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Drew Barrymore & Justin Long: Bonnaroo Bunch

Drew Barrymore & Justin Long: Bonnaroo Bunch

Drew Barrymore and her on-and-off-again boyfriend, actor Justin Long, watch indie folk band Bon Iver (French for “good winter” and spelled wrong on purpose) perform during the 2009 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on Saturday (June 13) in Manchester, Tenn.

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Drew, 34, and Justin, 31, recently wore the fortunes (the actual pieces of paper) from their fortune cookies on their foreheads. Drew‘s said: “You need not worry about your future.” Justin‘s read: “You will be successful in your career.”

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Photos: Gary Miller/WireImage
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  • Z

    She looks really pretty naturally. Everytime she does her makeup it fails. Her hair looks nice here too.

  • LuckyL

    Very cute. It’d be lovely if she had a baby.

  • jj fan

    cute? pretty? how about weird and freak? is she appearing in a film version of HAIR anytime soon??????

  • mertz

    gosh. i hope they’re having fun. looks like it. great reviews from roo. reading solange’s twitter for updates. music fests=awesome.

  • Naomi

    She’s pretty out there… o_o

  • tailor made

    she looks so cute!

  • Sylvie

    “Iver” doesn’t mean winter the right spelling is “hiver”

  • jj fan

    i guess we should be thankful her bf is holding her kooky shades. she looks like an extra from a MGMT video.

  • me

    THey make such a cute couple!! I’m so glad they’re back together.

  • Fugg

    Faux hippie.

  • Me

    I’m so glad their back together too.

  • J

    ‘Beatles-All My Loving’?

    I’m glad you got them to play that b/c I don’t feel that way anymore…glad you’ve found someone who does.

  • J

    God. Get a clue. I don’t want to ‘get back together’ with you (especially since we were never together in the first place). You were just trying to play that one for a while when you were still thinking you could use me, remember?

    What do you think you have that you can still hurt me with? I could so care less about a music career I might miss out on, let alone not getting to be with someone who doesn’t really want me. And thanks for being a prick about it. It makes it easier to walk away.

  • NativeNYker

    He is the cutest thing ever!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • J

    Each time you’re a dick, it just makes me grateful you picked him…. With every little song, you get them to play proclaiming your bliss…every silly movie…whatever it is designed to try to dig me.

    Sooner or later, that ‘I just need to be an asshole’ thing you’ve got going on, will eventually get turned on him, since you won’t have me as your garbage dump anymore. He’s welcome to that as well.

    I’ll just be smiling, thinking “Sooner or later you’re going to get a kick in the crotch pal. She does it to everyone who cares about her sooner or later.”

  • J

    You’d never just live your life and be happy would you?

  • J

    I hope he really does get you pregnant..

    Maybe if you have a child you’ll grow up a tad.

  • J

    I still believe in love, just not with you. If you feel the same way but don’t have anything useful to contribute, why don’t you do us both a favor and just take off.

  • wow

    hippy/hipster i love ittt

  • J

    You spend your every waking and likely sleeping minute with him.
    You made your choice. If you don’t want to be my friend, that’s fine….Don’t need or want anything from you except your absence. Please don’t give me some last ditch crap about how you love me now.

    You want to know what the problem is: we can’t seem to stop being cun+s to each other and I’m not participating in that anymore.

  • J

    Is this a joke to you? You’re over there playing dress-up like this is some kind of game.

    The ‘Just Friends’ movie?

    All you had to do was not be a jerk, especially if you were going off with him and this sh!t would be done by now.

    And you’re still roping more people into making more movies? Are you smoking some bad sh!t over there? Seriously, wtf is wrong with you?

  • J

    If you couldn’t manage to wear your little outfits, run around like a chicken with it’s head cut-off AND not be a jerk due to the strain of it all, you could have just done nothing.

  • J

    You had me moving in a good direction again…I don’t understand you at all.

  • J

    Do you think telling me some bullsh!t about wanting to marry me now that you’re desperate is a way to fix things? :)

    Jesus lord grant me strength.

  • J

    …so that Drew can dress up in another little outfit again…and find one to put on Justin too.

  • J

    We took EACH OTHER for granted.

  • J

    Push – Matchbox Twenty: You say you want to push me around and take me for granted? That sounds really enticing… :)

    At least now, you’re being honest.

    You’re cold as ice too…at least to me you are.

  • J

    Anyway, I don’t care about that anymore. Not interested…you need to go away now honey…maybe we’ll meet up in the next life as something more interesting. Still got the rest of this one to worry about and the only thing I’m sure of anymore is an old dream is dead (including the one where you and I are part of each other’s lives) and I’m forming a new one.

  • J

    Best of luck to you and Justin and you’re future brood. Hope you have all your dreams together.

  • J

    That is ‘your future brood’.

  • J

    Christ…you really are a sicko aren’t you? I suppose Bruce Willis and his new lady dressed up in vinyl is your handy work too is it?

    You’re all out of your minds.

  • J

    Looks like deleted scenes from Pulp Fiction…this is what happened after the gimp got away in another basement across town.

  • J

    Definitely the work of Merchant Ivory productions.

  • J

    I loooove it when you tell me you don’t think I’m very smart. It’s like foreplay. Tell me I’m stupid again baby. Oh yeah…just like that.

  • J

    You’re so smart and I’m so dumb…you best whack my bottom. :)

  • J

    Tell me I’m bad too. I’m getting excited now.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn mac dude
    u seriously cant do better than drew
    sad man, just sad
    dumb yellow stained teeth hippy bitch
    i hate her

  • Machu pichu

    lakers fan in boston: Don’t you mean to say, “she’s a butterface”? Who wee’d in your cornflakes? Are you some pissed off theatre goer who wants your money back for ‘She’s Just Not That Into You’? I didn’t have to see that to know it sucked and what the people who made it were trying to hit people over the head with.

    If you were dumb enough to pay to see it, more fool you.

  • Machu pichu

    Oh yeah and Drew: COULD YOU EVER LOVE ME AGAIN?

    Let me sing for you a song I wrote…I want to sing it note for note…don’t worry…be happy…and you too ‘lakers fan in boston’…I mean butterface….I mean…whatever your name is.

  • Machu pichu

    You know she’s a lovely woman, even if she is exasperating at times and even if she does choose to dress up like a pirate or an indian when she’s feeling jaunty.

  • Machu pichu

    Yes…you’ll say goodbye allright…you’ll love me for all of 5 minutes until you get what you want from me and then you won’t return my calls…I’ll be forced to phone your office and tell them I love you and you’ll just be like “next”. :)

    I wouldn’t really be complaining if you ever did love me though.

  • Machu pichu

    I would just be giggling like a fool.

  • kika

    message to J:

    Leave Drew alone, you’ll never have it.
    Drew and Justin are perfect together, you will not be able to make her happy.
    Will take care of your mind, you will need to get a girlfriend.

  • hula bah loo

    …and this is the model for cover girl?
    i guess it could be fun to wear makeup like that when a person is stoned. lol

  • Michael

    “spelled wrong on purpose”

    I think that “(sic)” is acceptable in new media, as is proper grammer.

  • roodude

    My girlfriend and I were volunteering at Bonnaroo this year and my girl happened to bump into the pair while backstage. The festival was amazing this year.

  • J

    Don’t want you anymore. As far as I’m conerned Justin and Drew are perfect. Now away Drew. Away with you.

  • J

    Guess what you two…I could care less that you’re together. Please don’t do the martyr deal. But if you do, I wash my hands of it. I’m going to DATE OTHER PEOPLE.
    Great Johnny Cash song: ‘True Love Is Greater Than Friendship’

    True love is greater than friendship
    That’s right even though it seems wrong
    And before I’ll see you hurt her anymore
    I’ll just hold to her love but I’ll be gone

    He don’t really want her you’re playing the game
    Oh you’ll use and drag her along
    And before I’ll see you hurt her anymore
    I’ll just hold to her love but I’ll be gone

    You’ll use her abuse her mistreat her then leave her
    For that’s the only life you’ve ever known
    I love her and I’d never in my lifetime will I ever
    So I’ll hold to her love but I’ll be gone

    You’ll use her abuse her mistreat her then leave her
    For that’s the only life you’ve ever known
    I love her and I’d never in my lifetime will I ever
    So I’ll hold to her love but I’ll be gone

  • J

    I have no desire to be part of the circus you call life anymore. Thanks for the soppy songs though. What a lot of horse manure.

  • J

    You’re a pair…two peas in a pod. You belong together.