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Bret Michaels: Broken Nose Pictures

Bret Michaels: Broken Nose Pictures

Bret Michaels shows off a swollen nose and bloody upper lip from the injuries he sustained during his 2009 Tony Awards performance. (Watch the video below of a Tony’s set piece descending on Bret.)

The 46-year-old Poison frontman’s reps blasted the Tony’s for dismissing the incident. “I find it surprising that a Tony spokesperson would brush off this incident with a comment stating ‘Mr. Michaels missed his mark’ with no mention of concern for his condition,” spokesperson Janna Elias says in the statement. “If everyone at the Tonys [was] aware that Bret missed his mark, then they should have been aware enough to stop the set piece from hitting him or at least slowed it down until he cleared the stage. I feel had this incident happened to Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton or Elton John, the Tonys would have at least issued a letter of concern.”

The statement continues, “The full extent of his injuries remains to be seen until all x-rays are back.”

Bret Michaels’ Tony’s Injury
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  • omg

    An excuse for another plastic surgery, perhaps.

  • miranda

    holy crap! that hurted

  • amy

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer douchee bag…

  • catsup

    Ouch!! I hope he sues their azzz for being so ignorent.
    And yes you can bet you bibby if it was Liza Minnelli Dolly Parton Elton John etc. they would be kissing their azzs because they know they will sue which i hope he does for their lack of care and consideration.

    Go Girt Em Bret!

  • catsup

    Go Get Em Bret!… x2

  • Nanea

    Why was he there in the first place?

    He’s nowhere in the same league.

  • Layla

    Miss the mark??????? Holy shite if anybody i know looks like him because they fell going down my steps i think i would be real sweet to them even if i didn’t like them i would show concern. I still have a mortgage dont ever want to be sued. Ever.
    The man got hurt and is banged up and if he has any broken bones i am sure his lawyers will advise him to sue. Hope he does,

  • Amanda

    HAHAHAHAHa, he’s so stupid!

  • krung krung

    i actually find it very very funny, hahaha.

  • LuckyL

    Oh God, he was so unattractive anyway. He’s not apart of the “theatre” scene, so, they could care less about some washed-up rocker who needed the money so performed totally out of his element.

  • jess

    lmaoo sorry that was funny!

  • masonna


  • mika

    his show is full of trash and trannies. me and my friends just laugh at that show.

  • anon

    you can tell by the way the other guys hustled to get on the platform that they were warned about what would happen. Had Bret not stood there milking in the applause, he wouldn’t have gotten knocked out.

  • brucie boner


  • Dance Teacher

    WTF was he doing there anyways?? The TONY’S and Brett Michaels, whatev.

  • Lisa too

    That does look like it hurts. I don’t think it would have happened if he was one of the other singers that performed. I think they could have gone slower when bringing the stage wall down. It should have been better monitored than it was. Regardless, it shouldn’t have happened.

  • JJ

    This is the most attention he’s gotten since the 80′s.
    Im sure he’s loving every second of it (loser)

  • Adri

    That’s awful. He only waved to the crowd for a couple seconds, which is what he should do to show appreciation…and that stupid thing comes down at 100mph! Anybody would have gotten hit had they not immediately turned and ran out of the way as soon as the performance ended. That’s poor planning on the Tonys part. I hope he sues them.

  • Dread not

    Every rose has it’s thorn, Bret, EVERY rose. Some hardcore rocker you are! Always were a poser! Always will be a poser! Instead of shrugging it off like, “hey, we used to do more damage to ourselves partying on the road. Or, that’s showbiz, you never know what will happen when you’re performing live.” Bret makes a photo record of it, like he was domestically abused and wants it on the record. When’s the 9-1-1 call going to be released. Pu§§y.

  • Registernuke

    I guess he has to do something in order to get some attention in order to give a good reason why VH1 should sign him up for another season of his reality show.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n


  • Ulie

    looks so hurts… hope he get well soon.

  • carson

    We did not need to see that. Looser

  • Al

    Seriously, this mishap has given Bret Michaels more publicity than any of his music has lately. “any publicity is good publicity” particularly in this guy’s case. He should be thanking them!

  • Luke Fuchs

    I have had paper cuts worse than his injuries.

  • teri

    Loved him 15 years ago… now publicity stunt… not so much. He is a seasoned performer that should know better, no sympathy here.

  • office fan

    I feel sorry for the guy, but it does look like he missed his mark. Like a previous poster said, you can see the rest of them hustling to get out of the way. I think Brett maybe got caught up in the moment and wasn’t thinking about the prop coming down.

  • liverwurst

    His nose isn’t broken without black eyes. And you can totally tell he was supposed to be up on stage but his attention loving ass stayed too long in the wrong place. This is obviously his fault.

  • roosta

    lol I thought that was eminem

  • E

    I don’t know how much faster he could have turned. Good Lord. What is wrong with those people at the Tony’s? Bret Michaels has a reason to be upset, Besides being hurt and embarrassed, he isn’t offered any empathy from the show. It’s a wonder there wasn’t more people hurt.

  • Meream

    What a diva. That must have hurt reeaaaallllly bad.

  • Meredith

    In theatre if you miss your mark, then inevitably something is going to get screwed up. You know they had to rehearse the opening number A LOT, so Michaels should have known when he needed to be back on his set piece. If you miss your mark, then I think it is your own fault.

  • Sam

    #14, 28, 29, say it again

  • lakers fan in boston

    that video was hilarious
    this rock of love bus loser is just looking for any attention
    he’s annoying

  • THE donald

    All of you calling him a loser ought to look in the mirror. Go to any one of his sold out shows and just see how much of a “loser” and ”has-been” he is. Get a life people.

  • Ann-Margaret

    Bret you will heal within time, but i need you here in Hoosick Falls NY State.? Taya is not the match for you?Iam looking for you but i cant get to you in Saritoga SPAC . I will be at Hedges lake and i have no car so I have to be there.For 2 years i have been waiting to see you in concert but i have no car that makes it hard for me and i cry alot becouse of it.You are the best and i would love to get to know you betterCall me @ 518-686-9560 I never seen a rock star and I hope soon i can see you and love you for who you are . I love you Bret keep rocken Bret the greatest guy there is on the earth. BYE LOVER…………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This is sad and extremely hilarious all at once. hahahaha.

  • anonymous


    why in the hell would you laugh wat if that was your azzzz getting smushed then i would have went ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha then i would be like that is wat your stupid ass gets hell actually i would have made a video of it and put it all over utube and everywhere else and got everybody else to laugh at your ass to so you need to think before you do or say something else you gay ass hoe.

  • anonymous


    BITCH please we did not need to see you

  • Suppress your appetite

    i like bret and feel mean laughing but HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

  • http://aol diana

    This guy is a total shallow washed up has been rocker that doesn’t want to grow up. He and Howard Stern must get along great.He’s a whore with no depth to his thought process.