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Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Call It Quits

Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Call It Quits

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt have called it quits according to People. The pair had been together for about six months.

The 28-year-old socialite’s rep said, “In response to the inquiry on whether Paris Hilton has split up with Doug Reinhardt, yes, this is true they are no longer together. They remain friends and ask that you please respect their privacy.” Reinhardt is 24.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Paris moving on – YAY or NAY?

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  • jo

    oh really? respect their privacy?? puhleeze, when all they’ve been doing is wh0ring themselves around different countries. LMAO!!

  • meh

    Ha. Surprise surprise.

  • Molly

    frankly my dear Jared,”I don’t give a damn”

  • t

    i am curious as to why they called a quits, because they seemed to be so head over hills for each other

  • Indonesian Girls

    wow.. nice info..

  • tara



    paris. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can do better than him. be singel for awhile and focus on yourself. xo

  • doggie

    doug, you are an idiot.

  • adnil

    together 6 months? isn’t that some sorta record for paris. shes getting a bit long in the tooth to be acting like she is in high shcool.


    bleh to both of them. paris will find someone else to make out with in public in a week.

  • tara

    i am so happy she dumped him.

  • Michelle

    ugh doug…bleh

  • eekomeeter

    is there a single thing real about this vain sick biotch? she was just on Letterman saying he was the love of her life…puleeze…everything is for her own promotion…and her silly stupid BFF show is enough to make one question her sanity.

  • LOLA

    respect their privacy??? let me laugh lmao!!!!! they mourning or what??

  • dabu

    Oh wow. I’m depressed. Can’t believe it. Gee. What a surprise. Gosh. How can the world go on now?

  • kirt guttgersall

    What does Paris DO anyway? Too much time and money on her hands. Any chump can stand and pose with a stupid grin on their face.

  • a total fan

    Respect their privacy? As if we’re interested PLEASE.

  • maria

    whatever is what I think next :p

  • amina

    One word flashed in my mind the second I read the title: LOL!
    I guess people would respect their privacy if they didnt keep throwing themselves out there…did any one see doug in the season finale 4 the hills he was at LC& Lo’s house party…so was Jen Bunny

  • Lucas



  • jenna

    What a ditz.
    She goes through men like I go through toilet paper.

  • Yar

    OMG, they were perfect for each other! He treated her like a whore and she let herself be treated like a whore. A symbiotic relationship really.

  • Albert Einstein

    thank GAWD he is so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i bet a million dollars he sells out any info he got on her

  • give me a break

    “They remain friends and ask that you please respect their privacy.” That makes me laugh, considering her job is to expose her privacy. hahaha

  • male

    im sooo sick of her

    paris sooo yesterday
    she too old to keeep acting like that
    she should finally get a real job

    n stop being completely shallow

  • AQ

    #13 It also seems that not so long ago, she was on Letterman saying that Benji Madden was the love of her life and they would always be together. Also same with Stavros&Paris Latsis who she was engaged to. There are prob others as well. Now that Paris is getting older, she should keep her feelings private until she really thinks she has found the ONE!!!!!!
    AND please Paris, no more PDA’s, those pics of her and Doug kissing made me a little ill.

  • pat

    Who Gives A Flying F***!!!! Really Who Cares??

  • pam

    duh….who actually cares? no one!

    privacy? ha…they are so full of themselves

  • Donna

    I don’t like paris but this dude seems like such a slimball, attention whore.

  • ct

    WHO CARES, she’s such a bitchh
    he only uses girls for fame – paris hilton & amanda bynes (thats why amanda broke up with him)

  • Alison

    What a surprise! Only a few days ago she was on TV saying she wanted babies with this guy and I knew it wouldn’t happen. LMAO!

  • soph

    what he finally got an STD from her?

  • ginger

    She is so…..BIMBO……. not surprising.

    She goes thru men like toliet paper

  • lola

    Doug was such a wannabee hanger-on.. good riddance D-Bag. I’m not surprised they broke up and I doubt she’ll ever settle with anyone.

  • dontcare..

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! God what a month ago she was saying,”we are going to get married & have children!” She’s such a fool I hope she never has children. The child would be wh0r3d out the minute of conception!

  • megan fox fan

    He’s too cute and seems too normal for her anyhoo.

  • Charlie

    no surprise

  • James

    “They remain friends and ask that you please respect their privacy.”


    I’m happy Paris broke up with him, he has “sleazy golddigger” written all over him!

  • boo

    He’s a douch. Good move, Paris.

  • Peter

    OMG I’m shocked and so sad!

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    This little twit can’t settle down for nothing! I’m really NOT surprised. The day that she actually finds true love will be shocking. At least her BFF Nicole Richie found love and has a beautiful baby and another one on the way.

  • me

    Was surprised but that how things goes in HW . Didn’t know much about him anyway. and why they say to respect their privacy when it was already out there anyway?

  • mimi

    wooow, what a suprise! :) I thought they’d marry sometimes :P

  • lizel

    Paris get urself a job and a life! Your privacy was compromised when u decided to turn into a public ho bag years ago starting with ur ridiculous sex tape then jumping from one guy to the next. You want us to respect ur privacy? Respect urself first.

  • OK…I may be alone

    I think she really liked him. I think he was using her for the Press. He just seemed like a loser to me. I saw on TMZ that he was flirting with someone an ex, and Paris ran out of a club or something crying.

    But the thing I notice is when you see Paris and compare her to Nicole now; Paris just seems really lost and out of sorts. She is doing the same things she did before the “jail time”. but she has not changed at all.. She is not 22 years old. She is knocking on the door of 30. No that is not old, but it is a time when on should think about the future and what kind of life one would want to have. I find her very SAD.

  • sammy

    why am i not surprised…agree with AQ how she has these interviews where she declares her love for a particular bf its quite sad if only she was a bit like her sister Nicky

  • Amy

    Weren’t they talking about marriage and kids like, two days ago? What a joke.

  • omg

    OMG I am so shocked and devastated . . .LOL . . .not. She is a **** and she will recover with someone else. She should get a life.

  • sds

    Good for you doug. Who wants to spend their days and nights with a disease infested, slutty, dumb gal?

  • sds

    @Albert Einstein:

    I hope he does sell any information. He should get some reimbursement for having to put up with the dumb bitch for 6 months!