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Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Sweet

Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Sweet

Jennifer Garner makes an early run to the coffee shop with her sunglasses-wearing daughter Violet Affleck, 3, on Saturday (June 13) in Boston, Mass.

The pre-school that Violet goes to has been getting hounded by paparazzi and Santa Monica City Councilman Richard Bloom said he has spoken with Jen and husband Ben Affleck about their concerns. “They expressed to me that they understand this is a part of their lives that they have to accept, but it’s not something that other people should have to experience,” Bloom said.

10+ pictures inside of sunglasses sweet Violet Affleck

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100 Responses to “Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Sweet”

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  1. 51
    ditto Says:

    Hey #48, since you know Ben so well, and personally enough to know how he feels; think you could arrange a meet and greet??????????

  2. 52
    hehehehe Says:

    no sinto allowed here.

  3. 53
    anne Says:

    Sorry but violet starts looking like Rumour Wills. I hope she will end up having her great legs though.

  4. 54
    nonofyourbusiness Says:

    While I think Ben Assfleck is a complete douche bag… Jen was a really good actress on Alias until she met and dumped and fired her costar and married Ben whos ego is bigger than his big head!

    But that aside, I think that Celebs kids should be absolutely off limits to the Stalkarazzi. While they are cute to see, they are kids they have no choice in their parents career and should be left alone. They deserve to grow up and have an education like any other kid.

  5. 55
    Shannon Says:

    My name is Tab # 48 and I am a total idiot. I think J.Lo can act. That is the stupiest thing anybody could ever say. Not only can she NOT act, sing or dance she is not the least bit attractive without a ton of makeup. He name should not be mentioned on a Violet Affleck thread. Save you meanness for the fugly dragon tale test tube twins of hers Byeotch.

  6. 56
    Lola Says:

    Jen Garner does not have to dress up to feel good about herself (unlike J.Lo and some of the other divas). She looks good in whatever she wears and is not out to make a fashion statement when she is hanging out with her child(ren). To those that have a problem with what she wears why bother to follow her at all. Go bow down and worship somebody that you admire the way they dress. Problem solved.

    That kid is so adorable with those glasses on and she is a beautiful happy child. Something that is unknown to the likes of some of you.

  7. 57
    Pippi Says:

    I agree Lola #56 Jen does not give a rat’s @$$ what you folks think about her baggy pants, trainers or whatever. Hasn’t that much been proven. As long as JJ has been posting pics of her she hasn’t changed so you people are either stupid, slow learners or God only know what else. Stop wasting your time and do something more productive. That sh!t is getting old. Trying being more original, show some initiative.

  8. 58
    jenny Says:

    If Jennifer Garner doesn’t want us to see her and comment about her ,she needs to stop wh*oring the kid out in daily bases. Obviously her doing so isn’t helping her cariier or his. Their movies didn’t do that well.

  9. 59
    Duh Says:

    This is what a happy kid looks like!

  10. 60
    Tiffany Says:

    Jeesh, many of you on this blog are so critical!!!! I find it refreshing to see a normal family come out of hollywood. It is not necessary (and is actually quite frightening) to dress up like posh spice or Jlo every day. What the heck is wrong with wearing a t shirt and khakis or jeans every day???? Damn, that stuff is way more comfortable! And sneakers are better for your feet than 5 inch heels. Why can’t you guys give this famliy a break?? They are just being normal. I can’t imagine everyone who made a negative comment about their attire on here dresses to the nines every day. I love this family and have alot more respect for them than for most of money hungry showy hollywood.

  11. 61
    remember da truth Says:

    So some here like to call small children ugly, and also have X-ray vision to see that she’s wearing a diaper so they can also rag on her perfectly nice mother who happens to be pretty and has Ben Affleck. What kind of sad lives do you lead??

    I would think that Jen and Ben are also concerned with the paps following them to the preschool every day, and it’s not their fault. Calling her a famewhore because the paps stake out her home and take pictures of her every day shows how ignorant you are about Hollywood and people. Jen is just living her life.

    If Jen were a famewhore, she would be dressed to the nines for the photos she knows are being taken. She doesn’t care. She’s just another working mom and if she throws on a T-shirt and sweats just like other busy moms, so be it. She’s not trying to impress the low-lifes who would stoop to comment on it.

  12. 62
    she cares Says:

    She cares she is selling the ” normal family”

  13. 63
    bye Says:

    When we gona see her with a torn panies again?

  14. 64
    Jackie Says:

    I am glad that so many people realise normal people don’t always look good (even though she does not look bad) she looks ordinary like a mum taking her child to school.

    Children should not be called ugly and any grown person who is doing so, I am glad your not my mother!

  15. 65
    Jennifer Says:

    Jennifer mixing it up a bit, wearing black shorts with a green strip shirt while out walking with Ben and Ben’s Mom, Chris.

    Also reported that Ben and Jen were out @ a seafood place over the weekend. Sharing a table with others. By all accounts they were friendly and nice.

    To the comment about Ben being a douche bag………………..well, maybe a few years ago he might not have made the best choices. However, over say past 4-5 years, he has really settled. Using his directing talent for some good causes like making a video for the UN, writing on efforts in the Congo, playing charity poker, making better movies, writing and directing.

    It seems like he really came into his own and his working hard on being a good husband and a great father. I am sure if we could all go back and erase some mistakes from our early 20′s we would. Ben has changed since the JLO days. Give him credit for that.

  16. 66
    k Says:

    anyone know where in boston this is?

  17. 67
    happysunday Says:

    #39 I agree. Several points…. Potty train between2and 3.No Preschool takes you unpotty trained.Nursery school is for potty training.Jen is dressed down normal for running errands.. Some of nus might dress up more in nice slcks/jeans/blouse..Maybe after wearing gowns worth tens of thousands,having hair and makeup plastederd on in her job, she prefers sweats in daily nonsense activities.Sortof like if you makeup everydayfor work-none on weekends unless it is special something, heels for work, flats on weekends. Paps need to leave themalone.mComeon Boston,there is no money shot here. Garner is not asking for paps.

  18. 68
    QueenOftrashin Says:

    Yes, little Violet is growing up with her mother’s total lack of fashion sense.

  19. 69
    whatever Says:


    Jennifer Lopez is a beauty who can act, sing and dance. A triple threat and looks like you are feeling threatened, lol. Just because you Jennifer Garner pales in comparison; don’t get upset.

    Keep thinking that JG looks good. You must live in lala land. So why does Ben always look so miserable?

  20. 70
    what??? Says:


    She does not looks good. Take of the dark glasses!!! Who said Jennifer Lopez is dressing because she doesn’t feel good about herself. You sound crazy! It’s called basic hygiene 101.

    Keep thinking that she looks good … you’re husband is probably going to leave you too.

  21. 71
    Haha Says:

    If that’s the nanny with them in the picture, she’s much more attractive and much better dressed, even in causual wear, than Jennifer Garner. I’m sure Ben’s not complaining, not about the nanny anyways.

  22. 72
    Pippi Says:

    Ben dated a lot of beautiful women (including Jen G) and the fact that he married the prettiest one only shows his maturity. In the past a lot of people thought Ben wasn’t that smart but when he fell in love and married the girl of his dreams, they started to look at him in a different light. Like the old cliche +Behind every great man is a great woman*. Good job Ben, keep up the good work.

    You and Jen belong together and that beautiful little family is the icing on the cake. Good luck and Go speed.

  23. 73
    Pippi Says:

    *God speed!

  24. 74
    ummmm Says:

    The nannie dressed better than Jenniefer I hope ben don’tgo off her he did it on j.lo with strippers.

  25. 75
    Sassy Says:

    I agree, papparazzi should follow the rule: go nowhere near children of celebs! When does a celeb get a freakin’ break? She is NOT at a premiere or on a talk show when she’s taking her daughter to school or running to the coffee shop, etc. They are ACTORS, and while filming, at the premiere, on a stage, then they’re fair game. It must be maddening to have someone photographing you anytime you are out. I really think I’d lose it!!!

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