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Miley Cyrus Gets Nose Piercing

Miley Cyrus Gets Nose Piercing

Miley Cyrus shows off her brand new nose piercing while having dinner with her momager Tish Cyrus in Savannah, Georgia on Thursday (June 11).

The 16-year-old Disney starlet must have looked to her older sister, Brandi, for inspiration. Brandi has had a nose piercing just like Miley‘s for awhile now!

Miley is in town for the next three months to shoot her new movie, The Last Song.

Tish even started her own Twitter account @MommyTish!

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  • giuliano


  • nananaaa

    i don’t know what to think about the piercing…..

  • missme

    Do they both have veneers?

  • missme

    Do they both have veneers?

  • celebrityobsessed.

    She gets even more trashier every week.

  • Dancer726

    Honestly, its a small stud on her nose. I think its cute. If it was a huge nose ring then it would be wrong to do it but there is nothing wrong with a cute little nose stud. I had one. As long as she stays with the small studs then it is cute. If she ever decided she was tired of it then she can take it out and the hole closes up and thats that but she deserves to live a little bit as long as she doesnt go to crazy and get her eye brow and all these other peircings on her face but the nose stud is cute. :).

  • mighty

    next she will be covered with tattoos way to go!

  • kEVIN

    No, zey do not both hav veneers, zey are vemen! Zey have zee other parts zat zee vemens have!

  • LULU

    who still pierces their nose in this day and age?

  • mertz

    lol. didn’t she also buy a house and moving on up?

  • Winter

    Duh people! Her character is a rebel in the Last Song. She has to look like one.

  • Sofia

    let’s say her mom wants desperatly attention…!

  • charles

    WTF is Miley thinking? This makes me hate her more. This Disney star is becoming a w****.

  • Darren

    i love it, how does a piercing make miley a whor*? dont say things like that about women in general, never mind a 16 year old, i love you miley ray!

    and JJ amazing.

  • ashleigh

    its for her new movie! LOL , disney would not let her get a nose piercing…it dooesn’t suit the hannah montana image! she plays a rebellious teengaer in her new movie..

  • Marcus

    @Dancer726: I agree, it’s just a small stuf there, not some big ring which would make her look like a bull. I think its cool, though :D

  • sasha

    I think she look’s good with this thing!

  • enchanted

    she really is a…something.
    something bad. i don’t wanna say it.

  • Ashley

    Who cares? She’s a teen, and teens like to experiment a bit! She’s not unveiling a nipple piercing, it’s just a small piercing on her nose…She’s not “trashy” because she got her nose pierced! And I doubt she’s going to get covered in tatoos any time soon…Obviously her mother doesnt mind, so why should everyone else? She’s 16, she’s growing up, maybe everyone else should try it…

  • Vicki


  • tanya

    i think its for her movie..
    becasue she plays a REBELLIOUS young teen..
    so she might of done it for her character.

  • may

    It is no big deal

    millions do it in India. It is a part of the culture in India

  • kookiekandy

    ew that is so disgusting, say bye bye to hannah montana season 5. Mommy tish is such a stinky fish, looks like dina lohan has some competition on her hands

  • kathy


  • WTH

    Ooh . . .now she a real bad a** . . .whatever.
    Get a piercing does not give credibility of being rebellious or bad. I found it hard even when she threw a fit when she couln’t meet Radiohead. Since when is she a fan of Radiohead. Does she eben know who they are. Please girl, you try way to hard. Maybe you and Megan Fox should form a club.

  • Noticias de famosos

    The truth is that only a small piercing in his nose, he was barely note, try to get a ring but.

  • NativeNYker

    Wow! Stop the presses!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • liverwurst

    well at least she can sing.

  • lima

    nose piercings are so trashy and tacky

  • Julie

    Wow, gross and lame.

  • Doodle-bug

    Hello people! She is filming a movie there so maybe if you would read the stories you comment on instead of going to every site with her on it so you can testify your hatred for her, (which by the way makes you way more immature than she could ever hope to be even though I think she has a pretty good head on her shoulders compared to most teens in her situation)you would know that her new movie requires her to be a rebellious teenager who is completely different from her “Hannah” character, and quite honestly I don’t see the big deal. So what its a little stud in her nose, why is that such a big deal? probably half of you have already poked holes in your ears so you can wear those diamond studs in your ear! Flesh is flesh people it shouldn’t matter where you put the jewelry you are still putting holes where they aren’t meant to be! You cannot judge someone on whether they are trash and a whore by how many piercings and where they are, and the nose? how does that make one a whore? its just gonna make getting colds a little more crappy! it doesn’t make you any more loose! I have 3 in my lip, 1 in brow, and gauged ears, yet I never whored around, or had sex until I met my husband, so to say because someone has a piercing makes them a whore is stupid because if thats what makes one a whore then half of you are probably “whores”. And seriously when are you twits going to realise the Radiohead comment was just joking, that was blown out of proportion by bloggers like alot of the crap they make up about Miley and other celebrities who need you to comment whether negative or positive so they get hits, which equals money, really people get a clue this stuff on the interweb is full of half truths filled in by made up crap by these people to get you here and comment.

  • Justine

    Maybe it’s for her new movie the last song ?

  • Raq

    All this talk about Miley makes me sick. As a mother of two daughters 8 & 14 I have to say they’re are worse role models than Miley Cyrus. I mean look at Jaime Lynn Spears for goodness sake. She was a pregnant teen and God know what else she was doing. Not to mention MTV and all their shows ( 16 and pregnant! ) that glorify things that were NEVER meant to be glorified! At least Miley has the common sense to still have some good ol country charm. At this point I don’t have a bad word for her or against her. I think she should keep smiling and let all these rude comments roll right off of her.!

  • lulu


  • Saudia

    greattt, now all the tweens are going to want the same thing. First she gets veneers now this. Wow Miley, you’re a great role model!

  • janeyre

    Sad isn’t it? There was only one Shirley Temple… I think she will bottom out by 21. Her aging doesn’t bring wisdom, so it seems. Why people want to mutilate their bodies is strange…

  • titito

    Is Miley going bald ?

  • LuckyL

    Why is this dumb sl** occasionally on here? God, the day she’s 18…

  • Kayley

    what a great role model……….

  • Roxanne

    This child is growing up way too fast

  • megan

    OMG! It looks awesome on her! She got her hair darker too, right? I’m so not a big Miley fan, and I still think she’s kinda sl*tty, but… I LOVE THE NOSE PIERCING!

  • Alex

    If you people hate Miley Cyrus so much, then why do you even bother reading stories about her? By the way I also have a nose piercing very similar to Miley’s so I guess that makes me a whore too.

  • Alex

    @Julie: i totally agree. people are so stupid. i personally think they’re jealous and want to be just like her. and i don’t get why people think she’s growing up too fast, i had my nose pierced at 14 and she’s almost 17. people are idiots today.

  • aMZ-KZN


  • just me

    At 16 it is just not proper … her Mom must get parenting advise from Britney Spears Mom… GOD know THOSE two daughters must make a Mother proud…
    16 is just to young to have ANY holes put in your body.. I don’t care WHERE they are,,,,

  • aMZ-KZN

    l0l teaching her kid how to be just like her:)

  • aMZ-KZN

    l0l teaching her kid how to be just like her:)

  • aMZ-KZN

    wtf y u gettin so sensitive n personal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ca

    White trash. second coming of BritneySpears and sis, who are Poor White Countrytrash. What role model. Give it up people. She was banging, with her parents approval, a 20-21 yr. old man while she is clearly underage. Nose rings are tacky and old out of style these days. If she needed it for a movie, ummm, makeup dept can take care of that without actual peircing being done. Get real. Miley is a 100 million plus corporation and no one, Disney nor her folks can her what todo. They can only advise, walk on egg shells, and agree to Miley who pays their salaries,esp. her folks.

  • eclark

    guys come on.. a little nose stud… why the negative flack.. i am 41 with a little nose stud.. so believe it or not people are s till piercing their noses in this day and age.. also.. a nose stud does not make someone a whore, trash…etc.. its pretty sad when you have diss a 16 yr old for a little diamond in her nose..