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Kelly Clarkson: Orem Summerfest Singing

Kelly Clarkson: Orem Summerfest Singing

Kelly Clarkson goes barefoot as she rocks out during the Orem Summerfest’s “Uvuphoria 2009″ at Utah Valley University on Thursday (June 11) in Orem, Utah.

Despite the off-and-on rain during her show, the 27-year-old American Idol alum performed to a full crowd on the Brent Brown baseball field.

Be sure to check out a cute video of Kelly‘s funny interview from Australia!

Kelly Clarkson – Funny Aussie Interview!

15+ pictures inside of Kelly Clarkson singing Orem’s Summerfest…

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kelly clarkson orem summerfest 01
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 02
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 03
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 04
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 05
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 06
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 07
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 08
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 09
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 10
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 11
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 12
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 13
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 14
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 15
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 16
kelly clarkson orem summerfest 17

Photos: Nathanael Jones
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  • Jennifer

    Is that you Miss Piggy.


  • john harvey


  • Johnny

    checkout the full australian fave interview

  • jennifer


    is it you fugly ugly jennifer???


    As a woman, Jennifer, it’s a shame that you choose to contribute to the assault on women and perpetuation of appearance as the sole characteristic for what someone has to offer. If that’s truly all you see in people, I’m sorry for you.

  • Cooh

    I like her a lot,she has sense of humor,she’s so nice even though she could be like miley cirus because she’s famous but she keeps it cool and real,I don`t really care about her body,she is a performer not a bathing suit model,as long as her voice is fine I like her and her personality

  • Noticias de famosos

    The truth that Kelly has more weight than before, but what matters is that she is okay with it I also sing very well.

  • heehaw

    -did they roll her out on stage?………… tubby

  • the truth

    Here’s the thing. Being a pop star is more than having the ability to sing. It’s also about how you are perceived and image has something to do with it. There is a disconnect between Kelly the “pop” star and how she currently looks. It is not coincidental that her CD is not doing very well. These photos do nothing to improve her pop star image and dressing to emphasize her obvious “problem” areas is not wise. Her singing is fine and always has been.

  • hanah

    I’ve been to Orem and they have some great all-you-can-eat buffets.

  • Ilia

    what happened to kelly? oh my she looks very unhealthy. well i hope it doesn’t affect her voice.

  • NativeNYker

    Damn, she is FAT! Girl needs to have a salad.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • liverwurst

    I do like her music but she just doesn’t look healthy. Kelly’s body index is in a dangerous zone and that’s a poor example for the young girls, just as much as being too thin.

  • E

    Kelly looks good, like she’s even lost some pounds. She looks happy, why does everyone else have to be so UGLY? Geez, people.

  • Flo

    It is fat Kelly.

  • Kelly IS FAT

    The back of her neck looks like a pack of hot dogs.

  • CBamazing41

    All of you are really sickening me. You say that this is a “poor example for the young girls”. If anything, it is a good example. People look to Lindsey Lohan and Mary-Kate and Ashley and want to be just like them. That is the bad role model for young girls. They are ANOREXIC. Kelly, being at a healthy weight and looking great, is what a girl should be looking up to. This shows that it is okay to have some curves and more meat than other hollywood “role models”. Geez people.

  • Kelly IS FAT

    Instead of Levi’s 501s she wears Levi’s 1002s.

  • Kelly IS FAT

    When Kelly goes to the zoo the elephants throw HER peanuts.

    Ha Ha Ha… I cracked myself up.

  • Kelly IS FAT

    Kelly’s driver’s license says “Picture continued on other side.”

  • Kelly IS FAT

    When Kelly goes into a restaurant, she looks at the menu and says “okay!”

  • Kelly IS FAT

    When Kelly wears a yellow raincoat, people shout “Taxi!”

  • Kelly IS FAT

    When Kelly was on the beach sunbathing, Greenpeace tried to push her back in the water.

  • Kelly IS FAT

    When Kelly sits on a dime, blood rushes out off Washington’s nose!

  • Rebecca

    All you IDIOTS who are ragging about her weight are a bunch of STUPID women who are looking at the outside and not about the talent and voice this woman has. Not ONE of you IDIOTS can come close to the talent this women has and I feel very sorry for you! I have weight issues and it’s not because I’m fat. I’ve been very thin all my life and I always got the, “Why don’t you eat something”? Hateful remarks like that almost drove me to suicide when I was younger. Watch what you say about other people, you never know if your words could drive a young person to an edge where they can’t return.

  • Rebecca

    Kelly IS FAT

    I hope one day when you have children, I hope God never gives you any, that someone doesn’t say the things you’ve said here to one of them. You’re a hateful human being and you’ll get yours. What goes around comes around and you’ll get yours one day for being a hateful human being.

  • madonna-multimedia

    She definitley get fat during past few months, and I think she should lose it… Not because she’s ugly now, or something like that, it’s becaus it is not healthy…

  • Jen

    She is incredibly talented but it’s undeniable that she is getting very fat.. No matter what you wanna say it is unhealthy. Period.

  • antonella

    She IS an amazing singer. And she IS fat.

    Just telling the truth.

  • liz b.

    Her fingers look like plump sausages.

  • P-Trisha

    I would suggest the Duct Tape Diet : rip off a nice sized piece of tape, place over mouth, wait………….’bout a month. Run around…..a lot. Poke hole in tape for water and air.

  • Kelly IS FAT

    She is a cow.

  • Brandon

    @the truth:

    Since when is her CD not doing well? It’s been selling a consistent amount of CD’s that’s on par with her co-pop stars since it came out. The album stayed at #1 for two weeks. I’m pretty sure selling one million copies of an album in less than three months makes her album pretty damn successful.

    As for the rest of the haters, you really should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m proud of Kelly, because she’s made the wise decision of not letting people like yourselves get to her. She’s a healthy weight that she’s comfortable with. If she feels like dropping a few pounds, great, if not, who cares? She sings, she doesn’t model. And, despite what some of the ignorant people seem to believe, Kelly could care less about having the typical “pop star” image. She doesn’t want that, and never has. She wants to sing. Hence why she’s doing a summer fair tour despite the fact that she probably could be doing a lot of other bigger promo events instead.

  • Blitz

    Lay off people! At least she isn’t going anorexic!
    Besides her voice and personality are what truly matter.

  • Mailey

    I am all for female empowerment and so on.. and the world would be really boring if everyone looked the same. Plus scary skinny is just that – scary. However, she cannot be comfortable in her skin like this, can she? I mean this is just letting yourself go..
    Like Zeta-Jones looks health to me, Hayek.. they are curvy but they arent fat…… I mean, this is just bad……..

  • Rebecca

    Brandon: Great post. Thanks! As long as she’s happy and doesn’t overdo, it’s all good. Alot of ‘sad’ idiots posting horrible things here. They must be very sad creatures. Everyone has a right to their opinions, but when they are so hurtful, it’s just not cool.

  • Kelly IS FAT

    Come on now, she looks so heavy. She can try SUMO, when her failed singing career ends, and we will be rid of her horrible screaming voice.

    Do you her to die from obesity? She is not a good role model to fat kids who think it is cool to be fat. FIGHT CHILD OBESITY.

  • Rebecca

    Kelly is Fat:

    You’re a waste of time and space with your negative thoughts and the things you’ve said. She is NOT Obese for goodness sake. I can undertand if you don’t like her, but were you not taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it? Guess not.

    Kelly has indeed put on weight, but to continually call her ‘Fat’ is just so not right. You must have been one of those girls at school who talked about everyone and not nice either. I truly feel sorry for you if the only things you can say about someone are hateful. When the day comes and you hear people say awful things about YOU remember that you fall into that same category of meaness.

  • Kelly IS FAT

    I did not say anything negative. I pointed out the truth……..which is Kelly is an untalented obese HIPPO. Bet she is a lesbian, she sure is ugly.

  • Betina

    fat, fat, fat, fat, =)

  • Leslie

    #40. You’ve got major hangups girl. You need to see someone about getting all that s*** out of your a**.

  • Rebecca

    Kelly is Fat

    You’re a very sad person and I feel sorry for you. It’s people like YOU that are so wrong with this world.

  • Timmah

    If I didn’t know who she was and I came across these pictures I would swear she was hollerin’ at a hog calling competition ….SUUUUeeey

  • Miley

    She is such a cute little chub. My own little nickname for her is Volume.

  • King Filthy

    She is such a cute lovable lady.You should all be ashamed.She is talented.

  • jure

    #1 : what a miserable person you must be. I doubt that you are happy with what you see in the mirror. That is why you hide behind monitor and laugh about other people. Misery, does it matter how many kilos she has, or what kind of person she is?

  • jure

    to: Kelly is fat: you will get the payback in life for sure…God will take care of evil inside you.

  • CBamazing41

    I cannot believe some of you low-life, hateful, cruel people. You are the people who are the causes of eating disorders, suicides. It is truly sick that you feel you can go around talking about people like that, when I can assure you that you have been a victim of some hate. SICK. You should all be ASHAMED of yourselves.

  • Rebecca


    Very well said! Thank You!

    I wanted to take my life when I was very young because of all the hateful things people would call me. I would get called string bean, skeleton, and being asked all the time if my family was too poor and that’s why I was so skinny because they didn’t have money for food. It was the total opposite. My family was and still is very well off, so that was not the case. I have always been thin. I’m 6′ and weight 120. I can eat anybody under the table and never gain weight. Being called names is just plain HATEFUL!!!

  • Danielle

    She’s “healthy”, fine. But let’s face it, in today’s competitive music world, she needs to step up her image. Image is everything (this IS the price she has to pay for a stardom), if it isn’t why does her record company photoshopped her image?