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Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee Furness: Date Night Out

Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee Furness: Date Night Out

Hugh Jackman takes a relaxing walk in Manhattan with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness before heading out for a date night on Wednesday (June 10).

The 40-year-old Sexiest Man Alive recently received X-rated outtakes from his recent movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

“There was lots of footage where you really can’t show those naked bits. So what they’ve done is give me my privates in a bag,” Hugh told the NY Post. As for what Hugh plans to do with them, the Aussie joked, “I shall let them out to play now and then.”

10+ pictures inside of Hugh and Deborra enjoying their date night…

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Credit: RAM, Vila/Anderson; Photos: Famepictures, Bauergriffinonline
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  • regina

    Deborra-Lee Fugness

  • yo


  • daun


    oh no~~ granma~~

  • daun

    i like hugh, so i’m trying to love everything about hugh.
    i love his family!!!!!! except Devora………..

  • LJ

    His wife has the worst taste in clothes and he always looks so nice.
    I swear some of the pictures I have seen of them she literally looks like she rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes. Does she have a fetish for black clothing???? And those oh so silly platform shoes she always seems to be wearing. Girlfriend needs a stylist in the worst way!!!
    I can’t believe that more people haven’t commented on this.

  • breepal


    omg how could any more people talk about it? that’s all any thread about HJ devolves to anymore: snarky comments about his wife. It’s an utter bore so most people don’t even bother to respond. If people can’t say something nice, and they don’t feel they can just keep quiet, then at least say something interesting. I keep coming back to JJ to see the pictures and in the hope that someone will start an interesting conversation but it always ends up being about how she looks or her age. Boring. And boorish.

  • LJ

    @breepal: This is the first time I have ever posted anything on this particular subject on this website or any other website. Please aim your “snarky comments” remark at other people.

  • Chris

    He should lose his “sexiest man” title because he’s got the “ugliest wife.”

  • Sam

    Wow, you guys ar so shallow. Congratulations on your vacuousness.

  • Nicolette

    Thank you. Nice candids. :)

  • Nic

    Wanna see something creepy… find a picture of Deb smiling… yuck! … and yeah, she’s one bossy old hag!

  • bitchetta

    This b*tch is old. Too bad he’s wasting his time with this old bag. He sure as hell doesn’t ask for much. What a waste.

  • Anna

    He is with Deb because his mother left the family when he was 8 years old. She is a “mother figure” to him. That is why there is such a ghastly age difference between the two. It’s kind of sad really.

  • Diana

    Yes, his psychological issues explain why he is with Deb who is so much older than him. I do feel sorry for him.

  • Mistral

    @Pat: ….then also Sean Connery has bad tastes in women? (you have seen his wife Micheline?) And Harrison Ford? Won’t you want to tell me that Calista is more beautiful than Megan Fox? And do you remember his ex wife with which he has procreated two children, Mrs. Melissa Maethison?
    Do you know what the love is? That thing that transcends all, included the superficiality, botox and silicone. I am really sorry for the superficial ones that will never know the true meaning to love indeed….

  • Response to mistral

    @Mistral: for those that have been with them, know that she pushes and bosses him around…. again, very sad indeed…

  • Mistral

    @Response to mistral: None of us can arrogate the conceitedness to sentence as it is the relationship between Mr.Jackman and his wife, nobody with a minimum of critical sense can consider the gossip as reality. The gossip is NOT real news.

  • masha

    Sure gossip are NOT real news….but when that kind of rumors appears – and there are also poeple who frequent them to say that – …trere are strong possibilities that is true.

  • breepal

    Oh grow up. Just because gossip is picked up and passed around on blogs and chat rooms like this doesn’t make it true. Repetition is not confirmation. And how do you know that the people who claim to “frequent them” have ever met them or have done more than hear a random remark? People who actually know them have said publicly that they are a terrific couple.

  • Mistral

    Well, if to see Hugh Jackman with his wife upsets you so much, give you Photoshop and you overlap the image of an any very beautiful fifteen-year-old beside to him, maybe you can resolve your problems of insomnia. However at the end the result doesn’t change, Jackman stays the man of another woman.
    And that it means this psychoanalysis from dilettantes? Him has married Mrs. Furness for guilt of his mother? Ridiculous. I have had very big problems with my grandmother but not for this I go around army to kill old ladies…I repeat: you DON’T know so deeply Mr. Jackman to sentence this fanciful diagnosis, so ridiculous and decidedly superfluous, because they derive from gossip, SO-DISTANT-FROM-TO-REALITY


    Right: I don’t know anything about this couple.I only say “strong possibilities”! It’s just my own opinion and here we’re expressing personal impressions here…or not ?
    Maybe we’re boring…: just talking about and our boorish ideas are the result. Anyway : I’ll grow up but now I’m older enough to know and to say that only passing time will show us the real situation, so we’ll see…Actually I’m not so interested in waiting: it’s not my business. Great if they’re a terrific couple: they’re lucky and it’s a good thing ( rare but possible ) … Just talking about.

  • katherine J

    Sure it’s all just gossip. But I have heard stories about her being very opinionated and bossy and their children’s bad behavior, particularly the oldest child. If you hear something 1 or 2 times, then you can question it or claim it isn’t true. But when you hear the same things, from different people, all the time, then yeah, in that case, I’d say all gossip has some truth in it. And my sources aren’t from JJ and other blog sites.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    His wife seriously looks like she’s 50 years old!

  • Nikki

    It saddens me that he cannot be with anyone else..

  • Jokergurl

    She’s Australian and he’s Australian, they are on the same wave length obviously. He’s so gorgeous and wonderfully talented who else can pull of the Boy From Oz and kick butt as the sexy, brooding superhero with the 9 inch claws, Wolverine as well? He’s a Jackman of All Trades!

  • whoa

    We shouldn’t criticize Hugh Jackman’s wife because we’ve NEVER MET HER. I think she looks pretty decent for her age; a lot of women over 50 that I see in the streets are fat with double chins.

    Anyways, I bet Hugh loves his wife cuz he’s still wearing his wedding ring on his hand.

  • lolaxxxxmz

    @Anna: my thoughts xactly….. its sooooo obvious…he missed out on a mother figure….*creepy*

  • Loganator

    Where is his beard?


  • acause
  • Dani

    Ahh, I love a man who loves his wife.

  • hag

    @Mistral: I think Jackman stays with Fugness simply out of defiance. Whatever! It’s obvious he has some mental issues to be with such an old lady (aka “mother figure.”)

  • LOL

    I’ve wondered about this couple and in their case I beleive Hugh Jackman has issues (with his absent mother) which has made him settle for someone quite mediocre compared to him (and I don’t mean simply looks but in every aspect). He always tries to “pump her up” in his statements, but what I see is amediocre actress with bad taste, not that charming and certainly not attractive pr fairly his age. She also seems very symbiotically attached to her and he seems to have a compulsive need to mention her in every sentence or so (My Mummy said…)

    I’m all for true love but sometimes you can choose a partner who will echo your lack in childhood, rather than anything else…

    She seems like a clingy, passive-aggressive & rather bland character in comparison, and she does not seem to take care of herself either (always fully dressed granny style on the beach – for god’s sakes my mum is 67 and has a more youthful style)….

    I think he settled for way less. No matter their professions of karma and happiness. Been there, wrote the book. I was just just used to pumping up inadequate people, and had a partner just like that, who I made into all that in my speeches, Until I woke up and realized, there was a gap the size of Grand Canyon, in every aspect (inside and out).

  • Nan


    He’a a class act – and she clearly makes him happy. Age is meaningless in the long run, and looks are purely subjective (I happen to think she looks lovely, and he seems to light up in her presence). I hope they’re happy. This is a couple that should make people feel good…..

  • Nan

    @Countess von Zinzendorf:

    He’a a class act – and she clearly makes him happy. Age is meaningless in the long run, and looks are purely subjective (I happen to think she looks lovely, and he seems to light up in her presence). I hope they’re happy. This is a couple that should make people feel good…..

  • Suppress your appetite

    nice pics …

  • Mara

    He’s a class act no doubt but seriously he got the lesser part of the deal in so many ways…

    They don’t seem matched and I DONT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH AGE. I just see a mummy with her son…

  • Mara

    PS: There is a very common couple #stereotype” called Controlling, Bossy “Mum” and Passive (Aggressive??) Son?? They may fit this (usually the man is younger and thinner and the woman older and more rotund!)

  • Rahne

    The thing I think people decline to see is how fast they got together in the late 1990′s on the set of Correli. They had only known each other for little over a year when they married. That’s one thing I can’t stand to see, couple’s who marry after only a little time of getting comfortable with one another. She seems one of those people who have to constantly say they are different from society so they can feel superior. The age difference is a perfect example, as well as her choice in fashion. The reason I feel this way is I’ve watched some of her interviews and notice too many similarities between her and the people that I’m describing that I loathe them for. The theory he married her because of his motherless childhood I think is valid. But also the possiblity that he’s a homosexual should be thrown in as well. Not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality at all, it’s simply seen a lot that men who do not wish to accept themselves go for a older woman to “cover up” their sexuality. I think it’s a sad thing they have the need to do that. I hope that this really is a “true love” type of thing. But honestly the words they spew about one another just sound like pretty words from a bad teenage romance…

  • Catharine

    Hugh Jackman is just terrific in every way and I really want to believe that he is happily married. I believe that if Deborrah would get a new wardrobe, sexier and NOT all black, and maybe get some “work” done, she would look great. Her casual hairstyle I find very modern and I like it. I don’t want her to lose Hugh so please shape up, Deborrah. I’ve never seen a man as handsome as Hugh, and so decent. He deserves to have Deb shape up big time. I know that they have the money, and there is nothing wrong with a little tucking up.

  • Sophia

    I saw the series where they hooked up.She always looked the same… a little bit “oldlady style”.It’s not about age, its about compatibility.
    And SEXUALITY plays a role – I think she is SO unsexy… itsalmost as though she on purpose wants to look unattractive… Sorry, don’t buy this couple,he’s gotta get awife, not a mother. Did they adopt cause she was too old,or because they did not have sex enough???