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Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: Duct Taped Shut!

Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: Duct Taped Shut!

Here is the final shot of happily married couple Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz promoting the NOH8 campaign, as captured by photographer Adam Bouska.

The couple, joined by Blink-182′s Mark Hoppus (pictured below), are coming together to overturn the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the ban on same-sex unions. (A behind-the-scenes shot of Ashlee/Pete was posted yesterday.)

Hoppus told E!, “My son asked me one time, ‘Some guys have girlfriends and some girls have boyfriends, but do boys sometimes have boyfriends?’ I said, ‘Yeah, all kinds of people love different kinds of people. And that’s the world we live in.’ ”

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Photos: Adam Bouska
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  • OMG

    Wow can they stay like that :)

  • missy

    and we give a damn that these nitwits duct tape their mouths shut why? they really must believe in their self-importance!

  • lisa

    Why is this reposted.. It is already on page 5 or 6

    Jared has someone made a mistake. Do we need two threads about these two

  • Cindy

    and? do us all a favor and keep the duct tape on!

  • jacob

    They’re really annoying. And they’re just jumping on the gay marriage bandwagon because they want the attention and street cred. I bet deep down they could care less if gays are allowed to marry. They just want some attention.

  • ceehl♄

    gawsh , why dnt you guys like these two ?
    anyways .. i fink this picture is really artistic
    i dnt mean tu sound sick, but its kind of beautiful .. lols
    i fink that sounds kinda weird , but oh wellz !

  • ahdy

    Mark that is a wonderful way to teach your kid. Good job!

  • anonymous

    This twosome is so over just like Jess & Tony. Its all a scam.
    Both couples done! Tony playing last night & not with Jessica & Pete plays everynite when on tour.

  • Ethan says

    Way to go! ;)

  • liza

    Oh c’mon! All of these celebrities are trying to “stand up for the common rights of people” and “are personally offended”. Ashlee and Pete are obviously not gay (so Pete kissed a guy before, he didnt marry him). Why should they care?
    I thank California for finally doing something right and not letting trend-following celebrities running the state. And if that would ever happen, God help us all

  • mare

    Does anyone care what she thinks. She should shut up. Kind of funny considering she caused a scene at that fashion show screaming at his EX.

  • jan

    Couldn’t agree with you more. The more these idiots campaign for their causes, the more it makes me want anything but what they want. They are all uneducated phonies who think the rest of the world cares about their opinions. They really need to get a life. They have lost all of my respect.

  • WentsWorthit


    Kind of like former Miss Cali…Carrie Prejean

  • yada

    Don’t these celebs have something better to protest??

  • Countess von Zinzendorf

    Why is Jared posting this again. He posted it yesterday. Guess he’s trying to get the message out.

  • Max

    wow I hope her boy turns gay… i bet they’ll burn him

  • http://None adriane

    Why are you all going against Pete and Ashlee? I’m happy theyre supporting the no h8 campaign. I think Heidi Montage should be the one that should shut up every once in awhile. Pete and Ashlee have a baby boy now, Bronx Mowgli. Why would they waste their time forming lies and campaigning just to become even more famous than what they are? And I support gay marriage and honestly, NO ONES voice is being heard, now is it? Jesus, get over yourselves for once.

  • meh

    Can we please keep them that way? Pretty Please?

  • missme

    Did she get another nose job? She looks so different here!

  • KAW

    MARK HOPPUS IS THE BEST MAN EVER. he is totally the man, AWESOME.

  • dunno.

    It’s ironic how Ashley Simpson Wentz and Ashley Tisdale are almost identical. The look very much alike today, they both can’t sing, acting is okay, both had nose jobs wow it’s crazy.

  • pitos88

    DUNNO yeah because ashley tisdale is copying her,she has to find her self a personality GO ASHLEE

  • bonzo

    good – SHUT THEM UP!

  • k

    Celebrities are STUPID! Especially these two. I feel real bad for their baby!

  • Mikey

    Wow – sooo many homophobes out there. If you do not beleive in marriage equality – then you aer a bigot. If you are a bigot – accept yourself, own your bigotry and be proud – shout “Yes – I am a bigot”.

    Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz are not my favorite celebs – but great for them!!!!!

  • JJ

    Seen her boobs.
    Seen his weiner.
    Both gross.

  • JJ

    Seen her boobs.
    Seen his weiner.
    Both gross.

  • Nikki

    Adam Bouska happens to be one of my best friends and he is doing this because he believes strongly about it. yes everyone has there say on the NO H8 Project but i actually think its really cool and u wud be SHOCKED!!!! about how many people ask me daily about the NO H8 campaign and after i tell them all about it i get this from them after i explain it… “How Can I Get Involved” so dont tell me people should protest something else becuz weather u all like it or not the NO H8 campaign is a growing protest and its a silent one but its speaks loudly without saying anything and if its that strong of a open convo then Adam & Jeff Are deffidently doing everything right! im proud of Adam & Jeff and i support them on anything they decide!
    I LOVE ADAM & JEFF!!! GO TEAM!!!!!!,

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    This is actually a pretty cool ad.

  • frvralkffctkd

    i adore these two, and i think it’s fantastic that they got involved in this. saw this when it happened, but just commenting now because i still love that they did this.

  • Suppress your appetite

    Ashlee looks really pretty here