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Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Sweet

Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Sweet

Jennifer Garner makes an early run to the coffee shop with her sunglasses-wearing daughter Violet Affleck, 3, on Saturday (June 13) in Boston, Mass.

The pre-school that Violet goes to has been getting hounded by paparazzi and Santa Monica City Councilman Richard Bloom said he has spoken with Jen and husband Ben Affleck about their concerns. “They expressed to me that they understand this is a part of their lives that they have to accept, but it’s not something that other people should have to experience,” Bloom said.

10+ pictures inside of sunglasses sweet Violet Affleck

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  • Adri

    Violet is always so cute and happy! She’s got a spunky personality!

  • Sofia

    PRETTY! she´s so swett!
    Her family is so normal and ordinary! i like that

  • lola

    the mom looks like a man

  • ….

    Halle’s baby is more cuter.Violet is just ok.

  • dancer

    Both are boring :(

  • Shannon

    Unfortunate looking kid

  • val

    Though is nice to see Violet dressed in normal child’s clothes I swear she always seems to have the same outfit on everyday,please Jenifer get this little girl something different to wear once in a while

  • jojo

    I can’t believe Jennifer Garner doesn’t have 15 minutes in the morning to put herself together, she ALWAYS looks like a slob.

  • Shannon

    please Jenifer get this little girl something different to wear once in a while

    And potty train her. She’s going to be 4

  • libby

    Is she really wearing a diaper? In our city kindergarten starts at 4 and she wouldn’t be allowed if she isn’t potty trained! Wow, that’s late–and as a teacher, it definitely signals something a little off -either spoiled or just something….

  • dd

    #4 – do you really have to compare them? ok then. well atleast Violet isn’t a test tube baby.

  • sar

    maybe violet has something wrong with her physically and thats why she’d still in nappies, or maybe it’s not what it looks like.
    Also don’t see why Jennifer should have to get dressed up to go out, she looks fine to me.

  • sal

    How fun Violet looks……….being a fun 3 year old. Dressing up in play shoes.

    Not a diaper, they are pull-ups or pamper easy ups. Violet will be 4 in December.

    #10, as a doctor, it does not signal ANYTHING!

  • shamrock

    Living under a microscope is she? Yes! All of you are so judgemental and assuming people should check yourself out, before someone tells you that you are doing something wrong, dressed incorrectly, have food on your face, or so forth. Leave Jen and Violet alone. They are just enjoying the day walking and getting some treats just like anyone would. Worry about you, and let it go!!! Sheesh! If they are happy and healthy then let it be. Remember, it’s on the inside that translates to true BEAUTY, not the outside. Right???

    Best Wishes to the familia!!


  • Lee

    Pull-ups and diapers are the same thing, they are for children who are not potty trained and Violet should be potty trained by now, my little girl was potty trained at 3. Jen should get the nanny to potty train her since she can’t do it. Truth is Violet does not look cute in her sunglasses. Paparazzi shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near kids schools.

  • http://justjared Jackie

    I have never written on one of these things before… but I have to ask what type of person says a child is unfortunate looking…. or does not look good in glasses… and worse implies they may be in nappies because they are spoilt.

    Get a grip!

  • AJ

    Violets glasses are from gymboree

  • Lee is a mean old lady

    Violet looks ADORABLE in her sunglasses. Love that happy kid!

    Lee you are sure miserable arent you?

  • Frida

    # Lee: So just because your daughter was potty-trained at 3 means that every child has to be?! Stop comparing kids, noone is the same! Violet is cute as a button and it’s too bad about the paparazzi. It’s really not Jen and Ben’s fault though, they have the right to put their child in whichever school they choose. Paparazzi should be banned!

  • amy

    Kids do things at different ages…give up diapers, bottles, binky’s etc…Give the family a break. they seem to be well adjusted.
    When is Jenn gonna announce she’s 5 months pregnant??????

  • http://justjared Jackie

    is she pregnant again? Her baby’s is only a few months old how is that possible?

  • Pippi

    Awww, Here is my favorite mom and daughter duo out enjoying time together and just being awesome. Can’t wait until that cutie pie Sera can also join them. Love this family. They are what the we need to see more of in this crazy world. No place for jealousy and childish comments folk. Some are you may be completely potty trained but you sure as h.e.l.l. don’t have any intelligence and/or social skills. Who is worse off you of Violet? You should only be half as lucky as this adorable child.

  • Pippi

    Sorry, meant to type “or” instead of of. Hope you were able to follow along in any event. Violet looks so cute in her sun glasses. She is an angel.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Lee, I was potty trained just before I was 2. Does that make your child inferior?

    And she’s not four yet, she’s obviously going through the process as she’s wearing pull ups so there’s a big chance that Violet, like your daughter, will be potty trained at 3.

    She’s adorable! Looks so sweet! Jen seems awesome.

  • Shannon

    Jen does not look pregnant. She looks great after having a 2nd baby 5 short months ago. I hope she doesn’t drop as much weight as she before, she looks awesome with a little more meat on her bones. She is also breastfeeding and has to carry weight for the benefit of the baby as well as herself. Sorry kids, finds something else to complain about.

  • lakers fan in boston

    boring, least she’s wearing some nice sunglasses 2 make her face better, she really needs to dress up once in a while, even if it’s for just picking her up
    those glasses r horrible violet =p

  • Emme & Maxx

    The perfect all-American celebrity couple, blessed with class and good looks. Her children are so beautiful! We wish we looked half as good.

  • http://justjared Jackie

    Are three year olds sunglasses supposed to be nice? What should she be wearing.? Gucci- Raybans. Don’t be silly small children are supposed to wear brightly coloured plastic…. it’s the rules… and all good parents will lie and say the plastic is beautiful….

  • http://justjared Jackie

    Your not supposed to like her glasses!

  • victoria+

    she looks like a sleestak with those glasses on [x

  • Zaza

    She looks Pregnant again, 2 months ago her post baby phat was disappeared. Now It sure does look like Pregg again 100%

  • Dance Teacher

    The best looking kid is Courtney Cox’s little girl.

  • Alexis

    Children potty train between 2-4 years. It depends on the child.

    So what Violet isn’t fully trained. Think about if she is almost, and she would have an accident in front of all the paps. Wow, how would a young child live that one down?

    Violet looks like a regular 3 year old, funky shoes, funky glasses. You go girl. Enjoy being a child.

  • Kaitlyn

    Wow, when I found this website, I thought most of the posters were thoughtful and generally nice. You lot are worse than TMZ! Jen Garner is a natural beauty, and Violet is a lovely, happy child. Jen has a baby at home! Must she be in full make-up and dressed up to get a morning coffee and snack with her daughter? I’ve yet to see a pic where this child looks unhappy – back off!

  • to fugly

    fug face is kissing azz. Hope it works.
    I don’t think it is bad wearing a diaper at 3.5 years old.. Vio is still very young but Jen could have done a better job traning her earlier since they are in public eye.

  • amero

    Wearing cloths like this hurts your sex life. When you feel sexy you act sexy. I am not saying go nuts with your cloths but dress like you live in hollywood and you are a movie star.A little more put together never hurts. I think Jen might be one of those lazy people.

  • Bailey

    A big fan of Jennifer and Ben. Although I don’t think Jen should be dressed up everyday. She could do a little more. Just a bit. maybe a stylish top and shorts, crop pants.

    As for Violet, some poster need to leave her alone. She is a child. She looks like she is happy.

  • mary

    JG should be in the show “what not to wear” soon….
    Violet may not be a tube baby, but for sure she was the wrong sp…. that got through. LOL


    It is a guilty pleasure to catch glimpses of this family as they go about their daily lives. Nonetheless, they do have a right to privacy and these type of images violate that right. It appears to me they have done a decent job at not freaking out on the paps, which seems a reasonable response.

    Maybe Garner doesn’t dress up due to the increased exposure it may bring her? Who knows.

    At the end of the day, they appear to be a real example of a modern American family growing and changing. And for whatever reason, people want to watch.

  • jen

    The glasses doesn’t look good on violet she look not so good. Take them away jen or buy her somethning that fit her face shape and dress her nice , you should be dressing as 37 year old woman you are. The clumzy look is not not working.

  • lollipop

    With all the money in the world, why wear dude pants? Did she honestly pick those out and think they fit her nicely? She could look so cute but she picks the most blah stuff ever. Ben sure does know how to pick them!

  • !-!-!-!-!

    OK, I’ll first say that I’m not not proud of saying this – but that kid is ugly. I know you’re not supposed to say that about children but she’s not cute so people need to stop lying and saying so. She was ugly when she was born and she’s still ugly. Maybe she’ll get better looking when she gets older. I hope for her sake. As for her mom – well, she can’t dress for sh!t. Yeah, she’s a mom and she needs to dress comfy and casual. But you’re worth millions, lady. Stop dressing like you shop at Walmart. You can still be casual and look nicer. You know you’re being papped because you’re a celebrity. Maybe start looking like one once in a while so people stop picking on you about your appearance.

  • Sharon.G

    When a child is a spoiled brat, you blame the parents. Not the child.

    Jen Garner is the biggest fame whor-e in Hollywood. She is also the ugliest “actress”.

  • Adri

    Violet looks absolutely adorable in those sunglasses. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of you…it’s just a sweet little girl having fun.

    She named the new baby Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck. I thought Jen should have switched the 2 middle names around, and then the initials would have also been SERA.

  • #42 stupid comments


    How sad that you have to call a child ugly. Does that somehow make you feel more important? A bigger person, because you can call names to a child on a blog?

    So sad!

  • getreal

    Very cute kid. But I think it indicates a problem not being potty trained by 3.5. Maybe parenting is hit and miss. Not enough structure in the day. Oh well, at least she’s walking and not being carried or riding in a stroller .

  • libby

    thank you getreal! I agree

  • Tab

    That kid does not look cute in those sunglasses. Ben likes woman who are inferior to him that’s why he is with Jennifer, he’s better looking, smarter, successful actor and director, he’s ego couldn’t handle the talent and beauty of Gwyneth and Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Garner is a bad actress whose movies never make money at the box office, she’s boring, unattractive and dresses like a lazy slob every day. When he looks at her Ben feels good about himself.

  • Bruce Banner

    Why compare, #4?

    Quit telling other people how to raise their kids, #7.

    Let the PARENTS decide when they’ll train her, #15?

    Right, #16.

    You’re so shallow, #42.

  • ditto

    agree #49