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Angelina Jolie - World Refugee Day PSA

Angelina Jolie - World Refugee Day PSA

For this year’s World Refugee Day on June 20th, Angelina Jolie recorded a public service announcement (PSA) to draw attention to the plight of the millions of people who have been forced to flee their homes because of war or persecution.

The 34-year-old UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador actress says in the PSA, “Please don’t turn away. Refugees are the most vulnerable people on earth. Every day, they are fighting to survive. They deserve our respect. Please do not forget them. Remember them on this day. World Refugee Day.”

For more on World Refugee Day, visit Watch the PSA below!

Angelina Jolie – World Refugee Day PSA
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  • loveforfour

    That’s our Angie, keeping it real and simple.

  • Roberta

    simply the most beautiful, real, warmhearted celebrity in the world..

  • mRS lENNY

    Thanks for caring Angie. Be blessed.

  • Anna

    She is amazing! Inside and outside!

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Thanks for caring Angie. Be blessed.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    There’s one Angelina Jolie.

  • hwooddood

    love her

  • justme

    Angelina’s a beautiful person, seriously beautiful inside and out. She has such kind eyes and you can clearly see in her eyes that she is very sincere, that she cares about the less fortunate, I admire her for that.

  • Frenchy

    Thanks JJ. Angelina is just to cool for words.

    Waving to fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!

  • ann

    Rock on, Angie!!!

    Check out this great piece on Angie vs. Megan Fox. I agree with the writer 1000%!!

  • anon

    I feel like crying after seeing that video.

  • Kookabear

    Love Angie. Keep it up, girl !!!

  • um

    Already? wow that’s great. June 20th, got it.

    On another note, has Angelina got the greatest voice and diction ever? I mean wow!

  • snowy

    WTG Angie!
    can’t wait to see her on tv this thursday!!!

  • sweetie

    she is beautiful and so caring :-)

  • Sh.C

    I shivered..Angie I admire you!

  • bandit

    She speaks so softly and warmly, it’s obvious that she really cares about refugees, seems like a really kind person, very giving of herself. Plus she’s gorgeous, what a combo, kind, intelligent & gorgeous, the complete package, no wonder Brad is happy with her.

  • FilmFanatic

    Thank you Jared!! This is the type of subject that deserves attention. Angelina Jolie is the real deal. She walks the talk.

  • teri

    Always thinking about the less fortunate. Love her!

  • Countess von Zinzendorf

    Thank you for all that you are doing for refugees Angie.

  • hmm

    I really love how dedicated she is. when did she film this? she looks hot.
    um#13, yes, some might not agree but I think she has the sexiest female Voice in Hollywood. hah

  • Analina

    I love her!!

    she brought tears to my eyes!

    Keep doing what you do Angie!

  • well

    Gotta hand it Ms. Jolie-Pitt, she’s one of the best Ambassadors for a UN cause since, yes, I’m gonna say it….Audrey Hepburn.

  • briseis

    Jared, thank you so much for this thread.
    I am so proud to be a JP fan, they just go on with their lives, doing good in the world, raising their beautiful children, making the kinds of movies they really like. How truly inspirational!

  • teri

    I’m so proud to be Angelina’s fan, I admire her so much. She’s a wonderful role model for everyone. If you would have asked me 10 years ago what I thought Angelina would be in 10 years from then I wouldn’t have even come close to the person she is today.

  • eat it

    she makes me have an upset stomach.


    just puked.

  • pinkrose

    Angie is making a difference and obviously means what she is doing. It’s a little obvious that the recent spate of vapid washed-up stars and starlets who are jumping on this bandwagon are just in it for the publicity and some just want an event to attend…seeking publicity Attending a Hollywood fundraiser for the Congo is not the same as going there with a bunch of photographers to draw attention to the people’s plight. Putting your life on the line…that’s real commitment.

  • just lurking

    A very loving, compassionate woman. You are a good role model for the girls of today.

  • a

    Angie is genuine in her caring. Unlike some phony actors who will remain nameless, for now.

  • pinkrose

    she is so natural, no make-up, no airs about her…just committed to helping a cause.

  • Nahla

    I don’t really like Angelina but I admire her for her work as a goodwill ambassador. At least she donates, the only thing I dislike about her is that she shows off about that. I mean, she makes sure everybody knows everytime she does something for charity and it’s like she’s craving for ppl to think she’s warm-hearted you know… most of you her hardcore-fans do. I admit she’s very beautiful in a special way though…. I used to think she was a wh*re and a homewrecker but lately, I’ve been realising that she’s actually one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood……..I don’t know what’s happening to me, I don’t know what side to choose, wtf?! Should I fall for her …..that is the question! ??

  • a realist

    Thank you Angie. You make us proud.

  • pink roses

    That message is vintage Angie. She can move you even with a simple message like that. We love her!

  • London gal


    The world is a better place for having her in it.


    Indeed! Angelina is the world’s most powerful celebrity. Forbes got it right this time

  • pink roses

    #31..If you don’t like our girl, Angie, why did you come on this thread???

  • please

    Nahla, I like your honesty. Let your heart be open and read about her from her interviews and not the tabloids. The tabloids sell out hate to certain set of people to make profit. Angelina’s work is to draw attention to these people – refugees and the needy, they need the publicity she gives otherwise no one will care about these people.

  • ivy

    Angelina is beautiful, caring and is loved all over the world. She stands out in every aspect.

  • African Girl

    Well done AJ!!! More Grease to your elbows.
    Thanks Jared and Aloha to all JJ and JP fans.

  • dancing queen

    Jolie is a global celebrity who is admired for her good works and excellent looks. Her family is a joy to watch and observe.

  • LL

    Yes her voice as smooth as honey sprinkled with 24k gold. Her voice is another of her iconic trademarks.

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper will sit down with UNHCR ambassador Angelina Jolie and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for interviews to air on World Refugee Day June 18th.

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Angie for your dedicated work on behalf of the REFUGEES.

  • alice

    im so proud to be angelina fan i love u angie

  • ellena

    All the best Angie. God bless.

  • Nice

    It’s been like almost 10 years! Great work Angie.

  • http://http ANGIE is #1

    Angelina Jolie is NUMBER ONE in refugees heart.

  • clarice

    She shares her riches with the less fortunate. She is brave and courageous to fight for justice.

  • anon

    Countries to mark World Refugee Day with a dizzying array of events
    News Stories, 15 June 2009

    GENEVA, June 15 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency and its supporters around the world pay tribute this week to the courage and resilience of millions of people forced to flee their homes by conflict and persecution.

    World Refugee Day (WRD), which falls every June 20, is also a big opportunity for the UNHCR to spread awareness about refugees and other displaced people and to raise funds for our major operations and emergencies in places like Afghanistan, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq and neighbouring countries, Pakistan and Sudan.

    Headquarters and field staff have been planning for World Refugee Day for months and have prepared a wide range of activities focusing on this year’s theme of “Real People, Real Needs” and including light shows, film screenings, photography exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, food bazaars, fashion shows, cultural performances, concerts and sports contests. There will also be quizzes, drawing and essay-writing competitions, tree planting, seminars, workshops, speeches, public awareness campaigns and poetry recitals.

    UNHCR partners, including governments, donors, non-governmental organizations, Angelina Jolie and our other committed Goodwill Ambassadors will be doing their part to help, and refugees in camps and centres around the world will participate while enjoying much needed recognition.

    This year, the main focus of UNHCR’s activities during WRD and the week leading up to it will be in the United States, the biggest donor to the agency. High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres will be in America all week.

    Tomorrow, he will be at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to meet journalists and present UNHCR’s “2008 Global Trends” – an eagerly waited annual compilation of statistics on the number of refugees, internally displaced people, stateless people and others of concern to the agency.

    On Thursday, Guterres will attend the annual public ceremony for World Refugee Day at the National Geographic Museum in Washington. A number of high-profile guests are expected to appear with the High Commissioner, while the event will be led by CNN journalist Anderson Cooper. Participants will hear from a couple originating from Bhutan who were resettled in the United States after spending years in a refugee camp in eastern Nepal.

    This showpiece event will also feature winning entries for a World Refugee Day poster contest under the patronage of Angelina Jolie, who has made a special WRD public service announcement that will be seen on the Internet as well as in airports, public transport and TV stations around the world. Elementary, middle and high school students were invited to design a poster around the “Real People, Real Needs” theme.


  • Passby

    It’s World Refugee Day, therefore Angie usually highlights and share her stories of refugees. I don’t think she is showing off that she is doing charity. She simply wants to highlight and draw attention to it. You have to do this by getting on television or otherwise people don’t care about the refugees. We are living in a very shallow celebrity society and some people only care what the celebrities are wearing, hair, etc. At least Angie is doing something productive in society. She is better than me because I haven’t done anything productive to contribute to the world we live in. Therefore, I don’t have nothing bad to say but simply admire Angie’s devotion and dedication!

  • porcia

    She has the most IRRITATING voice! Yuck!