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Megan Fox: Down With Bible-Beating Middle America!

Megan Fox: Down With Bible-Beating Middle America!

Megan Fox looks chic in a Mara Hoffman dress and Rider triple-buckle waist belt at the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen press conference held at Kring on Wednesday (June 10) in Seoul, South Korea.

When asked how she would stop the ruthless Megatron from demolishing the world, the 23-year-old reportedly told Total Film UK that she would “barter with him.”

Megan then went on to say, “… and instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?”

20+ pictures inside of Megan Fox lookin’ hot as always…

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megan fox bible beating 01
megan fox bible beating 02
megan fox bible beating 03
megan fox bible beating 04
megan fox bible beating 05
megan fox bible beating 06
megan fox bible beating 07
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megan fox bible beating 09
megan fox bible beating 10
megan fox bible beating 11
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Photos: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty, Han Myung-Gu/WireImage
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  • joanne

    lol, that’s like half of america

  • asdfdf

    She’s so pretty here! and for once she doesn’t look trashy!

  • Sally

    She is really pretty, always looking so good!

  • Sema

    Oh, but honey, if we took out all the white trash, then you’d be gone too!

  • Buahaha

    @Sema: So, flippery-fippin’ funny. SHE SHOULD READ THAT!

  • gerelee

    pretty as always! cant wait transformers 2.

  • me

    haha sema / #4

  • jan

    LMAO @ SEMA. So true. She just alienated about 90% of her fans. Wow, I would have thought she was a little brighter than that. No class at all.

  • wow

    So now it’s wrong to have an opinion regardless of what side you’re on? What happened to freedom of speech?Religion?

  • jami

    shia’s so cute. i like what megan’s suggesting, haha.

  • jamie

    @Sema: good point.

  • wow, she’s so stupid

    Just another ignorant comment made by another ignoramous from Hollyweird. Yawn………..

  • katy

    @jan: unfortunately, most of her fan-base only cares what she looks like as she’s saying something and not what she’s actually saying. so she can make huge generalizations about religious people of a different culture and most of them won’t blink an eye. lucky for her it’s her looks (and willingness to show off her um, assets) that keep her famous and not her terrible acting skills

  • Jughed

    Stunning! And I think Megan’s heart is in the right place, even if she’s not too bright and talks before thinking — but don’t we all?


    Love that corset thing on her

  • Jolie

    This thing needs to STFU.

  • Jolie

    This thing needs to STFU.

  • hums

    hey, im loving the Megan Fox posts everyday!! :D
    thanks jared…

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so gorgeous

  • hello

    she could have worded it differently. I agree with the anti-gay part though.

  • bush yo teefs

    megan needs a strap-on phallus tied to her face!


  • bRush yo teefs

    megan needs a strap-on phallus tied to her face


  • me

    Dang it!! How many premieres are they going to have?

  • mertz

    gosh. i was looking at all the other pictures you had of her today and i was so happy you left out the comments so i could observe what she was wearing in peace…and now another one. it doesn’t matter what side she is on. the fact of the matter is that she’s speaking and once again sometimes it just seems like she speaks and sh*ts on people all in the same instance. i mean even if i did agree with her…i’m shaking my head as i read that blurb up there and thinking isn’t this girl from a place that is a part of middle america. it’s okay if she escaped and can poop on them now that she is in her position. gah. why does she speak. stop speaking. i like the belt. would have been better if the buckle was vertical instead of horizontal. from all the pics i’ve seen today 3 looks in all i think she’s had all good outfits.

  • anthony

    Gorgeous, everyone is entitled to their opinions and hers is meant to mean well

  • mertz

    terminator is also doing their east asian premiers can you post some pics from them jared?

  • nooooonooonoo!!


  • anita

    @nooooonooonoo!!: you are so right

  • Anonymous

    F*%k You Megan Fox

  • what?

    that was very anti-semitic

  • Johnson

    This comment won’t do her any good for her career. She is alienating a lot of her fans. She could of said it better.

    She is so hot!

  • Anonymous

    She is the picture of Ignorance

  • Liza

    Bravo! I was thinking the same thing. She is the epitome of white trash.

    I am neither Middle American or Christian, but I find all the bashing disgusting. Plus, it is really rich coming from MF.

  • hahaha

    she used a “SAT word”- barter

  • jess

    wow i really don’t like megan fox, but i agree with her 100% here. hahahaha.

  • winter

    Too bad we can’t banish vapid S-l-u-t-s who think they’re contributing to society…

  • Jag

    Well this white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating person born and raised in Middle America” wont spend a dime on anything she has to do with, and that’s my freedom of speech. I guess she forgot she was born in Tennessee.
    BTW.. true she has her right to free speech; doesn’t her speech smack of being un-American?
    A mechanical man who has more humanity, (according to the movie), than she does, bargaining with a mechanical man to do her dirty work, or selfishly saving her own skin?

    Out of the mouth the heart speaks.

  • missme

    She is so freaking snarky, jessh!

  • missme

    She is so freaking snarky, jessh!

  • flom


  • zoe

    i have a feeling we’ll be getting a lot more megan fox premiere photos. i think she looks great for the past few events. have to admit, dont like her at all but she’s looking good. love the outfits. sema really made a point. just going to try and ignore what megan says half the time. just trying too hard.

  • ugh

    “Part of being a part of Hollywood is being perceived as attractive”
    She’s such a bullshit artist really.
    Look at the most respected actors in the history of cinema, Meryl Streep, Robert Deniro Al pacino ect.
    None of them were regarded for their looks, but mainly talent, and most of them are very bankable because they have talent and their characters are bankable. Sorry Megan but having looks doesn’t mean you have power, having people fall over your feet for your looks is one thing but having people fall over your your talent is another thing. More power to you if you survive on raw talent, NOT LOOKS.

  • Verónica


    Please use your brain. Everyone has the same poses!
    I dn’t know WHY THE HELL the people need to compare her with anyone. First, with AJ and before, with isabel lucas. WTF? Why this necessity?
    I don’t see her look-alike with AJ. IN NOTHING, so stop with that stupid thing.

    The quote, are older… AGAIN. Im tired of this ppl. I mean, when she’s a good girl, without to say nothing bad, the people show off this.

    The world has a war against Megan or what?
    I like this girl. Is gorgeous, wonderul and HONEST. Not everybody’s like her in HW. She nee to know how to play good w th press, but I like her more.

    Go away, haters.

  • Remo

    Just another no talent ho who can’t keep her mouth shut!

  • deeds


    Your reply was priceless, very funny, but I can’t help but like Megamouth Megan (MM). I love the ensembles she’s been wearing this week this summer dress and cardy included. The belt just gives it that edgy look. Plus she’s not wearing too much make-up… for once. Yay!

  • Just Interested

    she’s so gorgeous

    i wanna watch transformers ROTF now :D

  • poser

    Biting her thumb/playing with her hair -she tries way too hard to be sexy. Shia seems turned off by her. She probably thinks he digs her. She never has anything interesting or intelligent to say. She’s so conceited. Her cheeks have scarring/acne on them.

  • Sarah

    Because she’s beautiful, she knows she can get away with saying all these insulting remarks. She acts like a stereotypical, popular girl in HS that just belittles every person in the school and thinks she is the only one who is right and better than anyone else……she really needs to learn some etiquette.

  • lani

    she sounds like a hillbilly, looks like a white trash.
    instead of spending all those money on boob jobs, fish lips, nose jobs, etc, why doesn’t she spend more money on getting rid of those acne scars??? i bet she looks really bad without makeup.

  • betty

    she is not beautiful, but she’s not ugly. She’s trying so hard to look exotic/ Jolie like, and that is so not her. Without all the plastic surgery, makeup, OOT eyebrows, tanning and dark, fake hair, she looks average (if you look at early pics of her when she was natural). she needs to get a life ASAP, and look in THE MIRROR

    LOL, she probably made that comment about being anti-white trash because she’s probably convinced herself she’s not, which she is

  • betty

    BTW, i’m so sick of seeing all the Megan Fox posts. JJ, can you please post about people who have actual talent?