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Bruce Willis Covers 'W Magazine' July 2009

Bruce Willis Covers 'W Magazine' July 2009

Bruce Willis goes shirtless and poses with his wife, Emma Heming, in the racy July 2009 cover shoot of W Magazine, on stands June 23rd. Here are some interview highlights from Bruce, 54:

On marrying 32-year-old Emma after dating a string of models: “I went from ‘F— love’ to ‘Love is truly the answer. I spent the last 10 years single and, for the most part, unhappy. In a dark place. I never thought that being with someone else was the answer. I would say, ‘I’m alone, but I’m not lonely.’ But I was just kidding myself. Then I started hanging around Emma, and on a day-to-day basis my life became much happier.”

On how he, Emma, Demi, Ashton, and their kids all get along: “We’ve become like a tribe. It’s generated a lot of interest because everyone can understand resentment and envy in the breakup of a marriage, but they don’t understand how I can get along with my ex like that. Demi and I made a choice to put the kids first, and we’re really lucky that it turns out we all have fun together. I still love her, and I have a lot of respect for how she lives her life.”

On his daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah: “They’re such smart kids. Way smarter than I was. They campaigned for Obama. They’re involved in the world, in politics. They know exactly what Hollywood is, and they know what it’s not, and they don’t take any of that very seriously.”

On modeling with Emma for W: “Oh, it was awkward. We did stuff that I know a lot of other actors would not have done. Had I done it with another model I don’t know that I would have been as into it.”

On how he now prioritizes his marriage over his career: “I hear so many people in relationships say, ‘I just need a couple of days away, or even an hour away.’ But I don’t want to be away from Emma at all. It’s the most singular relationship I’ve ever had in my life.”

More sexy pictures of Bruce and Emma at

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Photos: Steven Klein/W Magazine
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  • lennox

    bruce is looking good but not the best look for emma.

  • nora

    Uh, gee…she doesn’t look like Demi or anything….
    This family is so f-ed up!

  • Leslie

    Great shots. They look HOT! Bruce’s body is totally rockin!

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    i didnt know he got married

  • e


  • sia

    Willis is still as sexy as hell. The man couldn’t be unsexy if he tried. Gah, love him!

  • jenna

    What a Tool.

  • Roberta

    couldn’t they something more romantic or something!

    the cover shot is the best. The rest are just weird!!

  • Roberta

    couldn’t they do***

  • i like bruce!!


  • getreal


  • Noticias de famosos

    When you see the picture seems somewhat strange … but not go wrong …

  • enjoying life

    Why is it Yuck second she does not look like Demi Moore .

    It is not like Tom who married a D lister actress..from a tv show Dawson’s Creek.. doing her Independent movies..

    Bruce’s wife is a unknown model.. to finally find happiness in his
    life is great..BUT WHAT IS HE PROMOTING.. ?

  • Jennifer

    Strange a bit to me………….the photos. But when you think of W magazine, and some of the fashions on runways, not so strange.

    Bruce rocks it still.

    I think anything romantic, like humphrey thing would have been to much like going back to the Moonlight days.

    Good for their “tribe”. Not every couple puts the children first. Glad that Demi, Bruce, and Ashton have worked it out.

  • proenza

    he’s still hot in his 50′s awwww

  • ellie’

    Glad you found love again. So happy you Demi and Ashton get along and now with your new wife. Love the pic. Shes a beautiful woman but not in this pic.. You Willis are still to die for.

  • Elaine

    isn’t it funny that men over 50 don’t get flack for being sexy AND posing with his WIFE who’s practically an infant compared to him and yet when Madonna does it…oh it’s like put your clothes back on g’ma! The double standard drives me INSANE!!!!!!

  • jrfan

    Those photos are awkward for me to look at….I can only imagine how strange it must have been posing for them.

    Ok then.

  • Caribbean

    Very sexy. I am a fan and I am glad that he is once again happy

  • CJ


  • lollipop

    Its bloody creepy. He is 22 years older than her. He’s sleeping with someone young enough to be his biological daughter. Its disgusting. Gross!! He has $$$$$ and they want to cash in!! He’s not capable of dating a woman his own age. He’s much too vain. The fact that he’s posing on the cover says it all!! On the bright side, he gives hope to all the desperate guys his age holding out for a young woman. You realize she’ll be changing his diapers before her time is due!!!

  • NativeNYker

    He’s so irrelevant present day.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • to 20 and 22

    And who/what is relevant…………the Twillight crap. Please. The actors in those movies won’t be heard from in 5 years. Oh, well maybe if the force another “I’m a celeb get me out of here”.

    hee,hee,ha, ha, hee, hee

  • hmm

    wtf? This just looks weird.

  • hmm

    @to 20 and 22: oh please. Rpatz is extremely talented. Bruce Willlis wishes he could sing as good as Rpatz.

  • sq

    Yes he looks good for his age but have some class man! Grow old gracefully. Don’t try to rock out now with an s&m photo shoot. It’s awkward and creepy looking at the photos. Like the 4th one when you’re blindfolded and sucking your gut in. Ewwwww. Stay with the acting, Bruce. A model you’re not.

  • Congrats

    Who cares that she’s younger, as long as she is an adult. Also, at least she’s not 18. That’s the stuff I really hate to see.

    Willis looks quite handsome on this cover. If he keeps trim and fit, he can still play in many movies.

    I’m so happy he found love and happiness. I know he wasn’t happy when he was single.

  • Chau

    This is very disturbing. It’s not high fashion. It’s trash.


    I agree with the “double standard” post and let me be the one to say it:


    He seriously needs to grow up, find someone his age and ACT his age. He isn’t a model and this photo shoot is a disaster. Grandpa trying to be a model. LMAO.

  • http://google guinnesstobroadway

    Gasp. Look at how he is holding her hip…..gasp, hhee-hee-huu-huu-hee–hee–huu-huu. okay. oxygen. he knows what he is doing!!!

    I was shocked at the level of creativity Bruce has here. He always seemed to me as a tight wad….but if she brought this out in him–he is a better person for it. The style, the darkeness, the s-e-x of it, the personal togetherness–it is a true creation of art among lovers who are unabatedly not shy and wholeheartedly experience what lacks in relationships– their s-e-x-uality between each other. I would love to get photographed like that, with him (or my hubbie), For a man to be dominated and be that confident at the age he is with a bod like that! that is so rare and wonderfully excitingly awesome. I love Bruce–he does rock. I am so happy for both of them. These are GREAT captures of them and their personalities!!! love love love it.

    and yes, women get the short end of the stick Elaine, but Madonna is helping us set things straight….love her too!!!

    WTF people, think out of the box!! Give credit where credit is due!! This is smoking!!!
    ~guinness at a different thread

  • omg

    @jrfan: Really have to agree. I love art, but these pics are a little to weird for me.

  • athena

    He looks hot….I love Bruce Willis and all his movies…Demi Moore too…I don’t care that they’re divorced…they seem happy together, apart, and I even like their daughter Rumer…Although the divorce and how they relate to each other is very contemporary…I’m happy for them all around. They seem grounded and aware of the world.

  • athena

    @hmm: Bruce Willis used to have a band…they’ve done some shows too…so, he can sing and his voice sounds great…and he was also the Star of all the Die Hard movies…so check them out…Moonlighting was his only acting gig. He’s an action hero actor, and a darn good one at that.

  • whateverq

    Ummm yeah that is HOTTTTT…

  • cas cute is that about him not wanting to be away from his wife

  • Meream

    Wooow he looks good! And such a hippie! Haha

  • Honeybunch

    He is so freeaking ugly—why would anyone fall in love with him–oh I get it—$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Cherry Blossom

    Totally agree with IDIOTS. Real men find someone their own age to love. He is old,and has no talent. He needed to marry someone his daughter’s age to stay relevant and in the news. The photos are scary,and probably a reminder of why he should remain single. Real love is not about SM.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Emma looks terrible. Bruce is B.A.

  • Suppress your appetite