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Brandi Cyrus's New Band Performing Tomorrow!

Brandi Cyrus's New Band Performing Tomorrow!

Brandi Cyrus, aka Miley‘s older sister, has a new band called Frank and Derol with pals Megan Park (blonde, star of ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Codi Caraco (brunette).

The trio of girls are opening up for papa Billy Ray Cyrus on Saturday at House of Blues Anaheim and Sunday at House of Blues in West Hollywood. Check out‘s exclusive interview with Brandi from yesterday!

How did the band’s name come about? How did coming together with Megan [Park] and Codi [Caraco] come about? We all know each other through Miley’s guitar player Jaco. Codi is Jaco’s younger sister, and I met Codi in L.A. at one of Miley’s shows. And I met Megan in Nashville at a show (Megan is dating Jaco’s best friend). We just all started hanging out together and started the band for fun. The name is completely random, we think it’s funny that its two guys’ names when clearly we’re three girls!

How does the band write new music? How does the collaboration process work? Usually we all get together when we have a day off and one of us will have an idea, either a piano melody or a guitar rift and it will just come together from there. Once we get going we all just put in our creative ideas, sometimes we finish a song in a day and sometimes it takes week, it just depends.

Who inspires you musically? What was the last concert you went to? Definitely my sister and my dad, but aside from them I listen to so much different music. My favorite band of all time is Jimmy Eat World, I’ve listened to them for so long. I’m good friends with Hayley, from Paramore and I look up to her a lot. I basically watched that band build their entire career from the ground up.

Besides your music, are you working on any other projects? Music is my main priority right now, were just starting to get off the ground with Frank and Derol and we wanna go forward with full force. I’ve also always had an interest in acting and do go on auditions when I’m home. It would be rad if that picked up. I really wanna be in one of the Twilight movies!!!

What’s your favorite memory of you and Miley? Gosh, there are seriously so many! Recently, we got to play a show for our friends and like 200 fans in Nashville. It was super cool, and Sheryl Crow came and played a few songs with us. It was so amazing to get to play with her, she is a legend! And we got to do it together, it was pretty cool.

You can pick up tickets to see Frank and Derol (MySpace)and Billy Ray (MySpace) on Saturday at And here’s the link for Sunday’s tickets.

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  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    to much fug in one band.

  • roro

    not cute. looking fame of her sister’s name. boo

  • a

    for god’s sake, how many Cyrus spawns are there?!

  • In all fairness


    I literally said the exact same thing
    (Only throw a damn in front)

  • anna

    their music isn’t half bad, did anyone even give it a try??

  • len

    “The Lee Sisters”, Ug ,Home, Beast

  • layla

    serioulsy, just because you have a famous sister and a has-been dad doesn’t mean you get a part in the twilight movies or any other movie for that matter. lameeeeeee

  • miranda

    fugly as her family

  • Danielle


  • Jackie

    wow megan(Grace) from the secret life of an american teenager shes so pretty who knew she was talented in the music department

  • OH MY

    Talk about a bunch of homely looking girls. Yikes! Clearly all 3 of them must have been severely beaten with the ugly stick. It’s about time for them to beg for money to get some serious plastic surgery.

    The truth is the whole Cyrus family is not really that good looking. Miley has had lots of work done to get her to where she is today cosmetically. Otherwise she would just look like another trailer trash crotchfruit of Achy Breaky heart douche, complete with sideways and crooked teeth YA’LL!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    What a disgusting, desperate family.

  • XMEN

    There’s MORE Cyrus’?!
    Miley and her dad her brother are enough

  • Vince

    This desperate family is trying to milk Hollywood for as much money as a family can.

  • lame

    wow. so the cyrus’ happen to share the same interests & happen to become pretty f’ing successful therefor everyone hates them…? did everyone forget about the 170 baldwin brothers, the arquette family, the ronsons, barrymore, there are SO many families in the business. only this poor fam would get hated on. you ppl are pathetic

  • cari

    The Cyrus’ are a whole bunch of ugly….yikes.

    I’m huntin’ faw wabbits…..

  • tlt

    sometimes, do i think that miley’s family is using her fame to get themselves more famous….they litterally love the spotlight! it’s like ‘awesome ONE og her family members are trying it out or already am’ but that’s fine but if the whole family is trying is just ‘look at me! look at me!’ish. but i can’t judge if they don’t got talent.. i have only heard miley, trace and ofcourse billy ray. but i’m sure that brandi’s good on the guitar.

  • jessica

    Wow, they are beautiful!

  • tiredofyall

    Seriously, all you haters on these girls should be ashamed of yourself. Now you are shaking the “they are ugly” sticks, when you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror. What ever happened to everyone being unique and special, and just because that particular picture of these 3 girls don’t fit the “mold” of some artificial what is beautiful crap is beyond me. If any of them might gain 5 pounds, you will be sure to be there to belittle them for that. Why don’t you all just shut up!

  • marlie

    yeah! i agree with tiredofyall!u all shoild be ashamed of ur self! just because miley and her brother and her dad r famous dosent mean brandy cant be famous too!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    It’s kinda funny how they’re using Miley’s fame to promote their band.

  • Suppress your appetite