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Kate Gosselin is Pink Dress Pretty

Kate Gosselin is Pink Dress Pretty

Kate Gosselin throws on a pretty pink dress and matching Nike sandals before going out to watch her kids — Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel — play in the front yard of their home on Saturday morning (June 13) in Reading, Penn.

The kids played with hula hoops, toy swords and on their bikes with training wheels.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 has a new episode airing on Monday (June 15) @ 8PM ET/PT on TLC.

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  • emma

    Jared- If you have more pics of them playing outside i would love to see the. We are missing Hannah and Collin

  • Anna

    You don’t have to like the woman, but paps taking pictures outside of their HOUSE is ridiculous!!! Leave these people alone!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    still stalking her? wow.

  • vicki pasadena ca

    Jared, I just don’t understand anyone’s fascination with this woman and her family. Boring!

  • emma

    i love how people get wound up over jared posting about her. if you do not want to see the photos you do not have to look at them do you.

  • emma
  • blove

    I dont have problems seeing pictures but Im just wondering whats going on with her boobs? Need a bigger bra or it looks like it is a strapless and slid down practically cutting her boob in half, just looks a lil off to me, but at least shes smiling and the kids are playing and having fun

  • Halo

    im from germany…who is this´?

  • marrisa

    i love them♥

  • stacy

    No crotch shots today?

  • Jessica

    The kiddies are so cute! They are growing up to be to GORGEOUS! Mady looks pretty with the earrings. I love little Leah. Shes so small and cute.

  • Tommy

    Jared…come on. She looks like a miserable Fat Cow… Please stop exploiting this story and her kids. Hasn’t she exploited and profited enough at the expense of her kids. You should know better!

  • lucy

    I love how Emma keeps posting the same crap over and over about Kate. You do not want to see the photos you do not have to look at them do you. Yeah we do Jared keep posting many pictures of Kate. If we want to comment on the pictures we can.

  • S

    This is soooo not posed. (sarcasm) They have a huge backyard but choose to do all their activities in the front yard. How nice of her to make things convienent for the paparazzi she claims to hate. What a fake b****. Why are there so many postings of them?

  • jo

    Wow, she’s the absolute spit of Jade Goody. That’s just weird!

  • S

    @Anna: She’s asking for it. She could play with her children in their BACKYARD not FRONT.

  • S

    @Anna: She’s asking for it. She could play with her children in their BACKYARD not FRONT.

  • hater


    I saved you the effort of the dumb label!! roflmao. You need to find a hobby! Does your mommy know your on a grown up website?

    Looks like a nipple shot to me. Somebody call the crane team those girls are reaching for her knees. They’ll keep her ginormous thighs company.

  • emma


    it is not crap.

    i just hate when people say oh more photos.

    if you do not like it then why can’t you just skip the post or do you hate Kate that much you have yo look at the post and make your hate comments everytime.

  • ice

    Queen Bee (in Mady’s words) sitting on her white plastic throne as usual

  • Dawn9476


    But if the kids want to ride their bikes, I don’t think they have any pavement in the back.

  • laughs at emma

    I appreciate the fact that you think we all need to see other posters labeled but it really does make you look a tad less than intellegent.

    Kate looks hideous. Is that a nipple I see? Maybe it’s just another deformity to match the Franken-belly below, What a mess…

  • sybilla2000

    she definitely belongs to some kind of “real housewives” of reading, pa…she is always camera ready & tanned. not that she doesn’t deserve that but clearly, they have moved on to the next tier of the class system. upper class from middle to middle-upper?

  • Lola


    If you don’t like my post then just skip it and save YOUR comments!!

    Kate loves the HATE!! She’s out there everyday basking in the light of all the attention. She could care less that it’s distroying her kids, marriage and future. Her attention seeking illness will eventually distroy her.

    Boobs look nasty…

  • Dawn

    She is PURE 100% low class. Ill-bred, uneducated, ignorant, woman exploiting her children for some cheesy second rate designer clothes and a big house….Tacky and low brow…I pity her.

  • Skye

    Why is Kate flirting with the police officer? Mady cleary disapproves!

  • emma


    what are you talking about. Read your comment it makes no sense.

    if you do not like her why make hate comments just move on.
    @laughs at emma:

    Coming from someone that can not spell intelligent that is quite funny. How does saying move on make me look less intelligent? I think that people making hate comments makes them look less intelligent.

  • emma

    Laughs at Emma,

    By the way saying Laughs at Emma is quite unintelligent. Don’t you think.

  • Sierra

    Jared, shame on you! This isn’t pretty in pink. It’s exploiter ma-ma wearing another Anne Taylor MOO-MOO. Speaking of moo-moo’s those udders are hanging sort of low. Jack em up shrew, nipples are looking at you fat knees.

    Maybe the cop will arrest her for indecent parenting and exposing the masses to way too much ugliness.

  • lucy

    My name is Emma. I’m on the computer every second to make comment about my beloved Kate. The naysayers are loser and less Intelligent . Emma get a life and moved on. You have too much time if you have to comment on Kate and how people should leave her alone. She brought all this hate. She put her family lives on TV. So we can say whatever we want. All Kate fault.

  • emma

    I need to get a life. But until I do I will try to edit and control what is being said about Kate on this site. Don’t call me stupid because I already know I am.

  • emma


    Who said i liked Kate? I just think it is silly that if you hate her you keep making your self look stupid by making unintelligent comments.

    The more people comment the more Jared will post.

  • LolaSvelt

    Please stop posting this ugly hag! Jared, I love your site, but I’m sick and tired of seeing this woman pop up on your page EVERY DAY.

    She’s an uneducated c_nt, nothing more. Oh and she needs a HAIR and CLOTHES stylist. She always looks like pure trash.

  • ha

    so where is jon? did he celebrate his anniversary with his 23 year old Michael Phelps lookalike girlfriend?

  • Grace

    I hope that biatch learned her lesson! and when her children are thirsty she will give them a freaking sip of water from now on!

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    @emma: you’re one of the biggest losers on this site. how dare you even send a comment my way, you fcuking peasant.

  • emma

    @F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n:

    so i am a loser because i told people to stop posting comments if they hate her?
    The only losers on here are the haters who are giving Jared hits and comments so he will post more about these two.

  • emma

    @F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n:

    your a very rude person. if i was a peasant how come i am on a PC right now

  • emma

    @F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n:

    You are the one of those silly people that think that they are always right. Oh and by the way it is F-U-C-K-I-N-G NOT FCUCKING.

  • Brandy

    Jared PLEASE post more Kate pics, so we can make more hostile comments. It’s all emma has to live for and I want to support her.

    I think it is even more silly for a person to try and edit the comments of people on an a celebrity gossip site. Does emma actually think anyone pays any attention to her? Should someone tell her we laugh? Maybe it’s Jared just posting as emma to generate more exchange. If that’s the case….clever boy! LOL

  • emma


    All i am saying is people are moaning about Kate and commenting therefore Jared is going to post more. Why do you have to be so rude any way.

    Everyone leaves comments saying stop the photos but leaving there comments which make them look stupid are only going to make Jared post more photos because he is getting more comments.


  • Betty

    @F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n:

    You nailed that one. She is a complete dolt with nothing better to do than try and tell people what to post. I hope my life never becomes that empty and lonesome…

  • emma


    all i am saying is people say “I hate Kate stop posting Jared”
    But by people leaving those comments all they are doing is making Jared post more photos which they say that they hate.

  • emma is a bitch

    I hate Kate shes a stupid ass ho.

  • emma

    It makes me laugh how you all hate Kate but you can give her your time to comment on her.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    @emma: Lol.
    @emma: LOl..
    @emma: LOL…
    stalking much?!? hahahahahahahaha.. you’re obsessed with me. oh, and you’re on the PC because the public library is open on saturdays. hahahahahahaha.. fcuking bum, get your nobslobbing ass up and let a kid get a chance.

  • emma

    @F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n:

    Please correct your grammar so i can understand what you are trying to say to me. I predict Fail in English for you.

  • emma kates such a slut

    I hate kate and her show.

  • brandy


    Your comment to me made NO sense. The screaming caps at the bottom had nothing what so ever to do with my post.

    When you look up stupid in the dictionary don’t be surprised if your own pic doesn’t show up next to it. Learn to read before you reply.

    I like to pass remarks about Kate. I can be as rude as I want. I hope Jared posts 4 pics aday until crazy Kate commits suicide…That’s what she’ll do when they turn the cameras off anyway.

  • emma

    kates a stupid idiot and a ho.