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Halle Berry: Shanghai Film Festival Fierce

Halle Berry: Shanghai Film Festival Fierce

Halle Berry is black, white and striped all over at a news conference for the 12th annual Shanghai Film Festival on Saturday (June 13) in Shanghai, China.

Tang Lijun, the festival’s spokesperson, said, “”What’s highly anticipated is that audiences will be able to watch those fantastic movies from 79 countries and regions around the world. The star-studded cast on the red carpet is another highlight. There will be about 300 stars taking part, including Halle Berry, Quincy Jones and Zhang Ziyi.”

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Photos: Li Zheng/ChinaFotoPress/Getty
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  • hehe

    i hope she won’t grab someones crotch and make out with a random guy out there in Shanghai.

  • say what

    she looks beautiful

  • Just Jared

    @hehe: haha

  • n.o.l.a

    WOW! Her agent must be worried because she is everywhere lately. What the hell is she promotintg? Dos she have a new film out or do they feel her “Q” has dropped and she needs exposure?

  • ——

    I’ve never liked her thighs, the rest is fine.



  • Nahla

    She has such a gorgeous body….. I wanna look like that when I’m over 40… I prefer her with long hair though =)

  • Adri

    Do you think the short hair makes her look younger or older? I think maybe older. But she’s gorgeous.

  • Irish Girl

    I don’t respect her like I did before. The Jamie thing was in poor taste, immature, and disrespectful of her partner.

  • Lily

    She is soo LATE on the leather leggings trend, few years late!

  • NARA

    Beautiful woman! Love love love the short hair. I am sure she feels free from the weave. She can just get up and go.
    So pretty and great body. She looks great for 43. Work out and eat right and you can look great too in your 40′s. You have to start taking care of yourself as soon as possible before you hit 40.

  • Jill

    # 8 Adri @ 06/13/2009 at 12:36 pm
    Do you think the short hair makes her look younger or older? I think maybe older.

    Love the haircut. Not too crazy about the leather leggings but the rest looks good. In Shanghai in June those leggings must be hot as all hell.
    She’s never felt a need to hide her age. She accepts her age as an asset.

  • mimilala

    She looks great here.

  • NARA

    A few glycolic acid peels, maybe some injectible fillers, a great trainer, personal chef, numerous pilates or yoga classes, the best makeup you can buy (Bare Essentials makes you look like you don’t have any makeup on) and a hot boyfriend will do the trick for anti-aging. lol
    Oh, and millions of dollars can be a great motivator to stay on top of your game. Go head Halle! Doing it big!

  • lalalove

    People, Halle had short hair for the longest time in the late 90s and early 2000s. Therefore, it’s nothing new for her. Back to Black, I presume. It suites her beautiful face more than anyone else. I always say only Halle, Keira Knightley and Alyssa MIlano can look effectlessly gorgeous with a pixie cute.

    She looks beautiful, as always. Black truly don’t crack.

  • the other liz

    @n.o.l.a: Don’t think she’s promoting Frankie & Alice or anything but herself. F & A still doesn’t have a release date.

    Probably not a bad PR move, good way to drum up possible new biz is sometimes done at film festivals. She’s there w/her manager (other pix). So you know it’s business (then again he was w/her too when she & Jamie played tonsil hockey etc).

    Plus she’s always gone to film festivals, why should this be any different ?


    I love me some Halle Berry, always have, she is simply beautiful

  • JJ

    Halle Berry looks younger than her age because she is half black. Most black people age very well.

  • bill

    oh look it’s the dick grabbing ho….

  • Jen


  • LolaSvelt

    It should be mandatory for Halle to have this hairstyle. Sure she looks nice with long hair, but she really stands out from the crowd with her hair like this.

  • 32 forever

    When you have a pretty face short hair will always look good on you. She is so pretty for a 43 year old, I only hope I look this great (body) when I hit the big 40. Not looking forward to it though.

  • chloe

    Absolutely stunning!

  • chloe

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Noticias de famosos

    Halle Berry is very pretty and dramatic and it’s very good actress.

  • rachelsun

    Spike TV is the guys channel and the awards always expect something outrageous. Halle and Jamie have known each other for years. It was planned and a joke. She probably even ran it past Gabriel what they were going to do. Some of Gabe’s modeling shoots he is w/ naked female models. They understand each other’s world.

    Halle looks good w/ short hair. Those leggings are back in style by the way. If any of you look this good now in your teens and twenties I would be surprised.

  • jenny

    I kinda lost respect for her after that Jamie incident.

  • jeena

    It was all about Halle getting attention for that outrageous guys show. Seriously , Gabriel knew or cared about it before hand, get real. Understand each other’s world–LMAO not going to touch that one. Right about some of his photoshoots. Don’t have a clue if the leggings are back in style with the younger crowd? Yes, like Halle’s short cut. She looks a little tired from the flight, does she look thinner than usual–maybe it’s clothes and hair?

  • Mina

    She looks weird, very plastic and tired looking. The outfit is just god awful…. the pants are just way too tight in the thighs. Her age is definitely catching up with her. I’ve noticed that in a few pics of her.

  • Fashionista

    Halle is stunning and will alwyas be. She’s part of the 4o+ pack that is freaking amazing. They just glow. That generation was the jane Fonda generation. Feel the burn aerobicxs, stairmasters et..became a regular part of their life. While some Americans have abandon the fitness craze of the 80′s and early 90′s, and have gotten fat as a result, or now abuse drugs, Halle and her contemporaries have kept the lifestyle. We still see Halle working out and plus she’s a diabetic which means no carbs/sugar or greasy foods to raise your insulin. A diabetic diet is the best. Her skin is clear as a bell. I’m not a hater I just compliment.

    Her overall look is ok. Nothing spectacular but appropriate for the occasion.

  • WTF?

    Im sorry, but anyone who cares that much about the Jamie Foxx/Halle kiss to the point where they claimed they have lost respect for her needs to get a life. I bet you are the same people who were “outraged” by the Eminem/Bruno stunt at the MTV awards. Really, its just not that serious. If you lost respect for her over something that simple…then you never had respect in the first place. And the funny thing is people claiming they have lost respect for Halle, yet having absolutely nothing to say about Jamie…goes to show how hateful some females are. At first I thought that people were just hating on Halle…then I read a Meagan Foxx comment section…then and Angelina Jolie comment section, thats when I realized some of the trolls that post on this site just hate beautiful woman in general. How unfortounate. Your envy is more then apperent.

    By the way, Halle has filmed two movies and has a few more in production. She is going to events the same way anyother celeb would go to events…is she supposed to stay home? My goodness. I just wish her continued success, the woman has accomplished just about everything an actress can and has nothing to prove to anyone…specifically anonymous posters on the internet.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not a big fan of her short hair
    but i gotta say she’s looking beautiful
    those jeans she’s wearing r hot, top is ok but it goes with everything else

  • Dave1

    She’s a wh0re! The so called stunt just shows how much ‘class’ she has. She is no longer relevant. Hell when’s the last time she’s had a hit movie? never! oh except for the one where she took off all her clothes for the oscar.

  • bobbi jean

    Correction WTF? Halle has only done one picture since Things We Lost In the Fire: check out her page: and she still is in negotiations for The Surrogate.
    Where do you get two? Class Act, Nappily Ever After, Doris Payne are all in development as with Surrogate (which isn’t a done deal yet).

  • MGMT

    Does any actress over forty ever have a hit movie. Actresses began to bite the dust in Hollywood at 38.

  • Alex

    Looks like she’s trying to scrape up some work lol!


    WTF? @ 06/13/2009 at 7:09 pm
    Halle’s fans just expected something a little more CLASSY and not TRASHY that’sall……..I don’t think there’s any envy. I am sure she is more than aware it’s her life and she can do what she wants.
    You seem to think people should favor all that someone does regardless- It will never work that way. Individuals need to respect themselves as well as others.

  • Hay

    The Jamie thing was a mockery of her kiss with Adrien Brody when she won an Oscar..

  • g

    Stunning. She’s never worn a weave before.. her natural hair is stunning

  • Joe


    uhhh…she is HARDLY stunning.

  • bobbi jean

    @#38 the JF thing was not a mockery of the AB kiss which was not scripted or planned.

    @Disappointed: THANK YOU!

  • jenny


    I totally agreed to what you said. Im a big fan of Halle I was shocked when i saw those picture of her and Jamie. I dont know what kind of stunt they’re to pull but it was totally inappropriate and very unnecessary.

  • Z

    @Joe: And whats your idea of stunning? Halle is gorgeous, everyone knows that.

  • lili

    i love you,halle

  • Eve

    I keep saying Halle is knocking it out the ballpark with her trademark cut. There is nobody seeing her at this level with her hair. She looks younger with this cut, too.

  • roberto

    people need to get over the Jamie incident it was a joke and Halle looks great as usual

  • LeeLabella

    Her face looks VERY botox-ed in these photos.

  • zdeno

    look at her at the pics from airport… she looks perfect, twenty years younger than she is… like a teenage girl… and i think she didnĀ“t wear a bit of make-up there… unbelieveable

  • Isabella

    Halle is so gorgeous. She doesn’t look a day over 25.

  • getting old

    She aged, well she looks her age 43, she doesn’t look as the 90′s,not the same, her age start to show…