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Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!

Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is asking that Late Night host David Letterman apologize for “crossing the line” when he joked about one of her daughters.

Letterman insists he was talking about Palin‘s daughter Bristol, 18, not Willow, 14, when he joked Monday that on a recent Palin family visit to NYC “during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

“I would like to see him apologize to young women across the country [for contributing to a culture] that says it’s OK to talk about statutory rape,” Palin told Today. “It’s not cool; it’s not funny.”

Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Say Sorry!
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  • martinh7

    @Rhonda: Wow not only are you ignorant, but you are racist. You are calling Letterman a bad person for making jokes… look in the mirror. Harvard doesn’t just hand out degrees (thank god or people like you would be running this country) Michelle earned EVERYTHING she got, don’t shoot someone’s education down because you can’t seem to get that far on your own.

  • daneesa

    letterman is a piece of skum, lucky that a lot of idiots have watched his show and kept his boring show on the air,. if he had said that about ANY democrats’ politicians daughters and that would be cause for taking him off the air.

  • Jules

    Palin is an idiot and is only doing this for attention. If she’s the best the GOP has, they are in for a world of hurt.

  • kiddo

    I want to see that loser say that to Todd Palins face about any of is children! He’ll knock all his teeth out so we dont have to look at decrepid smile.

    A real man would never have said that. A real man having accidentally said that would have apologized quickly knowing how degrading that comment was and is and moved on. A coward reads cue cards jokes that are degrading about women/girls, a coward does a 1/2 @sses apology. A coward hides amoungst his media buddies.

    However this is picking up steam and his cronies are starting to swing the knife.

    Bet Obama comes out and says something. I didnt vote for him, dont like him but he is a Dad of two little girls, and cough cough, just backstabbed the gay community and will throw Dave under the bus to deflect from his DOMA case.

    Wasnt it the prophet Obama who said families were off limits or was it just his?

    Why A-rod? Does he have issue with him? Why not Jeter, who is NY biggest s-l-u-t! No, to easy to take a shot at an spanish guy huh. I’d like to see A-rod slap him for that.

    Imus was fired for less remember that folks!

    Letterman like to do these things. Look how he treated his friend “Mccain”. He was going for ratings like the rest but got caught making a tastelss joke about women/girls. He just crossed the line.

    Now watch his pariahs , i mean peers of society back stab him.

  • Hanna

    Okay then. Dave should say the same exact joke using Obama’s daughter’s name. What’s fair is fair. All you idiots who think what he said is okay, then I guess it’s okay to say the SAME thing using an Obama daughter.

  • Orchid

    6 Rhonda @ 06/12/2009 at 2:08 pm

    Can anyone name another politician who it is acceptable to make jokes about the rape of her 14 year old daughter. I sure hope Malia doesn’t get knocked up, isn’t that funny? Letterman has become a creepy, mean man. He really seems to have it out for Sarah Palin. I did not realize how threatened liberal people are by beautiful, well spoken strong women who are conservative in their outlook. You see the anger towards Sarah and Carrie and other strong and beautiful (liberal women who are leaders are always so manly looking) are like a cross to a vampire. The women liberals admire are always “manly” look at Hillary, Sonya, Michelle Obama. Women who are feminine are destroyed like their some kind of evil. A conservative woman speaking her mind is mocked and ridiculed. Letterman’s wife is a good example, fat and ugly and manly, that’s how liberal men like their women.
    Carrie who? Sonya who?

    Letterman is just a jerk! He should certainly apologize. It was an ugly joke, even if it was the 18year old who was with her mother at that game.

  • Kathy

    Since Sarah was at the game with her 14 yr. old daughter, then why would Dave say a joke about the daughter who wasn’t even there ? That would make no sense. That creep knew what he was saying. Now he’s lying trying to get out of it.
    I hope Barry Hussein’s daughter gets a rape joke aimed at her too !

  • Vince

    This pathetic ho is trying to get as much milage out of this as she can.
    Publicity wh re need to shut up.

  • lila

    I’m still waiting for this bitch’s apology for thinking she was remotely qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency of the most powerful nation in the world. That was surely an insult to the intelligence of every American.

  • Tom

    Ha ha.

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.

    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.

    You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.

    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

    This was written by Abraham Lincoln. Obama, who likes to compare himself to President Lincoln, apparently cannot read.

  • Cameron

    Wait until you morons get socialized medicine and your health care is rationed. Once you reach 80 you will be denied care. But you stupid liberals are too blind and stupid to figure this out !
    And Dave Letterman is a complete JERK. Come on, Dave ! Let’s hear a rape joke concerning Malia Obama ! Now THAT would be FUNNY !!!!

  • Orchid

    78 hmr @ 06/12/2009 at 4:58 pm She has maybe forgotten that during her campaign, her supporters would call Obama, “Osama!”

    She never asked them to quit these antics, that only support bigotry in this country. So she is not the most indicated person to protest offensive, out of line comments!
    That was a campaign for office. SP and DL are not campaigning for office. DL just cracked an ugly joke for which he should apologize!
    I think he knows it.

  • Mike

    “during the seventh inning, Michelle’s daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

    Now THAT is funny !!!

  • youallneedjesus

    Dave should just apologize to Willow publicly and let this go away. He was wrong, man up and move along.

    I have no objection to a Conservative woman speaking her mind, but they often come off as bigoted, shallow or not intelligent. That is the reason why people don’t listen to them or want to hear what they have to say. I thought Palin was horrible during the Presidential campaign. John McCain shot himself in the foot with that selection. Women would have rallied around her, had she come off as someone capable of leading the free world. She didn’t come off as someone capable of leading the free world and managed to alienate most women.

  • jillian

    Fat ugly Michelle and fat ugly Hillary are , well, fat AND ugly ! And their daughters are ugly too ! Calling all A-Rod !!

  • Nancy

    Absolutely unbelievable anyone would find it acceptable for him to make such vulgar “jokes” of ANY woman. Whether she 14 or 144!
    Who cares he “thought it was her 18 year old daughter”

    This makes it acceptable in the public eye. I pray this is not true.
    I do not watch Letterman. Definitely wouldn’t now. As a matter of fact, if indeed I do see him on any talk show, in any magazine– I would make it a point to not view or purchase such garbage.

    I wonder how he would feel if anyone had made such a nasty comment about his child? Gee, things that make ya go hmmmm.

    Some things are off limit and in very poor taste. He has no class.
    You are a nasty man Letterman. Grow some manners.

    As far as her “getting pregnant” as another ignorant poster comments.
    “opens her up to criticism” are you kidding? Open your closet poster.
    I’d LOVE to see your skeletons. People who live in glass houses should NOT throw stones.

    Palin, you are dead on right. He was completely in the wrong.

  • kiddo


  • Orchid

    107 Kathy @ 06/12/2009 at 7:02 pm

    Since Sarah was at the game with her 14 yr. old daughter, then why would Dave say a joke about the daughter who wasn’t even there ? That would make no sense. That creep knew what he was saying. Now he’s lying trying to get out of it.
    I hope Barry Hussein’s daughter gets a rape joke aimed at her too !
    I agree! He’s lying to get out of it. What a jerk! He is used to making jokes at other people’s expense, but this was going too far.

  • lakers fan in boston

    personally i think letterman is a perv deep down
    but at the same time i hate palin, she’s a hillbilly imo
    and she seems to be a really ignorant person, get over it palin and stop milking this

  • MaryE

    Letterman is a jerk,always has been and always will be.

  • chi chi

    will she just shut up, she’s an idiot. If she was such a great mom her daughter would have used protection and not had a baby in highschool. People in glass houses should keep thier mouths closed.

  • Orchid

    80 groundcontrol @ 06/12/2009 at 5:02 pm

    The apology belongs to Palin’s daughter. She is the one who went to the game. So the joke is publicly about her. Whether Dave mistakenly referenced her or not is not the point. SHE was referenced. Dave is not stupid nor is he unaware of the the news. He knows which daughter is which and he knows the names of the daughters.
    But even if I take Dave at his word that he made a mistake, the mistake was made and it came out as a joke about a 14 year old. How is it that everyone should know Dave made a mistake? How is it obvious? That’s quite a biased interpretation.
    She doesn’t need to be the butt of his sexist jokes. For that matter neither does any 18 year old. Geez. I cannot believe the misogyny directed toward an 18/19 year old because she and her boyfriend got pregnant. Am I seriously hearing that people believe this makes her fair game for any sexual inuendo? I am an ultra liberal feminist and I cannot believe people can’t see why this is wrong. Of course, her mother is standing up for her and demanding an apology. No mother needs a PR person to urge her to do this. Certainly not some outspoken politician. The one dragging this out is Dave for not immediately offering an apology to her as soon as he realized his mistake.
    Stop trying to make this liberal vs. conservative or Democrat vs. Republican. That is not what is about. It’s about a grown man making a sexually insulting laced joke about a 14 year old.
    Dave needs to be a man and make a sincere and complete apology without any excuses.


    Great post! Perfectly said! Letterman should apologize and stop wasting everybody’s time.

  • Kaitlyn

    Hey Mertz – Well done. You have said everything I would have said, and probably more eloquently. Sarah Palin is keeping this admittedly tasteless joke alive and well. Dave had apologized, we’ve all moved on. I saw the replay; David was clearly referring to Bristol. No mention of Willow, or rape. Palin needs to move on. She’s gotten more than enough mileage out of whoring out her children for public consumption.

    This is not about Party affiliation. Chelsea Clinton was called called ugly, homely, buck-toothed – it was merciless. She turned into a swan who has grace and smarts. The Bush girls were foddder for every tabloid, for basically acting like 90% of college students, yet they have allso turned into responsible, employed adults.

    Oh and Rhonda, you scare me!

  • Dread not

    - It was a JOKE told on LATE NIGHT TELEVISON! LATE NIGHT! Not in prime time, but LATE NIGHT! The word rape never crossed Dave’s lips. You can read into the joke what you want. Comedians use current events as fodder for jokes. Palin being in New York was perfect fodder, hence the joke. Most people knew he meant Bristol. And knowing A-Rod and his propensity to lie and cheat, Palin should keep an eye on her daughter during the seventh inning stretch, whatever age she is.


    I think Sarah’s ego got bruised because Dave didn’t insinuate that Gov. Palin would be the one A-Rod would try to knock up! There’s a joke in here about watered down gene pools, but with this crowd, it might go over poorly.

  • mertz

    people did the same thing with chelsea clinton…and it wasn’t right then, and it isn’t right now. i’m sure kids don’t ask for this as proxy of their parent’s being politicians, but you are in the limelight. it’s fair game. it’s crass, crude, w/e…but if you don’t want things to be said keep quite and keep away from the cameras. really.

  • missy

    Hope Malia doesn’t get knocked up!

  • Irene adler

    Palin is the one dragging her daughter’s name into all of this. If she wasn’t such an attention whore no one would have even noticed the joke (which was tasteless). Sarah Palin is a huge hypocrite and should just get the off the national stage. She is stupid, vindictive and totally clueless. She is at it again twisting words, making things up and stirring up all the right wing haters and nuts just like she did during the campaign. And for the record, President Obama during the campaign was speaking about Governor Palin’s children when he said family should be off limits to the press. This after Palin announced her 17 year old daughter’s pregnancy and dragged her out into the public eye.

  • mertz

    had this joke been about the younger daughter, who is not pregnant yet obvi, it wouldn’t be right. the fact that it’s even about bristol isn’t right either. i don’t think people are condoning that joke. it was a joke. it was a bad joke. i laughed at that joke…(i didn’t see it, but i saw it on cnn later), and like what that mike guy a couple comments above wrote the same thing about the michelle’s daughter, i laughed. i laughed because if those girls were at the age that bristol is/was and got knocked up and david letterman or an african american comedien/nne had made that joke i would still laugh. that joke wasn’t about rape or anything like that. everyone who watches letterman knows he low balls (aka pervy, on the palin hate train) so that joke wasn’t surprising. if it wasn’t bristol it would have been someone else…infact take that name or whatever dave reference and put another female name in there and i would still laugh because anyone who gets knocked up by a-rod is an idiot…it was a joke. it’s not excusable, but it’s not a freakin hoopla. i never knew people in this current society to be so prudish, considering the promiscuity of young girls, young celebs showing their chacha, young girls and their sex tapes, stripping down posing nude etc. i’m sorry if i don’t get this (i think i do). i’m sorry if i don’t feel all indignant or self rightous about this. it’s done with. everyone keeps bringing it up. gosh. get the hell over it. people make ridic comments or jokes every day. it is all inexcusable. it’s not it’s because your a dem or a rep or any of that sh*t that should make cruel things acceptable. whatever. i don’t want to keep hearing about this bull-ish. bristol palin is not the first underage girl to get pregnant and take on the responsiblity of an adult. give it up. david letterman will kack one day, and maybe he’ll go to hell. i don’t care.

  • Greg

    INSTEAD of blaming Letterman for endorsing the rape of her 14 daughter’s self esteem, maybe she should worry about the 18 daughter’s example of underage, out of wedlock, giving birth example of irroading self esteem. Maybe it was a bad joke… but alas bad jokes abound. For instance her being picked for V.P. LOL.

  • mertz

    oh lets not forget the bush daughters. heard lots of sh*tty things about them too. w/e. you can be in politics without showcasing your family and thereby making them a target.

  • sienna

    I do not like Sarah Palin but I did not like Letterman’s joke either. David Letterman might joke about Sarah Palin but imo he should not extend his jokes to his daughter’s private life. The words used about a teenager is not nice, mature or appropriate. I think he should apologize and stop being an a**.

  • E

    Sarah Palin pimped her kids like Kate Gosselin during the campaign and sought freebies. She and Kate can give lessons on exploiting kids. They are both narcissistic and embarrassments to women everywhere.
    Don’t apologize Dave. Sarah and Kate love to show their crotches.

  • yolanda

    i thought the joke was about how hard up a-rod is and how much a slut bristol is.
    he apologized that it was the wrong palin. DAVE IS A GENTLEMAN.


    it’s one thing to protect your children but its another to falsely call someone that. I HOPE HE ANNOUNCES THAT HE WILL NEVER MENTION HER BY NAME EVER AGAIN AND THAT FROM NOW ON TV TO BAN HER PERMANENTLY.

    dave should have picked on that SARAH sh*t for brains” PALIN for the joke.

    She is just like those other filthy far reaching desperate nimrods known as the rethugiclan party, so desperate to be the center of attention.

  • chelsea

    she’s an idiot, can we please get rid of her!? haah

  • kiddo


    I am not picking but its comments accepting this as a “joke” by men, which makes it wrong.

    Comments by women accepting this joke is worse. Shame on all of you. That could have been you, your child, sister or Mother.

    I do blame him for the joke-afterall he reviewed it prior to airing and HE TOLD IT! He was the show’s last chance to keep the comment from airing .

    Trust me, he has many top ten lists. He did the joke for ratings and a woody (i also think he is a perv) so he flung the joke out there thinking hey I am Dave Letterman who is going to touch me.

    It is never acceptable to demean women. It is never acceptable to demean women. It is never acceptable to demean women.

    why three times? Marge Simpson said it sticks longer when you repeat things three times (lemon tree episode!)

    I am sure it is not easy being a man, but i asure you it is tougher being a female.

    If we are agressive we are either bitches or dykes. If we are pretty and nice we are sluts and whores. If we are not pretty well we have all heard ugly girl jokes. If we have opinions we are crazy or have pms.

    If we defend our children against horrible verbal attacks that were not warrented by a 62 year old man we are doing it for political furthering or whatever excuse people are giving to justify it.

    CHILDREN should always be off limits.

    He targeted Ms. Palin, then moved to the daughter. Didnt say anything about the hubby, Levi or the like.

    We shouldnt say things about those little Obama girls. Have respect, he is your elected leaders children (i did not vote for him!).

    I lost respect for MCcain when he said Chelsea was the ugliest child. It took a long time for me to get over that back then. But if i am not mistaken -he apologized and not half assed either.

    Bet he would run like a school girl if he saw Todd Palin coming. He looks like he could kick some 62 year old ass.

    It is just tasteless not political and he should flat out apologize on a talk show (to make it neutral) and move on.

    Just my opinion. Dont like the jokity jokes about kiddies.

  • Leni


  • daisy

    don’t care for Palin….but, think Letterman went too far.

    He’s what I call the typical ” middle American man”.


  • aida

    He ALREADY DID APOLOGIZED! Where was Palin when Jamie Lynn Spears and Brittany Spears were the butt of the jokes? Sorry, when your daughter makes the media run promoting abstinance only while carrying her baby around, and gushing how great he is – you are going to get picked on. Sarah – you got to know that the people in Wasilla say a whole lot worse.

  • Taylor


    Letterman is a has been. For someone who’s so protective over his own child, I would think he’d have more decency. He knocked up his son’s Mother if one wants to be technical, if he wants to throw those words around. Any pictures of his wife to see whether she looks any better than his description of a flight attendant? If he ever flies commercial, hope someone drops a cup of java in his lap.

  • kiddo


    The joke was told about the 14 year old, not the elder. He did a typical half assed apology.
    He or his people didnt come up with the “I didnt know” a few days later when someone told him to say that too.

    I agree with above posters, he is in the media, he knows what these kids look like, he told a tasteless joke and now he is being called to the carpet.

    As for the spears, that is momma spears fight and shame on her for not standing up to the media. She was probably to busy editing her book. lol

    Ms. Palin was not on the campaign trail. She went to a dinner for disabled children, then took her child to the new stadium.
    I am not a tight ass bye the way. I am a mother of a daughter and an aunt of two neices. one is 14, so maybe i am a little sensative.


    It is never ok to demean women. It is never ok to demean women, it is never ok to demean women. or men for that matter to be fair.

    Jokes are supposed to be told to be funny not mailicous.

  • Taylor


    You should be upset on behalf all the young women/girls in this country. He’s becoming a lecherous old man who doesn’t even know how to apologize properly.

  • Taylor


    Hopefully, the Letterman’s of this country will leave the little Obama girls alone.

  • sade

    You people that say Letterman are nuts! Take Palin out of the equation and even take the 14 year old(which was who was at the game with her mother.) and just look at the joke about an 18 year old getting raped by ARod as the joke.

    What in the heck has happened to America when it is ok to make a joke out of raping an 18 year old. Many 18 year olds are seniors in high school. It was a very uncool joke.

    Now get back to reality Palin;s 14 year old is only 4 years older than the Obama’s oldest daughter. Would it be funny to make a joke about ARod raping Miss Obama? HOw about Biden’s grown drug using daughter, would it be cool about someone raping her?

    In NO stretch of anyone’s imagination is it cool to talk about any female being raped, especially a teenager.

  • Taylor


    All she did was attend a ball game. Letterman is feeling his age–unfortunately, he isn’t acting it.

  • Taylor


    Well said.

  • ini

    Letterman makes jokes, he’s very good at what he does.
    Palin is a JOKE, she’s a huge embarrassment!

  • Taylor


    If you believe that, you believe that the Obamas pimped their children, as well.

  • Jan

    @Matt: Matt, Letterman said, “her daughter that was AT THE GAME with her got knocked up by A Rod.” Getting a 14 yr. old child pregnant is statutory rape. Palin is correct. Letterman should have found out WHO was with her and watched what he says. Letterman should be fired!!!!

  • Matt

    Give me a break, people. He was talking about Bristol, who is of age – so it was not “statutory” rape. Two, the joke isn’t about rape….he’s basically making fun of the fact that Bristol “puts out” without any protection (which is TRUE) because she’s basically a horny mor@n.

    So now mommy Palin is using it as publicity to get into the media spotlight and pretend to crusade for the rights of young women across the country. Even after Letterman apologized, Palin wanted to go on the Today Show and get a little exposure.

    The point of the joke was NOT the rape of minors.

    It was that Palin’s ADULT daughter puts out with no protection….which she does.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    He made the joke because her daughter was indeed a high schooler who got knocked up and then after having baby goes on an abstinence tour to promote abstinence so bristol is fair game. ANd she is doing this for attention./. Disgusting. She knows very well who he was talking about. Only one of her daughters was knocked up. Besides he is a comedian and has said much worst things about a lot of people. So Palin, please take your overdramatic dimwit self away from out tv’s and disappear. YOU are making women look dumb and whiny.