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Zachary Quinto & Dania Ramirez: Heroes Hook-Up

Zachary Quinto & Dania Ramirez: Heroes Hook-Up

Zachary Quinto catches up with his Heroes costar Dania Ramirez with a quick shopping trip in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (June 13).

Zach, 32, will soon be heading out to NYC to produce and star in a movie about the world financial meltdown. He tells Jam, “I would play a sort of young financial analyst who comes from a rocket science background and applies that knowledge to the financial world. It’s a significantly different character than either [Star Trek's] Spock or [Heroes'] Sylar. It has elements of Glengarry Glen Ross.”

10+ pictures inside of Heroes hotties Zachary Quinto and Dania Ramirez

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  • Meepzy

    Quinto is so adorable <3 I can’t wait to see his new movie he’ll work on c: Sounds interesting.



  • daka

    I love me some Zach Quinto, but do his pants have to be sooo tight? I’m also a bit concerned he’s looking a little Ken doll-ish in the crotchal area. Just sayin’…he’s hurtin’ the boys.

  • lalalalola

    I thought he was gay???

  • heymary

    i don’t see him as gay! i think he has a lot of energy but gay? i doubt it.
    he has been linked to rumer willis and some other ladies in the cast of heroes…..
    well either way he is still effin’ adorable!

  • fact

    Yes Zach, yes!!!! Finally!!!! I think that in the 21st Century, everybody should be able to date/ be friend with whoever they want and forget about the skin ton (you hear me ZUBIN) WE ALL ARE HUMANS. Who care whats the backgrounds (roots).

  • fact

    I just realize that Mr. Quinto is actually one of the few celebrities I’ve seen with diversity (skin and size) type of friends. Mr Pine seems to just date model type of girls (and sorry about that and white). Lets see Pine with a Asian/Latina or black girl, lol.

  • heymary

    lol #7 thats observant of you!
    just another perk of zachary <3

  • fdsadsl

    she needs a bra

  • diva

    who cares about their races the fact is if they are a couple they would make a pretty hot one! and Dania’s pretty if she can stll look gteat in that outfit why wouldn’t Zac want her!

  • Smilehexe

    This new role sounds quite interesting, and I’m looking forward to watching Zach’s acting talent on a totally different subject than the “Spock”-character or somebody you have to hate (“Sylar”), although both are very complex people to play for sure.
    Let’s see where the career and role choices of Zachary Quinto head for in the future, but he really seems somebody worth to keep an eye on.

  • heymary

    i love the headline pic. it tot. looks like he is starring down her shirt!with a smile on his face haha

  • sweetness

    He’s so damned sexy and he knows how to rock the casual look.
    LOVE HIM!…but must he always hang with hot chicks…I get so jealous.

  • rudolf8

    Oh my! He looks like The Riddler

  • tiffiany

    they look good together

  • ROWDer


    gay guys dont shop/hang out with straight women??

  • loving zach

    I love how Zach can rock the cute green hoodie as well as make a suit devastating on GQ.

    And he drives a Prius? Could he be more perfect?

  • becca

    they look good together! even if they’re just friends!

  • klklkl

    daka , why are YOUR pants sooooo tight?

  • Jessica

    God, guys who look/dress like this are soooo dreamy

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!1

  • Dilia

    She’s Dominican :)
    apparently Mr Zac has something with dominican women he’s hooked up
    with 2 on screen…first Dania in heroes and then Zoe on Startrek :)
    go Dominican :) proud to see two girls from back home making it.

  • Eva

    What is her skin tone? What kind of dumb question is that? Aren’t you looking at her skin now idiot!

  • Rider

    Well, she certainly isn’t mixed race that’s for sure! If she were she would have at least one feature to reflect that, but she has none.

  • roro

    @ZUBIN: she’s dominican.

  • zubin


  • Bingo

    Dominican huh, that means she is either two things, a baseball player or a maid and since she has boobs I would wager she is not a baseball player.

  • Sara

    Wow, some of these comments are really racist.

  • LuckyL

    Sara @ 06/14/2009 at 10:18 am

    Wow, some of these comments are really racist.
    Dominican people are among the most racist people you’ll ever meet. They strive to appear as white as possible. Self-hatred is their middle name.

  • Zzzzzzzz

    There is nothing at all white about this girl or Zoe, though Zoe is prettier.
    Dania is just an ordinary looking girl and nothing more.



  • crystal

    I have visited the Dominican Republic and when you venture out from the touristy places you will find the worst third world poverty and ignorance one can ever see. The population is a motley hybrid, in fact, most of the inhabitants are not even light-skinned.

  • LuckyL

    crystal @ 06/14/2009 at 10:46 am

    The population is a motley hybrid, in fact, most of the inhabitants are not even light-skinned.
    And that’s the grand irony

  • Sharon

    Chirst some of these people making comments are nasty and mean. They’re both gorgeous people and seem very sweet.

  • LoriLori

    cute couple, she should throw the jeans and suspenders in the trash

  • Bridget

    You know every person Zach is photographed with is not his girlfriend or boyfriend… I THINK Dania is married.

    The “hook up” I don’t think was to imply actually having sex… I think it is because they have been friends for a while and probably don’t get to see each other often.

    With that said, I like them both and they are very cute.

  • Bridget

    If everything on ONTD and Just Jared was true Zach would be one of Hollywood’s biggest man whores.

  • Soundbyte

    Very cute.

  • DElaney

    Dania Ramirez is freaking gorgeous and her eyes are BLACK, They are pretty cool. Also it makes me sad when I read racist comments.

  • get over it

    Wow..people got catty and rude fast on this thread.

    She is gorgeous.. he likes her.. she is his friend.. you don’t know her.. show some respect.

    And I am loving the inside out hoodie.

    This man is fine. His personal love life doesn’t change the fact that he is funny, intelligent, adorable and a talented actor. I love him and will continue to have embarrassing dreams about him no matter who he goes home to at night.

    I just thank God for putting such a fine man on the plant and giving him a talent so I can enjoy watching him.

  • Loca

    This girl is not in any way gorgeous , you must be blind as well as dumb.

  • anna

    are they dating?

  • Dilia

    Wow the comments of some of the people on here have made me feel bad
    I’m dominican and it sucks when you hear people saying racist and demeaning comments about my country and my culture.
    Yes we are a third world country and yes there is a lot of ignorance and there is a slight sense of racism with some people there,but just because of the actions of a small group of individuals within a society doesnt mean everyone there is like that.

  • Dilia


  • Realme2008

    Home girl, should not be working the converse if she doesn’t have the legs to pull them off. She’s looking very short and stubby thanks to those shoes.

  • Heart of Glass

    she looks like the lady from Flash Dance… Jennifer Beal I think her name is? anywayz, she’s pretty to me.

  • rachelsun

    Dania and Zoe are both beautiful Afro-Latinas from the Dominican Republic and obviously doing better than you racist bitter BIT$$$!

    Obviously Zach is not like some of his so-called fans and can be friends w/ a variety of people.

  • rachelsun

    Dania and Zoe are beautiful Afro-Latinas from Dominican Republic. Unlike here most Afro-Latinas are mixed. They are doing more w/ thier lives then so of you racist bitter BIT$$$!

    Obvioulsy, Zach is friends w/ a variety of people no matter what their skin tone is and more open minded then his so-called fans.

  • rachelsun

    OPPS sorry for the double posts but not the sentiments!

  • stupid

    @tcaf: @tcaf:

    Sounds to me like some little asian girl is jealous. Black is beautiful and come in all shape, race, and with a lot of different features and skin tone. Don’t hate!!!!!!!!

  • Elan

    Jennifer Beals of Flashdance was a beautiful mulatta but this girl is ugly and doesn’t come near the beauty of Jennifer.