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Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!

Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is asking that Late Night host David Letterman apologize for “crossing the line” when he joked about one of her daughters.

Letterman insists he was talking about Palin‘s daughter Bristol, 18, not Willow, 14, when he joked Monday that on a recent Palin family visit to NYC “during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

“I would like to see him apologize to young women across the country [for contributing to a culture] that says it’s OK to talk about statutory rape,” Palin told Today. “It’s not cool; it’s not funny.”

Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!
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  • groundcontrol

    Palin is absoluelt right. I have no idea what Dave has up his butt or what’s up with his ego but he needs to just straight out apologize.
    Too bad he didn’t have a daughter instead of a son. Maybe he would be more cognizant of his sexist beahvior. I always loved Dave but during this past election he was misogyny city. No one is saying he can’t make jokes but he has been going after Palin and her daughter with a nasty relish that made me uncomfortable and made me turn him off. It doesn’t mattrer that I did not support Palin. It matters that she is as deserving of respect as Democratic women are.
    No more excuses or limp explanations. Stop being a Richard and just fvcking apologize, Dave.

  • bobbi

    Palin won’t shut up about girls and their self-esteem yet she raised a daughter who had such low self-esteem herself that she slept with her boyfriend prior to marriage. A morale that her parents are both vehemently against.

    Letterman should not issue an apology. I watched that show live and I thought myself that he was referring to her ADULT daughter not her 14 year old.

    To suggest that Letterman is a pedophile (Willow is best being away from Letterman) is absurd on her part.

  • mertz

    that pipeline is going to face huge problems, even more problems than trans canada wasting away and trying to get a bidder. nice of exxon (we see those spin commercials you have going on trying to clean your company profile exxon, while you do evil around the world) to finally take the bite. there’s going to be some epic sabotages that come at this project. let the protests begin. lol. companies thinking they can do whatever they want and roughshod over what people want. trans canada is an embarrasment. same to you exxon duplicitous mobile.

  • anon

    She knows that Dave was talking about the older daughter and she’s using this to get attention. Doesn’t she have a state to run?

  • http://justjared KK

    The Bible warns of the day when people will be confused and actually like David Letterman and his liberal ilk and despise folks like Sarah and Carrie Prejean. The end is near – and soon, we’ll all find out who was right all along. Hell will be full of crispy liberals.

  • brita

    @KK: I don’t remember the Bible mentioning today’s political parties. I thought people were more than their political affiliation anyway… The generalizing based on political parties is really disgusting. That is what will be the downfall of America. Libs vs. Conservatives. Dems vs. GOPs. Can’t we all just compromise and work towards a common goal anymore? Of course not. We must attack based on how someone voted in an election. So stupid.

  • http://justjared KK

    SO stupid? Thank you for proving my point.

  • HUH

    mertz, you’re right. You can bullsh!t and can’t speak English. Maybe you should pay more attention in the school you claim to attend. zzzzzzzzzz…exactly WHY does a unwed, teenage girl who gets pregnant open herself up to criticism and ridicule? Because of her her parents politics? That makes complete sense. Are YOU a right wing fascist? You sure sound like one. I don’t like Palin either, but that doesn’t give ANYONE the right to make fun of the mistakes of her children and joke about them in a sexual way, that goes for ALL politicians daughters, not just the chosen few.

  • mertz

    hey 55, and the saying goes, I SHALL SEE YOU IN HELL. lol. hell will be full of people of all colour and all parties, not just liberals, so while you stand high above and judge from your place of hypocrisy, don’t forget to land on both feet when you fall down straight to hell. loser.

  • Davids

    Said sorry ya but she took it all out of context.

  • ms lola

    Hope the Obama’s keep Malia away from letterman.

  • Leni

    No, if I was Sarah palin, you bet I would be fighting tooth and nail for such comment directed at my young daughters.


  • dontcare..

    Oh he’s not allowed to talk about what her daughter did! Her daughter had sex and produced a child. He just stated the obvious. Bristol Palin is the one who went and spread her legs. Then when the world found out she came out talking about. Is that not promoting sex? Hello! Get a clue!

  • mertz

    lol 58. thanks for that. congrats. you’re right, but i don’t claim to have perfect morals and i call it what it is which is bullsh*t. this is a non matter. sarah palin could have prevented all of this if she had kept her daughter/her family at home instead of having them on the campaign trail with her. did she need ALL her family to be with her when she was doing this because it’s on the next level. also, bristol palin should not be a spokeswoman for abstinence…because she is a hypocrite. i would never have known who bristol palin was ever, without knowing about her mother sarah palin. the obama’s the bush’s the clinton’s pliticians are not immune to this. bristol palin is fair game because her mother is a politician, and her mother chose to parade her daughter around, and then her daughter chose to parade her child she had out of wedlock and speak from the same mouth that said absitinence is not realistic, to everyone should be abstinent. so excuse me if i don’t buy whatever she is selling…especially as they are religious. but your last point is the best point of all. THEY MADE THEMSELVES FAIR GAME AND THEREFORE THEY ARE FAIR GAME…same with the octomom, jon and kate plus 8, whoever. life isn’t fair. everyone deserves a chance and people can change. but don’t preach to me and expect me to buy it. i don’t think i’m the only one saying that. that goes for the obama’s the dems the republicans. all of them. just like me hypocrites. we all suffer from the human condition.

  • Nel

    very mature, Rhonda. How old are you? 10 years perhaps?

  • brita

    @KK: Care to explain how I proved your point because I’m not seeing it…

  • ugly pictures

    HUH #58, no I am not a right winged fascist. I was making an observation based on reality. Te reality is that, as i said, if you come from the background that Bristol does, and you do something that many people think is both stupid and immoral, while your mother is in politics, you are definetely opening yourself to criticism and ridicule. Welcome to the way the world works! And yes, sometimes it suucks, especially if you’re just a teen.

  • emily

    This woman is a narcissist. She thinks she’s so important. Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet? She is using David Letterman to put herself in the news. I’m a woman who has a young daughter and I was not offended by what he said. She lacks the intelligence to get what he was really joking about.

  • zzzz

    HUH #58, just for clarity’s sake, the above comment #67, was written by me, zzzz.

  • mertz

    WHY does a unwed, teenage girl who gets pregnant open herself up to criticism and ridicule?
    let me take the cop out and blame society…because it is common knowledge that girls are the meanest to their fellow females, just like it is also common knowledge, especially as taught to young women who are religious by proxy of their upbringing or their parents, that girls should not have sex before their married (arcahic), and that it is “unseemly” for girls to become baby mamas, just like at one point in time it was “unseemly” for girls to be regarded or respected in the same way that men were. bristol palin had sex and had a baby, and i’m sure many girls would call her a ho…it comes with her actions, i’m not saying it’s right or wrong, cause she can do whatever she wants…and if obama’s kids become like bristol palin i am 100% sure they will get the same flack. it comes with the territory. i know girls who have gotten pregnant, have been disowned, kicked out, and have had to provide for their baby and themself without any help from family or the government. bristol palin is lucky ( i bet she knows that), and it must be nice for her to speak out after the fact. i think she needs to make her own decisions instead of kowtowing to her parents. she’s already an adult, even if her age doesn’t show it, her actions do. and i don’t need to judge her (even if i do) because her relationship with god is hers only. but like i said previously i don’t buy what she’s preaching. i hope people would look at her and what she’s trying to do and maybe learn from it and use it as an example, either to do what she’s done or not to do what she’s done…but she’s no victim here. if my parents were politicians and i don’t want to be involved in the press portion i would tell my hard headed parents to leave me the fcuck out. it doesn’t matter how old i am. if something doesn’t feel right to me i would tell my parents and if they respect me they’d respect what i want, whether i am a child or not. children are not stupid, and people don’t need to always say that kids are not capable of making decisions. we make choices and decisions ALL THE TIME, just like adults do, even if they are easier decisions than adults. but we do make decisions. give us a little bit of credit. we are not all dumb.

  • Max

    Who is she to ask him for apologizing?!
    She should watch less TV and care more about her daughters sexual experiments ;)

  • mertz

    and the original blog.

    i wonder who is doing pr for sarah. of course she’s the pitbull momma no? so she’s gonna keep on this tip. lol. good for her.

  • mertz,8599,1904354,00.html
    this one is a must read. lol. an entire summation of the entire week including all things political, repubs, dems, sarah, letterman et al.

  • Annoyed

    A nice comment it wasn’t, but this is comedy. Comedy is rarely nice. Obviously he was talking about her 18 year old unwed mother. Nobody even knows about her other kids!

  • Shhhhhhhhhhh!

    Sarah needs to shut up. She is making herself look stupid. As a republican I want to see us look good. Sarah is making a big fuss about this when there is nothing to complain about, she is making republicans look like they will pick on anything to attack. Give it up Sarah, it’s called comedy and everyone knows David was talking about Bristol.

  • Skeptical reader

    It is a little hypocritical to say leave my daughters alone and keep them out of the lime light – when you bring them on stage in front of millions. And one has been repeatedly featured on the front of People, US Weekly, etc by her own choosing. If you want to be out of the lime light – stay out of the lime light! (And give back the money I am sured those magazines paid you…)

  • ms lola

    Just read thousands of flight attendants picketed CBS, but can’t find a thing about it on the state owned media. One sign said, you know the difference between a regular flight attendant and a slutty one—-LIPSTICK! how funny!

  • hmr

    She has maybe forgotten that during her campaign, her supporters would call Obama, “Osama!”

    She never asked them to quit these antics, that only support bigotry in this country. So she is not the most indicated person to protest offensive, out of line comments!

  • ms lola

    that’s funny, David Letterman can call flight attendants and sarah palin a slut on national television, but you get censored on Just Jared, that’s funny too

  • groundcontrol

    The apology belongs to Palin’s daughter. She is the one who went to the game. So the joke is publicly about her. Whether Dave mistakenly referenced her or not is not the point. SHE was referenced. Dave is not stupid nor is he unaware of the the news. He knows which daughter is which and he knows the names of the daughters.
    But even if I take Dave at his word that he made a mistake, the mistake was made and it came out as a joke about a 14 year old. How is it that everyone should know Dave made a mistake? How is it obvious? That’s quite a biased interpretation.
    She doesn’t need to be the butt of his sexist jokes. For that matter neither does any 18 year old. Geez. I cannot believe the misogyny directed toward an 18/19 year old because she and her boyfriend got pregnant. Am I seriously hearing that people believe this makes her fair game for any sexual inuendo? I am an ultra liberal feminist and I cannot believe people can’t see why this is wrong. Of course, her mother is standing up for her and demanding an apology. No mother needs a PR person to urge her to do this. Certainly not some outspoken politician. The one dragging this out is Dave for not immediately offering an apology to her as soon as he realized his mistake.
    Stop trying to make this liberal vs. conservative or Democrat vs. Republican. That is not what is about. It’s about a grown man making a sexually insulting laced joke about a 14 year old.
    Dave needs to be a man and make a sincere and complete apology without any excuses.

  • kate

    Sarah Palin = the new Paris Hilton. Anything for attention. Gag me.

  • Rhonda


    Wow, well said.

  • omg

    His joke was not funny, and I see she wants to stand up for her daughter. But I cannot stand this family.

  • emily

    No it’s about her being a famewhore,

  • LuckyL

    This is the only politician I know who acts like a celebrity.

  • emily

    Like someone said earlier, Doesn’t she have enough to do running Alaska? Oh I forgot that is not as important as getting yourself injected into the news.

  • kathy

    To all the perverts who support Letterman and bash Palin for standing up for decency and women: You are dirty old men that women (especially young women) should stay away from. You let your p ___ do the talking and you brains are dead.

  • Cherie

    I can’t stand Palin, but Letterman’s joke was out of line. And he wasn’t talking about Sarah’s daughter, Bristol. The joke was in reference to Palin and her family taking in a baseball game. The daughter at the game? Willow.

    I am a long-time Letterman viewer, but he went too far on this one. He should just sincerely apologize and let it die. He’s giving Palin too much publicity.

  • sanmansr

    David letterman was WRONG, should be a man say sorry and NEVER JOKE ABOUT PALIN AGAIN!!!! Why dosen’t he do Obamma family jokes, Michelle was in New York a week ago didn’t A-rod, or Spitzer, go for her? What is Letterman Raceist? Laur and Couric are no better, they should all STFU!

  • sanmansr


    Takes one to know one, Loser, STFU and wait for your mom to call you out of your basement, you dumb azzzzzz!

  • aida

    Bristol has been in the media constantly – on FOX news, in People’s Magazine several times, including a cover story – whom do you really think David Letterman was talking about? I didn’t hear anyone get upset with all of the Monica Lewinski jokes. Sorry Palin, your daughter Bristol who is being pawned off as the Abstinance Queen had a party girl life, and got knocked up. That’s a fact. Megan McCain gets picked on, Chelsea Clinton got picked on (when she was only like 12 or 14). If you can’t take the heat, get out of the media spotlight!

  • kat

    SERIOUSLY? This from a woman who used to make rape victims pay for their own rape kits? I guess rape is only serious when it involves one of her kids and she has the chance to stick her stupid, uneducated mug on television.

  • Darby

    @ Rhonda,

    Palin is not a threat to someone like Obama, because had she been..she would have helped McCain win the election. Obama made it to where he is on his own accord. He was not brought in to get a token vote. Had Palin tried to run for the Presidency by herself, that woman would have gotten plasterd. She is waaaaaay out of her league and it is more then apperent by her stooping to the level of going on national tv to fight with a latenight talk show host. She needs to be more worried about Governing her state instead of this mess. All she needed to do was have her people issue a statement and thats it. Telling Letterman to apologize? Wh the hell does she think she is?

    You sound very bitter and jelous. Trying to talk about Michelle Obama when she is ten times more intellegent then YOU or Palin will ever be. All those nasty attacks that Republicans said about Michelle and all she did was dust them off and not even give those comments the time of day. And comparing Hillary Clinton to Palin is like comparing and Igloo to an Empire State building…there is no comparison. Hillary would rip that woman to shreds in a debate. Please get over the fact that your side lost and move on with your life…along with Palin with her phony outrage. You want to know whats really innappropriate? A woman trying to lie her way into the White House by faking that she actually knows something about the world.

  • John c

    So tell us dear aida, how does Letterman’s joke about ARod knocking up her daughter in the 7th inning, work? Did he hop on a flight to Alaska? Willow was the daughter in attendance. He and his writer’s knew it. He didn’t use that excuse until two days later. He got caught in a liberal hissy-fit. Suspend belief if you want, but he took a shot at a kid. But all of that aside, why does a pregnant teen become a target for you and your friends because her mom ran for office? No doubt you and your friends are waiting eagerly for Letterman to crack on Malia and Sasha? After all, they “deserve” it too by your standard.

  • Bill

    Palin seems to be very sanctimonious now concerning teenage sexual activity, but how protective was she when Bristol Palin was having sex as an underage minor? I remember when Sarah Palin was advocating abstinence-only education during her 2006 governors race, but just how well did that prove to be sound logic considering the birth of her grandson Tripp Johnston by her underage daughter?

    Sarah Palin also went one step further in her hypocrisy in that she used her line-item veto to slash funding for a state program in Alaska benefiting teen mothers who were in need of a place to live.She cut the funding for the Covenant House Alaska program by over one million dollars. The lesson learned there is not every unwed teen Mother has the financial support from a parent who is governor of a state.

    So David letterman made a joke concerning her daughter, get over it,Palin did everything to set herself up for the jokes.It is the past hypocrisy of Palin that Letterman is targeting and Palin knows it,it has NOTHING to do with Letterman promoting teenage promiscuity with any adult or any person. This is just another opportunity for Sarah Palin to look like the poor victim and wear her victimhood crown with relish.

    Is the jokes distasteful, sure they are, however Palin is taking the jokes out of context to create the controversy and attention she so desperately desires and feeds off of. I didn’t like the nature of the jokes myself but to take them out of context is in itself untruthful and self aggrandizing.

  • Justjoe

    I haven’t made it through all of these comments, but here I go. It is a well-established fact that Letterman hates people unless he’s known them forever and suck his wang occasionally (metaphorically). He’s going to say pissy things. I’d be pissed, too, if he made that comment about my daughter. Palin has every right to be upset.

  • anakin

    Finally the return of the Dave that pisses everyone off and couldn’t care less!! Bravo Dave!!

  • netstarman

    Why doesn’t Letterman talk about the Obama’s kids in a sexual manner but he decided to jump on the Palin’s 14 year old daughter. Him The gap tooth fart decided to go the other way and get on the hate the GOP wagon again.But throw in raping small underage kids he thinks it is funny. he is a big saggy ball schmuck.

  • Dread not

    Sarah Palin finds yet another opportunity to horrify America with her presence. Being that, Bristol is the one who got pregnant and is OBVIOUSLY sexually active, I think it’s fair to give, Letterman the benefit of the doubt when he says he was talking about the older Palin daughter. The Alaskan Governor and husband Todd, wore out their copy of, Nailin’ Palin. So what does she do? Seizes another opportunity to regain attention. Why? Evidently she wants EVEN MORE adult movie spoofs produced about her, probably titled, “I Did A Rod; Doin’ It Doggie Style.” Maybe, “Thunda on The Tundra” somethin’ like that. Look, Sarah basically accused Letterman of being perverted and being in poor taste. If anyone would know about perversions and poor taste, you get the feeling, the Alaskan Governor would. She fired back that Letterman couldn’t be trusted around a 14 year old girl. THAT was in poor taste, and a little perverted, IMO.

  • martinh7

    @Rhonda: Are you seriously claiming that two extremely strong women such as Michelle and Hillary are riding the “shirttails” of Barack and Bill? Do your research you ignorant conservative woman! Those two women are unbelievably smart, almost above their husbands…if you want to talk women riding the shirttails of their husband look at Barbara Bush or Laura Bush…hell Palin too. At least Hillary and Michelle were educated at IVY LEAGUE institutions and have POST-GRADUATE DEGREES!! What does Palin have? Oh right, a BS in journalism.