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Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: Go Gay Marriage!

Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: Go Gay Marriage!


Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson, featuring the married couple in NOH8, a campaign in response to the Supreme Court ruling that upheld a ban on gay marriage.

According to E!, Pete and Ashlee wore the campaign’s signature look: a white backdrop, “NOH8″ painted on their cheeks and duct tape covering their mouths (symbolizing pro-gay voices not being heard).

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Photos: Adam Bouska
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  • ganymede30324

    I assume the tape won’t hinder Ashlee’s ‘performances”.

  • NativeNYker

    That’s so sweet of them. Especially since rumor abound of his dual sexual proclivities….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Cheyenne

    Ughh…becoming first “Worst First Lady”….

    As an Independent voter who supported her husband, Michelle Obama is an absolute insult to the United States of America with the way she is dressing while travelling abroad. Huffington Post has photos of her dressed like a five-year-old girl. What a terrible role model on behalf of their daughters and other women? She needs to get with two or three reputable designers and let them take charge of her wardrobe during the time her husband is in office. If she cannot demonstrate greater Class 101, than she doesn’t deserve to reside in the White House paid by American tax dollars. Along with Bush-Cheney, she needs to stop insulting this country with her lack of dignity and good commonsense in dressing for public appearances. One doesn’t need to come from a weathy background to understand how to dress classically but only a desire to take the time to put together a tasteful wardrobe which she hasn’t done. There is no excuse for the way she is dressing when she has professional designers available to her from around the world. She’s like a slap in the face to those who voted for her husband as the first racially-mixed President of the United States. Go ahead, Michelle Obama, and destroy your husband’s position in this country and the opportunity for America to turn itself around with your lack of class and your fashion rebellion.

  • Larson

    get over it people. it passed, it cant be changed. gay marriage is wrong. deal with it.

  • Babydoll♥


    Lay off the drugs honey.


    “It’s not true i had nothing on, i had the radio on”

  • OMG

    Speaking out for a good cause which is great but . . .I don’t suppose they will keep the duct tape on. These two are annoying.

  • cutiemcfreckles

    this is so god damn cliche. the creative director behind the shoot should be fired.

  • chloe

    “Go ahead, Michelle Obama, and destroy your husband’s position in this country and the opportunity for America to turn itself around with your lack of class and your fashion rebellion.”

    Worst troll post I have seen here, lol. Fashion sense doesn’t mean shit, so gtfo.

    In regards to the relevance of this post, yay for celebrity endorsements! It’s people like them who make me NOT want to support a cause.

  • cece


    You have serious issues. Just say no to drugs.

  • kim

    both are bimbos!

  • marie

    Pro-gay voices not being heard? Are you crazy? That’s all I hear these days.

  • Max

    lame… well another reason not to watch melrose place reloaded

  • Sofia

    @Larson: you may have some problems, homosexuality is just a sexual orientation, like etherosexuality. so if gay people are “wrong” then also the rest of the world is wrong.
    @marie: you hear them but you don’t care…what are they supposed to do? they are just asking for natural rights which are given to every human beings, so till those rights won’t be given to them, we must hear about their voices. that’s all.

    we are all pathetic not respecting gay people, at least they are just like me and you, sometimes i feel ashamed to live in this stupid world.
    who are we, people, to tell other people how to live? we can’t even judge ourselves, it’s funny thinking that lot of us believe they are the only right, and the rest of the world is wrong.

    if it’s your religion telling you homosexuality is a bad and evil thing, then change your beliefs. a religion which tells you not to respect other people just because those people are different from you, is not a good one.

    all of us were born without those kind of pointless and useless thoughts, when we were child we didn’t care about the colour of other peple’s skin, we didn’t even see differences between humans, but growing up our minds where completely devasted by others’ thoughts and religious beliefs, and we are too scary to think with our brain, so we just accept them, even though they are stupid and against humanity.
    homofobia is like racism, a virus, which spreads in humans’ minds and affect them, and though humans have the cure, using their brain and think before do no sense things, this virus dominates all.

    this is such a horrible world, i repeat, most of the time i’m ashamed of being a human…

    ps:sorry if i made some mistakes, i’m italian.

  • Shaun

    Haven’t we seen this lame duct tape campaign before? For world poverty or domestic abuse or something. So stupid. Don’t do it people, you look like idiots.

  • marisa

    gay marriage IS wrong. stop complaining.

  • marisa

    gay marriage IS wrong. stop complaining.

  • jacob

    This is sad. What are they possibly going to do? The courts have already decided that California is against gay marriage. Why not accept democracy? The people in California voted and they voted against gay marriage. Accept it, move on, and try harder next time to get gay marriage legal.

  • Countess von Zinzendorf

    They are just jumping on the bandwagon to get publicity and hopefully more jobs.

  • Liverwurst

    @Sofia: I hate to put you in your place but it’s a must. Most Americans are only following their faith. There is NO religion that supports same sex marriage. People are torn between equal rights regardless of their deep personal beliefs. Civil union is as far as most of us can go without walking away from our religion and Democracy. Are we supposed to overthrow the government also??????? The people HAVE spoken and thats that.

  • VL

    I bet Papa Joe orchestrated this move so his girl could get some work…

  • Christine

    Sofia…You’re ridiculous. Is it because you’re Italian that you don’t understand the voting system? EVERYONE got a chance to vote…EVERYONE’S voices were heard. And it just so happens that more voices said no on gay marriage. That’s the way our country works. If you don’t like it…Move.
    I’m not a supporter of certain things that have passed…Or certain people. But guess what? The people have spoken and we go with the majority.
    We DO hear the voices of homosexuals…We just have a right to disagree…Isn’t that what you’re doing with us? Disagreeing?
    And who the HECK ARE YOU to tell people to change their beliefs? Seriously…You need to go move to some Communist society…Although…America is swiftly becoming one, so…Maybe you’re okay where you’re at.

  • tootie

    @ cheyenne
    What the hell does the way Michelle Obama dresses have anything to do with ANYTHING?!

    Isn’t there worse things to worry about?

  • whamster

    If you wanna be gay… BE GAY


    Don’t shove it down our throats. Be gay without pushing it on everyone and condeming those who think it’s wrong.
    (and you know it is…)

    Just because it feels good doesn’t mean IT IS.

  • michelle

    Gay marriage is ridiculous. I don’t hate gays or lesbians. But I hate the way want or force others to accept their marriage. It’s sick.

  • Nadia

    Yes the votes count I do agree and the people voted … but obviously they don’t know right from wrong… There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with someone being gay. So if being gay is a wrong way of life, answer this :is being a lawyer, vet etc etc wrong?? People have the right to what they choose and people shouldn’t be aloud to take that away from them !!! These people could be your sisters, brothers, cousins etc… Why can’t we just let them be ??? We can do what we want – so why not them !!! I will continue to fight for my friends till EVERYONE can be treated equaly ! They are human with just a different way a life – these aren’t murderers they just choose to love someone with the same sex – what a big deal !! Come on people get over it and let people be who they truly are !!

  • Sofia

    She and her husband are sick get over it gay marriage didnt pass. All of hoolyweird and most singers support this they play follow the leader they do what everyone elsa does none of them can think for there selfs. I dont let eneyone tell me how to vote or think so get over it Ashley stop doing what all the other nuts do.

  • Verónica

    I love Ashlee -not pete, ‘course

    She loves incredible!!! Im happy for see these two cheering up this campaign.

  • Verónica

    She looks* sorry.

  • lil

    So because the MAJORITY diagreed with the MINORITY, that means that the minority weren’t heard? Get the f*ck over yourselves.

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    That’s because Ashlee’s husband is gay and is still in the “CLOSET”. H’es such a weirdo for saying that he has crushes on men and has made out with them as well. I’d be a little worried if i was Ashlee, but then again maybe she likes cake boys. I have NOTHING against gay people, but i don’t condone gay marriage.

  • Erica

    So you don’t hate them, you just don’t want them to have the same rights as you? I guess that’s the American Dream…

  • Rhiannon

    If you wanna be straight… BE STRAIGHT


    Don’t shove it down our throats. Be straight without pushing it on everyone and condemning those who think it’s wrong.
    (and you know it is…)
    Just because it feels good doesn’t mean IT IS.


    First of all, the both of you are idiots for not realising the way you are totally contradicting yourselves. Asking for the same right IS NOT pushing it down your throat. YOU are denying homosexual people from having the rights they deserve. YOU are pushing your views down their throats by telling them that their way of life is wrong. They ask for equal rights and you say NO. Thus you are the only ones forcing any beliefs on any one.

    michelle, you cannot say “I don’t hate, BUT.” You do hate. You are sick.

    You are so close minded that you probably cannot fathom how hard it is to be totally in love with someone and not be able to have the same legal rights as everyone else. What’s the big deal, it’s only a legality, right? You try telling that to someone who is denied the right of seeing their dying loved one in hospital because of that legality. You tell someone that the reason they never got to spend the last moment on Earth that their loved one had with them is because the majority said they could not have a marriage certificate.

    How would you feel if you never got to say goodbye because you didn’t have a legally binding document that gave you the right to?

    Humans are so stupid. You think you’re so much smarter than all the generations before you. You looks back at generations who believed women shouldn’t have equal rights, doctors who decided that any woman who wanted to be on top was suffering a mental delusion, and you think such a way of thinking is backwards – a delusion in itself.

    100 years from now, history will look back at YOU and laugh at how backwards you are. They will find it incredible that you denied homosexual people equal rights and laugh at home stupid you are.

    Because love will win. Just because the majority said no for now, doesn’t make it right. The majority is never always right. The voices will grow louder, and out of the darkness that is your bitter hate, the rays of love will shine and continue to shine until it is a blinding light that cannot be ignored. Like every cause before it, the minority will fight, and keep fighting until they win. And then we can tell you to “shut up and get over it”.

    Make no mistake – your hatred will lose.

  • Nicole

    in what way it affects you if gay people get married???
    in absolutely NOTHING!!!!
    they should be able to have the same rights
    i totally support gay marriage!¡!¡!

  • sham

    @ rhiannon

    Keep it up and next you will want a dick like Chaz Bono.

  • boogety

    @ rhiannon

    Your rant didnt make a lick of sense. are you not human too?

    lol @ sham! good one

    **** = dikc

  • k

    NOTHING these two have to say is worth a damned cent! Drug addicted has-beens are so pathetic.
    Regarding Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama, she has NO class whatsoever!

  • Randall Schwartz

    Speaking of voices not being heard.

    The PEOPLE have spoken and voted against it in the most pro-gay state in the union with almost all the media there in favor yet the will of the PEOPLE isnt good enough for some?

    I guess democracy is only good if you agree with it.

    You want to pork another guy? Be my guest.
    You live with that porker for a few years and you have to take care of him when he has a prolapsed anus in his old age?
    Sure, you should get the same compensation in civil sense but you are not ‘married’. You can call it a union or whatever and enjoy all the privileges of a married couple but you are still not married in the eyes of most of the planet.
    Most people just live together and those that get married get divorced half the time and yet some people cant take no for an answer and want to join a failed proposition?
    But that still doesnt make you married and the supreme court put the final nail in the coffin.

    The PEOPLE have spoken, now stop being sore losers and go buy some matching butt plugs.

    As for “(symbolizing pro-gay voices not being heard).” , wtf are you huffing?
    That’s all you hear.
    But watch out if anyone has a different opinion!!
    The gay lobby jihadist and their enablers will rip you a new one.
    You couldnt say you were gay a few years ago and taht was wrong but now if you say you are against gay weddings, its the other way around.

    We should all have rights to our opinions and our rights to criticize.
    Whether its the pseudo-christian-business, the chosen people or the followers of a child abusing pedophile, we should be free to criticize those who are still living in the stone ages.
    Doesnt mean you have to agree but I will not change my stance that believing in Santa/Bogeyman/Burning Bush is a sign of mental retardation.
    I can understand a chick wanting to lick Megan Fox from head to toe (cute lesbian sex is cool. Rosie Odonell/Ellen having sex makes people want to puke) but I will never fathom the idea of having another guys penis in my ass or mouth or other orifice ((unless you are playing hockey because its considered normal for boys to shave each others pubes or rape each other with sticks) or believing some third rate story which are only slightly less wacky than the 4th rate $cientology.

  • barf

    Their “careers” have obviously hit rock bottom

  • ap


    I think you fail to see the moral ambiguity that these types of laws tread. The advocates of gay marriage will say that the hetero majority is shoving their normative views down their throats. The opponents of gay marriage will respond that allowing gay marriage is basically defecating upon their religion/faith.

    Calling a same-sex union a marriage, to me, would be wrong. Why? Marriage, as mentioned before, has a religious connotation. So why would you openly want to challenge the beliefs of many jst to gain additional benefits and to appear “normal”, when you could just advocate more rights in civil unions? Why try to take marriage away from the religious?

    I personally think that denying happiness to people in a free society is questionable, but there are limits. There has to be. Otherwise, we live in a depraved society full of ne’er – do – wells and no progress occurs. I am not saying that gay marriage is the line which turns society into a bunch of heathens, but this is to validate the fact that people are not going to just allow everything that can happen to happen.

    Unless you show me a religion that openly conducts same sex marriage, I say why not try to expand the rights of civil unions and domestic partnerships? Has not marriage suffered enough, with the ~50% divorce rate, shotgun weddings, Hollywood debacles, and the like? Why put another nail in the coffin?

  • Katelyn


    well said, sofia!! i really applaud you for saying everything you said, i just finished a course on intergroup relations, and we covered the topic of anti-gay prejudice. i feel like a better person for all the things i learned in that course, and i wish it was mandatory for everyone in society to take, the world would be a better place if people weren’t so ignorant.

  • Randa

    @Randall Schwartz: It sounds to me like you have more of a problem with two guys going at it because it’s not something that you care to do or watch, than you do with the legalities and equalities of gay marriage. And your point about letting them enter into failed marriages because people get divorced, well then, that is their choice to make for themselves, not yours to decide.

    You don’t seem to know shit about the reason why so many homosexuals fight for equal rights. You just seem to think it’s a reason to show off who they prefer to sleep with at night. I think you need to buy a clue because contrary to your beliefs, it’s not all about the sex.

  • jacob

    I think there needs to be a vote on whether Americans are for or against democracy because all of these people that are still protesting for gay marriage in California don’t understand how democracy works. Gay marriage supporters had their chance back in November of last year. They should have worked harder to get people to vote their way. They should have done whatever it took to get gay marriage legalized. Obviously, they didn’t try hard enough. Gay marriage supporters in California need to accept defeat. You had your chance and you lost. Accept it and move on. Try again in 2 years and maybe you will get your way. Besides, if you’re gay and really really want to get married then you should be willing to make some sacrifices and marry in another state. There are currently 3 states that say it’s okay. If you’re gay and you really love your partner and want to get married then you should be willing to make sacrifices to make your partner happy.

  • kat

    So many comments about “voting” and why Human Rights supporters should “give up” and accept the loss…

    but this is a matter of HUMANS, of people that deserve respect and the right to civil unions.

    Please keep in mind that there was a time when people with different skin colors could not marry because it was seen as disgusting and wrong. We look back on that time with shame and disbelief that our country, our DEMOCRACY, could limit the rights of a person based on their genetics.

    Here we are again, facing a similar situation, and so many people chose hate and indifference.

  • yeson8

    Of course they would support that abomination. They are a couple of gays.

    Marrige is between a man and a woman.

    Get over it!!!

  • bonzo

    shuuuutt uuuuuupp already!!

  • Missm

    Go Ashlee and Pete, you are doing a great thing!!! Wow, some americans are weird and old fashioned. So many people can´t think for themselves, and listen to the old generation saying gay marriage is wrong. People should be allowed to marry whomever they want! Antigays; You are hillbillys, uncivilised and God will never forgive you for believing gay people are not worthy of marriage.

  • Brooke

    You know I’m catholic and I’m religious but I think it’s wrong that people can’t get married just because they’re gay. And you know I don’t care what the bible says about marriage I think it she only be about two people who love each other making it official. And you can’t get mad if gay people want equal rights too. Because I honestly think that it’s sad that it’s the year 2009 and not everyone has equal rights. And I think we as a country are going to look back on this and be ashamed of what we did. And no I’m not gay .

  • ALEX mendoza

    @whamster: I don’t think it’s wrong! at all!! I THINK IT’S SAD THAT U DO! U CLOSE MINDED IDIOT!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    They have to be pro-gay marriage considering the fact that Pete is gay. hah.

  • Suppress your appetite

    eh :DDDD loly