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Katie Holmes is an All-American Girl

Katie Holmes is an All-American Girl

Katie Holmes takes shy daughter Suri Cruise, 3, to the American Girl Place boutique in Los Angeles on Friday (June 12).

In April, the mother-daughter pair was also spotted making another visit to the American Girl Place boutique.

After a meeting with producer Nigel Lythgoe, Katie has been rumored to be preparing a special performance for the FOX reality competition series, So You Think You Can Dance.

25+ pictures inside of All-American Girl Katie Holmes

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katie holmes all american girl 03
katie holmes all american girl 04
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katie holmes all american girl 09
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katie holmes all american girl 16
katie holmes all american girl 17
katie holmes all american girl 18
katie holmes all american girl 19
katie holmes all american girl 20
katie holmes all american girl 21
katie holmes all american girl 22
katie holmes all american girl 23
katie holmes all american girl 24
katie holmes all american girl 25
katie holmes all american girl 26
katie holmes all american girl 27

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  • Sheri

    Katie always looks SO sad and miserable. I don’t know how these celebrities live with these paparazzi wolves following their every move – especially when they have their children with them. It has gotten WAY out of hand…we need new laws against these vultures.

  • sylvie

    Poor Suri, it does’t look like she’s shy, more like she hate all the cameras in her face. :(

  • urbanprincess93

    awww!!suri looks cute and katie looks amazing as alwayzz
    i love that katie is growing her hair….it suits her

  • tailormade

    Oh! i would love to see Suri dance.. :)

  • tailormade

    i would love to see Suri dance

  • Annie

    I am so tired of everyone blaming the paps. She married Crazy Cruise and had a baster kid for money. Did she think the paps wouldnt follow her??? Dumb bimbo, use the back door next time.

  • Mikey

    Tom must be in her purse.

  • Alex

    she looks like a zombie..

  • deea

    kate looks so tireeeeeeed….

  • ck

    Why is Suri giving us the middle finger? ;)

  • Cork

    “Wake up Suri. Time for your photo op.”

  • k1037

    I think it’s safe to say that her sadness is more likely due to her slowly realizing that she jumped into a marriage with a much older man entirely due to a childhood crush, and allowed herself to be recruited into what is nearly universally recognized as a cult.

    To add insult to injury, she wouldn’t dare even mention the word “depression” to anyone. In fact, she had to specifically sign a “Contract” stating she would never seek any psychological or psychiatric aid of any kind. Remember, Hubbard taught that psychiatrists were secretly plotting with the Russian government to create a world order/government run by psychiatrists, that psychiatry was a tool used by alien empires trillions of years ago to oppress the universe, and that the cure for any mental health issue is essentially chaining the person up without food or water until they “snap out of” their “spiritual upset.” I wish I was making that up.

    Wouldn’t you be sad and miserable?

  • bambi

    Why is everyone saying that Katie is sad? You can see that she is smiling inside the store. (pic # 3). It’s only when outside that she looks upset. Who wouldn’t with flashbulbs going off in your face?

  • betty

    I would be depressed too if i had paparazzi sticking cameras in my, and especially my child’s face too.

    God, i hate the paparazzi when they take photos of the children, i feel so sorry for them, AS IF THEY CARE, LOSERS! POOR SURI

  • .,.

    Kate needs to rest, seriously.

  • louisa

    @Sheri: well the problem is that we visit this site – as long as we do, there will obviously be paparazzi

  • Cheetah

    This is what you get when you have a kid that doesn’t interact with other children. It totally depends on her mommy and is scared outside her home. Great parenting Katie and Tom! Brilliant! You turned a perfect baby in a troubled young child.

    Dont blame the papz. Many other celebs kids are haunted the way she is, but they don’t act like this. Violet is the most normal kid i have ever seen and she cant even go to school without a picture taken.

    Poor suri, she needs real parents who take care after her. You never ever see a picture of violet being out when its dark. Never see the jolie pitt kids in the dark, ring a bell?

  • nurse

    Poor Tom…

    And how old is she?! 27? wow…

  • angela

    Maybe she carries Suri all the time because Suri is on sedatives to keep her calm and under control?

  • mata

    poor girl

  • doc

    Could those jeans be any tighter? Believe it or not, Katie could get a blood clot in her leg wearing jeans that tight.

  • Katie Holmes

    Yeees Maaaster Tom ,,,,,Youuur Wiiiish Is My Comaaaand…Thaank You Maaaster Tom For MY Afternooon Freeedooom . I Amm Greatfuuul

  • a fashion no no

    Katie should never ever wear skinny jeans. Her legs are too thick set
    to suit the style, she needs to find a pair that look good on heavy legs!

  • torpedo

    I don´t mind the middle finger. What I´d like to know is where did the pugnose and the thick lowerlip go.

  • TO #24

    Exactly, #24. I’ve always suspected there were two “Suri’s”. One with the pug nose and autistic and the other relatively “normal”.

  • Jules

    Does this child not know how to walk? Why is she being carried everywhere?


    SURI STILL WEARING DIAPER..!!!!! Only child who’s having problem still wearing diaper at her age (3 years). LOL LOL LOL

  • tatutina

    suri looks like she got out from outer space. so afraid of the world and always hiding.

  • money can’t buy happiness

    I hope Katie would realize that dolls and toys aren’t enough to make a child happy. She should let her daughter socialize with other children her age. Suri as well as Katie looks miserable.

  • lost

    i can understand if she is carrying Suri outside because of the paps, but can’t she let her walk inside the store?

  • Shawna

    #27 – where is the diaper? In what picture can you see a diaper? You have no proof of that. What are you expecting Katie to do? Flash Suri’s underwear so you can see she’s potty trained?

  • Mousse

    A kid that doesn’t feel safe and confident cannot be potty trained well.

  • lol

    i know what’s cute about suri, her dress and her shoes. that’s all. and oh, she is looking like an old lady on photo #1 and #25.

  • AC

    LOL #22.

    Yah, she needs a “rest” alright, in a place where they take her shoes laces away from her……..aka, NUT FARM!

  • Clueless

    Nobody in their right mind takes a 3 year old out after dark to go buy a frickin doll! And BTW Where is her Crazy husband anyway???? Hiding in her pocket?

  • torpedo

    I wish someone would please sort out all these rumors. Anyway, looks like they may be getting ready for their trip to Australia, so some anxiety is understandable.

  • yikes

    what the heck have they done to that little girl? she look so creepy on the last photo. she looks like mike tyson with that potato nose. and my goodness gracious, did they inject collagen to her upper lips? it is all of a sudden swollen and strange. no wonder she has been pursing her lips over the last couple of photos. i’d be embarrassed too if i’d look like that. well, she’s got freak parents, what do you expect?

  • Charles

    WOW! Looks like socializing at the Scientology center is really working for that kid. Can anyone say, emotional problems????

  • reap

    She’s gonna be carrying that girl in her arms when she’s 12. I bet she still sucks on a baby bottle, and wears diapers.

  • cindy

    These photos are quite disturbing, the last one especially makes me want to cry. What are they doing to this beautiful child?

  • getreal

    Again with the diapers and being carried. Also calling ahead for photo-op. Please let the child grow up!

  • enjoying life

    That is where all those dance classes come in.. THAT SURI HAVE BEEN TAKING MAKING HER FIRST GUEST APPEARANCE ON

  • lils

    Katie needs to do eat sensibly, shee looks gaunt. Is Suri still wearing diapers at 3? Where’s the picture as evidence?

  • sarah

    Suri is acting like a spolied brat as always. What happened to her face? She is aging faster and the cuteness she used to have is all gone. She look so lonely. Why would Katie take her daughter out on such a late night? What time is Suri’s bedtime? Can’t she walk?

  • daisy

    more photos of Katie with basset hound eyes looking down to the grown….posing like the idiot Beckham bimbo does.

    most other celebrities don’t act like that. Suri is getting way too big to be carried around like that. She’s no longer a baby. What’s Katie gonna do when she ( god forbid) has another brat? Suri is gonna have a huge sissy fit and demand her to carry her.

    Interesting it’s been a long while since photos were taken of both Katie and Tom together.

  • cindy

    Thats either a diaper that kids wearing or she’s got one big saggy bottom!!

  • Irish Girl

    I feel bad for this kid. She must hate seeing photographers.

  • lmao

    enjoying life @ 06/13/2009 at 11:05 am That is where all those dance classes come in.. THAT SURI HAVE BEEN TAKING MAKING HER FIRST GUEST APPEARANCE ON

    so now they’ll use their kid to keep them on the spotlight and save their sinking careers? pathetic.

  • unconventional

    Out of all the convenient time of the day, gold digger decided to bring her robokid for a doll shop late at night. Way to go Katie!!! You’re doing a good job raising your daughter.

  • lils


    If Katie’s trying to emulate that pretentious (damn awful) Beckham woman then there’s not much hope for her. Suri is not wearing diapers, surely not. I repeat, where’s the photo evidence?