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Why Orange You Happy Jessica Simpson?

Why Orange You Happy Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson looks a bit glum while leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday (June 11).

The 28-year-old country singer’s boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, recently mentioned his dream date with Jess, saying, “A little bite to eat and probably watch a football game! She loves the game. It’s exciting for both of us. I’ve found someone that I get to hang out with and who wants to see our team do well!”

10+ pictures inside of the unhappy Jessica Simpson

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jessica simpson orange 04
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  • Melissa

    she looks good at that weight

  • sylvie

    Yeah, it’s nice to see someone with some meat on their bones for a change.

  • anon

    she looks awful in these pics.

  • Adri

    She looks nice.

  • Adri

    @anon: Anon, you’re an A@@. All your comments on every post are nasty.

  • umuh

    is that a swim suit cover up?

  • suz

    I think Jessica’s weight is just fine, HOWEVER, girl needs to get a stylist cause she clearly cannot dress for her body shape. She dresses like she has Kate Moss’ body.

  • jilly

    one word:


  • Anonymous

    Did you check out ET??? Tony is trying to repair his horrible image before football season starts by being on National TV and in the rags. As long as he is a choker his image will always “suck.” You don’t see other QBs belittling themselves in the rags (except for Tom Brady)!!! Maybe that is why they are good and he is a choker!!! When is he going to learn that being associated with that no talent, bleach blond bimbo is not helping his image either! Being a 15 minute Hollywood celebrity will not make you a better QB!!!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that the same ugly dress she was wearing when the paps photographed her fat butt??? What is with the toes hanging over the sides of her shoes??? Doesn’t she have enough money to buy shoes that fit???

  • so happy

    She’s glum because someone stole the lower half of her outfit. Looks like my beach cover-up, not a dress to sit down to lunch.

    Giant glasses, giant bag, teetering platforms, giant dangly earrings and micro mini-dress–a stylist would tell her that she should choose a maximum of 2 trendy items–and not go overboard and become a cliche.

  • Paris Hilton Has Herpes

    Her nose is disgusting. She looks like a hilbily in that outfit.
    But I think her weight is good now.

  • dom

    somebody help this woman.

  • anonymous

    Hey anonymous from one to the other. You been to many sites copying & pasting the same old shit. Your brain only works on one level hey? lol

  • Sally g.

    what stupid shoes

  • http://- melisa

    she looks good, this thing about the weight is sooo stupid ,

  • michelle

    maybe she’s upset b/c she was photographed before in this outfit a month or 2 ago!!

  • nyob

    Her weight is fine, but her sense of style . . . ouch. Horrible shoes. Tacky print shirt. Bug-eye sunglasses. And where the hell are her pants?

  • I know

    Jessucka is unhappy because Romo has no plans to marry her. She even bought him a boat in hopes of a ring and nada.

  • Talentless

    Notice how she’s always covering her belly with a big bag, jacket, or loose dress? Either she’s pregnant or she doesn’t want us to know she’s still chubby.

    Also, her legs look a little mannish in these pics.

  • eekomeeter

    it’s the rabbit teeth that have me perplexed….Joe, see that she gets those fixed please…I mean you had Ashley’s entire face made over…don’t neglect your first born…is there anything real about either sister anymore?
    except for real rich.

  • kelly

    come and knock on my door…we’ll be waiting for you. when the towels are hers and hers and his three’s company too.. very mrs. reoper.

  • lj

    I think this outfit is a couple years old when she was with John Mayer. She always looks tacky. The weather has been cold in L A for three weeks in a row. She’s an idiot as usual or just out for attention.

  • jj

    her wight is fine shes kind of looking a little old shes not pretty at all.

  • Jughed

    Love this plus-sized hottie!!! :D

  • Sara

    W h o r e. Any way you cut it. I’d tell Tony to dump her, but he’s trash, too. So maybe they belong together.

  • lovesimpsonsis

    Jessica looks sooooo pretty! Seriously, this woman is gorgeous. She has major talent, and I couldn`t think of one single celebrity who seems more down to earth than her. Jessica, remember that your fans will always love you :D

  • drop_dead

    She is a real HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • plum

    what horrible dress!

  • bobbi

    Maybe she was born like this but why is it that she walks around with her lips parted constantly.

  • bobbi

    She appears as though she’s ready to gnaw on something.

  • anonymous

    Breaking news!
    Tony seen tonight in Dallas with with some Cowboys players & a group of several women. Tony not holding back. Not leave by himself & not guys either. trouble trouble

  • anonymous

    #31 It’s no secret that they’re fake.she lives in LA not dallas;she goes there with mom for business.she’s been in LA since tuesday.Romo is OLD news and Daddy is working on something else
    It’s too bad what greed has done to this once pretty girl.she was desireable and now that everybody in her career path has had her,NOBODY wants her.

  • jamie

    i think she looks amazing in this picture. for me , she looks amazing in everything that she wears. i’m a big fan of her because she is a kind of girl who doesnt really care about what other people said about her and she will just continue to do things that she loves. go jess!!!! i will always support u.

  • anonymous

    They actually may be done ;she wasn’t invited to the cowboys new stadium opening.Other celebs were there as well as wives.Joe covered up by having her sing for cancer patients.

  • liverwurst

    She needs to stop wearing those ridiculous shoes for casual things. Not sexy just stupid.

  • Uomini e donne

    That dress is old, it show an up-skirt some weeks ago! I can remember it ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jessica, nobody missed you at the CMA Fan days this year! Guess it finally dawned on you that you can’t sing country and nobody wants you in country. Papa Joe must really be panicking trying to find something that you can do so he can continue to get his money. Don’t think reality TV is the answer either. Guess that leaves Tony. I mean he should ask you to marry him since you bought him a $100,000 boat. I wonder, is the boat at Tony’s house in Dallas or Jessica’s house in LA?

  • Van

    I think she is glum, because Tony didn’t really say anything positive about her ot their relationship…I mean seriously his dream date is…A little bite to eat and watching a FB game, I mean he could have said something better than that ….Unless he doesn’t want to get her hopes up, either way she look like POOP….

  • Van


  • Here comes thebride

    ….in her head. Why has he notprofessed hislove inpublic for her like she does? Where is the ring after two years? She loves football, well,whenshe was withNick, she could not stand football and loathed him watching sports. Now she knows and loves,football,basketball, whatever the man is into,she loves. Nick was her big downfall in tha tshe and her dad treated himpoorly inthat divorce. I doubt Tony will marry her. She might have toget pregnant tokeep a part of him and for appearances. She will have a nervous breakdown if he does not marry her. Anywa, Jessica is worth about 75 million formher clothingline. noinvite fromFan Fair is not good when CountryMusic is your heart,soul,you,and where you belong. Next,she’ll try hip hop where her heart and soul and herself is.

  • Lala

    I don’t believe she is worth 70 million. The average cost of a Hollywood film is 100 million. The Simpsons were heavily involved in both flops! She want a reality show about beauty, but has proven only to be a trashy mess and her family is way to involved with plastic surgery, fake hair, teeth, nails, personalities and extreme lack of truth!, It would be quite an irony to give this mess a reality show when she clearly has no idea what reality is>

  • anonymous

    Lala check her contract for her fashion line. Its not all about films or music. You will be shocked. Forbes released something a couple months ogo on top 10 celebrity women as buisness women & Jessica was one of them. You know damn well if you get into Forbes magazine you got a few bucks & you know if you are classed in the top ten you got more then a few. Everyone just step back & realize that its not fil & just music being dealt with. Look in Forbes mag for article.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she use 2 be quit on the newly weds show on mtv
    now i just find her plain and boring
    nothing about her is really attractive other than her boobs
    horrible outfit as well
    only reason she’s watching the game with u romo is cuz she wants a ring

  • Nik

    People still care about this failure?


  • Irish Girl

    She looks pregnant. The huge bags… hiding her stomach….
    I hope she does have a little one. She seems like she’d be a good mom.

  • anonymous

    2 broads on his boat today in Dallas & there talking to twitter. Skanky little blondes.

  • anonymous

    JacklynWatkins: On the lake with tony romo & @blonderaider21
    about 8 hours ago from mobile web · Reply · View Tweet

    blonderaider21: Going out on Romo’s boat w @jacklynwatkins
    about 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry · Reply · View Tweet

  • Schticky

    Jessie is fat and untalented. That sums it up.
    She has nothing going on but eating out and getting followed by paps.
    Now her new strategy is to cover the fat with huge purses.
    This technique does not work that well – especially from the side view when the purse is in the front. Jessie needs to move the purse when the paps get the side view or better yet have 4 purses – front, sides, and azz. Or she could do the Hilary Duff – wear 10 scarves!
    These clunky shoes she always wears are horrible – they make her feet look like sausages – get the ketchup and the mustard!!
    This dress also sux – too short and made from leftover drapes from Howard Johnson hotel.
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    That dress is wayyyyy too short and her teeth are jacked. She looks like a rabbit.