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Sienna Miller is Groucho Grouchy

Sienna Miller is Groucho Grouchy

Sienna Miller leaves the Groucho club in a plaid dress in London, England on Thursday (June 11).

The 27-year-old hottie plays The Baroness in the upcoming film, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. An action figure was created for Sienna and she commented on the process, saying, “I got measured in this pod so the doll is exactly to scale – every nook and cranny. They showed me my bald head before it was painted on and it was me! That was weird!”

The film opens this summer on August 7th across the country.

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  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    hate her

  • daisy

    nasty girl

  • Gasol_fan16

    Great to see her working and looking forward to seeing G.I Jane. She looks perfect for the role. She looks so pretty and I love her dress. Alway’s so stylish!

  • sheryl

    I wouldn’t pay for any movie, play, perfume, or article of clothing Sienna “the virus” Miller’s name was associated with. She is a nasty, vindictive, opportunistic cow of ugliness who uses people ruthlessly, honestly, whose best performance was playing the harlot in Gettygate.

  • angie

    Didn’t she say in an interview recently that she never goes to clubs? What a liar!

  • marisa

    she kind of looks like kendra from girl’s next door in that pic

  • Ria

    Her interview in Vogue more or less admitted her affair with the married Getty but does this bitch show even an iota of remorse?

    Bitch. All she said was she made a lot of mistakes in her lovelife. yeah Sienna, it is a mistake to have an affair with a married man with 4 children.

    Then the bitch had the nerve to bring up Law again to get in her victim mode so people would ignore her Getty affair. How low can you go.

  • Team Maniston

    She looks goofy. Her legs are ugly. Dress is cute, though.

  • Ria

    This woman seriously pisses me off. Jude has already requested before that she never bring up his name in her interviews(like he does)and what does she do?

    His name gets brought up in that same interview about 100 times while her partner in adultery Balty gets one mention. Whitewashing much?

  • sheryl

    Right, Ria, Jude is mentioned a dozen times in that interview by the shameless cow, where she brings up nannygate and how Jude has asked her in the past not to talk about him (when he never mentions her or has never spoken badly of her) yet she talks about him shamelessly. And her GETTYGATE incident is passed off as a mistake in love. What a freakin’ joke. She’s a virus that keeps mutating.

  • Twilight Junkie

    She doesn’t have a neck.

  • c

    TRANSLATION: SM wanted everyone, RG and her kids included, to know that she was back in the UK.

    SM thinks that she can win over the public by showing them her “great sense of style”, just like she thought that staging PDA photo-op after photo-op with the married man was going to make them think that “being in love” justified the affair. And for some odd reason, she still thinks that playing the victim/crying wolf is going to make people feel sorry for her. Where is her PR team while she is out pulling these “LOOK AT ME” stunts? Either they are the worst PR team in the world or SM is a PR teams worst nightmare. Seeing SM only reminds people of the disregard she displayed in those “embarassing” photos (ie-breast sucking/grabbing and posing topless/naked with the married man ).

    This also demonstrates how vindictive/insecure/ immature SM is.
    Since she leaked the “I dumped the married man” story, she hasn’t worn that cross and has been going out of her way to show the public that she isn’t wearing it (hence these dresses that show off her neckline). So SM new approach to flaunting the affair was wearing a “keepsake” from the married man. SM and BG are still having an affair and are making the public think that they are broken up because they think it will save their careers/images. It’s a little too late for that, besides it doesn’t help that SM keeps dropping hints that she is still sleeping with the married man (ie-breastsucking dress, “spotted at a hotel holding hands” stories).

  • c

    Wait, wasn’t SM just criticizing Nobu for what they were doing to the environment? How can she complain about Nobu, when she leads such an extensive/expensive jet-setting/globe-trotting lifestyle and there are tons of photos to prove it? These “LOOK AT ME” stunts prove that she doesn’t care about the environment and will say and do anything if she can benefit from it (ie-boycott Nobu, gets her name in the paper). Unfortunately, SM can’t control people’s responses to her “LOOK AT ME” stunts and this is when she whines about how the media is portraying her in a negative light. If she doesn’t like what she sees in the media, then perhaps she should change what she puts out there.

  • A

    looks like in stratosphere already
    the rule of thumb: she’s never sad when she’s not sober
    people in Congo really hate hypocrites and liars. after seeing this they are going to do some real voodoo
    get ready, Sisi

  • ella

    nothing goofy or cute about this…… evil homewrecker

  • Jughed

    Aww, Sienna is British and cute. I don’t know what all the haters are reading, but I dig this broad’s looks! :D

  • c

    I haven’t read the article, but did she seriously say that her affair with Getty was a “mistake in love” (was it in response to a direct question about BG)?

    1) She is trying to justify her affair by claiming that it was for “love”. The problem with this mentality is that the married man has proved otherwise. ALCOHOL fueled the affair, the married man never made any real commitments to her, and he wasn’t hers to love (he wouldn’t even file for a divorce). She was just a booty-call and is now acting as if she had something meaningful with him. When he said that she was special to him just like his wife, the woman he was publicly betraying, she should have got a clue that she meant nothing to him.

    2) Sleeping with a married man isn’t a mistake, it is selfish, stupid, immature, insensitive, and vindictive. And now she is trying to pass it off as no big deal. 5 people were hurt in the process, try telling them that it was no big deal. Where is her remorse? She didn’t accidently trip, fall, and land in BG bed. She slept with him knowing full well that he was married and that someone was going to get hurt by those PDA and sex in public photos.

    3) SM is a lost cause and her own worst enemy. She had the chance to put her personal life on the backburner and here she is once again allowing her private life to overshadow her career. SM fans are always telling people to move on, and true to habit she tries to keep herself relevant by whining about JL and rubbing the affair in RG face (ie-refering to her very public affair as a mistake in love). What right does she have to whine about what JL did, when she helped a married man do the same to his wife?

    No wonder she is reduced to airports, she has burned and is still burning too many bridges. Her career/image is officially dead and she killed it with the Vogue interview. Does her PR team subconscioulsy want her to fail or is her PR team lead by her mother/step mother who are so out of touch with reality that they encourage her to pull stunts like this because they think that the public will love it?

  • cynthia

    I think the lovely Jude should do some Sienna bashing ….. give her a taste of her own medicine. I never felt he did much wrong the nanny seemed a lot cooler than this load of horse-faced sh!t!

  • A

    even though getting high was/is never a matter of choice
    for Sisi it’s an everyday necessity
    that’s her so-called therapy

  • Ria

    She justifies her affairs by saying “she falls in love easily”.

    Huh. She should have said “I spread my legs easily” considering the parade of men that she’s been with and she’s what 27?

  • c

    Just looked through the article and as expected she plays the “People are always picking on me for no apparant reason” card, like she has no clue why anyone would be disgusted by pictures of a married man sucking on a her breast. She has no right to keep complaining about her “pain” when she was and still is reaping havoc in the lives of 5 people and still to this day has not shown any remorse for her actions.

    She also says that she doesn’t have one night stands and that she doesn’t get involved with someone unless she is in love with them and has never been on a date. It looks like she is trying to save face because everyone knew that she was just a booty-call or friend with benefits. She was only important to BG as long as the alcohol never ran out. BTW, why does she think that she is entitled to love another woman’s husband? People think these things about her because a married man wasn’t hers to fall in love with. She was even stupid enough to mention how a friend took her out to eat at that restaurant in NY called Balthazar to discuss her “pain”. And she wonders why people react to her the way they do.

    The article also makes it seem like she has bounced back from the aftermath of her affair. Either these people are out of touch with reality or this is just damage control.

  • kelly

    I can’t think of any celebrity whose inner ugliness repulses me more. it’s not just that she goes after new fathers again and again. it’s the vicious/ridiculous lies she tells in the aftermath of hurting so many people: Rhys was insanely jealous and reading her texts, but they were “just friends” and not really engaged… Rosetta’s “mafia” targeted her in LA… the paps invaded her “privacy” as she cavorted publicly in the nude… the Getty’s marriage had been over for months and he was sleeping on friends’ couches… her trip to Africa and its coverage on every blog out there was motivated by compassion for the people of the Congo.

    she’s a self-immersed slut and pathological liar. I can’t wait until she finally fades into obscurity.

  • Lexie

    wow. some of you people need to get a life…quit obsessing over a celebrity, sheesh!

  • rien


    No, Cynthia. Jude is so above her that he doesn’t even have to mention her name to make the world to see what she really is. Jude should ignore her, or better, forgives her. It will annoys her that much.

  • Ria

    You know what puzzles me much is that she claims that she is free spirited. So she has affairs with all these men (who she claims she fell in love with because she would not be with them if she didn;t)yet she barely gives these people a shrug nor a mention:

    Hayden Christensen on the set of Factory Girl – no wonder the guy could not stand her and would not even mention her name

    Dave Neville – who she claimed was the love of her life but dumped him soon enough after she met Jude Law

    Matthew Rhys on the set of Edge of Love who she dumped for Rhys Ifans

    Rhys Ifans who she claimed she “loved” but later claimed she was just friends with when she dumped him for Balthazar Getty.

    That’s a lot of dumping! And for all that she said she cared for these men it is only Law that she mentions whenever she gets interviewed, Law who could not even stand her from all accounts and has politely requested that she not mention him at all in her interviews. But lo! She still does 3 years and counting.

  • Amanda

    who cares if she has dated a million guys and dumped them? she can do with her life whatever she wants.
    Most of you guys can only dream to have her lifestyle and looks, she seems a genuinely happy person who enjoys life. Stop the bitching against this woman for gods sake.

  • kk

    awww cute dress…..She is showing her breasts in every movie hehe…. think she can get a role without showing them? guess not

  • mark

    she looks great. as always

  • mark

    she looks great. as always

  • missme

    skinny legs!

  • t

    In terms of Sienna i would look to Jude Law. Jude comes across as a decent, intelligent guy (overlooking the obvious mistake, which he apologised for) Sienna seemed genuinely hurt by that, how many times has she been engaged since?

    Jude obviously cared a lot for her, how many serious relationships has he had since? seems to me like he must have held her in high regard.

    Best of luck with the upcoming film Sienna.

  • rien

    That’s exactly the point with Jude law. He is not only a decent, intelligent guy, but also a gentleman. A gentleman will not drag the women in his life for his advantage. Of course he could talk and tell anybody who’s willing to listen how Sienna really is. But just like a real gentleman, he keeps distance from her, and keeps his mouth shut.

    It’s not because he held her in high regard, but simply because he doesn’t want to have her in his life again, not as a person, not as a name. Ever.

  • camille

    She’s beautifull

  • t

    ‘how Sienna really is’ – if she really is such a bad person, would Jude have proposed? introduce her to his children? he spent what 2/3 years with her? we agree he’s intelligent so if she’s as terrible as the comments here make out wouldn’t she have been just a fling?

    Obviously Jude doesn’t choose to speak about her, because of the guy he is – i imagine it its not something he is particularly proud of and no doubt regrets hurting her.

    Of course she doesn’t have to mention him, but when asked (which she inevitably is) – why should she not talk about him? he was obviously an important part of her life with deep feelings about it and i don’t believe she even speaks negatively of him.

    I’m not trying to defend her, by her own admittance she has made mistakes (just like the admirable Jude has!) i just don’t understand the severity of the comments and how she seems to evoke such strong hate.

  • lola

    Jude the gentleman who cheated on Sienna with his childrens nanny! She needs to keep her private life out the picture for a while, and get her head down and do some work. GI Joe might not be the best example of her ability but her play will be interesting, she was great in As You Like It . I dont think you can really judge a person without actually knowing them

  • zoe

    I WANT HER LEGS!!! shes so pretty…

  • dolorescraeg

    sienna has diarrhea of the mouth nothing professionally to commend her…her pictures tanked so she keeps hanging on to her life raft jude law. the difference between the characters of the two is that once jude apologised he never used her name once to the press. her p.r. suggested to her to keep playing victim even when they reunited…by continuing to see him she tried to show the world that she was forgiving.
    when that girl needed emotional help jude was there. yes of course he loved her but her team used their relationship to further her career….nothing else. jude finally got wise and dumped her. and how her heart was broken by jude shows you how immature and needy this girl is…what about getty’s wife…her heart wasn’t broken…rhys ivans..just dumped like an old shoe for getty his heart wasn’t broken?…..i don’t object to her trying to have a career but not at the expense of jude law…sienna enough is enough. keep your mouth shut and try to get ahead by doing good work not on somebody’s coat tails…you are a sorry case.

  • Noticias de famosos

    I love the style that brings.

  • sheryl

    GETTYGATE!! Remember when she was blatantly making out in public with the married man? She had the nerve to talk to Jude like a dog. She is no lady and it’s been proven time and again that she has NO CLASS! She’s desperate to be the victim yet again, as always, to salvage her nasty reputation. She will NEVER have my respect or my hard-earned money on any film, play, or product she endorses.

  • jj

    You just want to scream “liar liar pants on fire”.She wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face. What is worse is that she is probably still having an affair with BG and it just makes her look like an idiot.

  • bmcampbe

    I hate her. When is she going to disappear?

  • sheryl

    lola @ 06/12/2009 at 6:29 am

    Jude the gentleman who cheated on Sienna with his childrens nanny! She needs to keep her private life out the picture for a while, and get her head down and do some work. GI Joe might not be the best example of her ability but her play will be interesting, she was great in As You Like It . I dont think you can really judge a person without actually knowing them
    Yes, Jude the gentleman. He had class enough to apologize, even though he wasn’t married to her, while she was out playing the slut while he was filming. She, on the other hand, has no class, doesn’t apologize, and uses him in an attempt to whitewash her ugly affair with a married man. You can judge a person by their actions, definitely, and her actions prove she has no class.

  • Karma

    Who cares? She’s a no-talent POS anyway whose open legs welcome more incoming than Heathrow Airport.

  • dolorescraeg

    and gatwick…..

  • Dan

    if she wasn’t crying about how mean people are to her, she wouldn’t have anything intelligent to say, because she’s as dumb as they come. How dare she castigate Jude yet again and yet refuse to acknowledge her role in the relationships she’s destroyed either by infidelity or blithly walking away or both. I have no idea why this waste of human flesh is on the cover of Vogue and I hope her 15 minutes of fame are up soon.

    And she looks like ass

  • Ria

    She’s still hopping mad that Jude dumped her so she won’t stop talking about him in her interviews. Pathetic.

  • Ria

    Not a patch on a classy lady like Rosetta Getty who has more to complain about and was much more humiliated than Sienna ever was.

  • jami

    Trash, pure Trash! that’s it – I’m done!

  • Angie

    Whiny bitch doesn’t have conscious. Changing the subject, GI Joe looks just awful. It’ll bomb.

  • sunseeker

    After she left the Grouch Cub she went to J Sheekies Eatery and came out looking like a drunken slut, nothing changed then. What happened to the gardening she could not wait to go back to. Still seeing Getty still getting drunk and still telling lies. What a waste of space.