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Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Sweet

Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Sweet

Jennifer Garner makes an early run to the coffee shop with her sunglasses-wearing daughter Violet Affleck, 3, on Saturday (June 13) in Boston, Mass.

The pre-school that Violet goes to has been getting hounded by paparazzi and Santa Monica City Councilman Richard Bloom said he has spoken with Jen and husband Ben Affleck about their concerns. “They expressed to me that they understand this is a part of their lives that they have to accept, but it’s not something that other people should have to experience,” Bloom said.

10+ pictures inside of sunglasses sweet Violet Affleck

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100 Responses to “Violet Affleck is Sunglasses Sweet”

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  1. 76
    Menie Says:

    Actually, the nanny, while not ugly, looks a LOT like Celine Dion, who is not nearly as naturally pretty as Jennifer. Ben has called Jennifer “drop dead gorgeous” and I have to agree. I would kill for that skin alone.

  2. 77
    Familyfan Says:

    Lee and all the others – is it affecting your life that she is not potty trained????????????

    Get a grip and enjoy the photos OR move on, I am sure Jen and Ben do not stop and say – Oh, my what will the bloggers say, If I wear this on Violet, what will they say if they see her pull ups showing, I doubt they give a rats as* what you think or anyone else….get a grip and get a life. Don’t come on the blogs about the affecks, you have the choice to by pass them – you and some others seem all full bitter and very cranky and just come in to spread your negativity – get the chip off your shoulder and go to the sites or celebs you like, you have the choice not to come on this one!

    Love the afflecks just as they are, with all life’s little imperfections, makes them normal.

  3. 78
    Familyfan Says:

    Can any logical person answer this question for me –

    why do all the people who do not like Jennifer Garner or Ben Affleck post on these blogs – why don’t they just by pass them and go to the ones of celebs they like??????????

    I don’t get it – they have the choice to by pass – why do they have to post their negativity and doom and gloom. They need mental help to overcome the chips on their shoulders so they lead happy lifes. When you have to trash people and more so little 3 year olds – you have a bitter/mean personality – think about it – seriously.

    Can you nay sayers dispute the fact that you can by pass these pics and go to others – but instead you CHOOSE to spread your bitterness ????????

  4. 79
    sarah Says:

    i live in l.a. and everyone, everyone here knows that the culture includes paps and celebs. we also know that if a celeb doesn’t want to have her kids pics taken, there are easy ways to do that. we see jen g. and she’s always taking violet out into the public where she knows paps are there. why would you do that to the kid? the kid’s going to have psych damages b/c her mom exposed her to the cameras all the time. she’s no better than kate gosselin. also, i think jen g. doesn’t care about her clothes, but we all know that her pr team/agent is trying to create an “i’m just a mom like all of you & the next julia roberts” image for her. it’s made her much more popular with the media and ppl like the ones on the board that keep telling themselves that she’s “a normal mom”. She’s a mom yes, but normal, hardly. Her husband’s a big celeb and she gets millions for failed movies, has a whole team of folks branding her career and image – that’s not a “normal” mom. she and ben have been seeing a therapist and she said that ben is insecure so maybe she has to play the desperate housewife/mom role to be supportive of him to keep his marriage stable.

  5. 80
    sarah Says:

    btw, i think what she’s wearing is fine. it looks like she’s influenced a lot by ben’s casual/sloppy style and california casual. Yes, she could wear stuff that’s better but she’s trying to lose weight so I give her that. We all know she wouldn’t be anywhere today without Ben Affleck by her side. She knows it too – another case of nice girl trying to change a man to be what she wants him to be (can someone say Sean Penn/Robin Wright?). She should just have her nanny/assistants/cooks make the coffee at home or go to Starbucks WITHOUT violet instead of exposing her to the cameras. Selfish, selfish action to do that to the kid and not think Violet is not going to be affected. Ben must just love her for that.

  6. 81
    Familyfan Says:

    Sarah – can you answer my guestion that I asked in Post #78??????

  7. 82
    shut up Says:

    family fan shut up. people have the right to voice their opinions too. just like you did yours. just because their opinion is not your opinion it makes it wrong? no. so shut up and get lost.

  8. 83
    Sarah Get Lost!!!!! Says:

    Sarah, SHE IS IN BOSTON< NOT L.A. Paps are usually never around there, but they will follow her anywhere BECAUSE SHE SELLS PHOTOS because of her fans but also idiots like you who claim to distain her but STILL CANT KEEP AWAY FROM HER PICTURES! YOu are OBSESSED WITH HER! Sarah, you are one PATHETIC< JEALOUS *(ICH! Get a grip and a life! There must be better things to do than wallow in your jealousy of Jennifer garner! Pass by this post and do yourself a favor and dont think about Jennifer Garner, who obviously is a nice, normal lovely woman by any standards, makes you nutso!

    Did anyone read that pathetic Michael Vartan interview in People??? Cant find anyone as good as Jen after ALL THESE YEARS!!! Guess you were wrong about her Sarah!.

  9. 84
    kaley Says:

    Violet still is not potty trained! Poor unfortunate looking kid!

  10. 85
    Jenfan Says:

    Hit a nerve did they #82?????????
    Sounds like they nailed you!!!!

    Kaley #84 – read post #77 and ask your self the question posed – probably hit a nerve too, like it did for #82. Cause you can’t argue logic!!!

    Everyone has the right to voice opinions, but why click on these photos when you can easily go by them, you post to stir things up – thats all you post for. I agree with the others, go to the pic of the celebs you like and go by the ones you don’t like. Do your Mothers proud and if you don’t have anything good to say – say nothing. Really is it that hard to be nice????????

  11. 86
    s.i Says:

    @Tab: Oh u r so funny! So is Paltrow good looking? Really? She is a natural beauty right? : and jen isnt?:
    And also jen Lopez is a GOOD actress? Since WHEN???? Her only good movie was Enough, and she wasnt that great! LOL

  12. 87
    s.i Says:

    @Familyfan: You are right. I cant see any fair reason 4 them to do it! I check out this site whenever I chat with my friends from Beijing, but I am a big fan of Jen and not a hater, so I like seeing her. Jen is a normal mum. No matter what people say she IS normal, it doesnt matter that she has money, she still has the same feelings as all people. She is an ordinary good wife and mum. No matter what ppl say she is still in movies! And she is a good artist. She was great in ALIAS and perfect in her Broadway show. Most of her movies rock. She has many talents and a multileveled fresh character. But what haters have been doing is NOt normal, is SICK. Thats ok….We have someone to laught at….and pray for….

  13. 88
    s.i Says:

    @shut up: But people dont have the right to speak like that about other people and call them fuglies and whores and WHATEVER! U have to realize that Jen isnt an alien but a human being with needs and feelings and u cant just google her name or check the posts on JJ and then talk **** about her, like she is a criminal. U dont have this right, no! U dont have the right to humiliate ppl u dont even know and write all these **** about them. Thats not normal, is what sick minded ppl do, because they have nothing better to do! And Im sure u r the same person as Sarah or have the same mind…Why dont u answer to the logical question “Familyfan” has made?

  14. 89
    shut up Says:

    jenfan no one cares what you have to say. they nailed me? not at all hahahahahahaha alls i said is people have the right to say their opinions!!!!! if its good or bad oh well!!! its a GOSSIP SITE!!!!!!!!!!!! not a church blog where everyone has to be kind and peaceful.

  15. 90
    s.i Says:

    Jen is a natural beauty, I love her legs and her face, and she might have some more baby weight to shed (yeah, ok) but thats totally normal. I am a big fan of her and I can also see that she is extremely pretty, but I think that she could make some more effort to dress a little nicer sometimes. She looks cute and normal, but she is so gorgeous, so she could look EXTRAORDINARY with some better clothes. I like her clothes here, but I think jeans rock on her perfect legs. I love her hair and her glasses. She has a casual style. Oh , and Violet ISNT ugly she is a little beauty just like her mummy. She looks like a super cute china doll. So sweet!

  16. 91
    Jenfan Says:

    you are really bitter – shut up – are you always this pleasant?

    Must be a joy to be around you.

    Can you just answer me this question – why do you click into this particular item if you don’t like the Afflecks? Why don’t you just scross down the site, past this item on her? Just asking – Just don’t get it, thats all.

  17. 92
    shut up Says:

    because i like to see whats new thats all. so THERES YOUR ANSWER. and i am a joy to be around.

    now how bout you answer this question for me… if you dont like what people have to say..WHY DO YOU READ IT??????

  18. 93
    Jenfan Says:

    Touche – kinda – but I come here to look at the pictures because I like Jennifer Garner and her family – not to trash them – I personally have celebs that I do not like and think they are attention seekers, but I just scroll pass them on the site and only click to see the additional pictures of ones I like – never to trash – I do live by the rule that if you have nothing nice to say – say nothing.

    I read to see what others have to say but I enjoy the comments from the people like me who share an interest in the family. I see no point to visit the pictures if you do not like them. I certainly read all the comments and would really enjoy them if they were all postive. I just simply do not enjoy reading people trashing people when they don’t know them and make assumptions and it is so pointless. If you don’t like her don’t visit the pictures.

    Tell how you see quote “what is new” from these pictures. Why didn’t you scroll by them? That is a lame explanation and you know it. Simply put I am here with good intentions because I like the family IF I did not I would have the sense, class and tact not to be here and let those who do genuinely like them enjoy them in peace.

  19. 94
    shut up Says:

    jenfan-you must really have a perfect life if your only problem is worrying if people say mean things on gossip blogs about people you dont even know. its gonna happen. people are mean. welcome to america. why dont you just ignore the comments you dont like and move on? instead of taking all your time and energy out in something you cant change

  20. 95
    Jenfan Says:

    Shut up – I live in Canada, guess people are not as mean here. Anyway, enough said, last post.

    If you have a need to spread your bitterness on what is a fansite not a gossip site, than do so, maybe it will ease the chip on your shoulder. Hope their are better disposition days ahead in your future. good luck with that. You will probably stress less and get to a happier place if you view the pictures of people you like vs those you don’t, but whatever. Don’t think you are happy unless you can be mean. Anyway, I don’t come here to argue so no more…………..Peace out.

  21. 96
    shut up Says:

    good ridens

  22. 97
    agent Says:

    People who post on these sites is bc they like BEN AFFLECK and unfortunately, with Ben Affleck’s kid comes fake jen garner who is an overrated, desperate housewife, has been actress, have her pr team make ppl think she’s normal kinda gal. It’s like your bff suddenly dating the ***** and you love your bff but have to deal with the ***** and wonder when your bff will ever wake up. Wake up Ben! Your fans feel your pain.

  23. 98
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    OMG she is so sweet!

  24. 99
    lindas Says:

    Monogram Groom.

  25. 100
    Suppress your appetite Says:


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