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Robert Buckley Replaces Chad Michael Murray

Robert Buckley Replaces Chad Michael Murray

Former Lipstick Jungle hunk Robert Buckley will replace recently ousted Chad Michael Murray in the CW series One Tree Hill.

According to THR, Buckley will play Clayton, a brash young sports agent who represents Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) and has become a close friend, ally, business partner and advisor to him while also enjoying the spoils that come from being a wealthy, handsome single guy.

Buckley filled in for Brian Austin Green, whose deal for the role fell through.

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  • Shana

    Thats gay! Even though he’s hot.

  • Cooh

    Brian should be in the next season,Brooke was supossed to be with Julian,I don`t think I like One Tree Hill anymore,no Chard,no sucks,they`re gonna twist things just like they did in season 4 with Brooke and Lucas.

  • lady!punk!

    sweet :)

  • Cooh

    d`oh,I-m sorry,I mistaked Austin Nichols with Austin Green,I guess I rushed into things,I would have like Austin Green better than this guy,he’s to plastic for my taste

  • victoria

    yeahyyy i love rob buckly!

  • Saudia

    Damn another Robert that is hottttttttttttt … I love my R Patt

  • amina

    hes wayyy hotter…i would only watch oth bcuz of sophia

  • name…

    i love my OTH :) i love RB:) OTH + RB= i am happy:)

  • Terri

    yay that is awesome news. He is hot. I am thrilled Murray is gone and that Burton too. Good riddance to them both. I can’t wait to hear what female actors are joining the cast.

  • Katy

    I LOVE Robert!!!! He is sooooooo hott.

  • bety

    .love it ! robert is so hot

  • Julie

    Yummy. I want him on my screen hope he plays a bad boy.

  • cecile

    better choice than Brian

  • mandie

    dude no one can replace chad he’s too hott

  • Noticias de famosos

    Giblets are the two bodies that !!!!!!!!!!

  • B

    He can never replace Chad, sorry.

  • Mel

    Please, I can think of like fifty guys just off the top of my head who can replace Chad easily. And these people can actually act too unlike him. And I’m glad Robert is coming to OTH. He’s a good actor from what I’ve seen.

  • lu

    I am so NOT watching the show next season.

  • melissa

    I don’t think BAG would want this role especially since he gets paid more than Murray and has a long history. Maybe they will resurrect terminator on the scifi channel

  • anna

    he is hot! better choice than Brian A Green.

  • Kate

    I’m sorry but the CW trying to replace CMM with another pretty face isn’t going ot bring you more ratings!

  • Mandy

    Ummmm this network is full of themselves. First they try to get BAG on One Tree Hill and were going to pay him the same amount as CMM…I thought this network had no money or was low on it? This network SUCKS. Dawn sure knows how to run her company straight into the dump bc that’s where it’s heading. She just doesn’t know when its time to let go of a show. Like smallville, One Tree Hill, and I heard that she wants to keep Supernatural running longer than the creator wants too, let not forget she brought back 7th heaven and canceled Everwood….It still baffles me that Dawn can thinks she can replace Chad with a pretty face and that’s going to do the show justice…ummm DAWN OSTROFF F.A.I.L.

  • Jen

    Thought I wasn’t gonna see it But I think I will now.. Love Robert Buckley, he’s a cutie and way better choice than BAG.

  • ashley

    lol no one can replace Chad.. Its his show

  • Kelli

    Last time I check you don’t bring in ratings because you have hott people, you get good ratings with the story you are trying to sell to the audience. No main charater aka Lucas no story to sell. Wasn’t this story/show based on Lucas/Nathan/Dan, well mostly Lucas Scott? I thought that was Mark’s vision. Sheeesh Mark what happend to artistic integrity? One Tree Hill shouldn’t be called One Tree Hill anymore, it’s being taken over by characters who did NOT get OTH to a 7th season. The reason why OTH has fans was because of Chad/James/Hilarie/Sophia/Joy. You know the main five. The one who created these characters we all love and hate at the same time. Now they talk aout reinvention? WTF, are you kidding me this is not ER, Law and Order…This show can’t survive with two of the most love/hated characters gone, no matter how many pretty people they try to bring in, OTH will never be the same E.V.ER.

  • meow

    that guy looks like he has to take a shitt. The show is Chads show, they might as well change the name to One Gay Hill.

  • robishot

    everyone is used to chad thats why its hard to replace him, but he overacts everything and was getting kind of annoying towards the end. he and peyton were set and that storyline was going nowhere so they were expendable.

    as for rob, i watched him in lipstick jungle and he is amazing. theyre both too pretty to be serious actors, but rob is much more believable than chad

  • Sheny

    One Tree Hill is NOT Chads show and hasn’t been one for a very long time. It baffles me when some morons keep on saying its his show. Some of you are his fans….I get it. But the fact is that this show started off as being one about two brothers who are enemies but eventually become friends. This show was always about the core five…..not just one person alone. And with CMM no longer wanting to be a part of the show, he decided season 6 would be his last. So now if the network wants to bring fresh faces to the show, then let them. If some people don’t want to watch, then don’t. NO ONE is forcing you to do so. So STOP whining.
    And Robert is damn fine. So its great he’ll be a part of the show from now on.

  • lily


    I am soo looking forward to next season now :)

  • julie

    Yes your right^ it is about the core five, but who are they again because there hasn’t been a core five in the last seasons? I get they want fresh faces but still Nathan’s dream is set that storyline can’t go nowhere….Brooke what the hell can she do besides Julian..and really I guess this is the season where Mark HAS to give Haley a storyline because well who else…Jamie.Milli.Mouth.Mia. Chase Haley’s sister.This guy who is going to be playing yet again another boring coach to Nathans dream take 456489465146518974. There’s no Dan, no skillz, no Lucas nor Peyton..This show has gone off its rocker.

  • liz

    lol this is hilarious.

    You cant replace the main character of the show, it just doesn’t work. Season 7 is going to be a major fail. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got canceled.

  • LuckyL

    Haha, hotter man replacement

  • Jenna

    I like OTH. Chad is a douchey diva and I am glad he is gone. Robert is hot and charming and a nice guy. I can’t wait for season 7 this show has lots of fans who will be watching regardless of new cast members. The two divas are off the show thank god.

  • ashley

    Sorry but nobody can replace Chad (Or anyone from the original cast). The core 5 is what makes the show and now with 2 of them gone plus Dan and Skills, i don’t see the show lasting.

  • Kris

    I swear, the news regarding OTH just keeps on getting better and better.

  • Anna

    I agree OTH has gotten better and better. I have a feeling the new cast members are gonna rock!

  • celebrityobsessed.


    Robert is YUM.

  • jamie

    Oh great another secondary character sucking up screetime.

    Seriously we have enough pointless characters already, we dont need anymore.


  • sharon

    Hes not really replacing Chad. Hes just playing another pointless character.

  • Pat

    Heh, so what another hot/eyecandy guy???That’s not going to make this show any better. FYI no one can ever replace Chad because know one will ever be Lucas Scott, duh people I mean Jared…get your facts straight :P

  • Heather

    RB will be a series regular not a guest star. So he won’t be pointless. This season will be exciting with 3 new regulars.

  • Dani

    No one cares about Chad he is DUNZO.

  • Kyle

    OHHHH YEAHHHH because season 7 is looking so much better now that two of the main people, you know the reason why many started watching OTH is gone…..OH BOY WE GET THESE NEW SCENE SUCKERS I MEAN FRESH FACES WHO ARE GORGEOUS….OTH has some real promise next season with what Haley’s sister being a smoker and Nathan’s dream at NBA, Brookes new BFF, que Nathan’s brother/ of wait he’s gone, but it’s okay because look at how hott these fresh faces are it won’t matter if the story sucks because we get to drool over these guys for 40 min. yep season 7 looks effing good now.! lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat…..give me a break! JJ no one is replacing Chad and thank gosh he did leave..have you read the new sides at showfax to this show…?!

  • sharon


    Mouth, Mill
    ie, Mia, Jamie, are all serious regulars and they are pointless. Whoever RB is playing will be pointless too.

    Do we really need all these secondary characters?? How about we stick to the main characters and actually give Haley a storyline for once.

  • What?

    LMAO how can this show replace CMM..oh wait they can’t. I can’t believe people watch a show just becasue an actor is pretty, hott, or whatever… wtf? televsion is not suppose to be how pretty one is but about the beauty of the story and how one can relate to it… quite frankly OTH lost that a long time ago when they try to put in psycho stalkers, murders, torturing people (dan/nanny), drug heads (Rachel,Deb) lets not forget psycho nanny…..Honeslty, how many people can say they watch this show because it is great and not for the people who are in it? I mean if your favorite character left you would be out with them, wouldn’t you?

  • umuh

    ew they are just replacing a good actor with one that is pretty and that girls will keep watching the show for. gag me! CMM will do better things than the soap opera he used to be on. plus it’ll give sophia bush another f-buddy. that would make it four guys on the show shes slept with!!

  • Nina

    lmao at you jerks trying to divert critisism away from the douche Chad. This guy is good actor and good person. So long to Chad . Mrs. Phelps got her feathers ruffled and she is bringing Sophia into this. Sophia rocks I am happy we will get to see Sophia, Joy and James every week.

  • Ha

    Chad is a whorebag, whorebag, whorebag.

  • Ali

    Robert is hot, woot. I hope we get pics soon of filming.

  • teal

    sofeee is a douchebag