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Kate Gosselin Celebrates 10th Wedding Anniversary

Kate Gosselin Celebrates 10th Wedding Anniversary

Kate Gosselin films another episode of her hit TLC reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, by putting up a bouncy castle on Friday afternoon (June 12) in her front yard in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old mom and Jon Gosselin celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary today. Happy Anniversary!

Also spotted in the yard: daughters Cara and Hannah as well as the family dogs, two German Shepherd dogs named Shooka and Nala.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary…

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kate gosselin 10th wedding anniversary 10

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  • CC

    Baaaa , they have umpteen acres behind their house and they decide to put on a show in front….3. …2…1 leave them alone waaaaa.
    nice plastic funbags

  • maryann

    Put some shorts on!

  • Mike

    Jared, is this some kind of joke, or something? I seriously doubt these two are celebrating their 10 year anniversary more so than lamenting about each others infidelities…

  • plagarist

    this site is just awful

  • jen

    Cankleypooh ………………..bleeeeeechhh

  • ms lola

    Kate sure is letting it all hang out. She’s gonna go Brittney pretty soon. Where is her boyfriend?

  • LT

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!

  • Davids

    I just don’t know what to think about this whole thing. What a weird life to lead.

  • Joanne

    She must know she is hanging out of that dress. She is always scowling. Enough of these losers.

  • anya

    Happy anniv guys. Is that my sister jennie? No it’s just the dog! HA. The virus guy left the San Diego cookies up.

  • emma

    oh get a life people. if you do not like it move on and do not make your same childish comment on every post. who is forcing you to look at this.

  • Squanto

    Looks like she’s on the warpath again. Any men around to yell at?

  • Shelly

    What a sleaze Kate is turning out to be, showing her goodies like that. She had to have known everything God gave her was hanging out of her dress when she was squatted down like that. And I don’t think she’s scowling, she’s working on something. Who doesn’t make faces when they’re concentrating on something? I do it all the time.


    tired of seeing her with her goodies hang out….
    i haven’t commented up til this point, but really, enough’s enough with her.

  • Shelly

    Are you referring to her new fake boobs or the plastic bouncies? LOL


    tired of seeing her with the goodies hanging out. enough is enough already

  • Mister g

    suk it

  • mrsbutterworth

    Thank God for the boob job or you’d be lookin’ at floppy flapjacks.

  • emma

    if you do not like it then move on. stop making all your hate comments. the more you comment the more justjared will post about this. no one is forcing you to look at this so if you do not like then move on.

  • trisha

    Kate Gosselin crotch shot EWWWWWWW!

    Good point about how they have so much land behind their house but they do all of this in the front. These people LOVE the paparazzi and tabloid attention, they don’t want it to go away, no matter how much they say they do. Kate is loving the attention and loves showing off her new boobs.

  • Annie

    The squatting photo is right up there with Britney, Paris and Lindsey. Good for Kate, finally reaching a goal like that.

  • katey

    Gee I hope she doesn’t step in any dog fudge.

  • anakin

    Saw American Chopper with Jon, Kate and the kids, it was hilarious, but Jon telling Paul Sr. that he talks like his wife was priceless!!

  • nicky

    at least her hair is finally out of her face!
    I don’t think the boobs are fake, I think that what she has can be achieved by a good bra………… but I betcha after these picks she’s going to be more careful about where she wears dresses lmao!

  • E

    Can you say FAMEWHORE?

    Do the Gosselin children ever get to be kids, to have secrets? To just be kids and have their needs met by a mother not concerned with fame first? What happened to Kate Gosselin?

  • E

    How come Kate is suddenly all sexual when for 3 years she has been a modest woman?

  • shannon

    Thanks Jared. Great shots. I love Kate’s dress.

    The pups are getting big. Wait, I thought they had been banished? Just another Gosselin rumor without merit.

    I love bouncy houses.

  • Ashley

    Kate will bounce on Steve and Jon will be bouncing on Hailey. They must have got the bounce houses for the kids and the nannies.

    Is Anne Taylor clearing her racks for Fall already cause all we see Kate in anymore are these feedsack sundresses?

    Thank God Kate’s covering up the Frankenbelly and thuderthighs…I wish she’d fix the double chin and wonky eye. I couldn’t believe she was only 34 she looks older than my mom and she’s 45…Too bad for Kate. I guess being a slim bag takes a toll on ya!

  • Annie

    Another year of child abuse.

  • boring


  • anya

    What an imperfect woman. Warn your spouse, children and employers………………………

  • Dietcoke

    Nice job on the crotch shot, there, Kate. You have arrived. If you live on twenty plus acres why are you setting up a bouncy house right where everyone can photograph you? Oh yeah….so everyone can photograph you.

    Nice new boobs your kids bought you.

  • Sue

    Where’s Jon the whipping boy?
    Kind of nice to see her deal with a little manual labor. Bet she got nowhere.

  • jenny

    by herself??

  • sister6

    Jon’s bouncing on Deanna right about now.

  • fedup

    Where Kate’s white plastic throne she usually sits in and barks orders at Jon at? Queen Freebie Irene is working hard on damage control and to show off her body. She craves attention so much, it is sad. Did she have to let Steve go because little Leah and the other kids were catching on to mommy’s naughty games? Mommy tries to burn daddy in the press so she can smell like a rose when she started this whole thing.
    Katie is doing damage control with the dogs after she said that dogs belong in crates. It’s Kate that belongs in crate. I read the IRS is checking into them now, anyone else hear it?

  • Ashley

    Maybe Hailey and Deanna are bouncing on Steve. Jon will bounce on his new bike and Kate can bounce on the cameras, cause we all know that’s the ONLY thing she’s into!!! She has such an ugly face, always scrunching it up and making it all wrinkly and sour looking.
    Ugly famewhore, for sure!!

  • grayce

    OMG, I just zoomed in on the crotch shot. No spanx there. LOL. This is too funny. I knew it would happen one day. Where is Steve when you really need him? Wonder if he recognizes it?

  • Danielle

    —- who can’t picture Kate bending over in front of her full length mirror, checking herself out, and how much cleavage will show when she bends over.

  • maryann

    How do you celebrate your 10th anniversary when you both have girl friends and boy friends? Can those poor kids do anything without cameras shoved in their face? Why does Kate feel like she has to have a dress on or short,short skirt all of the time now? She thinks she is one hot mama!!! Too bad she has turned into such a money hungry selfish B and her kids will suffer in the end. She has already lost her marriage. Maybe her and Steve will celebrate her anniversay tonight :}

  • crotch shot

    red undies?… I just enlarged the pics and had the same feeling as when my brain forces me to look at roadkill.

  • maryann

    Did anyone hear Jon say on American Chopper:
    “I want this bike to be a tribute to my kids because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be standing here right now” referring to having that $100,000.00 bike built. Isn’t great what your kids can buy you? Thanks tups, maybe you will drive a Ford one day if there is any money left…….

  • Kate’s blog

    Kate’s Blog—Thursday

    Things to do:
    1) Get a bikini wax
    2) measure the distance from the front yard to the road (where paps are) to see if there cameras will get a good shot
    3) have TLC pay for a bouncer to be put in the front yard
    4) bounce on the bodyguard
    5) yell at Jon
    6) yell at TLC crew
    7) yell at Jon, again
    8) yell at Jon’s mistress
    9) get a 2nd bikini wax (never can be to sure)

  • Cheri

    Kate? Mom of the YEAR? More like FAME WHORE OF THE YEAR! What’s next? Her posing for playboy! UCK!

  • Grace

    Okay seriously y’all..If you’re so sick of the Gosselin’s just DON’T LOOK and stop complaining. You don’t HAVE to click on the article and look at the pictures.
    And as for looking “skanky” in the dress and letting her goodies hang out…give me a break! Look at her when she’s standing up normally..the dress looks perfectly fine. So it shows a little clevage, big deal. When she’s bending over THAT’S when they’re hanging out. She’s obviously trying to get the kids toy set up, she probably didn’t even realize she was hanging out that much. The damn cameras just need to leave her alone.

  • to: silly grace # 45

    oh…gracie……kate and jon know exactly what they were in for….all they could see were huge $ signs. They know without the pappz….they would not be so -called “celebrities”.

    Both of laughable as human beings.

    those poor poor kids

  • bbsak

    THE reason they do this in the front yard instead of in the back where they have privacy is because they WANT pictures to be taken and everyone to see. They have to keep their names and faces in the news and it’s free advertising! As for Kate’s inappropriate dress for her project – that’s Kate — tacky, without class, and no matter how hard she tries you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ass!

  • Cheri

    Right Grace and she probably doesn’t understand she is exploiting her children for fame, fortune and wealth. She is a NOBODY who is riding off her childrens’ back. She will never give it up. She knows EXACTLY what she is doing by wearing those dresses, just like she did when she was ‘posing” in her bikini.

  • Flo

    I knew TLC would have to do something so they can get enough film for a one hour special episode.

  • http://justjared Lisa


    She needs to put that cat back in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!