I was so shocked I misspelled cankles!


  91. 91
    icirce51 Says:


    And YOU KNOW them??? I’m sure you meet her for coffee every week or maybe you are a scientologist too…ha?

  92. 92
    caperspruce Says:

    Hater and trolls – patriotic and classy with good karma
    tom cruise = pinhead

  93. 93
    Dancer Says:

    regi @ 06/11/2009 at 2:36 am

    Well Regi, I have to tell you as someone who has worked in the industry of radio-tv-film et al that KH has a rep of sucking up to those that she thinks have power and that matter. She treats the little people like they are dirt beneath her shoes. Start networking and using that six degrees of separation stuff–you’ll soon find someone who has either worked with her or who knows someone who did. She is not well liked by the peons.

    Not to mention she has minimal talent and her main claim to fame is being Mrs. Tom Cruise. She’d never have gotten the part in that play if she hadn’t been married to him. There are too many actresses on Broadway that have not only paid their dues, but actually have talent. She herself has said she hasn’t chosen the best parts to further her film career. All you have to do is watch a movie like Mad Money where you can see real honest-to-god talent in Keaton and the Queen next to Katie and it becomes really apparent she can’t act.

    But you can go ahead and be loyal to this actress of limited ability. After all we are a country that actually puts someone like Kate Gosslin, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan on a pedastal. Two of the three have no talent and the third prefers to sell her talent out for easy publicity.

    Katie preferred to marry Tommy girl. Hope the sacrifice was worth it – for both of them. He no longer looks happy and she looks like Britney Spears as she was sliding into her spiral down hill.

  94. 94
    pat Says:

    Right on! # 93!

    I know….because…..I have a friend who has another friend that used to work…….have to be careful how I word this. Let’s say was “involved in those circles” and heard and saw just how Katie acts. Tom is not much different either.

    It’s pretty nasty- I can tell you.

  95. 95
    Janet Says:

    I did like Cankle girl in “Pieces of April”, ( she also had a very funny cast to help her) but she has lost all of her identity now….She seems nervous and out of place all the time. Like she doesnt even know who she is anymore. What a shame. Take the kid Katie and run.

  96. 96
    Sal Says:

    When your a “celebrity” Scientologist, lobotomies must be free.

  97. 97
    Dakkota9 Says:

    Can’t stand Katie Holmes. She is a talentless media ***** just like her twit of a husband.

  98. 98
    bimbokatie Says:

    CRAZY ! Her legs are not made for dancing. She’s pigeon toed and can’t even walk right. Very poor posture. Always looking down on the g round when walking. Carries herself poorly.

    Acting skills- ughhhh! no way.

    If she was not married to Tom- she would be working at Macy’s in the perfume dept or something.

    Perhaps that is the best place for her to be instead!

  99. 99
    Frida Says:

    Katie Holmes on SYTYCD?! WHY?!

  100. 100
    pfff Says:

    Publicity STUNT.

  101. 101
    mamita Says:

    Katie’s segment will be called “So you Think You Can Leave the Compound?”

  102. 102
    Sownsown Says:

    And Second:

  103. 103
    Steve Says:

    As of this past year, Nigel no longer produces American Idol.
    He stated that he wanted to devote all his time to “SYTYCD”.

  104. 104
    Lew Says:

    wgat’s she gonna do? jump up and down on a couch like her little husband?

  105. 105
    anon#1 Says:

    to#98,don’t you think Macy is more classy than you think?Have you consider her to work in walmart as guess greeter.”welcome to walmart”.I like her though,so as her circles of families.

  106. 106
    !!!!!huh!!!!!! Says:

    is it contemporary or just plain temporary?
    either way there is tempo so.

  107. 107
    tb50 Says:

    For all you fools so quick to jump in and bash Katie Holmes. Have you ever seen her dance?
    For awhile we lived in the town (Wilmington) where dawsons creek was filmed. In fact our house was just down the road from where many outdoor scenes were filmed, having sat through many traffic tie ups while filming was going on. But, My daughters at the time took dance classes at one of the top local dance studios. Guess who else came in from time to time to stay on top of her dancing… Three guesses.As for the poor posture claims.. Before she married the much shorter Tom Cruise, she stood up tall with great posture and was nice to everyone she encountered. Now she probably has to stoop lower so she doesn’t tower over him. Yes He is listed at a generous 5 foot 7.. She listed at 5 foot 9. yet since I am six foot two and having stood right next to her at the studio (both of us in tennis shoes at the time).. She is a pretty tall 5 foot 9.
    Sounds like many of you are jealous of any persons success and just want to bash them to feel better about your own miserable lives.,

  108. 108
    bree Says:

    # 157 tb50

    foolish #107- you are so wrong in your assumptions. I and others here have seen her “dance”. It’s hilarous.

    No one here I am 99.5% sure are jealous of this no talent bimbo. Katie is the one with the miserable life. Maybe you too.

    You are in the low majority that thinks they are normal “celebrities”.


  109. 109
    ELLEN Says:

    sorry…stopped watching that show because of that screaming ninny mary…she spoiled it for me…that and the judges making fun of those trying out ala simon cowell…did not work for them though…pathetic

  110. 110
    brent Says:

    she would of been a top star had it not been for freaky Tom.

  111. 111
    Sizzzzzzle! Says:

    kate was so hot and sexy on eli stone. she danced with such PASSION! forget performing on the show. with her dance training and resume, kate should be a judge or a guest couch. she’s a magical, amazing and strong woman.

  112. 112
    jilly Says:

    sizzzzzzle………dance training and resume? LOL LOL LOL

    you have awful taste.

    I would never never call Katie magical, amazing and strong,

    LOL……she is a clueless bimbo married to a weird cult celebrity that likes to control.

    she is also talentless as well. If you don’t see that…..I can’t imagine why.

    On Ali Stone….she was so laughable! It was so artifical looking…and her moves were jerky and phony looking.


  113. 113
    Bruce Banner Says:

    Good to know, #75.

    Not you again, #93….

    It’s your opinion that she has minimal talent. And it’s obvious that being married to Cruise has boosted her profile but I’m sure that even with your ‘connections’ that you don’t know for sure that her popularity is the sole reason she got that part in the play. Is that your reason?

    God ahead and dislike Holmes. It’s your decision and your life. I don’t care. But leave the people who do like her alone.

    You have a friend of a friend, #94? It’s likely not true what you heard.

    Leave the man’s height alone already, #107.

  114. 114
    Jan Says:

    She can’t act worth crap, and I doubt very much that she can dance either. She is so bland and boring. She has a cute kid though.

  115. 115
    swing Says:

    Katie rocks!!

  116. 116
    brucie boner Says:

    Katie stinks big time.

  117. 117
    Bruce Odoban Says:

    Unfortunately Bruce Odoban–your head is so far up in TomKat’s you know what that you can’t believe anything negative about the couple–even if it were to drop on your head from Tom’s and Katie’s mouth!
    You are sooooo NAIVE.

  118. 118
    brucie boner Says:

    # 117- agree with you!


  119. 119
    Brooke Says:

    Triple threat? Don’t you have to be good at something before you can pose a threat?

  120. 120
    Cork Says:

    Bruce Boner, LOL!!! Take your own advice ass wipe and leave the people who DON’T LIKE HER ALONE!!!!!! She’s a talentless bimbo zombie robot, and that is OUR opinion!

  121. 121
    ellie' Says:

    Love Katie so talented.

  122. 122
    tb50 Says:

    @Bruce Banner:
    why leave his height or lack there of alone?.. It was in response to why she slouches now, when in the past she didn’t slouch…
    The cast of Dawson’s Creek (James Van Der Beek 6 foot, Kerr Smith almost 6 foot, Joshua Jackson 6 foot 2.). So why take offense. I was just pointing out why she seems to slouch as addressed by a previous poster.
    now the rest is for as for #108.. in what context did you see her dance?
    I have seen some of the greatest dancers in the world dance terrible because that is what the situation called for. And I never said she was a great dancer.
    as for no talent bimbo.. what TV show have you been on for 5 years..I must have missed you in the other movies that she did before the marriage to Mr. Cruise.
    They may not have been box office smashes, yet. they earned more than your movie appearances ever did.
    as for your asinine comments about me thinking they are normal celebrities,, re read it.. I was referring to prior to her hooking up with Mr. Cruise. I have no first hand knowledge of how she behaves now.
    I was referring to then. Or is it more religious bigotry that is being displayed here because the are scientologist’s? I respect there religious choice. I may not understand their religion but I admire his passion for it.Too bad more people are not passionate about there beliefs.
    as for the posters of eli stone dance scene,,, hmm lets see your videos doing the same dance? Don’t forget to hit your various marks for the camera.
    Do you have personal knowledge that her life is miserable? oh yes, you read it in the Enquirer…..
    Nope, all you do is bash celebrities to make yourself feel better.

  123. 123
    Bruce Banner Says:

    Leave his height and all this nit picking alone already, #122. It’s pointless and I don’t even see where all this slouching nonsense comes from.

    The rest of your post is very accurate though.

  124. 124
    Awful Says:

    DANCE??? Tee-Hee!!!!! Fat limbs can’t even walk straight!

  125. 125
    tb50 Says:

    @Bruce Banner:
    bruce . my comment about her now slouching and the heights was directed at post number 62.
    as for all of those comments dissing the dance performance on ELI stone….
    unless she came up with the costume herself, did all the choregraphy herself, then you have a complaint.
    But, the last time I checked most television shows such as Eli stone have a script that you follow and most if not all movements are choregraphed. especially dance scenes down to each and every movement to make sure you always hit the mark and are in frame for the shot. Not an easy task for even highly accomplished dancers.
    Dancing for movies and television shows (not dance contests with a continuous open stage and wide angle shot available ) is not an easy task.
    But Bruce I will not mention Tom’s lack of height again.

  126. 126
    dabu Says:

    Katie does slouch. It is factual. Just look at pictures of her slinking around. You only have to (in this instance only) compare her to the great posture of Kidman. \One of the reasons Kidman looks so much better in practically any clothing she wears is because she wears the outfit and lives tall and proud in it (as do other tall models). Katie slouches and the outfit wears her.
    She seems unable to figure out what goes well with her figure and demeanor which makes her look even more of a mess. For instance, Princess diana slouched, but she knew what looked good on her and she looked wonderful–classy, elegant, and stylish all the time.
    Katie rarely does.

  127. 127
    tb50 Says:

    first off. very few can compare to Nicole Kidman. period.In posture, poise, looks, fashion. In fact as celebrities or any person goes, her posture is the poster child for perfection.
    The comparison is a stunning beauty in the classic sense (Nicole Kidman), and the girl next door looks of Katie Holmes.

    Second Princess Di was overrated in my humble opinion. As for fashion sense… it does help to have a royal budget to cover picking out your clothes and making sure you look impecable at all times due to the nature of your position.

    “Katie Holmes has been listed as one of Teen People Magazine’s 21 Hottest Stars Under 21 (1999) and Stuff Magazine’s 102 Sexiest Women in the World (2002). She was also named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People (2003) and in Teen People Magazine’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 list (2003). Moreover, her fans can watch her model for Garnier Lumia shampoos and The Gap advertisements.”
    so i guess all those mags, rags and advertisers would disagree or maybe it was “slouch” week at their agencies.

  128. 128
    dabu Says:


    All of those awards or kudos Katie got were before 2003. It’s been five years. She has gone way down hill in the fashion department. She is 30 years old and she alternates between dressing like a teenager and a bag lady. She certainly hasn’t moved with the times.

    She has worn some nice items to premieres, but with her slouching behind Tom you really can’t see the beauty of the dress nor of her.

    And if I may point out–anything she has designed herself gets very low ratings in the People style polls, the InStyle polls etc. I think that white horrendous jump suit she designed got the lowest ratings I’ve seen–less than 5 percent of the pollers responding liked it. I’ve never seen anything she designed get more than 30 percent approval ratings.

    Now that would be okay if she wasn’t coming out with her own line. BUT since she is, one would think the woman would put some effort into her dress. A Marketing 101 student could tell you that the best advertising for the line will be her and her persona. She is starting to look like Britney Spears as she was spiraling down. Wearing ill fitting clothes, dirty clothes, clothes that don’t go together, and clothes that don’t fit her body type.

    Not a very good advertisement for her line of clothing is it?

  129. 129
    daisy Says:

    Katie Holmes is hilarious!

    Go find a job at Walmart stocking products. Better suited to you.

    Not even the “people greeter” will suit you because you slouch and always seem to look at the ground when you are walking

  130. 130
    Bruce Banner Says:

    I know it wasn’t directed at me, #125. It’s a forum. Sorry if it seemed I was solely attacking you.

    I just don’t get fashion, #126…

  131. 131
    willow Says:

    DABU, Katies clothes are made on the Mothership as it circles the earth. As the Mr. Bruce Banner says, ” I just don’t get fashion, “, well, the Scientology Mothership does not get it either. Sometimes tater Tom intercedes when the ship lands and hand picks the outfits he thinks will look appropriate on his little stepford bride.
    Then he transports the others back up for a do-over. Since Jared is not doing a daily diary on the Cruises, I assume that in between special classes for Katie, tiny tater toot Tom, is still coaching his distressed wife on how to act in public after reading all the negative comments about her.
    He has his hands full already, whispering in her ear every time they go to dinner as he grasp’s her hand tightly. Just the other night he was over heard saying, ” Katie dear, your mouth is lop-sided again with that stupid half-grin. Plus there is a little lipstick on your teeth, and a small amount of dribble on your chin.” ” Hold your head up, and stand up straight, PLEASE.” ” I just knew, we left you in that dark and damp closet for to long.” ” It was not tall enough, and you stayed hunched for days on end.” ” So, I will hold your hand up high like this, up around your waist line, and it will make you stand a little prouder. Chin UP, Chin UP Katie darling. That’s my girl ! ” By the way ” Suri did an awesome job washing your hair this week, because last week the little precious rugrat forgot.” ” But, she made up for it, by putting in a detangler so it hangs better. Remind me to reward her with a toy spree and a bang trim.”
    Keep watching the skies for the Mothership landing near you.

  132. 132
    Schticky Says:

    Triple threat – boring, stupid, and untalented!!!
    Boring – she dresses worse than homeless people
    Stupid – she married Tiny Tom the Scientologist that believes taking aspirin is equivalent to Devil worship
    Untalented – examples: Mad Money and Teaching Ms. Tingle
    She is only dancing because L. Ron Hubbard told her if she doesn’t Tiny Tom’s spaceship will zap her to Xenu.

  133. 133
    Tom the BED BUG Says:

    Now that she’s married, what’s on her bed? A short 47 year old spread! So, leave Katie alone. She’s walking on egg shells already.

  134. 134
    sandi Says:

    lol….Katie was the one that made the decision to marry tommy boy. she went in it for all the wrong reasons….so, now she is paying for her choices.

    it’s her own fault she is walking on egg shells.

    boo hoo

  135. 135
    fel617 Says:

    Can’t wait to see her again.

  136. 136
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    I totally forgot that she could dance.

  137. 137
    Geodgee Says:

    (poem) katie holmes I can only dream/in the inbetweens of shrilly wet negilee she flows to me in/carrying me to a dress rehersal/where the evening is a naked hard event.

  138. 138
    suppress your appetite Says:

    @SANs: thanks :)

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