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Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!

Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is asking that Late Night host David Letterman apologize for “crossing the line” when he joked about one of her daughters.

Letterman insists he was talking about Palin‘s daughter Bristol, 18, not Willow, 14, when he joked Monday that on a recent Palin family visit to NYC “during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

“I would like to see him apologize to young women across the country [for contributing to a culture] that says it’s OK to talk about statutory rape,” Palin told Today. “It’s not cool; it’s not funny.”

Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!
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  • Brittny
  • Mailey

    omg, why is she so skinny?? yes, she is pretty.. but she’s a mom and she’s older + she’s super busy governor person.. she needs more meet for fuel to be running around everywhere..

  • jess

    im not a fan of her but comedians these days are very much crossing the line

  • n.o.l.a

    I don’t like Letterman, but he DID NOT sya anything regarding her 14 year old daughter, Palin did. She’s just milking this for air time. She loves the sound of her own voice.


    Such a famewhore, all of the Palin’s. And what is up with the woman’s hair? She looks like she belongs in the FLDS! Now THAT is not cool Sarah.

  • Rhonda

    Can anyone name another politician who it is acceptable to make jokes about the rape of her 14 year old daughter. I sure hope Malia doesn’t get knocked up, isn’t that funny? Letterman has become a creepy, mean man. He really seems to have it out for Sarah Palin. I did not realize how threatened liberal people are by beautiful, well spoken strong women who are conservative in their outlook. You see the anger towards Sarah and Carrie and other strong and beautiful (liberal women who are leaders are always so manly looking) are like a cross to a vampire. The women liberals admire are always “manly” look at Hillary, Sonya, Michelle Obama. Women who are feminine are destroyed like their some kind of evil. A conservative woman speaking her mind is mocked and ridiculed. Letterman wife is a good example, fat and ugly and manly, that’s how liberal men like their women.

  • ri23

    This stupid bitch will grab hold of any shred of media attention. Pathetic.

  • mertz

    sarah palin needs to shut the fcuk up. oh right. it’s okay when the party you ARE representing insinuates that obama is promoting pedophelia or pervertedness (not a word) because he thinks there should be age appropriate sex education for kids…but when it comes to yours you can’t take the sh*t. go and hide out somewhere because anything you say catches fire. he doesn’t need to apologize to you at all. if you don’t know…the minute you sought the spotlight you and your family became fair game. it may not be right but he already admitted he was in the wrong. take your foot and stick it where the sun don’t shine, or better yet kick yourself. i went to catholic school and we got age appropriate sex education through fully alive in grade 1…so what. i’m not a promiscuous dingbat and unlike fake twats who give it up to any man, when i make a promise to god, i keep it. unlike your hypocrite of a daughter who got knocked up. why don’t you preach to your own family and leave the rest of us alone twat. apologize to your own daughter for not giving her better education about the bible and how it relates to real life.

  • Anakin

    Oh please, he was obviously talking about her 18 yr old knocked up single daughter, of course she had to make it into something it wasn’t. Go Dave!!! You shouldn’t have to apologize for something totally twisted by a hyprocrite like Palin!! She’s like a cockroach, just when you think it’s gone, it comes back!

  • me

    Lighten the F*ck up Frances!

  • Matt

    Come on seriously, if you’re in the public eye and your 18 year old daughter gets pregnant out of wedlock – you’re open game. Sorry. I think it’s hysterical that Palin is trying to make it sound like he’s talking about “rape” and her 14 year old daughter. Once again, thank God she’s not the VP!

  • Leni

    David is never funny. His jokes are sick. He needs to go to hell!

  • mertz

    yeah here you go again rhonda. you can keep palin and preaJEANS…or whatever that fake a$$ chica’s name is. people who seek the fame just because they can but can’t actually speak about anything important. yeah you can have that girl as your leader because she opined and so many people agree with her opinions. fact is she didn’t answer the question. i do it all the time and i’m an a student. it’s called bullsh*tting and when people aren’t wise enough they let you get by in lif eand never call you out. well she got called out and that’s the only reason her name is in everyone’s mouth, when this chica has not done anything to deserve any kind of accolades. what you talking about “manly”. atleast those women are educated professional women who went to school and worked hard to get where they are at. no disrespect for palin’s education or her hustle. she needs to man down and learn some things first before she enters into something that’s too big for her britches. and that’s real talk. i wouldn’t want her to represent females and get by on the fact that she’s “pretty” or a mother or any of that bull. i would want her to prove her smarts and determination, and she has one of those qualities. the blind leading the blind. seriously. if she’s the gop’s top nominee in a couple of years then that party officially has a problem…more than the problem that they have now with the new generation and their lack of identity to the republican party.

  • Ilia

    Ha-ha, I thought the joke was hilarious, and sincerely hope Dave doesn’t apologize. I hate this woman so freaking much – her ignorance is contagious.

  • hwooddood

    had this joke been said about one of Obamas daughters Letterman would have been fired.

    Double standard.

  • hwooddood

    had this joke been said about one of Obamas daughters Letterman would have been fired.

    Double standard.

  • Just Me

    My ears are bleeding! That was absolute torture! You betcha it was! When will this broad STFUP?

  • terri

    Sarah Palin is an idiot. Thankfully the GOP put her on the ticket and there was no question about a right win during the last election. Regardless, Palin should worry more about the fact her daughters, or at least one of them, was having unsafe sex. As far as her finding an endorsement for statutory rape in Letterman’s comment, as usual, she missed the point. Palin never could stay en pointe in any discussion.

  • mertz

    liberal men must not like you then rohnda. us “manly” women will keep to our “liberal” men. stfu heffer.

  • ra

    All Gov Palin is doing is drawing more attention to Letterman and his lame joke. Had she said nothing, the public wouldn’t even be aware. She’s making a big deal out of something that isn’t. Palin and her family are nothing but attention-seekers. Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

  • Leni

    No Letterman needs to stfu. His jokes are not funny at all. He needs to be fired OLD MAN!!

  • Rhonda

    liberal women marry strong men and then ride their shirttails (Hillary, Michelle) Women like Sarah make their own way. I think the Obama girls are now fair game. As they get a little older , wait you all got it coming.

  • Rhonda


    you like men? Really

  • dancer

    She was drawing the attention to those who think its alright to joke about statutory rape…sure he may have referred to Bristol, but Willow was the one who was with Sarah when he commented about the ARod joke…so he got that badly wrong???

    Regardless, whether its Bristol or Willow the joke, like Letterman was in poor taste!!

  • zzzz

    Hwdoodoo, the Obama kids don’t inspire those kinds of jokes. As for Palin’s remarks, if Letterman says he was talking about Bristol, he was, and since Bristol is 18, there is nothing in his joke that suggests stat. rape. Palin should understand that when your teenaged daughter from your Christian, right-winged household chooses to have sex, do it without protection, & get pregnant, she opens herself up to criticism and ridicule.

  • Rhonda

    all Sarah did was go to a baseball game with her husband and daughter Willow. This was the result. Liberals went nuts. Of course, the real problem was the 20,000 people who came out to hear her speak in Auburn NY. That’s the real problem liberals have with Sarah, people listen to her.

  • mertz

    hwooddood @ 06/12/2009 at 2:25 pm had this joke been said about one of Obamas daughters Letterman would have been fired.

    Double standard.
    you really must have missed all the vitriol that was slung during the elections with republicans calling obama everything they could under the sun and then capping it off trying to make it seem like he was a diddler. yeah double standards my a$$. the same thing that’s happening now would have happened had the joke been about the presidents daughters. there would be a lot of shit made about nothing. anyone who heard the joke would have known he meant bristol. hello. that woman has not been shoving her damn family in my face for no reason…so much so i know all about her freakin children. dude. fox news hasn’t fired no one and limbaugh will never get fired, so you know what we get to keep letterman and his funny. he’s not a fake. he says it like it is, and some of us appreciate him, and even his lewd jokes. anyone who knows letterman knows that he low balls sometimes, but it’s not without merit. it’s good of her to defend her daughter…although i haven’t heard her say anything in her statement that is in her daughters defence, but no way does dude need to apologize. it was a killer joke that killed two birds with one stone. good on him. people in the studio laughed, not once, but twice.

    bristol palin=fail because of her mother pimping her, and her own bad judgement and being a hypocrite

    a-rod=huge fail being a liar and an idiot baby maker.

  • mertz

    yeah the obama kids will get it too. it’s called by association because your parents are public figures. i mean chelsea clinton went through it for every day her father was in the house, and so did the bush girls. that lady (sarah) made her family fair game.

    lol @ your obvious hilariousity rohnda. if you read any of my comments you wouldn’t have said what you just did.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    ddavid letterman’s an arrogant, annoying, perverted, unfunny, sarcastic, prick.. and palin’s a fcuking moron. even mat made that bish look stupid. has she not learned to stay away from interviews?!? hahahahaha.. must every reporter/host make this women look like a bigger fcuktard?!? hahahahahahaha..

  • nat

    @Rhonda: What you are saying is so far away from the truth. Michelle Obama was his boss before he enter to the political arena. She is an Harvard graduate, she was a prominent lawyer and very successful. So you saying that she is who she is because of Obama is very erroneous. I would recommend that before you say something, you should gather all the facts first and then make your comment based on that information. And as far of that stupid joke it was out of place. Give that Bristol girl a break. Just because you got pregnant as a teenage doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to better yourself, and that you should be punished by everyone for that. Yes is not the ideal thing but she is taking responsibility for her actions and I bet she is paying for her mistake. She was not the last or first girl to get pregnant at 17.

  • lisa

    I watched the interview this morning. Twice actually because they reaired it. This whole situation has gotten completely out of hand. Did she have a right to come out swinging after David’s comments YES!

    It should have ended there. I agreed with her on many points.. THEN she had to bring Obama into the converstion. She made it a political statement. This had nothing to do with politics. It was a comic told an inappropriate joke. Bad taste. Now she is using it to garner attention. So Sad. she is using her daughter again. And in a sick way. did you all hear her imply that her 14 year old daughter should be afraid of David; she implied that he was a pedifile.. Yeah she did. Matt tried to give her a way to back out of that implication and she let it stand. NOW that is taking things to a new level of dirt. David was wrong. No doubt about it. HE knows it too. But SHE knows he was not talking about the 14 year old. and that fact makes it even worst. She is such an opportunist. She needs the PR especially after the whole leave out last week and Newt getting all the attention. And to think this woman could have been the Vice President of the United States.

    She is a piece of work. I guess David is going to be her plate form for 2012. Yeah this is all about her career. Not her daughter. Things are only going to get worst. Will David respond (I hope he just lets it go). Lets her keep putting her foot in her big mouth. This should have been over.

  • Sandy

    Palin is a jackass!!!

  • pollyanna

    Palin is a hypocrite. Her situational ethics are glaringly blatant. The way she talked during the Presidential Election was embarrassing for not only woman, but humans everywhere. What kind of person talks the venom imbued smack she talked and talks? Ewwwwwwwwww! Pewwwwwwwwwwww! Palin stinks! David Letterman is funny. He’s a known jokester. If you see Dave coming, you know he’s full of colorful humor. If you can’t take the jokes stay off the channel. Lots of people making it up as they go just to get a rise. She is just so gross. The wolves are giving her a taste of her own meds.

  • Rhonda

    well Letterman also called all flight attendants sluts. The problem some snobby liberal people have with women who work or who are middle class. Of course, Sarah’s really not middle class anymore, they paid 11 millions dollars for her life story. In comparison Obama got 4 million for his. Liberals including Obama see Sarah Palin as a real threat. She is a women with passion and common sense, this is threatening to people who need a degree or a label to tell they are successful. Letterman is clearly jealous of Palin, after all look at the fat ugly manly woman he is married to.

  • shoegal421

    rhonda, you said that women like hillary ride their husband’s coat tails, so i guess her law degree from yale was just a fluke. also, it’s hypocritical to push your daughter (who did get knocked up underage) into the public light and then not expect people to comment. chelsea clinton was put through the ringer so it’s not a republican/democrat thing at all.

  • to mertz

    if you think that it’s appropriate to make a joke about a-rod, or whoever, knocking up a 14 year old then there is something seriously wrong with you. in law, we have a word for people who believe as you do. it’s called pedophilia. in case, you have no idea what the word means it’s the individual(s) have an obsession with children as sex objects. david letterman crossed over the line. his producers know it and now so does he. the question is whether david letterman’s public apology will be enough to prevent sarah palin from seeking legal action. personally, i would love to be working the lawyer who would be taking that case.

  • Palin is a moron

    I agree with all of the remarks above about Palin being out of line, overreacting, stretching the truth,etc. etc. And, of course, Letterman will continue to satirize & make jokes in bad taste. That’s his job, and he does it well.

  • mertz

    let’s not forget the mccain’s. if you don’t want your kids to be known to the public then keep them on the dl. she’s a mother. she has sense. she must obviously know that…and she’s an adult. i’m sure that had she wanted to, it could have been just her, husband, baby on the campaign trail…all because the pr people wanted a spin. lol. we got your spin lady…don’t enter the fire if you can’t take the heat…and i don’t think palin is a wuss. she already said what she needed to say. she should shut up and move on. isn’t she on a grand hustle to raise her profile for 2010/2012.

  • colleen

    She’s an idiot who used her own children to advance her political career and now she wants to cry foul. Get over it

    . Waiting for someone to ask her a question about the Middle East or Nuclear proliferation instead of all this tabloid nonsense. Her lack of intelligence is apparent but she sure knows how to grab the limelight. Seriously arguing with a comedian is ridiculous. She needs to shut up and go away for good.

  • Mwahhahahaha!

    #36, you are even more moronic than Palin. No one here thinks it’s ok to joke about statutory rape, and Letterman was joking about the older girl. Your reasoning is so idiotic, that if someone makes a tasteless joke thet makes them a pedophile, it means they have an obsession?! Damn, your IQ must be in the single digits.

  • a

    Letterman is annoying, but Palin is being doubly annoying. She needs to get over herself.

  • reed

    i love how everyone says that Sarah is a famewhore and pathetic trying to scrape together any type of publicity she can get her hands on. Many of them are also democrats as well. For the record, in any way shape or form, she is NOT trying to get attention for the comment an old cranky comedian made. The newscaster brought up the comment. She was on the show for something completely different. And so what she defends her daughter who is 14 and had done nothing wrong. Should women just roll over and let creepy old men make perverted remarks about a young teenage girl. Thank you Sarah for standing your ground!

  • Rhonda


    Where do you get your information, from Acorn? Michelle went to Harvard on affirmative action, not because she was so smart, she was female (as far as we know) and black. Her law license has been suspended and is under seal by the state of Illinois which means to disclose the reason for the suspension would put you in contempt of court. She got a job after her husband became state senator with the University of Chicago hospital as a COMMUNITY OUTREACH whatever the heck that is at a price of 300,000 a year and since she went to washington, noone was needed to replace her. Can you say corruption, its the same as the Blago case, the gov trying to get his wife one of those “made up jobs” only he’s probably going to prison.

  • mertz

    DUDE. get with the program. during the elections they more than insinuated that obama was promoting pedophilia. so you know what i don’t think what letterman did was the right thing. it was a fcuken joke, and a poor joke as well. but it was FAIR game. fair game. not because sarah instigated the matter or whatever, but it is fair game because she has brought that light that should be upon HER to include her family. so you know who’s ultimately at fault here, she is. i mean we rag on mother’s like dina lohan pimping her family, but these politicians are FAIR game, and sarah is a politiician. she is not immune to this. she can take legal action if she wants. good for her. anything to keep this in the news a couple days longer is good for her no? and no one cares about the 20 000 people. the woman is a hit. she could sell her b’o and people would buy it. i have no problem with sarah palin and her hustle, but i hate people who talk out of their a$$, and yeah she deserves a chance, so i’ve given her one and she can prove me and everyone else wrong. i’m sure she has it in her…but she needs to break out of whatever that party is trying to wrap around her and be her own self. she can be better than that party. she shouldn’t put all her eggs in one basket because they are going to screw her over. good for bristol palin for having the baby and taking care of him/her with the help of her family. she needs a chance too, but she doesn’t need to be a hypocrite. stay away from the hypocrisy.

  • mertz

    for the record i am neither a dem or a repub, and once again rohnda it’s good to know that only you and acorn plus wherever else you get your information know facts. w/e. this is a dumb issue. it’s a non matter. a boo for her and a boo for him. who the hell cares.

  • heather

    What a joke.

  • *

    “Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!”
    sounds like the PC Maaaafia on JJ

  • sara failin

    sara failin is a dumb cunt

  • ms lola

    Sarah was on the Today show to talk about 26 billion dollar natural gas pipeline that is going to supply heat for your homes that the state of Alaska is building under Gov Sarah Palin. Just for the record michelle Obama is out giving the evil eye to the wife of the French president and Hillary is pushing gay rights for employees at the state department, while the employees of the state department are selling secrets to Uncle Fidel in Cuba. Michelle has really given Europe something to talk about. they are “so not” impressed.

  • nev

    I think she is blowing it out of proportion…yes, perhaps the joke on the line, but this whole thing about rape, etc…is hot air…she needs to calm down.