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Megan Fox is Private Jet Pretty

Megan Fox is Private Jet Pretty

Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox continue their promotional tour for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as they board a private jet out of Paris on Saturday (June 13).

Megan, 23, recently downplayed her acting to EW: ”I think I could be [a good actress]. If I really buckle down, I think one day I could be a very good actress. But so far, I haven’t done anything yet.”

She continued, ”People are well aware that [Transformers] is not a movie about acting. And once you realize that, it becomes almost fun because you can be in the moment and go, ‘All right, I know that when he calls Action! I’m either going to be running or screaming, or both.”’

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • guh

    Fox is trashy, the poor mans Angelina Jolie.
    Jolie is the one and only original, fox is some little tacky **** who gets a much of tacky tattoos and says stupid things to deem herself ‘controversial’, when she just comes of as painfully insecure. she also says the most stupidest things
    ”People are well aware that [Transformers] is not a movie about acting. And once you realize that, it becomes almost fun because you can be in the moment and go, ‘All right, I know that when he calls Action! I’m either going to be running or screaming, or both.”’
    Honey we know with you it;s never about the acting…
    “actors are basically like prostitutes”
    “Part of being a part of Hollywood is being perceived as attractive”
    She’s such a bullshit artist really.
    Look at the most respected actors in the history of cinema, Meryl Streep, Robert Deniro Al pacino ect.
    None of them were regarded for their looks, but mainly talent, and most of them are very bankable because they have talent and their characters are bankable. Sorry Megan but having looks doesn’t mean you have power, having people fall over your feet for your looks is one thing but having people fall over your your talent is another thing. More power to you if you survive on raw talent, NOT LOOKS.
    Jolie on the other hand mad it on her own and can actually ACT. Seriously can you imagine Fox playing Lara Croft in tombraider what she gonna be exactly…
    “Like omgg gaiz I should like totally kick your asses”
    Who knows Fox may prove me wrong one day but for the meantime she’s just some pretentious *** ****.

    And plus I don’t think they look similar to eachother at all,

  • deraj tsuj

    Best Actress Ever!

  • Chilly

    guh, how long did i take you to write that? get a life.

    megan looks hot. nice ass.

  • Nihara Fernando

    ick–major cameltoe in the first picture. girl needs to wear some underwear, because those pants are skin tight.

  • guh


  • lol

    you can be a good actress if you start enrolling in an acting class now. until then, stop trashing other celebrities because all you can offer right now is your boobs and your ass.

  • Madeleine

    I don’t know why but that huge tattoo on her arm really bugs me!

  • .

    she looks a life-size barbie doll and i don’t mean that in a good way. she looks like plastic.

  • grain o’ salt

    I hate her flaring nostrils and her teeth are too big for her mouth. Other than that I think she’s ok. number #1 why the hate? This chick likes Angelina. She even went so far as to defend Angelina’s acting after a reporter asked her if she was gonna go the sexy/action star way first like jolie and theron … fox said Angelina was already a method actress and had golden globes before she became Lara Croft.

  • Sam

    I have to agree. She is an Angelina wannabe. Who is she to go around and make nasty remarks about other actors. Not classy and she says she does not want to meet Angelina..Ha,ha funny I doubt Angelina would give her the time and day to meet. I don’t think she is that beautiful, she has a harsh look on her face. Beauty comes within not just the outside and she lacks that.

  • hi&bye

    No offense to her fans but she looks like a s.l.u.t. and her tattoo is lame. She should enjoy her 15 minutes of fame while it last.

  • she is a zlister

    WANNABE you know who

  • Chilly

    LMAOOOOOO! y’all are insecure haters. she looks good.

  • grain o’ salt

    @Sam: I think Angelina would give her the time of day but she probably wouldnt know who she is. I bet Angelina would totally sleep with her , too. winkk wink hahahahaha!

  • Chris

    Not a fan but props were they’re do: her butt looks great.

  • Liv

    She is the female John Mayer. Annoying pseudo-intellectual d-bag who overshares every chance they get.

  • javacup

    wannabe is not bad, not at all; give the girl a chance, she is being in big movies and people are actually noticing. mind us, she is actually hot!

  • Sarah May

    I think its the smartest thing that has come out of her mouth. She does tend to over talk ala John Meyer. All the other stuff she has blabbed off makes me wanna slap her. Has anyone else noticed her nubby right hand thumb? TMZ was talking about it. Makes me laugh.

    Pretty gal. Minus the thumb.

  • jo le taxi

    ohh shishi please lose the stupid backpack
    and why is that man wearing a purse?? ugh. ghay.

  • me



  • remember da truth

    Liv is right… Good post!

    Guh, seriously, why the venom? She’s not worth it and you basically said the same thing she did — she is not trying to be acclaimed for her acting, you idiot. All she is is a sexy young starlet, and it is the media who compares her to Angelina, and she’s even said she’s no Angelina. She has dark hair and was in an action movie. Big deal. She’s headed into Kate Bosworth territory — pretty girl, nothing else, so why get your panties in a twist over her?

  • dirty

    Guh,i mean how long have you been following her career:)
    you seem to know every little thing she says….
    And what’s with Angelina obsession?She’s just an actress dude/dudess,not like she invented the wheel or cure for cancer….

  • reggie

    I could stand at the bottom of an escalator at any mall in this country and find ten women better looking than her in less than an hour. That goes for Angelina Bore-me too, not that I’d kick either one out of the sack.

  • NativeNYker
  • becca

    nice body, cute butt!

  • babe_luv_ya

    she disgusts me.

  • Elaine

    Angelina/Megan Fox fight!!!! I’ll bring the Jello. rowr. They’re both hot!! :D

  • Jen

    Pretty but annoying

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    megan owns this site. hahahahahahaha.. and everyone on it. hahahahahahaha..

  • Verónica

    Jesus… what an idiots haters. Sometimes, is retty adorable :D

    PLEASE, GET A LIFE. God, what a lot of stupid things I read.
    She’ right. She’s hot and she’s honest. If I were her, i would say: “Angelina, go to have another baby. I’m better than you”

    I mean, everyone need to cheer himself ;)
    Anyway, this girl needs a chance. Was cataloged for be similar to AJ,a and, the comparisons, are totally creepy an disgusting.
    Megan has like… 4 o 5 movies for 2010 and 2011 (for now, could be more).
    Michael Bay say once: “Megan was improved much [about her acting] in TF2. So… people, give it a chance.

  • Analina

    I’m an Angelina fan, however, Megan Fox is a very gorgeous girl, too bad it’s all plastic. People go look at before and after pictures, she doesn’t even look the same. I hope she stops with the surgery before she ruins herself. Before she didn’t look like Angelina, but now with the surgery she somewhat resembles a more exotic Angelina. Still no comparison.

  • SUBsub

    Only one pic with Shia in it? G.T.F.O.

  • dIETER

    Jared – I already had two wanks on the ass of hers and totally came each time. Love it !!!

  • SUBsub

    Two if I look hard.

  • buterflyz
  • remember the truth

    GUH :

    Robert Deniro and Al Pacino were once great.
    They no longer act in good movies.
    End of story.

  • remember the truth


    So you mean like almost every other celebrity who tries to connect on a more personal and intellecutal level?
    Because we all know when celebrities DON’T have anything “deep” to say, you still like to take a nice big sh!t on them.

    They’re rich, they’re famous, they’re living it big. Get over the fact that you’re NOT :D

  • Jughed

    Yum, look at that b**t!

    All female Megan haters crack me up. You are all sooo jealous. Megan has never said a bad word about you, and she seems as down to earth as any chick who has just been named the “S**iest Woman in the World” by all the magazinines. C’mon, give the girl a break.

    I got your back, Megan ;)

  • furthermore

    I don’t know how Shia tolerates this comment from Megan.
    He is a rising star based soley on his talent and acting ability. He’s not getting fame because of a relationship with another star, tabloid bullshit, or ridiculously hot looks. This is the best kind of celebrity to me. But according to his co-star what he is currently offering us required no acting from M. Bay. Wow…really? I think this comment is intended to give her something to fall back on if criticized for her acting. However, even if it is an all action M. Bay film, it IS acting and we can still tell if you suck at it. He wouldn’t say you didn’t have to be hot to be in this, because she did. She shouldn’t say this movie isn’t about acting, because that is his gift. Think then speak Megan. Btw, love your hair!

  • tina

    Man.. I would love to look like this. and i’m sure anyone would.

  • lalalove

    At least she knows, I applaud her for admitting it. For once, she isn’t going on about how GREAT and BEAUTIFUL she is, and how others can’t be compared to her.
    Kudos to her. She use to be so beautiful in my eyes…

  • Liv

    @remember the truth:

    I’m not the one pigeon-holing every smart celeb into this category. I’m merely stating that Megan Fox isn’t one of them and making a comparison to another celeb with the same annoying traits.
    Ps. I’m very happy I’m not rich and famous for being a moron who takes my clothes off for every film I’m in. But I wouldn’t expect someone who gives Megan Fox top billing over Robert Deniro or Al Pacino to understand what it takes to be a respected actor.

  • Michellee

    why is shia never talked about when they are in the same place at the same time? he is the accomplished and excellent actor, not she as an actress. i used to be fine with her, but now she comes off as extremely conceited, it’s just ridiculous. more shia please!

  • Thay


  • Neil

    Those are some healthy looking gams!

  • anna

    cero butt,
    she has no brain
    and is as fugly as angelina

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so hot , and nice ass Megan :)

  • yeah

    @buterflyz: no way. ROB pattinson all the way!!

  • dee

    Most of you are fvkin’ haters, the girl is fine as hell and gets bashed for saying the truth …love ya Meg!!

  • Neil

    Just thought I would share….