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Rachel Bilson is Brown Boot Beautiful

Rachel Bilson is Brown Boot Beautiful

Former O.C. star Rachel Bilson makes a quick stop by a Rite-Aid pharmacy in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles on Thursday (June 11).

The 27-year-old Californian beauty was out-and-about with a mystery male on Tuesday at the Aroma Cafe in Studio City, Calif.

RB was recently in Europe with fiance Hayden Christensen, enjoying the French Open.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson getting brown boot beautiful…

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rachel bilson brown boots 01
rachel bilson brown boots 02
rachel bilson brown boots 03
rachel bilson brown boots 04
rachel bilson brown boots 05
rachel bilson brown boots 06
rachel bilson brown boots 07
rachel bilson brown boots 08
rachel bilson brown boots 09
rachel bilson brown boots 10
rachel bilson brown boots 11
rachel bilson brown boots 12
rachel bilson brown boots 13
rachel bilson brown boots 14
rachel bilson brown boots 15

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  • mika

    kewl. 1st (i think)

  • mika

    yayy i wuz 1st.

  • diana


  • Jennifer

    Rachel Bilson is HOT.

  • miranda

    she is so cute and tiny and has a good taste in fashion… well a little weird sometimes but she dares to rock everything she wants

  • Saudia

    as always I love her outfit. Love Rachel

  • amidala

    Ewww…what a slob!!! What an ugly biatch!!!

  • Funkey

    God she dress’s like a teenager oh the leading man oh her’s claims they are never in LA and so private PLEASE what a crock of horsecrap that is. I will give them both credit they lie well or what they think they can lie about.

  • lexie

    You know what, some people here think too highly of their bitter opinions.

    I’ll believe Rachel and Hayden over anyone here any day. Absolutely no reason not to believe them.

    And who is lying? I’m surprised most of the people here can even see their keyboards anymore with their ever-growing noses.

  • me

    ugly midget

  • nat

    @lexie: I agree with you. They seem very much in love and hopes everything works out. Is not like she is going around town and sleeping with everyone. She seems down to earth and nice.

  • what he said

    @ 8 In the Glamour interview on youtube, Hayden did not say he and Rachel were never in LA, he said “we don’t spend alot of time in Hollywood or Los Angeles”, to that effect, “we” meaning Hayden and Rachel. They do disappear for weeks at a time, then reappear for a bit, then disappear again to Canada, or wherever. I guess he feels they spend more time away from LA than in it. As for them being private, they are on the internet blogs, but they are not on the front pages of gossip magazines or tabloid newspapers, like some celebrities are. When Hayden was asked about the blogger sites, he answered that question pretty well.

    This is the first time he has acknowledged Rachel as his fiancee publically on video, confirming thier engagement verbally in an interview. Some people who post on here have said that when they confirm their engagement, people will lose interest in them, and leave them alone. It will be interesting to see if the posts decrease, then, as predicted!

  • sharon

    @ Vor I know you will aggrvate someone one this thread ,left you a comment on the last thread and I have one more for you.

    puta mierda!!

  • Glamour interview

    If anyone is interested these are the translated questions from the Glamour interview.

    Online Interviews & Videos > 2009 > : Glamour Paris.Com

    Here are the questions translated into English.

    Meeting with Hayden Christensen

    1) Why did you accept to be the ambassador of Lacoste Challenge?

    2) How was the shooting of the video campaign? (it means the process)

    3) What do you think about the fragrance Lacoste Challenge?

    4) We don’t see you that much in the press with your fiancee Rachel Bilson…

    5) What do you think about bloggers like Perez Hilton ?

    6) Do you use twitter like Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher…?

    7) When will we see you again in a movie?

    8) Your hair style is different than the one you had for the commerical (Lacoste). Do you care much about your hair?

  • Gasol_fan16

    Yeah! The Glamour interview just proves Hayden is as stupid as Rachel. Come on? He only knows how to turn the computer on and off and only is able to e-mail is all? The guy who claimed he once was very high in intelligence loving to study quantum physic’s and trigonometry?? WTF?? Oh! He is lair and playing the media like he is so humble, private and sweet. Right! Private my a$$! He claimed to be hardly in the tabloids. What has he been smoking or where has he been? Rachel and him have been consistantly in the gossip boards for 2 years now. Obviously, Hayden has turned or is turning just as batsh*tty as Rachel.

    They are total sell out’s and okay. The two deserve each other. Disgusting but, oh well. Live and let live. Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Barfson

    She looks like a hot mess, dresses like a total slob. Ugh.

  • steph

    hahaha i’m loving all the haters…
    obviously i think they are crying themselves out
    literally…saying ” OH MY HAYDEN, NOOOOOOO HAYDEN”
    i’m just laughing myself to death!
    gud luck guyz…keep it coming!

  • Sock Puppet Masturbators!!

    Oh! Here come the Jen’s Rayden Twit’s crew. Here they come!! Preaching and are the one’s way over the top obessed about Hayden and his dumb fiance’. I guess the fiance’ is so ugly of a midget she poses no threat and the sock puppet’s think they have an actual chance with Hayden. Let them dream on and masterbate to their socks!

  • maliya

    can u post a adam pick from the sets of “a couple of dicks”?love rachel and her boots.

  • jj

    shes pretty she looks so much better and younger than Jessica Simpson.

  • trbl

    Gasol fan i think your an idiot and slightly mental… but you have come across the point and idea that settles this prolonged insanity. As you said he claims to be all ‘this and that’ then later different elements of truth bleed out…. and in the end the truth will always come out and lies and deceit fall the the wayside.
    -”The journey of words in hollywood.” – that what it should be dubbed.

    But as gasol said – ‘Stupid is as stupid does!’ And Hayden lived up to it…

  • voice of reason

    See I knew you guys would show up-thanks heaps I won the bet on another board could not have done it without you, Kudos for being so obvious, predictable and for showing anger.

    Funkey you may want to try using a different name when you basically said the exact same thing on Imdb-obvious should be your middle name.

    Gasol are you a bit upset ? Hayden never said he studied QP he said he was trying to understand a book about it. Hayden has never said in any interview in print or video that he is very intelligent-yet again you take things out of context to make yourself look smart, but look silly doing it. BTW it was DL who in fact did study QP at College you really should read things better.

  • sharon

    Why would anyone who spends thousands of dollars on shoes and purses would run around with holes in their jackets …don’t figure.

  • sharon
  • Smilehexe

    FORMER O.C. star – this is all which can be sold as “news” about her.

  • voice of reason

    @Sharon so desperate that this is what you resort to in order to validate things?

    @25 smilie personal thanks for showing up now everyone can laugh at another board you were the second part of the bet LOL

  • Smilehexe

    @#26 – voice of NO reason
    Simply shut up about your “bets” etc. which have more to be called PSYCHO GAMES instead. Obviously you sit in front of the computer screen almost 24/7 already waiting for me or other of your “favorites” to show up so you have something to do again: attack – which seems to be the only language you understand. I’m really getting tired of you and the way you treat people. Sweep in front of your own door, that should give you enough to do I guess. :-(

  • jo

    InStyle Uk interview: Rachel on being a star: “I hate the attention, which is sort of funny as I’m an ‘actress’ ”

    Well, it really shows!

  • Kookabear

    She always looks so haggard to me. And it was painful to watch that acting in the OC and beyond. Oh well, just my opinion.

  • Raven raises her ugly head

    All you spoilt little princesses act like Hayden is your best friend and he upset you because he cheated and lied to you or something. Get it through your thick head little girls, Hayden owes you nothing. He has his woman and is happy, and doesn’t give a rats azz about what you think. So go crying back to your momma, she will tuck you into bed.

    You’re a decrepit 40yr old hag who has a crush on a 27yr old guy, you are so sad it’s funny. You should take your fat azz for a walk instead of spending so much time here winging about Hayden. Get a life PATHETIC LOSER!

  • sloane

    @ 12 – they are on the internet blogs, but they are not on the front pages of gossip magazines or tabloid newspapers, like some celebrities are…

    A to B Listers (or those legitly popular & working celebs) caters gossip/tabloid mags. Those small-time Internet Blogs deals w/ the C listers and below.
    Way too easy to really figure it out.

  • amaranth

    Somehow its sickening to death to usually shove up to your face this kind of celebritard who had too much time on her hands being branded “fashionista” as if the term or she herself had any real & lasting relevance. Is it really that astounding that someone with disposable income and plenty of handlers would have nice things to wear? You can dress this twatlet up, BUT IN THE END what she really is a scheming media wh*re, a feature player in forgettable movie duds, a celebrity-designer flare-out, and has-been “sidekick” of one of the most unbearably pretentious & hype-fleeting TV Tween series ever broadcast.

  • Sock Puppet Masturbators!!

    @ #30,
    Get an education stupid and GTFO!! You sound like a 5th grader anyway with the name calling. Grow up and get your childish a$$ on the school bus. Actually Spider or VOR is a 40 year old hag too that has the major crush on Hayden. Not me!! I don’t crush on blondes. I did admire him as an actor at one time. What is he now? Resorting to selling out and media wh*ring. Excuse me? Most people with an education like you say and one’s that are studious can do more then turn the computer on and off! It does not matter you clan sock puppet’s and Spider cronies will think Hayden is your God no matter what. You think you b*tches actually have a chance with Hayden. How nasty you are to fan’s or former fans of his that don’t agree with you. He would laugh at you and may tell his bodyguard to tell you to get lost. He would not want nothing to do with you obsessed fools!

    As for #30 calling out my name is Spider or VOR 40 year old from Australia crushing on Hayden big time. She harassed Lola Skye and bashed Sienna Miller. Spider has been around for a long time! Word to the wise to her fathful cronies.

  • Gasol_fan16

    LOL! No comment. Is that all your intelligence or lack of it can come with?? Stupid tweenager calling names. I should realize that is all that trolls on the board anymore. Except Spider or VOR who is my age. Which #30 is her posing as a tween girl and sound like a broken record.

    Okay. About the computer thing. It is a lie either way you slice it. Where did you get your information? You don’t live with Hayden. You live in Australia fool! You don’t know squat! Yes. Hayden did study QP! I KNOW David Liman studied too! Like I don’t know tha?!!. You twit! Hayden has said it too. Okay! Then either Hayden lied about the computer thing to make himself sound dumb so Rachel won’t feel so bad or Hayden lied about smart b/c he does not want people to know actually how stupid he is. I think he probably is with stupid b/c he seems very gullible when it comes to Rachel. LOL! Let the fools marry.

    Yes. The point is your really a b*tch and we are all sick of you! You don’t own the board or your cronies which is probably your friend Jadesapphire on IMbd. Both of you are ignorant bullies that need to give it up and crawl back under your rock. Unless, a 40 your like yourself wishes to be younger and act like an igorant and childish 13 year old daydreaming of being miss. Lawyer investigator b*tch by bringing up names and the ages of people. Your nothing but a sad headcase with no life and probably locked up in some psycho ward and cannot get out. Reason your on the boards bashing 24/7. Pathetic existance in Aussie word you got!

    Another obvious Lie in the Glamor magazine interview. Hayden did finally admit Rachel was his fiance’. Thank you for finally having the balls to say it! Then, he went on to say they like to keep their relationship private and are hardly in the tabloids. Hello??!!! Hayden and Rachel have been consistantly in jj and a bunch of the tabloids for over 2 years now. They are hardly private! Either way. Hayden is a total sell out and he does lie. That is what I don’t like. Not because I have a crush on him b/c I certainly don’t! Get over yourself!

  • Sally

    So natural, so elegant, so beautiful!

  • periwinkle

    @ 34 : Another obvious Lie in the Glamor magazine interview. Hayden did finally admit Rachel was his fiance’. Thank you for finally having the balls to say it!

    Poor douches! Looking like silently screaming now that the Jumper sequel would come into fruition soon but its now running 2 years and people behind said film continues to be blind, deaf & mute about it and probably gearing up to re-boot it just like what they’re planning on this also box-office dud…

  • leimore

    SHE can & will never-ever resist tabloid attention, it’s the only air that she breathes that’s why she’s still in the biz. She’s been given some chances but none of it had been even mildly successful. Even her Godfather Schwarts don’t have immediate plans to re-hire her again on his TV projects. So still ever care to wonder how it looks like that she depend all her HW life to her paparazzi patrons?! So not coconut!

  • comrade
    Keep on smiling you Little Moe!
    For you’re always on the tabloids yet still got zero movie prospects since time immemorial.
    That is really freakin’ hilarious!

  • showmance

    They are extremely public with their romance because they’ve deliberately made it an are-they-or-aren’t-they for 2.5 years trying to stimulate interest in them as their careers die a natural death due to lack of talent. RB is a major famehound and mediahog. HC is a closeted gay man who can’t bear to touch her in public unless a corporate sponsor is paying him to do it. Both C-listers rapidly becoming F-list.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dang she’s such a cutie
    i just find her so adorable
    loving her outfit, barely fails at looking good
    cute boots as well
    love u rachel =]

  • jo

    @sloane: They are C listers. That would appear to accurately reflect their level and acting ability. I doubt very much whether they will get any higher in their profession. Far too much time though is wasted on such people, not just these two, there are far too many low rankers out there. HW is full of them, the trivial, the banal and the boring ranks of mediocrity.

  • jo

    The amount of personal abuse fired around on this site, very amusing. Never laughed so much at some comments. You all behave like a group of squabbling schoolgirls and over what exactly?
    Two people of average looks and average talent, nothing special about either of them because neither of them has what it takes to be anything special. They’ll muddle along in the middle lane of the mediocre celebrity highway, get married, maybe have a few kids, put on a few pounds and lose some hair, ending up doing sit coms or soaps on cable. That is their future so why waste time on it.

  • sloane

    HC now literally reminded me of “the boy who cried wolf”. As if the huge HW media would take a bite what’s he’s been doing or more so what he’s been saying these days. He can blabbed all he wants now and JJ (their sole blog publicity machine) would only be the one to hear & spread them out deliberately.

    That’s what I’m directly insinuating for.
    Those “acquisitive” paparazzi & internet bloggers that are “easily” to access and bribed to promote even z-listers as having publicity “whatever” its form & “wherever” it came from is still a much needed publicity to keep them up in their own version of HW Hit/Hot list Radar. Way too easy to really figure it out again.

  • Raven raises her ugly head

    Cry me a river Raven. You are one sad head case, you invest so much of your feelings and time into someone who doesn’t give a cr@p about you, why because Hayden doesn’t know you exist, and would run the other way if he was ever unfortunate enough to meet you. You say you don’t like Hayden anymore, if that’s true why do you get so upset if he lies, he isn’t lying to you personally. I thought an old hag like you would be mature enough to know better, maybe when you hit your 50’s you will grow up.

  • NY GAL

    Darn it, looks like I missed all the fun! The last post was almost two hours ago! I just read all 44 comments and am still LMAO. Welcome back Smilehexe! Hello to VOR and Gasol too! Can anyone tell me where to find the Glamour article that everyone is talking about? And who the hell is Raven?

  • @ 45

    Go to or and you can view the Glamour video interview of Hayden done while he was in Paris.

  • NY GAL

    @46 Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out.

  • Raven raises her ugly head

    NY Gal

    Raven = Gasol. She use to call herself Raven but changed it because she caused so much drama that everyone started to hate her.

  • voice of reason

    @ Gasol you did one of your famous rants @34, it’s so silly I don’t even know where to start, other than to ROTFLMAO guess something must have hit a raw nerve. This is your way of dealing with things.

    Guess Hayden actually saying the word must have hurt and you and the stooges are trying to validated the rubbish you have spoken about for 2+ years.

    What I will never understand is why the 3 of you keep posting hate if you don’t like them why spend 24/7 typing in your free time about them, why bother wasting your time,money and energy talking about them at all?

    The only people that look stupid are those full of hate but don’t have the common sense to just walk away, but heck it’s a free world if you want to keep posting and get JJ to post more pics thank you, please continue the rant with your blinkers on.

  • sharon

    @ VOR Ok apparently you target a few of us and apparently get off on bulling ppl …and no one likes a bully but I like to stand up for what I believe in regardless what anyone thinks ,I am a very stubborn person and usually when it occures over and over again then I get pissed ….so other words back off and I will leave you this little comment to see if understand what I mean

    Cual es la chimbada pues? and if you can’t figure it out then you are stupid as a horses a$$.