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Gerard Butler is Brooklyn Buff

Gerard Butler is Brooklyn Buff

Gerard Butler puts his hands up on his hips (because when he dips, you dip, we dip) as he shoots his new movie, Bounty Hunter, in Brooklyn, New York City on Monday morning (June 15).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud saw The Hangover earlier this month and told NYMag:”I’ve got to tell you, it was kind of crazy, but a lot of the stuff that happened in that movie I’ve been through myself. That sounds like a huge exaggeration, but it’s really not.”

He also explained he’s never been to a bachelor party that was not bacchanalian: “They just don’t want to face it. But if they were honest with themselves, they’d go, ‘Oh, you know what? They were f—ing chickens.’ That’s why the chicken was in the movie, by the way. They couldn’t go that far, but I have no doubt they were f—ing chickens. (pauses) My career just went down the tubes, eh?”

10+ pictures inside of Brooklyn buff Gerard Butler

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Credit: PPNY/GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • nico

    First for the first time…
    Wow, Gerry sure looks good these days. I love the color of his t-shirt and the way it looks on him. But sure, I think he would also look good without it!!!

  • dollhouse

    When will Jennifer aniston join in shooting with him?

  • candy

    Average looking guy. If he wasn’t an actor, women would consider him a regular dude who looks like he needs to shower more, ew, never looks clean.

  • botox

    He can’t even move his forehead anymore…

  • cute guy

    He is also a lawyer.

  • pudintame

    Candy you’re out of your mind. He’s the sexiest man on the planet and looks even better in person.

  • accent

    I hope for everyone’s sake he’s not trying an American accent again.

  • Whaaat?

    @botox: What are you talking about? Gerry has not gotten botox…give me a break. You guys will think of ANYTHING just to talk trash about this guy.
    I would LOVE to see any of you haters in the spotlight for a month and see how you melt down from all the crap people say about you. I would sit back and laugh!

  • bonnie

    Jared, you are the BEST for keeping up with the goings on of Gerry. Thanks!!!

    He looks sexy, hunky, and delicious. Wish he would lose the shirt, though. If he’s going to be doing acrobatics on the scaffolding and climbing rooftops why can’t he do it topless and give us girls a treat? LOL

  • http://yahoo WOW

    He looks great as usual. Can’t wait to see his new movie “The Ugly Truth”!!!

  • Edinburgh

    I love Gerard Butler can’t wait to see the new film. Loved Edinburgh it was great.

  • Whaaat?


    I agree 1000%!!!! LOSE THAT SHIRT GERRY!!! AND THE PANTS TOO!!

  • mojo

    I agree with Candy, Gerald looks like he doesn’t bathe, like he put on the same clothes the day after a rough party night. There something about him that looks grungy, like he would smell like B.O. And he looks much older than 39, more like 49, bet you he shaved off a few years off his actor’s biography age. If that’s not the case, yikes, he’ll look rough at 49, won’t age well.

  • bijou

    He used to have major bags under his eyes, so looks like he got that taken care of. He must have recently had a little nip-tuck around the eyes or used the frozen juice to eliminate that. IMO his better days were in 300, since then he looks unkept and rough, think Gerry is a partyboy and it catches up with him, he often looks like he hasn’t slept in ages. Well if Gerry likes Mary-Jane, he should become fast friends with Jennifer Aniston who has been known to love MJ lots!

  • Whaaat?

    Gerry does go out alot, but he doesnt drink or drug so…maybe he is tired. So what. Im sure YOU look like crap today after staying up all night shoving that cream pie down your hole and eating 3 pizzas.

    What is it with you guys that you hate this guy so much? Are you going to tell me you have NO flaws yourself? I highly doubt that. If anyone has any flaws it you. People like you enjoy putting other people down because thats the only way you feel good. Go back to IMDB. Losers.

  • Swansong

    I don’t know what to look at first his moobies or his womanly thighs. If he permed his hair he would look like Susan Boyle.

  • Whaaat?

    So he’d look like you then right?

  • #16 and all the other fangurls

    If you don’t like it here, leave. Go back to your censored fansites where you can gush until you drown in your own drool. You are the ones who are full of hate. Who can’t see beyond their rose-colored yes. This page is for everyone to speak their mind. And the more you make fools of yourself here, the more the haters will slam him. Do yourself a favor and don’t humiliate him even more than he does himself.

  • bonnie

    Gerard Butler doesn’t have any flaws. Some of the posters here are obviously JEALOUS.

    He’s got it all… most handsome sexy man on the planet, tall with muscles and the greatest eyes and smile, he oozes charm, extremely smart, very funny, and very talented. And that’s just for starters…

  • Whaaat?

    @#16 and all the other fangurls: OOOOooohhhh…………sticks and stones!!! You cant run ME off!!
    If YOU dont like Gerry why dont YOU leave??
    And didnt you say that this page is for everyone to speak their mind? Well Im speaking my mind so I have just as much a right to be here.

  • gb =


  • Whaaat?

    @STFU: WOW! How long did it take you to think up that comment? A couple days maybe? Youre pathetic.

  • snittybritty

    #17, that was hilarious. Took the piss right out of the board. People need to learn to take a joke.

    #5 , telling us he’s a lawyer makes him less appealing. You’re not helping your cause.

  • calling out to JJ

    So I guess we’re gonna have this kind of thread over and over again, every second day at least while they are shooting the movie? Please, JJ, do us all a favor, no more GB pics for let’s say 4 weeks… This is ridiculous.

  • Julie

    Hey Ladies (cough), it takes one to know one. Think about it.

    Gerry is looking great in these pictures. He’s had a good rest and it shows. I hope he has fun making this movie and it’s a huge success.

  • wow

    When I look at these pics of Butler, he makes me wonder if Ray Liotta and Sean Penn had a love child.

  • Whaaat?

    @wow: Now youre reaching…..give it up biitch

  • http://yahoo WOW

    @stfu, you need to go take your meds. You must have missed your dose for today.

  • Whaaat?

    @wow: Now youre reaching…………give it up bich

  • Whaaat?

    Now youre reaching #28……….give it up. Please.

  • blind?

    Anyone who doesn’t see he is full of botox urgently needs their eyes examined.

  • Swansong

    He is so sexy I want to run my tongue down his treasure trail and then hop on for a ride. Would he be willing to put a paper bag on his head?

  • @33

    Agree…he definitely has had the botox. He is a hipocrate though. He claims he hates needles. The reason he gave for not having any tatoos

  • Swansong

    @@33: What is a hipocrate? Is it something you ship hipos in?


    He has a degree in law…but he isn’t a lawyer. He was sacked by the law firm before he qualified!!!

  • Whaaat?

    @@33: You mean a hypocrite? If you hate him so much, then how do you know about his reasons for not having any tats?

  • Swansong

    @Whaaat?: It’s sad that you have so much useless information about someone who knows nothing about you and likes it that way.

  • Whaaat?

    @Swansong: What information do I have that you speak of? The fact that he doesnt drink or do drugs? I dont get your point. Oh, I forgot….I dont care about your point!! HAHA!!

  • @whaat?

    Why are you such a b!tch….probably was typo by #35 and why say #35 hates him when the poster never stated anything about hate?

  • Whaaat?

    @@whaat?: Im not a b!tch at all. And you dont have to use the word hate to insinuate it. ALL of you are haters and Im f**king sick of it. Period.

  • Lily

    Are we in grade school..calling names etc..

    Gerry looks great!! Having a time climbing…but hey..I’m not into heights either…Best of luck on the new movie!! Cheers!!

  • @42

    If you’re sick of it, then leave.

  • pafan

    Thanks, JJ. Please keep us up-to-date with pix from the movie sets.
    When does Jen start working?
    What a body this man has. Gorgeous.

  • mertz

    OMG. I LOVEEEE THAT SONG. LOL. I WAS SINGING THE WHOLE THING/DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO READ THE REST OF THE BLURB. THANKS SO MUCH JARED. BROUGHT ME BACK TO THE 90′S. totally caps lock worthy. love this so much. thanks gerard for whatever you’re doing that incited that reference from jared. lmfao. ahhhhh.

    okay so i read the rest of it and saw bacchanalian??? is that a word…i only know it in the terms of carnival, p.a.r.t.y time when we celebrating the carribean and carnival atmosphere in the summer. here that word lots of times in soca/reggae songs.


    I’m going to fcuk his ~c o c k~ off in the chicken coop tonight. Wish me luck

  • GeGe

    he looks terrible for his age

  • August

    You can sure tell school is out for the summer – all the 13 year olds are posting again.

  • Teresa

    WOW!!!!!v What a SEXY MAN!!!!

  • GeGe

    get a job

  • GeGe

    you should get a job.
    He’s had botox and he still looks old – that’s a shame!