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Halle Berry is Shanghai Sexy

Halle Berry is Shanghai Sexy

Halle Berry attends the opening ceremony of The Shanghai International Film Festival on Saturday (June 13) at the Shanghai Grand Theatre in Shanghai, China.

The 42-year-old Oscar-winning actress paired her a beautiful one-shoulder Marchesa lilac chiffon gown with Jimmy Choo‘s “Keenan” Platform.

Halle received a warm welcome from local people and she told them “Wo Ai Ni” (“I love you” in Chinese). Actress Zhang Ziyi (pictured below) also attended the ceremony with the cast of her latest romantic comedy, Sophie’s Revenge.

10+ pictures inside of Shanghai sexy Halle Berry

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Photos: Andrew Ross/Getty, WENN
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  • lucy

    gorgeous, love the red stairs

  • aeon

    she looks good. Very beautiful.

  • dee

    Effortlessly glam, as usual. Is she still making movies?

  • ali

    a beautiful dress worn by a beautiful woman!

  • pop86

    Love the dress. The photo of her on the stair is amazing.

  • becca

    she is BEAUTIFUL! I love Halle Berry.

  • debra

    This is how you do sexy at 40 or above.. Classy.. A+

    But Halle has been at every event lately.. Is she promoting something.. I just don’t understand the high profile. Perhaps they are concerned about her next film doing well. She was great in Things We lost in the Fire.. but that movie with Bruce Willis was just crap.. I don’t like her inconsistant film choices.. Maybe the next one will be the ONE.

    But she looks great..

  • say what

    she looks beautiful

  • Zoz

    The shot of her from the back and walk up the stairs is great.

  • lady

    @ ZOZ – yeah that shot is the best! luv the dress big time…

  • Gaye

    She looks good for an old broad. Go Halle!

  • RCG

    Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, in an elegant pink evening dress, received a warm welcome from local people and she told them: “I love you” in Chinese.

    Berry received an award for outstanding achievement in world cinema. Thrilled by the honor, she said she could only stay in Shanghai for 12 hours because she had a baby at home. “Otherwise, I would stay at least one week to discover the city’s charms,” Berry said, adding: “I will come again for next year’s Shanghai World Expo.”

  • bobbi jean

    @RCG read the cute piece, she probably didn’t want to leave her bf or nanny watching Nahla too (just kidding). Am happy for her. Nice dress.
    Will be doing some Juneteenth thing up East this week w/Patti LaBelle and others.

  • lou

    She just does nothing for me

  • wow

    VERY botoxed looking! She went overboard, that forehead is way too tight.

  • http://AJ AJ

    She definitely looks her age…………43

  • always_me


  • NJ

    I am so sick of children who post here, calling someone who is 42 ‘old’. Don’t you have a Miley Cyrus thread to comment on? Don’t you have day camp tomorrow at the Y? Then, get to bed and don’t comment on grownups.

  • elizabeth

    oh my goodness!! she looks so beautiful!! and i love her dress! my gosh she is just so pretty!

  • Amber

    She’s all washed up, better call Jamie Foxx for another embarrassing , gropefest. she’s disgusting

  • Melissa

    I love her with short hair. So pretty. So flattering!

  • rdm

    Eurweb has Jamie saying it was a joke and Halle planned it…well duh. Then he rattled off how much she respects her and her relationship. Wasn’t he the one one who did the bonehead stunt when he kissed Fantasia? Jamie give it a rest Miss Thang.

  • rdm

    @debra: she’s trying to stay relevant hun.

  • The Populist

    She looks stunning.

  • Alex

    She is gorgeous and she looks so good in that dress, very aproppiate and sexy.
    Maybe Jennifer Anniston could learn something about those 2 concepts of her…

  • Janethedoe

    impeccable beauty

  • Cooh

    I’m a “child” and I think she is beautiful,and i don’t care about her age,42 is sure not old,42 is a mature period of someone’s life,I hope to be at least half like her when I turn 40

  • Elvie

    Stunningly beautiful!!

  • bradsfullofregrets

    Most beautiful woman in Hollywood. Such class and no tattoo’s.

  • http:?? JEFF

    She looks dead in the eyes and a little overdone with BOTOX

  • love me

    This woman is Effortlessly Beautiful!!!


  • love me

    JEFF get a life….
    Don’t be Jealous!!! Give Credit where it is Due.

  • rdm

    @30-Huh? Halle has a tattoo–a sunflower tattoo on her rump which was formerly David Justice’s name.

  • Jen

    She is a very pretty lady

  • Sara

    @19 – I’m 19-years-old and I agree with you entirely. There’s nothing ‘old’ about being a 40 or 50. I even prefer older’s men than younger. ‘Cause they are like wine to me. Better in time. Just my personal opinion. So, if you’re looking for a older man/woman, you will find out that many of them keep an OPEN MIND, aware about physical and mental health and the benefits that come from it. People who learned to live more and better.
    - “Inside every older person there is a young person”.

  • remember da truth

    Haven’t seen her “at every event lately” at all. She received an award here, that’s why she’s here.

    And she looks gorgeous, not botoxed at all.

  • Pandora

    No, 42 is not considered old, but Halle looks every bit her age (and moreso recently). You get to a certain point when the plastic surgery tends not to make you look younger, but tends to underscore the fact that you’re trying to mask your age. Same w/ Botox. We all know anyone that age does have at least some obvious signs of the passage of time!

    I think she does an excellent job of keeping in shape, but I don’t find her to be exceedingly beautiful. I think that image was mostly socially created and continues to be.

  • um

    she looks good here. For the most part Halle has been one of the most beautiful and beautifully dressed woman Hollywood has ever seen. That includes the golden age of Hollywood era.

  • Jane


    Amber…let’s see a picture of YOU! Bet you are fat, ugly and have pimples. To call someone like Halle Berry “disgusting” says a lot more about you than about her. You need to work on your self-esteem…putting down those who are light years better looking than you won’t change a thing…you’ll still be the same ugly mess.

  • mimilala

    Beautiful woman and beautiful dress!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    not loving the short hair on her, rarely does it look good on her imo
    dress is ok, i personally think it would have been better if it were shorter but it’s still a nice dress
    so overall she’s ok

  • Darby

    I am also young, but I think its scary that someone would call 42 “old”. I think its because Halle is so pretty that people just want something negative to say. If someone isn’t a fan of Halles, then fine, but to deny that woman is not beautiful or to say she looks “old” is real crazy. The woman more then likely looks younger then the people commenting. I seen a picture of her on here the other day with no make-up on and she looked like she was in her twenties. Some of you sound real desperate right now.

    As far as the Jamie Foxx kiss goes, if some of you are that ‘outraged’ by something that silly then I highly suggest you dont watch Spike TV or that awards show when it airs. I just seen a sneak-peak of that awards show on TV and Rosaio Dawson was on stage talking about how much she loves sex and Brad Pitt was making sexual gestures rubbing his nipples and so on. The show is very over the top. Halle and Jamie is the least of that shows outrageousness. So if you were supposidly so offended by Jamie and Halle, then dont watch the show..because you will probably have a heart attack.

  • Darby

    And by the way, Halle is there because she is receiveing an award. The same reason why she was at the “Guys Awards” for Spike TV. She’s not just there for the hell of it. I beleive she has a few movies coming out later this year or on into next year and has a few lined up that she still has to film. What is she doing that is any different then any other actor/actress? Is she not allowed to go to events? My goodness..the more I read these comment pages the more I feel sorry for some people. Some of your self esteem is so low that you will find anything to pick on. It never fails to amaze me.

  • LNC

    Hey, I was wondering where my body double was..

  • Cherry Blossom

    I don’t see anything special about this woman,sorry. I wonder if she found any c**** there to touch…

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She looks absolutely stunning!

  • Xara

    Halle Berry is a beautiful woman. I don’t know why people get so upset that she’s called the most beautiful woman. It will always be someone famous. She is a beautiful woman, but there are many others just as if not more beautiful out there. And her inner beauty shines through.

  • Suppress your appetite

    Love this girl!