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Kate Gosselin: Bed, Bath & Beyond!

Kate Gosselin: Bed, Bath & Beyond!

Kate Gosselin takes her youngest daughter Leah (accompanied by a body guard) to run some errands on Sunday morning (June 14) in Reading, Penn.

The 34-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 star was seen picking up some household items at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

A new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs TOMORROW (June 15) @ 9PM ET/PT on TLC.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin hitting up Bed, Bath & Beyond…

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kate gosselin bed bath and beyond 02
kate gosselin bed bath and beyond 03
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kate gosselin bed bath and beyond 05
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kate gosselin bed bath and beyond 08
kate gosselin bed bath and beyond 09
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  • kev

    kate is such a bitch

  • k.g.

    Kate Gosselin you are an awesome mom! People need to stop complaining and being so jealous of your life! Your family will make it through this hard time, I just know it!

  • Thay


  • stop this show!

    I don’t think that kids are enjoying all the attention.. poor Leah, she didn’t choose to be a famous kid…

  • Jarunee
  • emma

    yeah that is Alexis.

  • jen

    Like she can’t get her people to run errands.

  • missy

    gosh, you guys are good, you can tell those kids apart::) only two I can tell apart is Mady cause she’s such a sourpuss (she’s her mom’s mini-me) and aiden who wears glasses.

    Was it Steve the bodyguard or a new bodyguard?

  • afsf

    Leave the little girl alone from the paps she is in distress… just becuase she is on tv doesn’t mean all cameras are good.

  • aint joe D

    Cue : , “this is boring”….”.they aren’t stars”,…..”This site is going down hill” …..”leave them alone”… ” Boring”…….most which are from The Kate Fan Club… because it’s a tough job defending the indefensible.

  • E

    Kate probably scared Alexis about the “P-People”. Come on, Jared you are in on it. You sell “the look” on your website. Kate needs a bodyguard, lol. Why didn’t she send a helper after making a list and stay home instead of getting a babysitter? It would be cheaper then paying a guard and babysitter! Gosselin is a legend in her own damn mind! At least she covered herself up today. Little Leah isn’t being brought out yet, you know. She’s the reason Steve had to go bye-bye. Not that Leah did anything wrong, she just watched her mommy prance in bikini and hug up on Steve, aka Mr. Gray aka the body guard. Leah just imitated her momma…with STEVE.

  • isabelle


    joel has not been out yet either and he was with the bodyguard with his sun glasses. LOL

  • E

    Kate Gosselin, stop imitating Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise from yesterday’s pics. Did you get Alexis all scared from warning her about the “P-People” and tell her to hold mommy tight? I bet you did so the paps would capture a picture just like Suri and Katie.

  • JJ

    **YAWN** Omg Jared , You are obssessed with her!
    I find her foul and VERY un-intresting,
    It’s like how many places in the world she can look like a b!tch,
    b o r i n g ! !
    **Give us so REAL celebrities!! not some trashy (b!itchy) hosewive with a reality show on cable**

  • Vicki

    This whorebag again, cant the child walk!

  • kev

    Kate should seriously stop doing the show for the kids sake. They don’t need this, they need to be normal kids.

  • anonymous

    She’s “using” her poor kids to keep the Paparazzi away! Why else would she keep bringing them with. She is something else!

  • ella

    There’s a reason why people don’t like her. It has nothing to do with jealousy, it has to do with her attitude that the world revolves around her. Her children are nothing more than commodities, props, and accessories. They are also her meal ticket. She is pathetic.

  • 10doll


  • liverwurst

    is this news? Stalk much??

  • 10doll

    I’ve often wondered what kind of delusional individual could think Kate Gosselin is a good mom & can still think that their family could come out of this on a positive note. Well, allow me to introduce “k.g” @ 1:38.

  • Jessica

    Thats definitely Alexis, not Leah. Leah has shorter and darker hair. Poor Lexi, she must have been tired. Shes usually the one that falls asleep in the car ride.

  • kiddo

    I wouldnt let her walk with all those camera’s/vultures around.

    I hold to “your should not be able to publish photo’s” of children under 16 without consent. These rags are out of control. CLimbing in tree’s, waiting at friends houses, for what a picture of there kids.

    I like Alec Baldwins way, good smack in the snout.

    Jon and Kate fair game. Tom and Katie fair game. Jessica alba and who ever fair game.

    Kids should not be, Yes even though they are filmed for TV, it should be the guardians final consent for the gossip rags.

    This way if they sign consent, we really know who the dirt bags are. Our small town rag-no consent, they smudge the face of the little ones.

    Not a popular opinion I am sure, but it is mine. I mean no offence.


    Yes we all need a bodyguard to go to Target and BBB in Reading, PA – Give me a break Kate! you’re such a joke! You’re a celebrity ONLY IN YOUR OWN MIND.

  • steph

    Omg, you guys are nutcases. Kate Did NOT plan this out. Alexis is a 5 year old girl, and yea, she is used to having cameras around her a lot, but not scary looking people with flashing cameras wherever she goes. THESE ARE CHILDREN you are talking about, she IS NOT using them. Enough is enough. What did Kate do to you? She has made mistakes, but you guys are far from perfect since you’re bashing a family. This is coming from a 12 yr old girl, and I know you crazy Kate haters will hate me too, but leave them the hell alone.

  • Jlyne

    Two things that have been nagging me about this famewhooore:



  • E

    Seriously, does Kate or Jon go to fan sites or sites like these? I would bet a few bucks they follow these sites religiously or more then they make to church these days…;~)
    They need to go to counseling with the whole family, Kate needs help with the narcissism, they both seem like they drink too much and they need to figure out a way to support their kids, not their kids support them.

    The kids need new clothes, instead of Mom and Dad buying themselves so much…get your kids some play clothes.
    I bet Kate wouldn’t be bold enough to reveal herself if she does come to these sites, you know she would sell pictures of her kids because she has already done it.

  • E

    steph @ 06/14/2009 at 2:47 pm

    “Omg, you guys are nutcases. Kate Did NOT plan this out. Alexis is a 5 year old girl, and yea, she is used to having cameras around her a lot, but not scary looking people with flashing cameras wherever she goes. THESE ARE CHILDREN you are talking about, she IS NOT using them. Enough is enough. What did Kate do to you? She has made mistakes, but you guys are far from perfect since you’re bashing a family. This is coming from a 12 yr old girl, and I know you crazy Kate haters will hate me too, but leave them the hell alone.”

    OMG, the show has you duped. You do not need the flash in sunlight. That was totally faked on the show with the flashing bulbs. Kate gave her permission to the paps according to the local police. Keep up girl! Kate is playing YOU for a fool! Didn’t you see her show her boobs and ass yesterday to the TLC cameraman and the paps? She’s going all Britney, honey….get used to it, girlfriend!

  • lisabeth

    Kate reminds me of someone who’d check these sites and see someone like Katie Holmes always holding her daughter and getting tons of publicity going to the stores and malls and Kate wants the same attention for her brats er I mean girls. So she does the same thing, holds her 5 yr old (too old to be carrying) so they can get the publicity real celebrities get.

    Kate you are so delusional. You are not a celebrity . You are a famewhooore and you look ridiculous in your skanky outfits going to Target with your ‘bodyguard’. Keep your kids away from the cameras and paps. CANKLES AND ALL – GO KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE AND PROTECTED, NOT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS. WE ALL KNOW YOU LOVE IT BUT YOUR KIDS DO NOT. IF YOU HAVE THE SLIGHTEST DOUBT, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES OF YOUR DAUGHTER. And go get some more botox, you’re looking rather OLD and wrinkly lately. Must be all that tanning. haha.

  • realblond36

    2 questions…
    1) why is she carrying a 5 year old child?
    2)why does this woman need a body guard in reading pa…or anywhere for that matter?

    I am SO over these people. J&K plus 8 is not an endearing show anymore. It’s a show about a reality show. It’s about getting free stuff, going on free vacations and product placement.

    I feel absolutely NO sympathy for either of them. They are money grubbing famewhores who care about being in the public eye more than protecting their family and marriage. These people have enough money for 10 lifetimes. They do not need to continue with this show. Kate’s excuses for keeping the show are pathetic and ever changing. First, she wanted to document the sextuplets as babies because they were too busy to do so themselves. Then it was because she didn’t want to disappoint the fans and withold the fans the pleasure of watching her kids grow up(like it’s anyones business to watch their children on tv.) Then it was so her kids could go to college(even though the state of Pennsylvania gave ALL her kids scholarships to state schools after the birth of the sextuplets.)

    Kate and Jon Gosselin cannot have it both ways. They can’t sell their family as a commodity and then cry about the attention they get from it. They are solely responsible for the attention, good and bad, that they are receiving. Those kids might not feel it now, but 5, 10, 15 or 20 years down the road, those kids are going to have a lot of issues from their parents selling them out.

  • chelsea


    Leah’s hair is shorter and much darker!!

  • E

    She’s carrying Alexis because she’s scared the child about the “P-People”, you know Kate with her histrionics and drama. She also seen the attention paid to Katie and Suri yesterday on just jared.

    We see right through ya, Kate. Get on home.

  • chelsea

    and honestly whats the big deal? she’s hiding her face.
    Suri Cruise does it all the time and no one every makes a big deal about it.

  • chelsea

    @realblond36: Their fans are crazy, when she had a book signing in PA it was INSANE, police from neighboring towns were called and people were chasing her car and banging on the windows of the book store like animals..
    If i were her i would like a body guard with me at all times too.

  • sunburst

    Personally, I’d rather see Jon with all 8. Kate is just boring.
    TLC, bring back Jon and forget Kate.

  • nan

    PR all from the last few weeks…….What a good mommy….. she wants you to believe…..after the criticism over her being on the road 20+ days a month for the last year.

  • Ralph the Wonder Llama

    The ratings have been falling steadily over the last few weeks. Her fan base is somewhere between 3 and 4 million whack jobs. All should be identified and sterilized

  • realblond36


    I live 25 minutes from reading pa and it’s the most boring place on the planet. NOBODY who lives here gives a darn about them. Everybody thinks she is a joke for waltzing around town with a bodyguard. AGAIN, all this crap is from her own doing. If Kate wanted to give her kids a normal childhood, she would walk away from her show and then 5 minutes later, nobody would give a damn. They would be yesterdays news. Great for her kids, but not so much for the diva.

  • Consequences to Hating

    kates a shrew.

  • g.f.

    Kate Gosselin is a wonderful person i don’t care what other people think. She is a good mom and nice to other people… i think she is just trying to look out for her kids. I wish people would just leaver her alone!

  • Peyton

    Her fans are some of the stupidest on the block. They can’t be so stupid to believe this chick and all the lies she perpetuates.

    PR to Kate: Go out in public with your kids. Play with them, buy them Starbucks, PRETEND you actually like being around them. Kate probably wants to get paid to do this, but she’ll do it just to keep the money coming in. Only thing is, their ratings are slipping steadily, public is catching on to this snow job. Thank goodness. Now the only ones left watching this trainwreck are the stupidest of the stupid. And the ones that defend her on sites like this. Pathetic.

  • abbie

    I’m a fan. I think the show is great. The kids are adorable.

    The hate comments are ridiculously stupid.

  • julia

    that is ALEXIS not LEAH! and people need to leave them alone. Especially when they are at home and just plying in their yard!

  • sister6

    #18 ella —– Has it right

  • http://justjared Jackie

    I agree with Steph you people sound crazy…. i don’t know this family… nor do I like reality television… but the names some of you call people is beyond strange.

    If this is how angry some people get at people they don’t know.. Imagine what they are like with their own friends and family…

  • abbie

    Sounds like jealousy. How come no one complains about the Duggars exploiting their children or the Roloff exploiting theirs?

  • isabelle

    why do people insult the fans. no need to argue with someone just because they like someone.

  • realblond36


    Once you make yourself famous and sell your family, including children who cannot decide for themselves if they want to be watched by millions of weirdos on tv, you are open to any and all criticism. ANY and ALL.
    Why do their fans think they have the right to talk down to people who are genuinely concerned for the well being of small, vulnerable children is beyond me. Just because you like the show and think the kids are cute and Mom and Dad are great parents does not excuse the fact that children are being hurt and exploited and will continue to do so for their entire lives, all because their parents wanted money and fame. Enough is enough. I stopped watching this show in season 1 because it made my skin crawl, watching this train wreck. I don’t find it amusing to see a family falling apart and parents doing nothing to stop it.
    Kate Gosselin is not stopping the filming because she does not want to deny her “fans” the pleasure of watching her kids grow up. HER EXACT WORDS. If that reasoning isn’t sick and disturbing, I don’t know what is.

  • http://justjared Jackie

    Oh my gosh Ralph the llama is it….. you sound like a psycho…. you want to sterlise people….

  • nicole

    Jared fix it, it’s Alexis not Leah.