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Suri Cruise: Point the Way, Ma!

Suri Cruise: Point the Way, Ma!

Suri Cruise gets carried in by her mom, Katie Holmes, who points the way into the studio in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 13).

Last night, Katie took her 3-year-old cutie to the American Girl Place boutique in Los Angeles. Looks like Suri finally let Katie put her down for a bit!

Katie and husband Tom Cruise, will soon be heading to Australia later this month. Katie will be shooting her new flick, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. While Down-Under, the Cruises will be staying in the top floor of Crown Towers, which normally costs $27,500 a night!

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  • Aussie Girl

    Yes, there were pics of the room/house in our papers yesterday! It has magnificent views,4 bedrooms,butler/nanny service & much more of course. Am looking forward to the paparazzi descending and the chaos! Am not fans of theirs,but should be interesting having them in Melbourne.

  • nicole

    bye bye…….and stay there!

  • With love

    scientology sucks!

  • With love

    How could they able to go to the church then? Do you guys have scientology church s there also?

  • Me!

    #1 Aussie Girl
    You can keep them! We are so sick of them here. Would love not to read anything about them for the next long while!

  • sandi

    # 5


  • T

    “the Cruises will be staying in the top floor of Crown Towers”
    Nail the windows shut. She’s a possible jumper.

  • janie

    she’s growing up to be a brat…u can tell the well-adjusted kids (violet, shiloh for example) compared to this one…

  • snapback

    Bad enough in the winter no no shoes is fine if your going to carry her around, but putting her down in bare feet in a dirty alley way..yuck……what was she thinking…

  • Sharon.G

    Katie is one greedy gold -digger and fame whor-e. Some women have no problem marrying a guy they can’t stand, just to spend his money.

  • Sharon.G

    Well adjusted kids? Violet is still wearing diapers and looks like a total brat and Shiloh always look miserable and lost her tooth because her sister is so jealous of her.

  • alice

    $27,500.00 a night! wow, who says tom and katie don’t have money.

  • you can take the girl out…

    of the trailer park but you cant take the trailer park out of the girl.
    bare feet, chomping on gum, disposable diapers, dirty face, no table manners, no table, no soap and water, nose picking, more disposable diapers, smoking, dirty clothes, embezzlement, celibate marraige, mysterious deaths, more diapers, flip flop snacking…

    excuse me if i don’t celebrate kate.

  • fact

    Katie’s personal doll: SURI

  • sandi

    “the Cruises will be staying in the top floor of Crown Towers”

    folks…don’t you realize why ???

    mothership is probably coming!

    Hope they take them all…….to another place lol

  • cali

    my best friend’s daughter has autism and won’t wear shoes or sleeves either. i’m sure katie is doing her best.

  • $27,500 a night!

    Does it come with soap and a brush?

  • fran

    # 16- duh?

    Katie and Tom would be the last people to admit their brat is autistic.

    What they ARE doing…is a good job in turning her into a real brat.

  • bambi

    Jared, what’s the point of posting these photos?
    The photos are blurry.
    They’re not doing anything interesting.
    And they are clearly bothered by the paps.
    Is it really necessary to post EVERY photo of katie&Suri you can find?
    Oh well, I guess you’ll do anything to get more hits…..sad.

  • tiffany

    I am so sick of seeing this creepy woman carrying that kid around like she is an infant. Just creepy. I can see her carrying that child when she is 12 years old.

  • vickiefrmtex

    looks like # 3 photo is of Suri having a fit and wants to be picked up.

    Man- Katie and Tom have their hands full with this brat.

  • tiffany

    This woman is just creepy.. Folks mark my words, she will be carrying that child in her arms, when she is in middle-school. Suri will probably still be nursing a baby bottle in middle school too.

  • belinda lam-duong

    @With love: but shiantology rules! haha

  • Jessica


    Umm wtf are you talking about. Shiloh isn’t missing teeth and Z isn’t jealous. She’s getting the same amount of love (if not more) by her parents and siblings.

  • ollie

    # 11 is making up things…. lol lo l


  • dd

    are these photos taken from a surveillance cam? where did you get this jared?

    anyway, once again, she is carrying Suri again. why can’t she just let her walk? and is she planning to carry her the whole time? where is her shoes?

  • pop

    Katie and the bodyguards are fully covered while her daughter is in a dress without a shoe.

  • “the studio”

    “Suri Cruise gets carried in by her mom, Katie Holmes, who points the way into the studio in Los Angeles”
    lmao! like she’s on the job. oh, and baby suri must be there. so very make believe busy. make believe important.

  • sherrie

    Who cares about this weird family?

    Tom is a joke and so is Katie.

    Suri- a real brat

  • jilly

    They are going to stay on the top floor of this hotel because:

    they can make a quick escape on the mothership

    Or…..maybe Katie needs to be tuned up as well as Suri.


  • ramona

    Katie is pointing at a wall!

    probably because she is trying to keep Suri from having a huge fit.

  • yes #31

    have you noticed that suri NEVER looks at what here “ma” is pointing at? NEVER EVER. her dull ma is just trying to look busy.

  • Bruce Banner

    You have no idea how those kids are like, #8. They could all be brats or little angels. You can’t tell at all via paparazzi photos.

    And you know she can’t stand him how, #10? She told you?

    How are they doing that, #18.

    If this is creepy, I wonder what you think is normal, #20.

  • lol

    what way? i didn’t know aliens can pass brickwalls?!

  • emi

    Why this thing never walks! It looks like it’s one spoiled little brat.

  • hehehe

    bruce banner is a Sciento hired helper.

  • sibi

    poor haters spending time with the Cruises even on weekends..
    get your meds and seek a happy life

  • y

    classy family

  • enough

    give peace-privacy to this family and stop stalking them

  • blue

    Katie looks like Jackie O! Cant wait for her DelTorro movie:)

  • bess

    adorable as always

  • poor lowlives

    To some Brangelina fans jealousy and misery is a sad sad thing.

    To the same person trolling changing their aliases…..gluck with karma because it will bite your six.Hurting the family especially Suri will have its nasty comeuppance.

  • 911

    I like you JJ but this invasive pics are really lunacy :((((((((((

  • power

    my favorite mom baby duo….awwww

  • lurker

    These pics scream “crime”.

  • just sayin

    to poor lowlives @ 06/14/2009 at 2:26 am

    it seems that you are the one who is jealous. karma for the six? why? what did they do to Suri? were they the one bashing her? or in your term, hurting her? if you adore Suri, praise her and leave a good comment. no need to put the other kids down. and you wishing them karma is beyond sick.

    and as for those people commenting bad things, stop the hating. this family hadn’t done anything to you. if they want to raise their daughter that way – even if it’s wrong, is none of our business. and stop comparing celebrity childrens. they have different personalities and backgrounds so them expect them be alike. they are all beautiful and precious.

  • ditto

    Good people like Katie,Suri and Tom will prevail. Nice to see hits and support coming from true fans even the undercover fans who hate but actually cant live without TomKat and Suri. They eat and breathe fulltime 24/7 for this family.

  • sylvie

    @poor lowlives: You are calling people lowlives for their mean comments and at the same time wishing “karma” on kids that have absolutely nothing to do with this situation???

    That’s sick.

  • tara

    Don’t hate on the Jolie-pitt fans just cuz this is JJ. Katie always looks miserable suri usually is with no shoes while the rest of the adults covered. I personally never bashed children but the adults it is a different story.

  • s!ht

    Pretty much everybody in every blog talks about how sad Katie looks and how suri is throphy child.
    Hating on Brangie for no reason is the one that can bring a bad out come So S-UP and do what you know how to do.