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Megan Fox is Snake Sexy

Megan Fox is Snake Sexy

Megan Fox shows off some major leg at the premiere of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen at the Sony Center CineStar on Sunday (June 14) in Berlin, Germany.

The 23-year-old wore a sexy one-shoulder Roberto Cavalli dress with a seriously high side-slit. The most stand-out feature of the dress was the torso cut-out on the right side — a snake “slithered” around the edges of it!

Megan recently spoke of her relationship with boyfriend Brian Austin Green. She told EW, “Brian and I are not engaged, because when you’re engaged, your goal is marriage. And I don’t think that’s a realistic goal for me right now. I know I’m not capable at this point in my life of being a good partner or a good wife. That’s like a joke.”

FYI: Megan is wearing Brian Atwood‘s “Wagner” nude suede open toe pump.

25+ pics inside of snake sexy Megan Fox

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megan fox snake dress 01
megan fox snake dress 02
megan fox snake dress 03
megan fox snake dress 04
megan fox snake dress 05
megan fox snake dress 06
megan fox snake dress 07
megan fox snake dress 08
megan fox snake dress 09
megan fox snake dress 10
megan fox snake dress 11
megan fox snake dress 12
megan fox snake dress 13
megan fox snake dress 14
megan fox snake dress 15
megan fox snake dress 16
megan fox snake dress 17
megan fox snake dress 18
megan fox snake dress 19
megan fox snake dress 20
megan fox snake dress 21
megan fox snake dress 22
megan fox snake dress 23
megan fox snake dress 24
megan fox snake dress 25
megan fox snake dress 26
megan fox snake dress 27

Photos: Sean Gallup/Getty
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  • atimo

    Megan, you are not Angelina and you will never be. Please, stop trying!!!

  • jenna

    Copying Angelina

  • ann

    Simply hoot…. i love her and she looks super hoot with that dress

  • teri

    She’s not an ugly woman by any means but she sure says the stupidest things sometimes. Like saying she looks like Alan Alda or a transexual or some shi*.

  • liverwurst

    Over exposer for this below average actress.

  • Heathery

    she is pretty but i just wish she wouldn’t try so hard to be sexy.

  • bradsfullofregrets

    I’m sure she hired the same surgeon.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Does she look like a 23 years old woman?! She looks like she is in her thirties.
    How did they even pair them together she looks like a decade older than him.

  • Jessica

    She is totally coping Angelina. Look at the dress shes wearing with the slit and her hair. Arghh.. I don’t like how she says she doesn’t like it when people compare her to Angelina, yet she tries so hard to be her. Uh! Its totally not working for her. Don’t like her. Wheres the real Angelina?

  • dee

    Oh…my….so this is what it feels like to pitch a tent (girl version)……

    This girl is sooooooo sexxxyyy!!!Haters wish they looked half as good,girl or guy you know you wann get in her pants!…Or dress…or mini…daisy dukes…etc…

    Love you Meg!

  • berlingrew

    She is totally copying Angies style, yes she`s pretty, but no one can look like Angelina Jolie, she is just unique, so give it up girl!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    re: “I’m sure she hired the same surgeon.”
    LOL. Angelina and Megan do seem to share the same surgeon.

  • :)

    Sooo unnatural..
    Looking at her face for few seconds you realize that she is actually ugly.

  • toto

    I like Megan Fox but it seems like she studies Angelina Jolie’s poses and does the exact same carbon copy.

  • jamie

    she’s got a great figure, but she should leave something to the imagination. her hairstyles are consistently tacky too,

  • dee

    One more thing…..


    What stupid @$$ comments …..

  • jen

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. she looks beautiful



  • stellartes

    well problem solved…now we know why she wears so much foundation…she simply has a post acne scarred complexion…which most of us girls do have…

  • um

    She looks nothing like Angelina. The more we see Megan the more she looks like Carmen Elektra. Angelina is a multiethnic blend that no one can replicate. Angie is stunning but in an ethnic way where Megan Fox is just simlpy a pretty white girl.I fyou are a fan of Megan, you would try to disassociated her with Angelina and likn her to someone else like Aniston.

  • hanna

    yay! Megan looks beautiful <3 Shia had to hold himself a lot XD

  • erin

    She looks like a stripper walking up to the pole… why does she want to look cheap? she’s so pretty. simple is better.

  • M.T

    u soo Right Cooopy Angelina Jolie’s

  • kenza

    OMG! It’s called a BRA!! Or at least pasties or something!

  • porsche

    I wish she would stop with the surgery on her face. She looks so much more feminine before :(

  • jd09

    I’m not a huge fan of the hair (haven’t been lately) but she is gorgeous! For only being like 5′ 4″ or something she is PERFECTLY proportioned!

  • jen

    come on she looks gorgeous. so what she didnt wear a bra it wouldnt really fit with the dress. i love the look and love the color. girls a stunner!

  • she is a zlister

    where did her boobies go? i guess her magic has been debunked, push up bra!!!

  • SoNNYriente

    I don’t mind if she copies Angelina. That should be a compliment to the fans since Angelina is what a lot of women aim to be. Note, I’m not saying all, but a lot of women do want to be and look like Angelina. Didn’t Megan say she looks up to Angelina? But Megan does look like Carmen Electra. I have to say, I do not like Megan, but she looks good here. Unfortunately, the beauty is not all natural. While her plastic surgeon did a good job, she was already pretty the way she was before.

    If she hadn’t been so stoopid in her interviews, I probably would have continued liking this chick. Sadly, each time she yaps, she sounds like she always has something to prove. She sounds insecure.

  • Heart of Glass

    she doesn’t want to be compared to Angelina, but yet she gets the same tattoes as Angelina, does the same poses as Angelina, dyes her hair black like Angelina??? Puhleaz… gimme a break …

  • emma

    She looks ok but the dress looks better than she does.

    I love JJ’s new feature where if you click on the picture it tells you where you can get the look for less. Cool:

    Here’s megan’s dress for less

  • dear megan fox


    You need to find your own style, and give up trying to gain attention by copying someone else’s original self.


  • pheony

    I know Jolie isn’t the first one to wear thigh high and one shoulder gown but she was the one who brought it back this season. I’m guessing it will be a trend this year because everyone seems to copy it.

    Anyway, the dress is good and she looks good. I just don’t like the hair.

  • You/Me

    WOW! That is quite possibly the best dress I have ever seen any actress wear in the longest time, it f*cking rocks, especially the snake….love it.
    I also can’t believe how ridiculous some of you people are. Sorry, but woman have been wearing dresses with high slits forever, not just since Angie wore one in Cannes, get real….it’s not exactly a new trend that Angelina started and marketed, lmao.
    Megan is gorgeous, no she is not Angelina beautiful because Angie is classic, Angie has a face that because of her jawbone and lips is rare, she is a timeless beauty. But to knock Megan’s looks is downright dumb, she is sexy, has great hair, gorgeous eyes and a kick a*s body!
    Come on, don’t be such jacka*ses.

  • black beauty


  • IvyMades

    She is such a wannabe. Desperation is not a good look.

  • heshot

    wow!!!!!! she looks so hot. I really like how she and shia look togetherrrrrrrr, they’d totally be a couple. SHIA LOOKS HOT TOO!

  • Shaun

    Poor man’s Angelina Jolie. She actually looks like an X-rated adult film actress.

  • sara-amw

    bye bye Angelina Jolie
    Hi Hi Megan Fox

  • EEEK

    Someone strangle this b**** or else I would. Ugh! I AM SICK OF SEEING EVERYWHERE and her dumb comments

  • LuvDiPITTS

    I am still trying to get over the sound of this chick’s VOICE!. It was the first time I was hearing it (yesterday when I followed a Youtube link to an interview she and Shia gave in France.) For someone who looks so “exotic” (by white standards, anyway – remember, anything not lily white is “exotic” – rolls eyes) she certainly has a white bread voice. I mean, that voice just narrowly escaped being a cousin of the chipmunks. She really should get a voice coach so she can learn to drop her tone at least an octave lower.

  • haha

    ok, first those lame tattoos, then the action hero roles, then the sexiest tilte, then the dress, then the i’m wild and edgy image, then the hair style, then the i’m not into marriage comment. i’m guessing what’s next… charity then adoption. so jolie no matter where you look. haha.

  • lol

    why does this snake dress remind me of Charlize Theron?

  • heshot

    she’s not a copycat. she’s not trying to be like angelina GOSH! U haters are jealous, u wish u could have her body…

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    more, more, more, more, more! megan rules!
    #1 actress in the world.

  • lady

    I said it the first time – SHE IS A COPY CAT – no originality at all – it is one thing to admire someone but when you try to be like that person physically and mentally – that is plain creepy…

    Megan you do not have Angelina’s face shape – so it does not matter what you do with your lips eyes etc – just be yourself girl…

  • route29

    she looks constipated on photos #15 , 20 and 24!

  • sayuri

    Shia LINDOO. =DD

  • Anonymous

    #1 actress in the world?

    lmao. so far the dumbest thing i’ve ever read in this thread.
    thanks for the laugh though.

  • teehee

    WANNABE of you know who….